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Are Brooks Shoes Good For Nurses

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How Brooke Shoes Are Better Than Other Companies

BEST 2020 Registered Nurse Shoe Review! (NIKE, DANSKO, CROCS, REEBOK, BROOKS)

There are several reasons why Brooke shoes are better than other companies.

Different types of shoes are preferred for nurses. The nurses shoes should be very light and easy. This increases speed and flexibility. This is very important when the nurses are working long shifts.

Different types of shoes like slip-on shoes are manufactured by Brooks. When the nurse is required to change her shoes for a particular purpose, then these slip-on shoes are the ones to prefer. When the floor is slippery and fast-paced, then sneakers like shoes are preferred by nurses. These are manufactured by Brooks in some of the best possible procedures.

They are much suited for running and helps in maintaining proper stability. Clogs are one of the popular types of Brooks shoes made for nurses. They are very specific in providing comfort levels.

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Best Trainers For Nurses

Not a clog kind of girl? Many nurses and medical professionals are wearing sneakers on the job. In fact, these shoes are so supportive they can double as a running shoe. Most of these also come in mens versions for our male nurses. There are a lot of incredible shoes on the market, and these were the best for comfort, slip-resistance, and value.

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New Balance Womens Wx608v4 Shoe

Say hello to the fourth version of New Balance, the New Balance Womens WX608V4 Shoe and features a very cool design with tons of amazing features that helps to add a lot to its balance of support, comfort and overall value.

This new version of classic trainer features a premium cushioning as well with additional outsole flex grooves which helps to increase its overall flexibility. The extra cushioning allows you to wear your shoes all day long without any discomfort.

While the features are a must, this pair comes in a wide range of color options like Pink, Navy, Light Blue, Grey, Mint, Blue and White while the lining comes in Black, Purple and Brown trainers and the contrast looks amazing.

The traditional lace-up system offers you a nice and secure fit, keeping your feet stable throughout the day while the lateral support because of its dual density foam padded collar and supportive shank further adds protection.

Overall, this pair meets all the support and cushioning you expect. It comes at a very reasonable price and helps in preventing any king of foot irritation.


Nurse Mates Womens Dove Oxford

Best Brooks Shoes for Nurses (The Top 6 Choices)

Light-weight, stain resistance, and comfortable. Sounds like a match made in heaven for every nurse! The icing on the cake with the Dove Oxford shoe is that they are also easy on and easy off. There is a wide variety of sizes and widths to ensure your feet stay comfortable. Snag a pair to test on your next shift!

Nurse Mates owner writes

Absolutely comfortable. I use these as a Surgical Tech. Helpsthrough 12hr standing through surgeries and are merciful on the back and feet! If bodily fluids fall, like blood, they wipe off easy. The leather prevents a possible falling tool to slice through the shoe, so they protect your feet in more ways than one!

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Skechers Dlites Biggest Fan

5/5 Stars

These shoes have the highest overall customer satisfaction rating on the list. In addition, theyre extremely versatile, with 44 different designs that can suit any aesthetic. A combination of leather and synthetic materials comprises the upper, while the midsole is made from cushioned EVA foam.

The collar and tongue are padded, preventing chafing when the shoes are worn without socks. The traditional lace-up construction provides a snug fit while being an affordable design.

Despite the traditional design, the shoes are lighter than many cushioned running shoes, making them ideal for on-the-go nurses.

The Skechers DLites are also our #1 pick for the Best White Leather Nursing Shoes.

  • Mix of leather and manmade fabric with a rubber sole
  • One-inch platform adds height and cushioning
  • Padded collar and tongue prevent chafing against bare ankles
  • EVA foam midsole conforms to the shape of the foot
  • Each shoe weighs just 12 ounces, reducing fatigue with long wear

Best Shoes For Nurses 2021

What are the best shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals? It seems like a simple question. But, the answer can get really complicated. Not just any old walking shoe will do for nurses. That’s why we asked nurses themselves. Here are the shoes that were most recommended by our online nursing community of over 133,000 nurses:

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Put Your Shoes On A Replacement Schedule

One of the most common reasons we see patients with foot pain is that they simply wore their shoes past the point they were excessively worn. Consider purchasing several pairs of shoes that work for your feet and rotate between them and, if you wear the same pair continuously, replace them every six months or so because the stabilizing and supportive materials will break down.

If youre a nurse with achy feet, ankles, toes or back from long days on your feet, come see us at the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington near Swedish Medical in downtown Seattle. Call or make an appointment online in our patient portal to discuss your foot issues let us help you get pain-free today.

