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How To Lace Up Dress Shoes

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How To Lace Dress Shoes With 3 Eyelets

How to Lace Dress Shoes | Straight Bar Lacing Method

There is no particular, recommended style for how to lace dress shoes with 3 eyelets. Some people just do the straight lacing style and some people think this is too boring, so they want to try something different, like crisscross lacing.

If the number of eyelets is three or other odd number such as five on each side, after looping both ends of the lace through the bottom eyelets, keep one end longer.

Take the longer end of the lace and loop it into the second eyelet, still on its side but from underneath the eyelet.

Pull the lace and loop it into the second eyelet on the opposite side, but this time, over the eyelet rather than from under it.

Now, you have both ends free and only two top eyelets remain. Take the shorter end of the lace that runs from the bottom eyelet and loop it into the top opposite eyelet.

You can loop the other end on the top opposite eyelet and you are ready to tie the shoelaces.

That is how you tie laces in a shoe with just 3 eyelets.

Dress Shoelaces Should Be Made Of Waxed Cotton

For dress shoes, it is essential to have quality shoelaces made of waxed cotton because cheap, thick and coarse shoelaces will ruin the look of your shoe laces. 80cm 31.5 is the perfect length because it works for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 rows of eyelets basically covering the entire spectrum of lace-up mens dress shoes.

What Is A Derby Shoe

The Derby shoe is a businessmans best friend. The trusty stomper thats comfortable enough to be worn every day, yet smart enough to do a suit justice. It may not be as dressy as an Oxford, but hey, it never claimed to be and what it does do, it does well.

Unlike its Oxford cousin, the Derby features an open lacing system. The facing on a pair of Derbies is always open at both the top and the bottom, which is the reason for their trademark comfort.

For an everyday shoe that can hold its own in the boardroom, a Derby is what you need.

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How To Lace Oxford Shoes Straight Lacing

Oxford shoes traditionally have a different lacing than derby shoes, and the gentlemanly way to lace oxfords is horizontally and parallel. Now, you can achieve the final look in various ways, however some are more difficult to tighten than others.

The Best Way to Lace Oxfords: This works for all kinds of oxfords, not matter how many eyelets they have. Most oxfords have 5 rows of eyelets, and thats what we use here.

  • Insert both ends of the lace in the bottom holes /eyelets of the shoe, so you have a line that is horizontal and on top of the leather.
  • Pull both ends so they are even and have the same length if you have an even number of eyelets such as 4,6 For uneven eyelets, 5, 7 etc. the lace on the outside of the shoe should be about 2 5 cm longer.
  • Take the lace on the outside of the shoe, and insert it from the bottom in the second hole on the same side, and back into the second hole on the opposite side from the top.
  • Now, take the lace on the inside of the shoe and insert it from the bottom in the third hole on the same side, and back into the third hole on the opposite side from the top.
  • Continue in the same fashion. With an even number of eyelets, you will reach the top eyelets from the bottom on each side and it tools great. With uneven holes, you have to make a cross underneath with one end from the bottom. For that reason, one shoelace has to be longer than the other one.
  • Pull on both ends to tighten the lacing and tie your shoelace. Traditionally
  • Proper Shoe Lace Length


    There are two factors to consider that will help you decide what length lace you’ll need. The first is the number of eyelet pairs, or holes on your shoe. The second is the width and size of your foot.

    Why does this matter? Well, over time, your shoe may stretch a little, or your feet may be a bit bigger. Generally, you’ll only ever be deciding between two lengths of laces.

    Dress shoes either have an even, or odd number, of eyelet pairs, and you choose your laces accordingly.

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    The Right Shoelace Color

    As alluded to earlier, the color of your shoelaces can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your shoes and your outfit. Generally, the closer the color of your shoelace is to that of your shoe, the more formal and unassuming the whole ensemble will look. Think about black Oxford with black shoelaces and brown derby with brown shoelaces.

    Of course, there are many other colors out there, but if you work in a very conservative office environment, adding a pair of red shoelaces to your red Oxfords or, maybe, pale pink may earn you weird looks. We still support you, though, even though your clients and co-workers may not. Why? Well, colorful shoelaces are great for more casual environments when you want a new look without spending money on an entirely new pair of shoes that youre not sure about.

    Matching your shoelaces with your other accessories creates a cohesive look.

    For example, it can look great to match the color of your shoelace, maybe, with your tie, your shirt, or your pocket square, because it creates a cohesive look. Also, it just costs a few bucks to exchange your shoelaces, but it feels like a new pair of shoes.

    Lots of colors to choose from at the Fort Belvedere shop!

    Also, if youre just starting and you have maybe two or three pairs of shoes in your arsenal, having a range of, lets say, 20 different shoelaces will make it look like you have 20 different pairs of shoes.

