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How To Turn Sneakers Into Golf Shoes

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Our Review Of Golfkicks

Turn Your Shoes Into Golf Shoes Instantly With Quick Spikes Portable Golf Spikes

Golfkicks can help you turn your favorite pair of sneakers into golf cleats. At least that is what the promise from the product is. Our Golfkicks review is going to shed some light on this. While golf is not the most popular sport, there are people who want to start playing the game. With any sport you play, having the right gear is crucial so you can make the most of the experience and enjoy the game. If you have already looked into it, you might know that the golf apparatus does not come cheap. There are more affordable alternatives for golf balls and clubs. However, the proper golfing shoes are expensive, they are not the most comfortable piece of footwear, and they simply look bad.

Golfkicks come in to convert almost any regular pair of shoes into golf cleats. Where you might think there is a proper kit that changes the design of your shoes to turn them into golfing footwear, it is little more than a DIY kit. It consists of screw-in cleats that you can use on a pair of sneakers or other shoes with thick soles. The cleats are short, and they require you to use a Phillips head screwdriver to screw them into the sole of your shoes. Provided that the sole of the shoe is at least of an inch thick, you can convert almost any shoe into golf cleats.

  • Works with a wide range of shoes
  • Spikes provide an excellent grip on the playing surface
  • Can offer more utility for shoes beyond the golf course
  • Can easily revert back to normal shoes

Cleats To Add On The Sole Of The Shoes

This product, which you should have seen hanging around on Kickstarter in 2018, is quite simple. It consists of a kit of 20 cleats and a screwdriver. All for 28 euros without counting the shipping and customs costs. The product, available in several colors, however, is only distributed in the United States.

Driving In Golf Shoes Is About Common Sense

If you are thinking whether you can wear golf shoes for regular everyday wear one of the things you are possibly thinking about is whether you can drive wearing golf shoes?

When it comes to driving we often think about the car first and foremost and dont really pay much attention to the driver and certainly not their footwear.

Even the AAA Digest of Motor Laws, the online compendium of laws and rules related to driving and owning a motor vehicle in the United States and Canada, makes no mention of footwear.

In the United Kingdom meanwhile the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency the body that regulates the UK driving test states only that suitable shoes are particularly important behind the wheel.

So there is no obvious answer which confirms definitively one way or another whether it is legal to drive in golf shoes.

The Royal Automobile Club however has produced some basic guidelines to follow when selecting what shoes you can drive in. They state your shoe should:

  • Have a sole no thicker than 10mm
  • but the sole should not be too thin or soft
  • Provide enough grip to stop your foot slipping off the pedals
  • Not be too heavy
  • Not limit ankle movement, and
  • Be narrow enough to avoid accidentally depressing two pedals at once.

This does technically categorise some types of footwear such as high-heels and flip-flops unsuitable for driving a car.

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Now You Have The Marks On

Get the cleats, and start screwing them on the marked areas. It helps to have backpressure, so it is better to put a hand inside the shoe to push it backward.

Start screwing them slowly and once you feel them going through the sole. Once the cleats are in the sole nicely and intact, it is already done.

Make sure not to screw them too deep since it might go through the sole which might puncture your foot.

Continue to install the rest of the cleats to finish the steps on, how to turn regular shoes into golf shoes.

Typically A Shoe With Up To 8 Cleats Is Sufficient


There is no such thing as too much. Four cleats on the front sole and four on the back will suffice.

Additional cleats will not provide you with more power or stability. Instead, it will cause you to gain weight and discomfort, which could throw you off your game.

If you have a little shoe, though, you can reduce the number of cleats. A 4 in the front and a 3 in the back should suffice.

Just dont overdo it because too many cleats can make you uncomfortable and cause you to lose the game.

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This Denver Startup Turns Your Sneakers Into Golf Shoes

Want to turn your Jordan sneakers into golf shoes? How about your Vans? What about cowboy boots? Well, maybe not those.

For golfers that cant find a comfortable or stylish pair of shoes, Denver startup GolfKicks has a solution.

Hes admittedly not a great golfer, but GolfKicks co-founder Tyler Stuart is looking to shake up the golf footwear industry, which is estimated to reach a value of nearly $8.5 billion by 2022, by turning your favorite sneakers into golf shoes.

Golf shoes are ugly, expensive and nobody really likes them, especially next generation golfers, he said. So, why cant you turn any pair of shoes into golf shoes?

GolfKicks are a DIY traction kit that uses screw-in cleats that can turn most sneakers into a pair of golf shoes.