Dont Forget Compression Socks

Top 5 Best Sneakers for Nurses Review in 2021

While it may be tempting to focus exclusively on which shoes you wear, you should also take a moment to think about what you wear inside of your shoes. You may not realize it, but your socks can have a big impact on how your legs feel at the end of a long shift. Compressions socks for nurses can help maintain adequate circulation to the feet and ankles during long work shifts, reducing fatigue and pain you might be experiencing.

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Tying It All Together

All in all, this is a solid but not exhaustive list of shoes to purchase for a nursing shift. Brooks, ASICS, and Saucony are some of the most recommended brands by physical therapists, however, they are not the only brands that can suit a persons needs. Buying a shoe is very individualized, and normally physical therapists recommend trying on and feeling several shoes prior to purchasing a pair.

In these times, when online shopping appears to be here to stay for quite a while, the best way to know if a shoe will fit is to know your measurements and understand what the purpose of the shoe is. For a nurse or healthcare professional who is standing and moving all day long, stability, fit, and comfort are key ensuring good arch support, a symmetrical/even heel, and a toe-box that fits.

Keep in mind that a shoe should fit right out of the box there should not be a breaking in period. There also should not be blisters or calluses forming before the shoe fits. The right shoe should be comfortable, have a snug fit , and it should hold up well to longer stretches of wear, like the average nursing shift.

Color And Overall Design

Some nurses work in strict environments where theyre only allowed specific colors.

Ensure you go for a color and minimalist design that aligns with the workplace regulations.

Good thing is more employers are beginning to allow their nurses to express themselves through color.

Even with that, keep the design to a minimum to avoid causing a distraction.

Go for an overall design that is simple and professional.

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Consider Inserts In Your Shoes For Better Support

FootChair Adjustable Arch Orthotic

If you have very high or very low arches , you may want to invest in inserts for your shoes. You can try high quality over-the-counter ones that have excellent arch support.

Our most recommended prefabricated orthotics for nurses and others who spend a of time on their feet are the FootChair Podiatrist Designed Orthotic with adjustable arch height.

FootChair orthotics provide excellent support in the arch plus the arch height can be adjusted via pads that can be inserted under the cover. These arch supports are designed to be as close as possible to a custom orthotic. Skip the Dr Scholls orthotic kiosk those are about the same cost as the FootChair Adjustable Arch Support and provide almost no support.

If a pre-made orthotic doesnt address your foot aches, consider coming in to our Foot and Ankle Center in Seattle for a foot evaluation and custom orthotics consultation. Custom orthotics are more costly, but they last longer and can often reverse foot and ankle ailments suffered by nurses who stand all day.

Womens Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Are Brooks shoes good for nurses?

This is one of the sleekest and modern shows to be out from Brookes. They seem like a beauty but works like a beast. They are very light supportive and comfortable as they are designed using synthetic materials and mesh. They are very light in weight. The mesh used in the making of this shoe makes it very breathable that allows the flow of air in and out of the shoes.

This also allows the shoes to leave out the smell of sweat and any odor emanating from them. When there is proper inflow and outflow of air and other odor, this prevents the growth of bacteria in the shoes. These shoes are made with an excellent cushioning effect.

The BioMoGo DNA technology is deployed for providing cushioning support. The shoe is very responsive and provides the best energy returns. It makes you feel like you are having a walk on the clouds even if you have walked for hours together or have stood for many hours. This shoe has excellent shock absorption capacity. The outsole of the shoe is made using rubber of high traction so that the nurses dont fall while walking on wet floors.


  • Excellent mesh and other material used in the making
  • Best traction to avoid slipping.
  • No requirement for breaking
  • The toe box is very narrow.

Price: $119.95

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Nurses Tested The Shoes At Work

We decided to put the 10 highest recommended nursing shoes to the ultimate test – on the feet of actual nurses who work at busy hospitals around the county. Our group of nurse product testers was asked to select a pair of shoes and to wear them to work

After the nurses wore the shoes to work a few times, they rated them, ranked them, and gave us their honest review of the shoes. Their truthful responses just might surprise you.

So, here it is! Our list of the best shoes for nurses, ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 – 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Puma Womens Cell Riaze Cross

Say hello to one of the most stylish tennis shoes ever made by PUMA, the PUMA Womens Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoes which nicely fits in your gym bag and can be used for multiple purposes.

It offers an excellent support to your feet and its thick rubber sole ensures maximum traction on any type of surface. This shoe uses heathered textile upper which helps to keep Cell Riaze breathable and the extra heel cushioning enhances its comfort level and shock absorption.

It is available in a variety of colors and color combinations, allowing you to pick the right pair for various types of clothing and look great.

The upper soft mesh with light textile lining and running specific Eco OrthoLite sock liner provides you with an ideal fit with maximum breathability, moisture control and antimicrobial protection.

