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How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Your Shoes

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How To Get Rid Of Odor In Boots

How to Remove Odor From Shoes PERMANENTLY

Our boots carry you through a lot of treacherous situations we love them. But what about that stinky smell when you take them off at the end of the day?

Weve researched nine awesome ways to get rid of that odor in boots so that you feel fresh every time you put your shoes on.

How to Get Rid of Odors In Boots

Mix together one cup of cornstarch, ½ cup of baking soda, and ½ cup of baking powder in a bowl. Add five drops of lavender essential oil. Sprinkle the powder into your shoes. Leave overnight. Empty the powder in the morning and vacuum the residue.

Useful Tips For Removing Smells And Odor From Leather Shoes

Lastly, here are some useful tips that you apply, when using any of these methods that we have listed above. There are some things you should consider doing and others that you should try to avoid.

  • Dont Use Too Much Product Dont drown your leather shoes in any of these products or ingredients . Using too much on your leather shoes may damage them instead.
  • Dont Use Harsh Chemicals Harsh chemicals can also damage or discolor your leather shoes instead of ridding odor. Always check the ingredients of products that you use and ensure they are natural.
  • Let Your Leather Shoes Dry Naturally Always let your leather shoes dry naturally and avoid drying them in direct sunlight, which could crack or dry them out. Never wear your leather shoes if they are not fully dry, as it would only make the situation worse.
  • Use Socks When Wearing Your Leather Shoes Socks help to absorb moisture within leather shoes and can also regulate temperature. Wearing socks can often even prevent any type of smell from occurring in the first place.
  • Clean Your Leather Shoes Regularly Cleaning your leather shoes can also help to remove any type of bacteria before they can spread and create unwanted odors. There are various leather wipes, disinfectants, and cleaners available on the market.

Other Ways To Remove Shoe Odor

Other methods to tackle foul odor in your shoes include specially designed foot powder or baby powder. Foot powders soak up moisture, so bacteria have a more challenging time living in your tennis shoe.

Sneaker balls act as a shoe deodorizer. Insert these fragrant plastic balls into your smelly sneakers and let them take care of the foul odor.

Wipe rubbing alcohol on your shoes to kill moisture-loving bacteria and quickly remove foul odor.

If you need to store your shoes, choose a plastic bag with a vacuum seal. This storage method keeps your sneakers airtight, stopping odor causing bacteria from invading and creating a bad smell.

Sweaty foot smell or mildew smell ruins your favorite tennis shoe or leather shoe. Understanding that foot smell is due to odor causing bacteria that thrive in moisture makes it easy to know how to wash smelly sneakers.

Choose a simple method based on items you have at home and how much time you want to spend, and take care of shoe odor with ease.

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How To Use Baking Soda To Remove Odor From Leather Shoes

For a guide on how to use baking soda to remove unwanted odors from leather shoes, read below:

  • Apply some baking soda onto the inside surface of your leather shoes.
  • Use your fingers to gently apply an even layer, but ensure not to rub the baking soda with too much pressure.
  • Let your shoes dry naturally for at least 12 24 hours in a cool and dry place.
  • Use a cloth to remove the baking soda and ensure that the shoes are clean and ready for wearing.
  • How To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor Fast

    Why do your shoes smell so bad? Learn the causes and solutions for ...

    Once your shoes have become stinky, the onus is on you to restore them to their original condition. If you are worried about how you will achieve that feat, do not worry because there are some natural DIY methods of removing shoe odor that will prove to be very useful in these circumstances.

    You can choose either the non-chemical method or the chemical method, both of which are fairly easy.

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    Tips For Removing Shoe Odor

    Remember the following additional tips and precautions for how to remove smell from shoes.

    • You should always ensure the shoes are dry before putting them away.
    • Wash your feet before putting on shoes.
    • Occasionally remove your soles and dry them under a heater or the sun.
    • Choose shoes with breathable fabric that reduces sweat and its smell. Consider cotton, hemp, or leather.
    • Don’t wear the same shoes two consecutive days so they can breathe and dry.
    • Find cedar wood insoles. Cedar wood has a light, fresh smell and antifungal properties.
    • Consider placing a fabric freshener sheet in your shoes to absorb moisture.
    • Always wear clean socks and wash your feet regularly to keep the smell away.

    Hack #: Febreze Fabric

    Little in life is as easy as pulling the trigger of a delightfully scented bottle of , but in this case, removing the stinky odor of your shoes is. A simple spray will clean away odors of even the most intense treadmill experiences, leaving only your burning quads and a delightful trace of your favorite scent. May we recommend Ocean Mist?

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    How To Remove Shoe Odor From A Car

    Remove the seats from your car and vacuum underneath them. This will help get rid of any dirt, grime or excessive sweat that may be causing the smell. Never clean leather seats with a water-based cleanser because it can damage the finish. You need a solvent-based cleaner that can remove the sweat without leaving behind a residue. If you dont have the solvent, rubbing alcohol will do the trick.Remove your cars floor mats if they are removable and vacuum them thoroughly before putting back in place. Then take some baking soda out of its container and sprinkle it right on top of each mat. Close your cars doors and let the baking soda sit overnight. The next day, open up your cars doors and let some fresh air in. Vacuum away any excess baking soda before driving off.

