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How To Win Shoes On Snkrs App

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Nike Snkrs App Tips To Win More

How To Win On Nike Snkrs App And Buy Multiple Pairs Of Nikes & Jordans

Recently, Nike has been doing a great job combatting sneaker bots from copping multiple pairs.; Essentially, Nike developed the SNKRS app as a way to prevent bots and resellers from copping multiple pairs.; However, there are still ways that you can increase your chances of copping a hype release. Before we get into Nike SNKRS app tips there are a few things that you need to understand about the app and how it chooses winners.

Nike Snkrs App Tip #: Use No More Than 3 Devices Per Ip Address

It is believed that the Nike SNKRS app will ban purchases that have multiple entries from one IP address.; Each device has its own IP address unless the devices are all connected to the same Wifi router. If you want to enter more then I would recommend using the data connection on your phone instead of connecting to the Wifi.

Just Chalk It Up To The Game

Nike has basically mastered the gamification of sneakers. The shoes customers are trying to cop have become tiered prizes, with Nikes non-limited regular fare serving as a consolation. You buy the exclusives on the day they come out? Great, you win the game. You miss out? Go buy something similar that wont quite hit the same but will fill your heart for the time being.

Thats the system. Thats how it works. Its a never-ending cycle of misery and bliss for your average sneakerhead.

Its got to be the thrill of the chase, Muth said.

Shawn Muth wearing the Nike React ISPAs.

Nike knows this. Their consumers are fanatics theyll do anything to get their hands on specific pieces. NIKE is catering to the most devoted.

One pattern is pretty reflective of the fanatical community, its pretty hard core. Theyre super engaged, Ron Faris, the Nike vice president who oversees SNKRS. They are probably the ones with the most knowledge that theyd like to share with others.

Nike is very much hoping to grow and use its engaged audience, turning its content into something shareable. The goal is to create a larger community where those fanatics are sharing their culture with casuals who have a mild interest in sneakers.

Nike has already begun the process in expanding that reach. It is building out a digital strategy using the SNKRS app as a blueprint in other categories. Can it work with a category like, say, running apparel, that lacks the same exclusivity factor? Well see.

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Gender Option On Nike Snkrs

Now, this is a bit controversial. But Ive seen it happen myself. Most of the accounts on Nike SNKRS are male and due to the cluster, Nike tends to favor female accounts a bit more. If you set your accounts gender to female, this gives you that increased chance of copping SNKRS. Nike wants to be inclusive and therefore female accounts are able to check out quickly.

Moreover, if you switch your accounts gender, Nike doesnt even ask for any further verification. So theres really no harm in switching your gender on Nike SNKRS.

Why Is Nike Offering Limited Sneakers


As always, it all comes down to marketing. They build up an even larger email database, and they also show customers the value of these products. Plus, its a fun way to interact with the customer base, something that will help Nike quite a bit. Its important to understand all the cool features and benefits that SNKRS is bringing to the table. Its a great opportunity and the results can actually be very exciting and rewarding. Just take that into consideration for the best value.

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Nike Snkrs App Tip #: Have Backup Information Close By

Nike is known for surprising people during hype releases.; By following the previous tip you will be well prepared. However, you should expect the unexpected with Nike.

Unfortunately, they could switch up the last minute causing the previous steps to be obsolete.;For that reason, I recommend having that important information close by or having backups. Redundancy is the key when it comes to preparedness.

A good app to have on your phone is LastPass.; It is an app that will save passwords and payment information.; Along with that, it encrypts that information which makes it harder for hackers to steal it.

You should also have your payment information close by you during drop day.; That way you are not scrambling around to find it at the last minute. If you are using Privacy cards then you should have your account open where you can see the credit card numbers.

Is Losing Out On The Snkrs App Actually A Bad Thing Its Definitely Not For Nike

When the Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey lands today on the SNKRS app, collectors who are unable to buy a pair will inevitably turn to Twitter with their frustrations. In recent months, the complaints have grown louder and more frequent.

Some have grown tired of the experience altogether.

More from Footwear News

I always explore other options first. SNKRS is a last-ditch effort, but I go into it knowing I have about the same odds as the Knicks have of winning a title, said Mitch Jacobs, a former social media content coordinator at StockX who now performs a similar role at Twitch.

And Jacobs is not alone in having apprehension about the app.

However, not everyone has sworn off the app. While he admitted to missing out on an estimated 98% of all SNKRS launches with a losing streak of 11 months and 14 days sneaker influencer and content creator Henry Francois said he hasnt given up all hope just yet.