When it comes to its durability, you cannot get any better. The synthetic overlays used in its construction and especially around the toe box area of its upper, makes it tough and free from wear and tear.

Overall, it is a nice pair with excellent maneuverability and performance.


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Waterproof And Easy To Clean

Nurses work environment can be quite messy.

The best Brooks shoes for nurses should be waterproof to protect the nurses feet from blood, urine, fecal matter, medication, and other body fluids that may be encountered during the shift.

Water-resistant or waterproof shoes make cleaning very easy.

You can simply wipe your running shoes down with warm soapy water and a clean cloth or with a disinfectant, and you are set to go!

New Balance Wx608v4 Womens Training

Best Shoes for Nurses Review in 2021 | Best Budget Nurses Shoes

You simply cant doubt the durability of New Balance WX608V4 Womens Training shoes. It has an internal shank which offers you more durability and foot support. Moreover, its upper features a partially covered synthetic overlay which prevents the shoe from any type of damage.

It has a non-marking rubber traction outsole along with flex grooves which increases its flexibility and provides you a flexible cushioning for maximum shock absorption.

While it has an excellent support, it also offers you a secure and snugly fit via its traditional lace-up design which makes each step very secure and stable.

Its textile lining and mesh tongue with perforation details in the front part of its design aids in excellent breathability and keeps your feet dry and cool.

Overall, it offers you excellent support and cushioning which helps to keep your feet stress free and safe.


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Nurse Mates Dove $7699

The Nurse Mates Dove is a very popular slip-on style shoe that was designed specifically for nurses. Theyre lightweight, come in multiple widths, and feature a leather upper that makes it easy to wipe off any spills. The Nurse Mates Dove come in no-frills white or black, making them an easy and unobtrusive choice for personalities or work environments that require a subdued design. The Nurse Mates Dove may not be flashy, but they are a solid, dependable, and affordable choice for nurses. They also have mens nursing shoes and can have a padded collar to reduce foot pain.

Brooks Womens Glycerin 18

The Glycerin series from Brooks is among the most famous running shoes available in the market today. Any runner who appreciates the support and cushioning will know this shoe line. The first thing that will impress you when you get a pair of the womens Glycerin 18 is its feel and appearance. It has a trendy design with a fine accent hue between the cushion and the upper. Testers say the shoe felt responsive and soft on the feet during the initial wear. Read on to find out why the Brooks womens Glycerin 18 is rated one of the best tennis shoes for nurses.

  • Ortholite sockliner for supreme step-in coziness
  • Engineered mesh upper for a plush fit

The sole unit has been the major attraction of the previous Glycerins from Brooks. And because the company does not want to discard a winning formula, very little revamp was done on the sole unit of the Glycerin 18 compared to that of its predecessor. The well-cushioned midsole of the Glycerin 17 has been revamped with a little more DNA loft foam, leading to a more supple feeling in each stride.

The modernized construction of the foam helped to decrease the footwears overall weight whilst giving you a softer and bouncier walk. DNA loft technology helps cushion each of your foot landings so your feet will stay relaxed and cozy even during extended shifts. The midsole has been updated to be more responsive and flexible as Brooks added omega flex grooves.

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How Often Should I Replace My Hokas

If you find that the shock absorption no longer works or the tread is worn out, it is time to replace your shoes. If the wear is uneven, this could be a sign of overpronation or underpronation. Either way, you are going to need new shoes. If you feel pain while running, some new shoes may ameliorate the situation.

Dansko Womens Professional Clog Mule

Best Brooks for Nurses (September

The Dansko Womens Professional clog steals the number one spot. Its the most popular nursing shoe by far, with numerous beautiful designs available. Its real leather, so expect some give after a little wear, and its easy to wipe down from any slips and spills. They definitely pass the comfort test.

The platform is 0.75 inches, complemented with proper arch support and breathable foam padding. Youll notice that the bottom of the shoe is significantly curved. This creates a rocking effect to reduce fatigue and impact on those overworked feet. The prices vary a bit on Amazon, so keep your eyes open, and you could score an absolute steal.

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Sanita Professional Oil Clogs

Thanks to their durable leather frame, these clogs are ready for anything. If you tend to have achy arches after a long day, the American Podiatric Medical Association recommends these kicks because of their top-notch, long-lasting arch supportideal for nurses with flat feet. Plus, reviewers say, theyre a great alternative clog if Danskos just dont work for you.

This is my fourth pair of Sanita clogs and I wear them to work as a health care professional, an Amazon reviewer explains. The sole of the shoe is hard, but they remain comfortable all day because of the undying arch support.

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