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What Stores Carry Hoka Shoes

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What Is Hokas Shipping Policy

Hoka Running Shoes Review- Rincon, Clifton 6, Bondi 6, Speedgoat 4 | Cowichan Valley Running

Eager for your pair of Hoka Clifton 6?

This Hoka shoes review is happy to report that the brand ships to countries all over the globe. You can tailor the site to your destination. For a limited time, Hoka is offering free standard ground shipping to US orders within the continental US.

The brand consistently offers free shipping on Canadian orders totaling $200+. Shipping rates for the US and Canada are as follows:

  • Standard ground shipping : $8
  • 2-day shipping : $16
  • Overnight shipping : $26
  • Standard: : under $200 is $10, $200+ is free
  • Expedited: under $200 is $20, $200+ is $20
  • Next Business Day: under $200 is $35, $200+ is $35

What Are Hoka Shoes Anyway

These are footwear that are specifically designed for athletics. You can comfortably walk or run in them. Additionally, the shoes are in men and womens sizes, so as to suit the specific feet needs of the runners.

Whats special about Hoka shoes? Having an athlete in mind, the shoe is in a design that ensures that all the foot needs of a runner are incorporated. For instance, the company developed an Eva foam insole that prevents your feet from getting blisters and other injury.

The top of the shoe is mesh composite, which allows for breathability. The outer sole is textured rubber, which gives you optimal grip to enhance safety. It is also slightly wide to allow for stability. The front part extends upwards to facilitate toe safety.

Wait, will you be running in wet weather conditions? Hoka shoes also provide water-proof varieties for you.

Hoka Running Shoe Technology

HOKA ONE ONE’s advanced technology coaxed pack-leading performance out of its max-cushioned running shoes.

  • Midsole. The most noticeable component of any HOKA shoe is the hefty serving of foam in the midsole. HOKA stuffs its shoes with foam for maximum shock absorption and silly levels of comfort. But the lightweight foam compound does all that without slowing the shoe down.
  • Shape. The big midsole isnt just for comfort, though. HOKA carved a rocker shape into the foam to make the heel-to-toe transition quicker and smoother. Called the Meta-Rocker, HOKA can shift it forward or backward to enhance your efficiency any way you like.
  • Stability. For stability, HOKA uses two unobtrusive features: an Active Foot Frame and J-Frame. The Active Foot Frame cradles your feet in place like a bucket seat in a race car, dropping you deeper into the midsole so you always land in the right place. Beneath the footbed, a HOKA J-Frame employs a higher density foam to give medial support without the use of plastic or posts.

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Are Hoke Shoes Good For Seniors

Based on findings in several studies, the best shoes for seniors are those with low and closed heels and rigid midsoles to promote better stability and security, grippy soles to prevent falls, and supreme fit for comfort.

Lightweight materials are also important to ensure that the senior isnt exerting too much energy through just navigating with the shoe on. Hoka Shoes have all of these safety specifications and more.

Seniors would especially benefit from the support mechanisms contained in Hoka One One shoes, given that they are more susceptible to instability and falls, but really anybody who needs a little extra support can be sure that their Hoka shoes will cover them.

Why The Hoka One One Is Loved By Podiatrists

Hoka One One Womens Bondi 4 Running Sneaker Shoe

Shop TODAY is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

A good pair of sneakers can take you far literally. Thats why were always searching for the most comfortable and supportive options to carry you through runs, walks, casual outings and just about every activity in between. And we couldnt help but notice one brand that has been making waves in the shoe industry and popping up in gyms as well as the office.

Hoka One One’s chunky sneakers have been extremely popular in recent years, winding up on the feet of seemingly everyone we come into contact with. And, as it turns out, they’re not just a hip shoe to show off around town they’re a favorite of podiatrists, too. So we consulted two top experts to get all the details on what makes the shoes such a good pick.

Here’s everything you need to know about the trendy sneaker, plus more about the brand’s newest Bondi X shoe release on Oct. 1.

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Hoka Womens Shoes Review

Did you know that women typically tend to have more foot problems than men? We sure didnt. That is even more reason to invest in a pair of Hoka One One ultra-supportive sneakers to protect your feet from injury and pain.

Check out these top-sellers for women that look as stunning as they are functional.

Feel like youre flying across the pavement with the lightweight and flexible Hoka Womens Bondi 7runners, which according to the brand, are the most cushioned shoes in the Hoka road-shoe lineup.

The Bondi 7s feature the same full EVA midsole, breathable mesh upper, durable rubber outsole, and signature Meta-Rocker technology as its previous model, but are elevated with the addition of TPU overlays for midsole support and a memory foam collar for Achilles tendon comfort.

Get them in an array of color combinations for $150.For something with similar propelling capabilities, take a look at the ever-graceful Hoka Carbon X.

The Hoka Womens Mach 4runners are perfect for running long distances and getting those miles in. A PROFLY midsole and a rubberized EVA outsole meet with a removable, molded EVA sockliner for unmatched cushioning and comfortability.