    How To Clean Smell Shoes With Baking Soda

    How to Get Rid of Stinky Shoe and Sneaker Stench

    Baking soda is a fantastic deodorizer. Spread a thick layer of baking soda inside your smelly shoes and leave overnight. Vacuum the baking soda and odor out the next day.

    Once you have succeeded in removing the odor, put a small amount of baking soda in your shoes each night and tap them out in the morning to keep new odors from getting started. Spreading baking soda over your socks will help them fight odors as they absorb sweat when you wear them.

    If you are out of baking soda, use cornstarch or potato starch instead. The difference between cornstarch and potato starch is not applicable in this situation. Note that baking soda does work best and is preferred over these starches.

    If odors have spread to the carpet, baking soda is an ideal way to get smell out of carpet. Just sprinkle it over the carpet, leave it for a couple of hours, and vacuum.

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    How To Prevent Odor In Boots

    Prevention is often easier than tackling the odor, so here are our top tips for preventing odor so it doesnt creep up on you:

  • Wear socks every time you wear your boots. Make sure to wash the socks after every use. This will minimize the sweat from your feet coming into contact with the boots and reduce odors.
  • Even if your shoes dont stink that noticeably yet, use one of our methods, such as the DIY spray, regularly to stay on top of odors.
  • Dont put your boots into a closet or box after each use. Air them out first. To speed up the odor-killing process, stuff them with newspaper while theyre airing out.
  • Keep your feet clean. Make sure you clean your feet well every single day when youre in the shower.
  • Dont wear the same boots every day. We recommend giving each pair of shoes a days break between wearing them. This gives them a good chance to air out properly between uses.
  • Homemade Shoe Deodorizing Spray

    White vinegar is a natural disinfectant. Tea tree oil kills bacteria. This effective shoe spray uses both to get rid of odors and the bacteria that cause them.

    Ready to love your home again?

    To make homemade shoe deodorizing spray, combine 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, and 5 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Shake well. Mist the inside of your shoes, or apply the spray to a cloth and wipe the shoe interior. Avoid getting the spray on the outside, visible part of your shoes. Once youve sprayed them, let your shoes air dry before wearing them.

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    Apply Antiperspirant Or Deodorant On Your Feet

    This is a tactic used by marathon walkers to help prevent blisters. Most of the moisture in your shoes come from the sweat from your feet. If you prevent foot sweat, you keep your shoes dry and don’t provide a damp place for the bacteria and fungus to grow.

    Use caution to ensure you don’t have a bad reaction to the spray. Test it on one toe or a small patch on one foot to see if there is any redness or rash after a day.

    Using deodorant on your feet won’t keep them dry, but it will inhibit odor-producing bacteria and fungi. As with antiperspirant, do this with caution to see whether it produces any bad reaction.

    A Cure For Stinky Shoes

    Magic Trick To Get Rid Of That " Magical"  Odor Out Of Your Shoes ...

    Most people try to get the smell out of their stinky shoes by covering it up with a deodorizing spray or powder. And while this is a quick cover for stinky shoes, this actually doesnt help solve what is causing the problem to begin with. The deodorizer might mask the smell for a short period of time, but as soon as the fragrance wears off, the stench is back in full force!

    Odor-causing bacteria live and breed in moist, dark places. If we cant eliminate the fertile breeding ground for bacteria, there will be no way get rid of the smell permanently. Therefore, the first step to removing the smell from your shoes is to dry them out and keep them dry.

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    Why Does Sweat Smell Bad

    Actually it is not the sweat itself that smells bad. Sweat in its original form doesnt smell anything. It’s when the bacteria starts breaking down the sweat the bad smell arrives. The bacteria comes from the surroundings or from certain places at your body. For example the bacteria can already be living in the shoes you are sweating in. The sweat provides moisture and creates an environment that the bacteria likes to grow and live in.

    Buy Yourself Some Kitty Litter

    Kitty litter is a fantastic way to absorb moisture. If you can get your hands on a litter that eliminates odors, youll be killing two birds with one stone.

    The cat litter will help to absorb the moisture, helping to get rid of the stink. After a few hours, just throw the kitty litter away and enjoy your fresh-smelling shoes.

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    How To Get The Smell Out Of Shoes: Get Rid Of Shoe Odors With Odoban Odor Eliminator

    Looking for the best shoe deodorizer spray? In this post, well cover how to use OdoBan® Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator on your shoes to eliminate smelly shoe odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh. OdoBan® is a multipurpose cleaning product and odor eliminator that eliminates shoe odors at the source.

    OdoBan® is available in a Ready-to-Use spray and an economical concentrated formula. When using OdoBan® concentrate to eliminate shoe odors, create a use-solution by mixing 22 ounces of OdoBan® concentrate per gallon of water.

    For a standard 32-ounce spray bottle, add 5.5 ounces of OdoBan® concentrate before filling the rest of the bottle with water. Learn more about mixing OdoBan® concentrate here.