    Inmaker Less Ado About Nothing

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    Elegant & Convenient When you are dressed up, and your shoe lace is loose, how do you tying your shoes without crumpling your suit? InMaker no tie shoelaces offer an elegant and more convenient way. It not only saves your time of tying but also get you out of unpleasant re-tying.

    Exquite & Taste Details talk. InMaker no tie shoelaces are made of flexile silicone, shaped and textured of high simulation. It spreads out an exquisite appearance of taste. All in all, it applies to business activities, balls, and datings.

    Quality of shoes reveal in details. Fine shoelaces make better shoes. Besides, they make who is wearing them steadfast.

    Ergonomics design fits various sizes and shapes. Adjustable elasticity brings light and comfortable wearing experience.

    Manual: stuff one T shape end into lace holes and same for the other end. Caution: Do not fit shoes with metallic, large or too small lace holes.

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    How To Lace Shoes

    A gentlemen knows that his laces should be neatly parallel. The bar lace is popularly used to tie dress shoes, and is a well-established fashion convention in Europe. There are different methods to achieve the straight lace or the bar lace. Each method has different functional benefits: some are easier to tighten or loosen, some bind more tightly, some are more comfortable, some use more lace, some prevent slippage better.

    Here is the most practical method:

  • Start from the bottom hole. Put one lace through the hole two holes ahead of it, and the other up one hole first, then skip two.
  • On the left side, your lace should skip one hole, and skip two on the last three holes.
  • On the right side, your lace should skip two holes, and skip one on the last few holes.
  • When you tie your laces together, you end would be the top end, the other end would go through the second highest hole.
  • With practice, you will be able to tie the bar lace without much trouble.

    Short Story: The Truth About How To Lace Men’s Dress Shoes

    The EASIEST Way To Lace Your Dress Shoes Properly | Straight Bar Lacing Method

    You know how to tie your shoelaces, right? But, has anyone ever taught you how to lace up the shoes? Lacing up the shoe is great to personalize your footwear, especially if your laces come in different colors and patterns.

    Unfortunately, most men know nothing about how to tie their dress shoes. What they dont know is that even if they have quality and beautiful shoes, if the laces are poorly laced, that alone can ruin the outfit.

    Here are tips on how to lace men’s dress shoes!

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    List Of Some Cool Tutorials Of Different Ways To Lace Shoes

    This is a nice pattern, suitable for running shoes, ladies boots as well as mens dress shoes.

    Cool Way to Lace Shoes

    It is better to start with a simple basic pattern, but no less attractive.

    Shoelace Pattern

    Another easy yet attractive shoelace tying pattern, the bar lace method looks more striking when worked with contrasting colored shoelaces, like black laces on white or pastel colored shoes and vice versa.

    Straight Bar Lacing

    After learning how to work the star lacing design, a hexagram should not be much of a surprise. Just check out the instructions to achieve it.

    Shoelace Tying Design

    One of the most unique and innovative shoelace patterns, the design is created by making the lace pass through the same point at the center after going through every eyelet.

    Cool Shoelace Pattern

    So, now you have over 20 different ways to tie your shoelaces. You have surely picked one or two favorites and are already planning to try your hand at them. So, go ahead and have fun.

    Published on January 16th 2015 by Daphne Bennette

    Choosing The Right Shoelaces For Your Dress Shoes

    On the one hand, picking a pair of shoelaces is a personal decision. On the other hand, the narrower and rounder or finer the shoelaces, the more formal it is. Sneakers and tennis shoes, for example, tend to have rather thick and wide laces because theyre more casual. If you put those same shoelaces on a pair of Oxfords, it just looks weird. But, if you take out the round laces from your Oxford and exchange them with flat, wider dress shoelaces, that may actually look quite dapper.

    The good thing about your oxfords is that you can make it more formal with round shoelaces and casual with flat ones.

    Yes, traditionally, an Oxford had round thin laces, but you can easily have a nice pair of flat wide dress shoelaces on your Oxfords and still look the part in this day and age.

    If you want to take it a step further for your evening shoes, either your patent leather, capless Oxfords, or if you go with a cap toe Oxford, you can put in evening laces that match your bow tie. So, if you have a satin bow tie, you can get satin laces or a velvet bow tie with velvet laces.

    Pair your patent leather, capless oxfords with evening shoelaces.

    As you know, in classic menswear, its all about those fine details. If you like to have boots, you typically have more eyelets. And so, you want shoelaces or, better, boot laces that are longer.

    Boots typically have more eyelets, so its better paired with a longer shoelace or, better yet, a bootlace.

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    How To Lace Dress Shoes

    The purpose of lacing dress shoes is to create a snug fit for your feet and prevent the dress laces from coming undone, and theres an ideal way of doing this to avoid them coming untied.

