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How To Stop Smelly Shoes From Smelling

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Sprinkle Baking Soda In Those Stinky Shoes

How to stop shoes from smelling bad

Baking soda is another good home remedy for stinky shoes. Sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda in the offending shoe. Let the power of baking soda do its thing overnight. Dump it out in the morning and, boom, your shoes are as fresh as new. Well, maybe not quite that fresh, but theyre ready for the upcoming day.

One caution: Be careful about using baking soda too often with leather shoes, as it can extract the moisture from the leather and cause it to dry out and crack.

A Great Shoe Spray For On

Organic All Natural Deodorizer, $9,

For a fungus-fighting spray with zero synthetic toxins or phthalates, check out this organic and all-natural deodorizing spray. Instead of all that nasty stuff, itâs got freshening ingredients like citronella oil, lemon, and jasmine. It also comes in a non-aerosol recyclable aluminum spray bottle, which makes it awesome for travel. Not only is it light and small, but it wonât crush or leak inside your bag. Itâs non-sticky, non-greasy, and non-staining, so you can use it on your shoes as well as all your sports gear.

Foot Sense Natural Shoe Deodorizer Powder

Tester Smell Score: 3.5 out of 5

  • Eliminates excess moisture
  • Doesnt kill 100% of bacteria

We know, traditional powders can be messy. But Foot Sense uses an arrowroot-based, talc-free formula thats safe, effective, and smells greatso we didnt mind if some spilled outside of our shoes. Its not as powerful as some of the potent sprays weve tested, so youll likely need to reapply more frequently, but we loved this powders supreme ability to eliminate excess moisture alongside a lemony-lavender aroma.

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How To Solve One Of The Stinkiest Summertime Problems

Don’t just cover up the smell of stinky shoeseliminate the odor at its source!

Summertime is all fun and games until someones smelly shoes are stinking up the house! It happens in a predictable cycle: hot temperatures lead to sweaty feet, and sweaty feet leave behind moisture in shoes causing unpleasant odors.

But dont give up on those smelly shoes just yet, because today Im sharing the best and most effective methods for eliminating odors in shoes. If youve been wondering how to get the stink out of shoes, youve come to just the right place!

More Ideas You’ll Love

The secret to removing odor from shoes is to deal with the moisture issue. Many people simply try to tackle the odor itself by using a deodorizing spray, but that only covers up the smell. By drying out the moisture, you can cut the smell off at the source by killing the odor-causing bacteria.

There are a few different ways to do this, so Ive included a few different options for you in this post. Use whichever method you like best, or whichever method you can do using stuff you already have at home.

Heres to a stink-free summer! 🙂

Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz

A Tip On How To Stop Smelly Shoes

Tester Smell Score: 4 out of 5

Searching for a foot cream worthy of Oprahs feet? Check out Footnanny, the brand that earned a spot on her 2020 List of Favorite Things. Made from tea tree oil , this cream helps absorb moisture and keep sweaty at bay, while also providing natural anti-fungal and bacteria-fighting properties. And, theres no additional harsh chemical additives. Simple ingredients like shea butter, cocoa seed, and aloe leaf provide vitamins A, C, E, and F chamomile helps soothe redness and irritation and essential oils deliver a refreshing scent. If Oprah runs another marathon, we expect shell be treating her feet to this cream at the finish line.

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Other Causes Of Sweaty Feet

If youve tried our remedies and youre still struggling with foot odours, head to your GP.

Other causes of smelly feet include fungal infections like athletes foot or conditions which cause excessive sweating, and your doctor will be able to provide you with more advice.

We hope our tips and tricks help you out of a stinky situation. If youve given everything a go and the aroma in your shoes just wont budge, it might be time to give it up as a bad job and treat yourself to a new pair.

That way you can take preventative measures from your first wear after all, the best offence is a good defence!

How To Clean Smelly Shoes

Some shoes, like leather and canvas trainers, will wash in your washing machine if you put them inside a bag or pillowcase. However, others will disintegrate in the washing machine such as those with a cork sole.

Recently, one blogger revealed a genius hack for keep them fresh. Lynsey Queen of Clean shared a picture on Instagram and wrote: “Pop a few tea bags inside your smelly shoes to fight off bad odours that are caused by heat and bacteria.”Leave to sit over night in a warm dry place. The longer you leave the better”

You can make your own cleaning solution using store cupboard staples. Bicarbonate of soda left inside the shoes overnight will help soak up some of the smell. Otherwise, you can make your own solution by mixing equal parts water and vinegar and spraying a small amount inside the shoes. Be sure to let them dry properly before wearing them again.

If that sounds like too much hassle to you, there’s plenty of remedies available to buy online. Here’s some of the best:

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Dry Your Shoes Between Wearings

Don’t keep your shoes in your gym bag where they will stay damp longer and provide a happy home for the smelly microbes. Give them lots of air between wearings. Remove the insoles and stuff the shoes with dry paper towels to help speed drying. Another option is Stuffits Shoe Savers, a foot-shaped insert with cedar shavings. Put them in your shoes to dry them out quickly after wearing them. They work for dress shoes as well as athletic shoes.