    OdoBan® concentrate comes in a variety of fresh scents. Our most popular OdoBan® scent for eliminating strong odors is Original Eucalyptus. This unique fragrance is based on a diverse blend of wildflowers and botanicals that can be traced back through thousands of years of use against bad smells.

    Why do my shoes smell?

    While wearing shoes, your feet are sealed in a moist, warm environment that is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria feed on dead skin cells and skin oils and excrete bad-smelling organic acids.

    Typically, the more your feet sweat, the more bacteria can grow and the stronger the resulting shoe odor.

    OdoBan® eliminates shoe odors at the source and is the best shoe deodorizer.

    Heres how to get smells out of shoes with OdoBan®:

    Hack #: Charcoal Briquettes

    How To Deodorize Shoes – Solutions for Smelly Footwear

    As it turns out, charcoal briquettes have another use beyond grilling up burgersâand weâre not talking about grilling up hot dogs. Yep, stuff a sock with either charcoal briquettes or cedar shavings and leave it in your shoes overnight. Youâll wake up to a scent thatâs far more appealingly rustic than the gym-shoe-sweat-smell that you left radiating on the bedroom floor.

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    How To Remove Smell From Shoes

    Each of these methods should be effective. You just have to figure out which one to try.

    1. Essential Oils

    There are a number of essential oils available and many of them can work to remove smell from shoes. The best choices include tea tree, clove, and eucalyptus oils. Just put the oil on your shoe, possibly along with some papers inside the shoe. Leave both the essential oil and the paper in your shoes for several hours, possibly overnight.

    2. Baking Soda

    In addition to its other numerous benefits, baking soda can help remove the stink from your shoes. To use this method, sprinkle some baking soda in your shoes after wearing them and leave it in place overnight. You just have to remember to take the baking soda out of your shoes in the morning so you don’t have white particles sticking to your socks and feet.

    3. Black Teabags

    Black teabags can also help get rid of bacteria which cause that foul smell in your shoes. It is because of the tannins in tea which kill bacteria. To use this method, put your tea bag in boiling water for several minutes. Remove it, letting the tea bag cool for around five minutes. Leave the bag on the shoe for about an hour before wiping off the excess juice.

    4. Alcohol

    How to remove smell from shoes? Rubbing alcohol, not the alcohol you drink, can help fight the smell of your shoes while drinking alcohol may work, your shoes will then smell like the drink.

    5. Freezing Shoes

    6. Orange Peels

    7. Shoe Spray

    8. Water and Vinegar

    9. Baby Powder

    How To Remove Odor From Shoes

    Just about everyone has had to deal with smelly shoes at least once in their life. If youve noticed that your shoes, and subsequently feet, have started to take on an unpleasant smell, youll want to tackle the problem quickly. Discover these simple life hacks and learn how to get the smell out of shoes.

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    Tips For Keeping Your Shoes Dry

    • Toss them in the dryer, put them near a heater, or put them in a sunny window. Canvas shoes should be fine taking a spin in the dryer, but other shoes will get ruined, so just be careful!
    • Go barefoot at home as much as possible. My 10 year literally wears his tennis shoes from the time he leaves for the bus until he gets into bed at night and his shoes suffer because of it! Im trying to teach him that the less he wears his shoes, the faster they will dry out and the less they will smell. Were still working on it.
    • Toss them in the freezer. Place your shoes in a plastic bag, then freeze them. The freezer helps kill the bacteria and dry out the excess moisture in your soles.

    Remove Smells From Shoes With Baking Soda

    How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor &  Giveaway

    Baking soda is a fabulous natural deodoriser and versatile cleaner. Follow the steps below to use it to get rid of smells in shoes and read our article on baking soda cleaning for more tips.

  • Pop a few tablespoons of baking soda into a coffee filter.

  • Tie the top with an elastic band. Repeat twice â one for each shoe.

  • Leave the baking soda filters in your shoes overnight to absorb smells and moisture.

  • Add a new scent by mixing in a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

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    Foot Sense Natural Shoe Deodorizer Powder

    Tester Smell Score: 3.5 out of 5

    • Eliminates excess moisture
    • Doesnt kill 100% of bacteria

    There’s no denying that traditional powders can be messy. But Foot Sense uses an arrowroot-based, talc-free formula thats safe, effective, and smells greatso we didnt mind if some spilled outside of our shoes. Its not as powerful as some of the potent sprays weve tested, so youll likely need to reapply more frequently, but we loved this powders supreme ability to eliminate excess moisture, as well as its lemony-lavender aroma.


    Try Lemon Juice Instead Of Vinegar

    Sometimes heavy-duty treatment with vinegar may not seem feasible, which is why I like to use lighter citrus solutions to deodorize shoes occasionally. All you need to do is:

    • Soak the shoes in a bucket filled with 3 gallons of warm water and juice from half a lemon .
    • Allow them to sit for at least 8 hours or overnight if possible before allowing them to dry.
    • Be sure not to mix ammonia with anything containing bleach, because it creates toxic fumes!

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