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How To Order Belgian Shoes

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Repairing Your Belgian Shoes

Should you buy expensive shoes? A Belgian Shoe Review || Fashionable Father

We provide a repair service for your Belgian Shoes. Please send us your shoes and note the areas, which need to be fixed. Prices are determined by the amount of repair work necessary for each shoe. We will notify you by mail of price and repair time.

For our soft-soled shoes we offer resoling. Base cost is $65 for womens and $70 for mens shoes. Additional costs will be determined upon the condition of the shoes.

*Belgian Shoes Inc. is not responsible for sole applied by another repair service.

Mr Casual And Midinette Styles Are The Closest Things To Being Barefoot

Belgian Shoes are hand-cut, stitched and lasted for the utmost comfort.The shoes are constructed inside out – then turned right side out for finishing.

The slipper-like ease is unsurpassed.

We recommend walking/standing in your new Belgians for approximately 20-30 hours this allows for the felt lining to mold to your foot shape – creating the perfect fit.

If the rubber sole is adhered prematurely – the shoe will never mold properly to your foot.

Please stay away from rain or moisture during this initial process, excessive water damage will ruin the shoe.

A 3 Iron corrugated sole should then be placed from heel to toe. This will extend the life of the shoe and protect from the elements.

You must add the rubber as you will quickly wear through the leather sole – and if the felt is exposed significantly – it will be deemed beyond repair.

The shoes can be sent to us for the rubber sole to be placed upon your Mr. Casual andMidinette, or you can bring to a local reputable cobbler.

Henri, Lui as well as Juliette and Elle can have a rubber heel and sole placed on the leather sole but it will alter the feel of the shoe, heel and toe taps can also be added.

Travelette and Traveler styles can have solid rubber sole added to extend the life of the shoe. If the actual rubber wedge is worn down it can not be replaced and is deemed irreparable.

Patina Leather Sneakers & Trainers

The Patina Sneakers & Trainers Collection includes a range of luxurious designs, handcrafted in our exquisite range of hand-painted patina leathers.

We can produce your design in a range of different patina patterns, from a brush-stroke effect through to a camouflage design!

Each patina patterned leather is available in a range of colors and intensities.

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Buy Online Beers And Many Other Products

You can find here most of the products Belgium is famous for in the whole world: beer, chocolate, waffles, speculoos, Devos Lemmens sauces, pancakes, cheese, cuberdons,….. With more than 1,300 items available at our site, we hope you will enjoy your visit to BelgianShop and, eventually, will not resist the temptation to obtain these Belgian riches for yourselves or your family, friends, relatives…. BelgianShop is the only online shop offering beers from the seven Trappist Abbeys.

Order Custom Ostrich Shoes

Bespoke Factory on Instagram: Beautiful Monks Belgian ...

Whichever design you choose to order you can be sure that your custom ostrich shoes will be handmade to your exact specifications. As per our terms & conditions, we offer free international shipping for all purchases and will happily exchange sizes should you find that you did not order the correct size.

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Genuine Alligator Sneakers & Trainers

If you are looking for truly luxurious trainers or sneakers, then be sure to check out our stunning range of Alligator designs.

Using only the best American alligator skins, Civardi gives you the opportunity customize REAL alligator sneakers at an astonishingly good price.

Choose from a range of alligator designs and pick from a selection of colors.

Choose Your Ostrich Colors

At Civardi we hold stock of ostrich skins in various colors, from smokey grey through to deep navy blue. Grey is an excellent alternative to black or brown. It is extremely versatile and can be seen on our Ozzy oxford shoe design.

More than one color of ostrich leather can be combined to produce unique contrasting designs. The combination of dark brown and navy blue on the Rowland double-monk shoe results in a rich, unique design.

Ostrich skin can also be combined with many other materials. The Raven double-monk shoe combines ostrich leather with calf-leather to great effect.

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Choose Your Ostrich Shoe Model

The Oscar oxford shoe is a beautiful example of a classic lace-up design and makes great use of this exquisite material.

If you prefer a slip-on loafer design, the black Bert loafers with a special lace & bow on the apron are real show-stoppers!

Monk-strap shoes can look incredible when produced in this supple material. The dark brown tones of the Westbury monk shoe ooze class and sophistication.

Design Your Own Loafers

HOW TO SHOE A DRAFT HORSE // Explaining Different Types of Horse Shoes

Few shoe designs for men have as many custom options as the ever-popular slip-on loafers! At Civardi you can order a pair of loafers in a huge range of designs and materials.

The loafer has become one of the most versatile shoe models for men. Wear leopard print loafers as a fashion statement or use a black patent loafer as an evening shoe. With our custom loafers collection the choice is entirely yours!

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Leather Suede & Fabric Shoes

If you want to buy custom-made mens shoes in a range of leathers, suedes and fabrics, then the Mainline Shoe Collection is the one for you. Design your shoes in several different leathers, two different grades of suede and an excellent range of sartorial fabrics. Each material is available in an array of colors, allowing for almost unlimited customizations.

Design Custom Sneakers & Trainers Online

Shop our full range of mens Sneakers & Trainers and choose the best design for your custom sneakers, trainers or high-tops!

Browse through our full range of casual styles or use the filters to narrow-down your search. You can filter by model, material, color etc.

Order your chosen pair or customize it to create your own unique, custom kicks!

We make custom sneakers & trainers in a wide range of materials including leathers, suede, fabrics, patina leather and genuine python, ostrich and alligator!

At Civardi we now offer no fewer than 12 different sneaker & trainer models, each of which can be fully customized to order!

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Mainline Sneakers & Trainers

If you want to buy or custom design mens Sneakers & Trainers in a range of leathers, suedes and fabrics, then the Mainline Collection is the one for you.

We can produce your designs in several different leathers, two different grades of suede and an excellent range of sartorial fabrics including linen.

Each material is available in an array of colors, allowing for almost unlimited customizations.

Belgian Shoes Enters A New Era

Park en Madison, Handmade to Order Belgian Loafers ...

Issac Mizrahi, Tonne Goodman and other longtime fans share their love for the shoes and react to the heritage brand’s “transfiguration.”

The previous iteration of the Belgian Shoes store in New York had all the charm of a doctorâs office waiting room. It was almost aggressively simple, with Amish-style furniture, bad lighting, and faded watercolors hung on white walls. According to at least one customer, the fact that the entrance shared a buzzer with an actual doctorâs office often led to confusion. âEvery five minutes people would be buzzing and being like, âHi, Iâm here for Dr. Whatever.â And the salesperson would be like, âNo, no, no. Thatâs next door,ââ recalled Anna Page Nadin, a digital video producer who has worn the shoes since she was a teenager.

For many customers, that fusty anti-aesthetic was part of the appeal. The shop, on 55th Street between Park and Lexington, had been basically untouched since moving to the space in 2001, although it felt much older, like a retail relic from the pre-digital era. In January, the company announced plans for a renovation that sent some longtime fans into a tailspin: What would happen to the stack of 1980s social registers in the corner? That big stained glass faux window in the back? What about the handwritten signage or the framed old-boys-club ephemera?

The Belgian Shoes Store photographed by Alex Lockett for W Magazine.

Elements of the former decor. Photographed by Alex Lockett for W Magazine.

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Genuine Python Sneakers & Trainers

Civardi offer a range sneakers & trainers, handmade in genuine exotic python skins.

We only choose the finest skins available and offer a range of colors to choose from.

You can buy a pair of python trainers or sneakers in a single color or combine more than one color.

Civardis python footwear is available to order or customize at an unbeatable price.

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