The engineered mesh upper also ensures that you will have an enjoyable, dry run. Hoka offers these runners in three colorways for $130.

Who Is Hoka For

Hoka produces footwear for men and women of all ages with all kinds of lifestyles, as seen in our Hoka shoes review product list.

The brand is well-known for their affiliation with several athletes, but they also bear seals of approval from several podiatrists and podiatric associations, making them popular among those who require orthopedics to help them with various foot-related ailments.

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The Main Differences Altra Vs Hoka

Like most running shoe brands, they offer a variety of styles for different levels of cushion, support and trail or road. They differ in fit and philosophy.

Hoka One One first became popular with Ultrarunners and has since moved in the to main stream of running. I myself have run in a number of models and previously compared Hoka running shoe models.

Ive also tested and written in depth about Altra Running Shoe models, if you want more details.

I break down the differences in more detail below, but heres a quick overview:

How To Choose Hoka Or Altra

Pro Ultra Runner’s Shoe Closet! Top HOKA Picks of Tim Tollefson

Hoka and Altra are two loved running shoe brands, that happen to be very different. So its important to focus on what feels good for you, not just what your friends are recommending.

Your gait and feet will change over time and you may need to change shoes.

This is also why I recommend rotating through several pairs of shoes at once.

Keep in mind that shoe design can change, even with the same model, so always assess how the shoe fits every time you replace a pair. And remember to take advantage of great return policies like those at Road Runner Sports

For more help selecting the right shoe for you, dont worry, Ive got you:

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Comparison: Hoka Vs Nobull

NOBULL was launched by co-founders Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson in 2015. Since their inception, the brand has operated on the core tenet of cutting to the chase and actively pursuing the life you want without cutting corners or relying on gimmicks.

In NOBULLs online store, you will find athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories for men and women.

NOBULL is currently headquartered in Boston, MA, and they boast a large team that consists of dedicated and inspiring athletes. They are also affiliated with the likes of Jared Stevens, Sam Dancer, Brooke Wells, Kristi Eramo, Tola Morakinyo, Will Grier, and Katrin Davidsdottir.

The brand has a handful of physical retailers in the US, and ships to Canada, Australia, the US, and several countries in Europe from their online store.

As for how their runners stack up, The NOBULL Ripstop Runner is a versatile, lightweight, supportive sneaker made of perforated polyester ripstop material.

This competes with the ultra-supportive EVA foam and mesh upper Hoka Mens Clifton 8 ,a notable best-seller on the website. In terms of supportive technologies, the Hoka shoe wins, but in terms of aesthetics, the NOBULL runner takes the cake for its sleek design.

As for the price points of runners on either site in general, they do not differ by much. The price varies depending on the model in question, but the two brands price their products quite similarly.

Safe to say its up to personal preference when it comes to these two quality brands.

Do Doctors Recommend Hoka Shoes

We love the fact that we can supplement our Hoka shoes review with expert advice. Select styles of Hoka shoes bear the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.

Hokas website features an impressive number of testimonials from healthcare workers across various practices that praise the brands shoes for their high-quality design and benefits.

Tim Dutra, DPM, MS, MHCA, and Assistant Professor/Clinical Investigator, claims that HOKA offers a variety of shoes with a wide range of cushioning and support and width options, and HOKA shoes are a favorite of runners, walkers, and hikers.

Robert Fridman, DPM, FACFAS, is also a fan of the brand:

I am always faced with the task of helping my patients get through their exercise goals and activities of daily living I feel very comfortable recommending their range of supportive and cushioned shoes for patients of a variety of activity levels and foot types

Some doctors even claim that the shoes have changed their own lives, such as Stephen Barnett

M.D., Fellow, American College of Surgeons:

As a surgeon, I am constantly on my feet, standing and walking. I find that the HOKA Bondi provides excellent support and stability. Accordingly, I have happily recommended them to friends and colleagues.

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Hoka One One Running Shoes

  • Maximal shoe has the larger sole which provides stability and smooth ride
  • Usually more cushioned than traditional models
  • Most are a low heel drop 6-8mm
  • Some state they run narrow, but compared to other brands like Nike I disagree
  • Does have some casual shoes, gym shoes and recovery sandals

Particularly if you are dealing with numb feet while running or frequently getting runners toe, you need to consider the toebox fit.

Local Athletic Accessories Store


Are you the type of person who must see a product in order to purchase it? A local store is the suitable answer to your question on where to buy Hoka shoes. However, ensure that you know more about the shop before purchasing it the shoes. This will save you from fake products, which you might only learn about when it is too late.

It is easy to know about a licensed store. All the products will be original, regardless of the brand. The cost is reasonable, and the reputation from other users positive.

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Online And Available At St Pete Running Company

To purchase Hoka Shoes online, visit our ONLINE STORE.

We recommend a StrideSmart Shoe Fitting at our store to check your stride and see which model of Hoka Shoes will be best for you.