Read more at the Denver Business Journal:

Always Keep The Cleats On Your Shoes

The cleats were installed for a reason. Its converting your old sneakers into a fantastic golf shoe that will lead you to a hole in one in no time.

When you use glue to remove the cleats, your old shoe will be broken. When you remove it after gluing, the cleats will be unavailable.

Otherwise, if youve decided to use the insertion hole, removing the cleats enlarges the hole, and the cleats must stay hooked, which necessitates having enough material.

When mounting the cleats, the soles must be at least 0.84 cm thick to avoid the crampon screw puncturing a hole and injuring your foot.

Because cleats with insertion holes will hold the cleats better than cleats with adhesive, it is advised that the cleats be installed on soles that are at least 0.84 cm wide.

Its crucial to understand how to change sneakers into golf shoes. Its to prevent the screws from going too far into the soles and puncturing your foot during golfing.

We need to design gold shoes that are both comfy and wont hurt you.

The cleats are meant to stay in once theyre placed but they can be removed if desired. Youll just be left with some small holes in the sole.

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Do Golf Shoes Really Make A Difference

Whether youre striking a hole or just having fun with your swing, golf shoes are an important component. Thanks to their spikes you get better grip, and the distance will be greater as a result. You will also benefit from their ability to give you more stability, which allows you to produce the results as expected .

How Do You Install Golfkicks

Turn your sneakers into GOLF SHOES!

Its simple. Find a flat surface on the sole. Place four cleats on the toe area and four on the heel, like the cleats on a standard golf shoe are arranged.

Use the Sharpie to mark the spots, make pilot holes and screw in the Golfkicks cleats. Boom. You got a new pair of golf shoes.

If you want to take Golfkicks out, no problem. While they are meant to be permanent, they easily can be removed. Granted, there will be small holes left in the rubber soles, but according to the company, since their not meant to be drilled all the way through, youll barely notice a difference.

Have questions? They have tutorials for all your needs posted on their website. If you dont see what you are looking for, you can always shoot them an email.

Ever dream of wearing your Jordans, Chuck Taylors, Vans, or even flip-flops on the course? Now you can, with significantly better traction! Cleats come in 7 different colors and are available for $32 on the Golfkicks website.

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The Sole Of The Shoe Must Be Flat And Made Of Rubber

Yes, your old, wonderful, and reliable sneakers must have a flat sole in order to be transformed.

This is to ensure that the cleats youll be installing are in the correct locations and arent at an angle.

It must also be composed of rubber, because no one wants to make a decent shot when their cleats are still on the grass, right?

How To Make Any Shoe A Golf Shoe

What if you had a pair of sparkling, lucky sneakers on your feet? You begin to wonder how to make any shoe a golf shoe.

Do you have these shoes for a long time and have they brought you a lot of good fortune and wins in your life?

Good news for you: we can make those standard shoes you adore into fantastic golf shoes that will guarantee you a hole in one.

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Are There Any Alternatives

Currently, there are no alternatives to Golfkicks. The inventors of Golfkicks knew they had created something innovative. They wanted to leverage the fact that they were the first to think about creating such a product by capturing the whole market. They had the foresight to get a patent for Golfkicks. Only one manufacturer is making a shoe conversion kit like this.

Next Is Laying Out The Cleats You Will Be Installing

Sneakers how to convert them in golf shoes?

Having them laid out will make it easier to install later.

Remember to put it in the footprint of the shoe. Because we dont want them hanging off the side and have them on spots where you are most likely to step on.

Which is on the front and rear sole. After laying them out on the sole, mark the positions with a marker where you will be screwing the cleats in.

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Can You Wear Normal Shoes For Golf

Spikeless golf shoes may be worn on and off the street and in the backyard as standard shoes. Soleless shoes from athletic brand Nike, adidas, and Puma provide similar comfort to trainers. The spiked shoes have the ability to walk on almost any surface, including concrete, but for everyday wear your shoes should be worn in moderation.

How To Add Golf Spikes To Shoes

Although some golf shoes have molded soles, most have removable spikes that you replace when they wear down. And if you still have golf shoes with metal spikes, you’ll have to replace them with plastic spikes because very few golf courses allow metal spikes. Spike manufacturers recommend you replace your spikes every 10 to 15 rounds of play, but that’s rarely necessary. Amateur golfers replace their spikes about once or twice a year, depending on use. If you walk every round, you should replace them more frequently, but the durability of the brand of spikes is also a factor.