    However, functionality isnt the be-all and end-all of tying shoelaces, as style matters just as much as substance in this department.

    The lacing styles for shoes below should give you plenty of options or your dress shoe.

    S For Straight Bar Lacing

    • Insert both lace ends downwards through the bottom two holes, leaving equal length on both the left and right laces.
    • Looking down on the shoe, insert the left lace up and through the next right hand hole, with its end pointing to the ceiling.
    • Now put the right lace up and through the third eyelet on the left, skipping out the second. There should now be an empty hole on the left hand side.
    • Take what is now the right lace and cross it over, inserting it downward through the empty eyelet on the left. This should create another straight bar, mirroring the first.
    • Do exactly the same with the left hand lace and cross it over, inserting it downward through the empty eyelet opposite it. You should now have three bars.
    • Keep lacing in this way, crossing each lace over to its opposite side to make new bars until you reach the top.

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    Technique #: Straight Bar Lacing

    If you want to lace dress shoes or a similar pair of flat shoes so that they can be slipped on easily when youre getting ready, you might want to try the more professional and clean-looking straight bar lacing technique instead. This type of lacing looks excellent and is easy to do. Plus, your foot will slide right in!

    Here’s how to bar lace shoes:

  • Start by putting the shoelace through the first two eyelets. Put the shoelace through the holes so that the tips are inside of the shoe, and they’re even in length.
  • Take shoelace tip on the left side. On the inside of the shoe, bring the lace-up and through the eyelet directly above the first eyelet.
  • Bring shoelace tip across the shoe, making sure that it’s not twisted. Then, put it down through the second eyelet on the right side of the shoe, which is right above the free shoelace .
  • Take shoelace and go under and up through the next unoccupied eyelet on the shoe, bringing the shoelace to the outside of the shoe by going through the eyelet.
  • Then, cross the shoelace across the shoe and go down through the parallel eyelet.
  • Repeat this process, switching shoelaces each time, until you’re finished.
  • When you get to the end, you’ll find that your shoelaces are on opposite sides if you are lacing men’s dress shoes. You can then make a neat bow to finish the look.
  • Thats all it takes to straight bar lace your dress shoes!

    Quality Shoelaces In 15 Colors

    I always had a hard time find great shoelaces in the length, quality, and color I wanted. Over the course of an 18 month period, and countless failed tests, we came up with quality dress shoe laces for Fort Belvedere in 15 different colors. We do not only offer them in round and flat but also the same color palette for boots. This is the most comprehensive selection of quality dress shoe laces you will find online. All of our dress shoe shoelaces are made in Italy, of long staple, waxed cotton and should last for a while.

    We do not only offer them in round and flat but also the same color palette for boots. This is the most comprehensive selection of quality dress shoe laces you will find. All of our dress shoe shoelaces are made in Italy, of long staple, waxed cotton and should last for a long time.

    If you wear Oxfords or Derbys, you should head over to the shop and take a look at our 15 colors of dress shoe laces in round, flat and boot boot laces.

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    Using Straight Bar Lacing

    Feed the lace into the right-bottom eyelet. Take the right-side end of the shoe-lace and insert it into the right-bottom eye-hole. Insert the lace in the opposite eyelet direction, the one on the left. As you do so, make sure that the lace passes over the shoe flaps.

    Loop the left shoelace over on the opposite hole. Feed the lace in the bottom-left eye-hole pulling it in the direction of the opposite hole. Make sure the lace passes on top of the shoe flap.

    Feed the right shoelace via the second eyehole from the bottom. With the tip of the right shoelace under your shoe flap, feed the right shoelace via the second eyehole from the bottom on the right.

    Make sure you pull the lace to make sure you make a tight line of the lace that runs the bottom eyehole to the second one up below the right shoe flap.

    Pass your right lace to the eyehole on the left side – with the right shoelace over the shoe flap and coming out of the second hole from the bottom-right hole to the left eyehole. Make sure you pull the lace to get a snug line of the lace that connects to the second eyehole on the right and the second one on the left.

    Do the same with the remaining holes- Continue lacing up the shoes moving it horizontally across all holes until you get to the top eyelet. Repeat the same process with the other shoe.

    Learn Lacing Shoes Methods

    How To Lace Oxfords & Dress Shoes the Proper Way & What To Avoid

    Whether you want to be able to run out the door faster when youre getting ready for work in the morning or you’re just tired of having to lace up your sneakers on the way out the door, theres a way you can use your time getting ready just a little more efficiently. That’s by learning how to lace your shoes so they slip on!

    While this lacing shoe practice works best with shoes that are slightly more loose-fitting than with a pair of running shoes, learning how to do this can save you a little bit of time and frustration every day, and that bit of time can often make a difference when you’re in a hurry.

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