  • Our free shoe fitting process is a thorough evaluation of your running/walking history and fitness goals.
  • We check several important functional movements in a full-body approach .
  • When you test out a pair of shoes, you are welcome to jump on the treadmill to get a solid feel for the shoes you are interested in purchasing.

About Hoka Running Shoes

The idea for HOKAs maximalist running shoes started in the French Alps where the brands founders dreamed of premium cushioning and a ride that carried momentum. But one thing makes HOKA shoes stand out from other running shoes: the midsole.

The midsole on HOKA running shoes takes many forms. The most-cushioned HOKA shoes, like the HOKA Bondi and HOKA Clifton, pack tons of cushy foam underfoot for a supremely soft ride.

Those midsoles are also carved into what HOKA calls a Meta-Rocker shape. The Meta-Rocker is a rounded shape that acts like a rocking chair to promote a runner’s natural gait and create an efficient, smooth transition. There are two types of Meta-Rockers:

  • Early-Stage Meta-Rocker. The early-stage Meta-Rocker is placed just behind the foot’s metatarsal headscloser to the middle of the footto create a smoother ride and promote a faster transition to toe-off.
  • Late-Stage Meta-Rocker. The late-stage Meta-Rocker is placed just in front of the metatarsal headsnearer your toeswhich helps provide more stable forefoot support.

The big midsole initially set HOKA shoes apart, but advancements in foam technology, stability and shape now make HOKA shoes ideal for any runner or walker.

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A Few New Ingredients

In addition to those basic shoe design elements, Hoka has rolled out other new tech in recent years. ProFly is a dual-density cushioning system that combines soft foam in the heel with firmer foam in the forefoot, and it debuted on the Tracer and Clayton shoes in 2016. In fall 2020, Hoka pushed boundaries again when it released the goofy-looking TenNine. With its massive heel, this shoe is designed specifically for sprinting down steep hillsthe extra foam soaks up shock, and the broad sole provides exceptional stability. Finally, Hoka has also started putting carbon fiber plates in its shoes to give them a more responsive feel thats ideal for faster paces and racing. Youll find that tech in shoes like the Bondi X and Carbon X 2.

Women’s Hoka Bondi Line

HOKA Running Shoes 2020 | Buy or Sell?
HOKA Bondi XYellow Pear/Yellow$199.95Limit 1 per customer. Due to limited quantities, the submission of an order and receipt of an order acknowledgement email is not a guarantee that product will be reserved. An order confirmation email will be provided once the order is successfully processed and shipped.Available in April

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about shoe stores in San Francisco, CA?

This is a review for shoe stores in San Francisco, CA:

“Was at the shoe department to pick up some everyday sneakers, and was met by Q who changed everything for me. He gave me a series of tests to measure my gait and a bunch of other characteristics of what would make the best shoe for me. After giving me his analysis, he was able to give really great educated decisions on what type of shoes would fit best for me and improve my posture. I went with his decision, and a few months later after wearing the shoes he recommended, my posture and feet have improved significantly. Huge thank you to Luqman “Q” in the shoe department, I hope management can recognize him for his great service.”

Is Hoka Worth It

The brand has great reviews on their actual products, but poor reviews on customer service practices. With that in mind, it might be better to buy the shoes from an in-person retailer than through the site itself.

Fortunately, some customers say that they had no problem on-site and in-person, and thats something that this Hoka shoes review can get behind.

When it comes to the merits of the actual shoes, there are so many to take into account. According to the breakdown of the technologies in each Hoka shoe, they provide a ton of support for individuals with any orthopedic history to enjoy any kind of activity.

At the end of the day, Hoka is an easy brand to recommend and we deem them to be worth the buy.

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What Can Hoka Shoes Do For You

  • MAXIMAL CUSHION No other brand has the same high level of cushion as Hoka. The cushion is their key feature, and many who wear Hoka on a regular basis describe the feeling of walking or running on a cloud.
  • PROPELS YOU FORWARD Another unique aspect of Hoka is the shoe rocker, which promotes forward motion and propels you when you push off.
  • GO THE DISTANCE When it comes to putting on miles, whether youre a nurse walking through a hospital for your twelve-hour shift, or an ultrarunner conquering a fifty-mile run, Hokas are made to keep going. Expect to get between 500-600 miles for most models.

The Best Hoka Running Shoes

We logged hundreds of miles on roads and trails to recommend the most outstanding shoes from the King of Cushion.

Founded in 2009 by French trail runners Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, Hoka began just as the minimalist shoe movement was reaching its peak. In spite of that trend, Hoka shoes offered the antithesis to those barefoot models: maximalist cushioning that cradled runners feet. Inspired by the smooth ride of mountain bikes and powder skis, Mermoud and Diard wanted to bring a similar floating feel to running. They initially made prototypes themselves and worked with a chemist at a Chinese shoe company to develop an entirely new kind of EVA foam that was soft and surprisingly lightweightcharacteristics that are now hallmarks of Hoka kicks.

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