Ways To Prevent Stinky Shoes And Smelly Feet

How to stop trainers and shoes from smelling | ASOS Menswear tutorial

Michele Stanten is a walking coach, certified group fitness instructor, and running coach. She is the author of Walk Off Weight and The Walking Solution.

Do you have smelly walking shoes and sandals? The foot and shoe odor comes from bacteria and fungi that grow happily where it is warm and damp. Your sweaty shoes are just the place they love. Here are a few tactics for keeping your shoes and sandals odor-free.

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Causes Of Stinky Feet

The main cause of smelly feet is trapped sweat. Your feet create a lot of sweat each day since they have thousands of sweat glands. When the sweat becomes trapped in your shoes or socks, it can create a bad odor. This is known as bromodosis, or smelly feet.â

Bacteria are also responsible for smelly feet. There are many kinds of bacteria on the bottom of your feet. These bacteria live off the sweat that your feet are constantly producing. When they feed on the sweat, the bacteria create an acid that causes foot odor.

Besides bacteria, fungus may also cause you to have smelly feet. Fungus grows and thrives in warm, moist areas. When your feet sweat inside your shoes and socks, this creates an environment where fungus can grow. These bad-smelling fungi are commonly known as athleteâs foot.

Some other factors that could cause stinky feet include:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Wearing the same shoes every day or not changing your shoes frequently enough
  • Certain diseases

How To Maintain Good Hygiene In Your Shoes

Finally, we teach you how you must maintain proper hygiene to avoid bad odor from your shoes:

  • Try not to wear closed shoes every day. It is terrible for the health of our feet and promotes an awful smell.
  • When you get home, change shoes and let those shoes air out.
  • It doesn’t matter if the shoe is of good quality. They all absorb the terrible smell. Hence, we must maintain good cleaning of them. You can use a damp cloth with detergent and brush them every day.
  • Apply talcum powder if the sole sweat excessively. It is a simple remedy that helps us a lot daily.

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Get A Fresh Minty Scent With This Essential Oil Spray

Aurorae All-Natural Deodorizing Shoe & Foot Spray, $15,

This all-natural solution is made without any chemicals or toxins. Instead, it uses all highly-effective essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and thyme to overcome odor while also offering a relaxation scent. Itâs great for everything from tennis shoes and flip-flops to ballet flats and leather shoes. Reviewers love the fresh minty smell and the fact that it doesnât leave a residue. One says, âIt seems like I have a cooling mint-y sensation for at least four hours. My feet felt refreshed and deodorized.â

Wear Shoes That Breathe

How to Prevent Smelly Feet (with Pictures)

One of the most effective remedies is simple: Wear the right shoes. The best shoes for stinky feet are made from leather or breathable fabric. These materials allow moisture to vent to the outside world. Avoid shoes made of vinyl or other man-made materials. Non-breathable shoes act to prevent moisture dissipation and evaporation. And once you unlace those babies, you and anybody in the area will be reaching for a gas mask.

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Dry Your Smelly Shoes Out

Wet shoes are definitely a common culprit of bad smells. As if the sweat your feet naturally produces wasnt bad enough, sloshing through rain or snow will not help your shoes in the scent department.

If you realize your smelly shoes problem is caused by added moisture from the elements, start by drying them out. Finding a sunny spot or other heated area will be beneficial for drying your shoes and reducing the spread of bacteria and therefore the smell.

How Do I Stop My Cork Shoes From Smelling


Similarly, you may ask, how do you deodorize Cork shoes?

11 Ways to Freshen Smelly Sandals

  • Leave your shoes out in the sun.
  • Dilute white vinegar with water to make a solution.
  • At the end of the day, cover the footbed with baking soda.
  • Coat shoes with baby powder or anti-fungal powder to absorb moisture throughout the day.
  • Leave one or two orange peels in the shoes overnight, suggests the Huffington Post.
  • Additionally, can you clean Birkenstocks with baking soda? Combine two tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of baking soda. The aftermath should be a paste consistency. Add more baking soda if it is too watery. Gently scrub the paste onto the footbed using an old toothbrush.

    Consequently, how do I get rid of the bad smell in my shoes?

    Put baking soda in the offending shoes. If the freezer trick does not work, put in a healthy dose of baking soda and let the powder absorb the odor overnight. Place fresh orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime peel into the shoes. Fresh citrus peel has a great smell because of its essential oils.

    Can you get Birkenstocks wet?

    A: While it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to rain and other moisture, Birkenstocks can get wet on occasion and still last for years with proper care. Many of our customers think that their Birkenstocks will get ruined if they get wet once or twice in the rain, and this is generally not the case.

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    Use Shoe Insoles To Fight Foot Odor

    Another way to minimize shoe odor is with specially treated insoles. Several varieties are available at your favorite grocery or drug store. Theyre treated with activated charcoal or baking soda and neutralize unpleasant odors. They not only provide long-lasting odor protection , but they can also absorb foot moisture and add extra footbed cushioning.