As frustrating as it is to take L after L on that app, it doesnt dissuade me from attempting because it literally doesnt cost me anything but a few moments of heartache, Francois said.

Despite the mounting angst, Matt Powell, senior sports industry adviser for The NPD Group Inc., would argue the experience is not much different than what Nike has done successfully for a long time.

Whats more, given the level of product offered, the SNKRS app is the only place to shop for some.

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Nike Snkrs App Tip #: Use Different Accounts For Each Device

This should be another obvious Nike SNKRS app tip.; But if you are a newbie it is something that you need to know.; Nike will cancel and/or ban accounts that attempt to make multiple purchases during hype drops.; So you will want to cop one sneaker per account.

Change Up Your Address

Another problem is that Nike will also cancel multiple orders that have the same shipping address.; So you will need to make sure to change up your name and street address on each account. For example, you can type Street with abbreviations such as St., Str., and etc.

Verify Your Accounts

Another important thing to note about these accounts is that Nike uses cellphone numbers to verify the accounts.; So after setting up your account, you will receive and text notification. That means you will need to use different phone numbers for each account also.

Getting additional cellphone numbers is easier than it sounds.; You can use your family and friends numbers to set up these accounts.; Then ask them for the verification codes when they receive them.;;

Other Ways to Get Phone Numbers

Many resellers will buy verified SNKRS app accounts online.; These accounts are advertised as being verified. However, those can be tricky like mentioned above.; You will have to be careful not to change any information on these accounts or log into them verify often.; If you do, then again you run the risk of being unverified.

Researching Drops For Nike Snkrs

How to win multiple pairs of sneakers on the Nike/SNKRS app WITHOUT using a bot

If youre a reseller, then this tip is for you.;Stockx;will be your best friend. Before a sneaker drop, what you should be doing is looking at the shoe listing on StockX and check out the Bid and Ask prices. What youre primarily looking for is, what sizes are in high demand. Now if a certain size range, for e.g., 9-11 are being sold on StockX then you know theres a greater supply for them which makes the resale price competitive and therefore reduces profits.

So what you want to do is figure out what sizes arent available and then purchase those sizes from SNKRS. When youre the only seller with a specific size, this makes the buyer desperate to appeal to your offer rather than counter it. Sneaker reselling is a business and you have to tap the untapped market in order to get ahead, therefore researching comes in handy for that.

Our Winners Circle also has the best monitors in the game valued at several hundred dollars per month, all included in your membership.

Heres a sneak peak:

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How To Succeed On Nike Snkrs In 2021

A lot has changed since the very first days of buying sneakers online.

Following the first days of online drops, it became exponentially harder to secure a pair of sneakers for the average individual.;Sellout times got shorter and shorter, making people, including the retailers of themselves, question whether or not the users were human or not.

Turns out, some of these record times were not humans with fast fingers, but clever humans using software that they or others built to benefit them.

Manufacturers now have resorted to letting people win a chance to buy the shoemore on this later.

Sophisticated sneaker bots have come on to the scene, causing many brands and companies to wage war against those who make use of the nifty software, which still works in the hands of those with expert knowledge.

When the demand continued to remain astronomically high and supply got lower, resale prices skyrocketed, bringing outsiders onto the scene who wanted to play the game so they could make a few dollars .

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However, not everyone has sworn off the app. While he admitted to missing out on an estimated 98% of all SNKRS launches with a losing streak of 11 months and 14 days sneaker influencer and content creator Henry Francois said he hasnt given up all hope just yet.

As frustrating as it is to take L after L on that app, it doesnt dissuade me from attempting because it literally doesnt cost me anything but a few moments of heartache, Francois said.

Despite the mounting angst, Matt Powell, senior sports industry adviser for The NPD Group Inc., would argue the experience is not much different than what Nike has done successfully for a long time.

The model has always been one of scarcity. Whether you had to line up on a Saturday morning or even Friday night to wait outside of a store to get a shoe Saturday morning, or if you had to punch in as quick as you can to get on the app, the concepts are really the same. This has really worked for the brand for decades, Powell explained.

And Marc Beckman, founder and CEO of advertising agency DMA United, believes the discussion whether its about voicing frustrations or celebrating wins actually plays into Nikes favor.

Because the scarcity model has proven to be a financial success for the company, Powell believes there isnt much incentive for Nike to change how it delivers limited releases for any of its banners.

Whats more, given the level of product offered, the SNKRS app is the only place to shop for some.