To remove and install spikes, you’ll need a spike wrench that matches the design of your brand of spikes. Be sure your replacement spikes have the same thread system as your old spikes.

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Whats Special About Golf Shoes

How to Turn Any Shoe Into a Golf Shoe (DIY TUTORIAL)

Answer: Golf shoes are specially developed for ensuring players stability, balance, and flexibility when playing in the middle of the move during a golf swing of their choice. the player makes a mistake during his swing, he will be unable to hit the golf ball properly, producing poor results and possibly not producing good plays.

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Materials Needed To Make Any Shoe A Golf Shoe

Regular Shoes

The most vital thing youll need are your regular shoes, of course. To attach the spikes, the shoes must have a flat, rubberized sole.

That will make it easier for you to convert your sneakers into golf shoes. Make sure it isnt too worn out, because the screws may poke you in the foot.

Cleats or Golf Spikes

Apart from your good old sneakers, this is the second most significant material in this project. This will give your regular shoes traction and turn them into golf shoes.


To install the cleats on your ordinary shoes, use a small Philips screwdriver.

You should note the places of the cleats youll be installing so they dont get lost. Any type of pen, including a marker, will suffice.


Glue will aid in securing the cleats in the sole. If you want to screw the cleats onto your ordinary shoes, that is an option.

Spikeless Golf Shoes Are The Best Option To Wear Casually

Before we dive into the detail about whether you can wear golf shoes outside as regular shoes its worth us taking a quick look at how golf shoes have evolved over the years and why you even need golf shoes at all.

Grip is vital when it comes to swinging a golf club and there are only 2 areas where you have to think about this most basic element of the game.

One is the grip you have on the golf club with your hands but the other is the grip you have on the ground with your shoes.

Without a decent grip on the ground, you are going to slip as you try and hit the ball and more than likely hit a poor shot.

And that is why having shoes that give traction and stability has always been so important to golfers.

According to the this need for a good grip on the ground with their shoes led early golfers to hammer nails into their leather-soled boots.

Thankfully those days are long gone and golf shoes quickly evolved to having replaceable metal spikes in the sole and this is the design that prevailed until relatively recently.

The problem with metal spiked golf shoes however was that although they were great at keeping golfers feet stable on the ground they caused a fair bit of damage along the way.

Not only did they cut up well cared for golf greens and fairways but they also helped to ruin walkways, bridges on the course and carpets and wooden floors throughout clubhouses and homes across the world.

And with that damage came extra repair costs.

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Take Your Dunks And Air Force 1s To The Fairway

For those who cant seem to find the ideal golf shoes, Golfkicks has you covered. The Denver-based startup offers DIY spikes that you can add to any sneaker, including your go-to Dunks or Air Force 1s.

Available in colors ranging from black and white, to neon yellow and orange, the Traction Kit comes with 20 spikes to attach to the bottom of any shoe. The pieces are accompanied by a Sharpie marker, as well as tools that help the user install the cleats into the soles. All you have to do is map the layout on the outsole, and then drill each spike in.

Initially launched via Kickstarter, Golfkicks is making the DIY spikes more widely available, recently landing in South Korea. You can get your hands on your very own DIY set via Golfkicks for $33 USD to transform your sneakers into golf shoes.

Spiked Golf Shoes Are Not Ideal For Everyday Wear

Golfkicks Transform Your Sneakers Into Golf Shoes And Why ...

Metal spiked golf shoes dominated the golfing landscape for a long time as they were the best option to give golfers good grip on the ground and especially in wet weather on slippery fairways.

However not only did metal spiked golf shoes cause alot of damage to golf courses and carpets and wooden floors at not inconsiderable expense but the option of wearing them casually was always a no no.

Any golfer who can remember wearing metal spiked golf shoes will have a story of wiping out at some point and ending up on their backside when walking with them on concrete slabs or a wet car park or sidewalk.

The advent of soft spiked golf shoes thankfully helped deal with alot of these problems but not to such an extent as to make them an option for everyday wear.

Spiked golf shoes are not ideal to wear casually as regular shoes especially on hard terrains such as concrete and pavements. Soft rubber spiked pairs do make it is possible to walk across such hard surfaces but not comfortably for longer distances and the periods of time required by everyday wear.

Now I can hear lots of people immediately saying that they wear their soft spiked golf shoes all the time off the course.

And Ill admit I have done so and still do so myself on a regular basis.

But Ive never done so for more than shorter distances whether that be walking around the clubhouse, at home or to and from my car.

Big Cats kicks are spectacular.

Jonathan Wall

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