    Most brands come in a standard size that can be easily cut to fit any size shoe. These odor-neutralizing insoles are especially useful in taming those smelly gym shoes.

    Why Do Your Shoes Smell Bad

    HOW TO | Stop Your Shoes From Smelling

    The reason your shoes stink is that your feet contain 250,000 sweat glands. When those glands get confined in a shoe, the sweat and warmth create a breeding ground for bacteria. To get rid of the smell in your shoes, you need to destroy the bacteria causing the stink. You can do this by cleaning them properly. Using homemade shoe deodorizing sprays or powders also helps. Then follow good shoe and foot care to help keep feet from stinking.

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    Is It Healthy To Have Smelly Feet

    Foot odor is rarely a sign of a health problem, but sometimes an infection can cause it. See a doctor if you see any signs of infection or if the smell just doesnt get better.

    If your feet are also unusually sweaty, it may be plantar hyperhidrosis. This excessive foot sweating may interfere with daily activities.

    There are tests to determine how severe the problem is. If you or a family member has hyperhidrosis, a doctor may prescribe a prescription antiperspirant, prescription cream, or nerve-blocking medication to reduce sweating. If that doesnt work, Botox injections may help.

    Even if you have a condition that leaves you prone to foot odor, taking steps to keep your feet clean and dry will help with the smell.

    Canadian Journal of MicrobiologyPlanta MedicaJournal of EthnopharmacologyElytropappus rhinocerotis

    Heres How To Treat Smelly Feet

    There are many solutions to make your feet smell better if youre already experiencing problems with bromodosis. Some include simple habit shifts that can help keep the condition at bay. When possible, experts recommend going barefoot to let your feet air out, preventing sweating and bacteria build-up, Healthline suggests. Its also recommended to clean feet thoroughly after bathing or showering to mitigate the smelly feet condition

    Then, theres the laundry list of over-the-counter remedies for smelly feet: Some experts recommend applying a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and applying it to your feet every night to help dry out your feet. Avoid applying this alcohol treatment to any cracks in your skin. If you need to quickly address foot odor, experts say it is safe to put deodorant on your feet to act as an antiperspirant and provide a fresh scent, according to Sweat Help. If you have athletes foot or another fungal infection, there are over-the-counter products that address this specific type of foot odor, including anti-fungal sprays, creams, and powder.

    If home remedies dont work, its time to call in reinforcements. Were talking about your go-to doctor. If youre looking to get rid of smelly feet long-term, there are some prescription medications that help treat bromodosis, which can help manage especially tough cases. You may have to go to a podiatrist or dermatologist to get prescribed medication and to monitor its effectiveness.

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    Wash Your Feet Thoroughly

    The bacteria on your feet just keep multiplying, so you need to be washing your feet in the shower to help combat the embarrassing odor. When you’re in the shower, lather up with soap on your soles, and dont forget in between your toes. Rinse, and when you get out of the shower be sure to completely dry your feet before slipping on shoes. You can give them a blast with the hairdryer, too, for extra dryness.

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    Apply Antiperspirant Or Deodorant To Your Feet

    How to Stop Shoes from Smelling

    In most cases, moisture in your shoes results from sweat from your feet. When you prevent foot sweat, you keep your shoes dry and do not allow bacteria and fungi to grow. Make sure that you do not have an adverse reaction to the spray. Do a test on one toe or a small patch on one foot to see if there is any redness or rash after one day.

    Using deodorant on your feet will not keep them dry. Still, it will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that produce unpleasant odours. Proceed with caution to determine whether it will cause adverse reactions, as with antiperspirants.

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    Repurpose Your Dryer Sheets

    Shoes are considered part of your wardrobe. With this in mind, dont limit your dryer sheets to your clothes. While you may not actually throw your shoes in the dryer with the rest of your laundry, the scented towels are great at masking unfavorable scents.

    This method is also really easy. Just ball up two dryer sheets and stick them in your shoes and wait for your results. A simple smell and touch test will reveal when the sheets soak up extra moisture and leave their pleasant scent behind.

    What Causes Smelly Feet

    As weve already touched on, an excess of sweat is the primary cause for smelly feet. We have more glands on our feet than anywhere else and they release moisture throughout the day, regardless of what were up to or whether our temperatures need regulating.

    However, there are a few ways to ensure you dont exacerbate the problem:

    • Wear fresh socks each day. Choose natural materials such as cotton, which allows your feet to breathe, rather than synthetic fabrics like polyester
    • Wash your feet every day as part of your routine and make sure to dry them well, with particular attention to the gaps between your toes
    • Dont wear the same footwear two or more days in a row. If your shoes take in sweat and you wear them again without giving them a chance to dry, you will find that your feet become sweatier than usual, more quickly than usual and they may start to smell
    • Pick up a combination deodorant/antiperspirant for your feet. They work like underarm products to block your pores, discourage sweat and fight bacteria which causes odours

    But what should you do with your favourite shoes if you waited a little too long to start researching? Do you have to throw them away? Potentially, no.

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