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Nike Snkrs App Tip #1: Join A Good Cook Group

If you have read my other articles then you probably want to drive a nail through your eyeball every time you read me talking about having a GOOD cook group.;Having a GOOD COOK GROUP is imperative to have for every reseller looking to cop hype releases. You will be surprised how much a good cook group can provide you enough information that will help you flip more.

You can be notified before a potential shock drop or early release happens well in advance.; Depending on how good your cook group is, you can be notified days before anyone else knows.; This gives you plenty of time to prepare.

There are some really good cook groups that I have been apart of that were able to leak information that other cook groups didnt even know about.; Some cook groups know websites where sneakers are going to be dropping that others have no clue about.

Increase Cpu Usage For Nike Snkrs

A Tutorial On How To Enter Nike SNKRS Reservation Or Draw ...

Image from Pixabay

Your mobile phone is a computer essentially. A computer has limited memory and therefore it has to prioritize tasks. If you have a bunch of applications opened up at the same time, your phones memory gets depleted and this makes your phone slow. So if your phone gets lazy then it wont be able to participate in the SNKRS raffle effectively. Its just as simple as that.

So how do you counter this? You start by making sure that your phone is not running any other applications in the background. For iPhone users, the process is as easy as swiping up on the home screen and then swiping all the applications up to close them. This frees up space in your phones memory and it can focus on dedicating its entire efforts to the Nike SNKRS application.

Even a delay of a second during the raffle can mean that you wont be able to cop your favorite sneaker. Therefore, while this tip might seem common sense, its pretty damn effective.

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How To Get Exclusive Access

For a long while sneakerheads had wondered exactly how Exclusive Access worked, and there were more than a few rumours on the topic. Some claimed it was regarding how often the user placed orders at Nike, others reckoned it was to do with clicking around on the app, while plenty of people believed it to be totally random. After many months of speculation, the Swoosh brand finally spoke out regarding how the Exclusive Access system actually works.

As part of a larger news article, Nike stated There are 50+ variables which may be used to determine which members are awarded Exclusive Access for a given product. These variables span prior launch entries on SNKRS, content engagement, poll responses, as well as a number of other factors. They continued on to say Exclusive Access is always delivered via a Push Notification, so members should be sure to have their Push Notifications enabled for SNKRS, invitations are good only for a limited time. Additionally, Exclusive Access does not mean a pair is reserved in a member’s size, but rather assures first chance at the product.

How To Get Nike Snkrs Exclusive Access

Sneaker News 59 VOTES

The Nike SNKRS App first launched in 2015 during All-Star Weekend in New York City; through this digital platform, the brand promised a unique channel that would deliver the most coveted footwear drops while honing in on the culture of kicks and the deep history rooted in community. Since then, the SNKRS App has become ground zero for must-have footwear, and while many of us have reveled in the triumph of GOT EM, many are left in the dust as the supply continues to fall way short of the demand. Theres also the unwritten belief that bots are also taking advantage of the system, which has forced the brand to evolve their sneaker release system into Draws which are basically random lotteries that grant random entrants the opportunity to purchase sneakers at MSRP .

Above that tier of release procedure is Exclusive Access. Nike SNKRS grants select users the opportunity to purchase shoes ahead of schedule without the hassle of waiting in line or crossing fingers in blind hope. And for the upcoming 50-pair Off-White Nike Dunks release, Nike has confirmed that Exclusive Access is the only way the public will be able to buy the shoes.

So, how does one get on this seemingly VIP-level list? While the selection of recipients seems completely random, Nike reveals some factors that help its internal algorithm make its selections. Here they are:

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How Are Shoes Released On The Nike Snkrs App

When it comes to shoes actually releasing via the Nike SNKRS app, there are several methods in which the pairs will drop. The first of these is a general first come first serve method, also known as a FLOW release. These pairs are usually less hyped and available in much larger quantities, and also not expected to sell out straight away. You can cop pairs from this method simply by adding to cart and filling out your payment details, it shouldnt be too much trouble.

Next up is the LEO method, which is a two minute raffle system. The pair will drop at an allocated time and users will be allowed to sign up with their personal details and payment method for 2 minutes only. After this period the entries will close and Nike will randomly select certain accounts as winners. Their payment methods will be charged and they will have successfully copped the sneakers in question. Medium-hyped sneakers are usually released via this method to make sure everyone stands an equal chance of copping.

Last but definitely not least is the DAN raffle system, which gives users a 15 minute window to enter the raffle. The fundamentals of this system are exactly the same as the 2 minute raffle, it just gives users more time to enter. This type of release is specifically reserved for high-heat sneakers such as Off-White or Travis Scott collaborations. Once again, winners are picked totally randomly and you must enter your address and payment details prior to entry.

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