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How To Wear Mens Cowboy Boots

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Cowboy Boots Are Rich In History

How to Wear Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots arent just an attention-seeking piece for bold men, they have an intriguing history behind them, especially in the era when horses were the only mode of transport.

At that time, cowboy boots were worn for one specific reason – to protect horsemen while riding. For instance, cowboy boots dont have laces so that in the event the Cowboy fell from the horse, they wouldnt get caught up.

Rocking cowboy boots now is one way to truly appreciate the living history of these boots.

How Are Cowboy Boots Supposed To Fit

Are you looking to buy your first pair of cowboy boots?

Choosing the right size boot is easier said than done.

You simply need to press on the toe area for other types of shoes and maybe loosen or tighten the shoelaces to check if it fits.

This press test is not possible with cowboy boots because of the leather material and tough construction.

If you are wondering, how should cowboy boots fit? You have come to the right place.

This article will take you through a step-by-step process to find a boot that fits perfectly.

So, lets dive in!

Break In Time For Cowboy Boots

To properly break in a pair of cowboy boots, you first need to ensure that heel feels a bit loose because as the side begins to break in, the heel responds by sliding further back to fill the loose section.

Buyers commonly make the mistake of purchasing cowboy boots that are too tight around the heel area, so during the break in process, the heel will pinch and cause blisters and aches to emerge.

Out of all the parts of a cowboy boot, its shafts and sides take the longest to break in.

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Do Cowboy Boots Look Good On Guys Why Do Guys Wear Cowboy Boots

Thats for sure, cowboy boots definitely look good on guys, if you are a man, you must have a pair of cowboy boots in your house.

Why? Cowboy boots have all accents in their structure: high heels, unique shaft, vamp motifs and beautiful toe shapes and leather sole with great click-cluck sounds.

That structure adds height, confidence and a little swagger for your own style.

Cowboy boots not only give a sharp look, but also provide mental excellence to the wearer a real cowboy lifestyle.

But like we said, cowboy boots alone cant give you all. You are the one owning those styles and charisma, and cowboy boots are just the tools for you to show off.

Confirm Comfort And Fit

Pin on Sexy guy

Once the foot passes the resistance points, you now want to feel how it feels when rested on the boots insole.

The widest part of your foot should rest on the widest part of the insole and outsole.

Next, stand in your boots. Then using your index finger and thumb, approximate the distance from the tip of your toes to the end of the boot.

For a perfect fitting boot, the tip of your toe should be the length of your outstretched index finger and thumb.

Be sure to walk around in your new boots. You will get a more accurate feel for how well the boot fits. Check for the heel lift, ensuring that it is no more than 1/8 inch.

Too much heel slip will make the boots feel large and heavy on your foot. The slip should also not be too tight, making for an uncomfortable boot.

Finally, it is best to wear the right type of socks for the boots. A thick pair of socks might make the boot feel tight, prompting you to choose a size larger than your normal size.

On the other hand, a thin pair might mislead you into getting a smaller boot, only to realize later that the boot is too tight.

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How Do I Put A Pair Of Cowboy Boots On Properly

Cowboy boots have tabs at either side of the top of the shaft. Sit down and place your foot in the boot, pointing your foot as you do. Using the pull tabs to keep the boot in place, push your foot in as far as it will go, without forcing it.

Stand up and push your foot that final bit, until it slips into the footbed. The weight of your body helps push the foot through the heel section.

Keep The Jeans Long Enough Jeans That Stack

This is a very important consideration. If you make the jeans too short, they will not hide the boots very well. Thus, you want to ensure that the jeans drop all the way down up to the heel of the boots, or just slightly above it.

The good thing about the jeans dropping down to the boots is that even if they fold over some, it is still okay.

Because of the extra height of the boots, regular height jeans might look too short. Thus, it is better to make the jeans longer.

The soft folds the longer jeans pants form looks nice and rugged. Most men prefer this look. However, ensure the jeans are not too long because too many folds can make them look ridiculous.

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Four Reasons To Wear Cowboy Boots

  • Shorter men have extra reason to love cowboy boots, the heel adds anywhere from a half-inch to nearly two inches of height. Taller men will definitely want a lower-slung walking heel style, but particularly short men can sneak another inch or so in by wearing full cowboy heels.
  • A plain cowboy boot is a rare thing. There are styles out there for every taste imaginable, and the portion of the boot visible beneath your trouser cuffs can feature everything from leather tooling to contrast-colored stitching and bright vegetable dyes.
  • Once you get outside of Texas and the Southwest, youre unlikely to find yourself in a room with another guy wearing Western boots. If nothing more it shows you have big balls to wear them.
  • Western boots come from a long tradition, both historical and fictional, of American independence and manhood. What does your boots state about who you are as a man in 2015.
  • Can You Wear Straight Jeans With Cowboy Boots

    Outfits To Wear With Cowboy Boots | Loredo Hawk | Men’s Snip Toe Cowboy Boots

    Straight jeans are going to look incredibly good with your cowboy boots. By straight, we mean jeans that run straight and at the same width from the waist down. However, you still need to divert a little from the straightness and ensure that the jeans flare out a bit at the opening.

    Straight jeans are designed in such a way that they maintain the same width from the thigh area downward.

    If this is your first time buying straight jeans, they are not too hard to recognize. In another section in this article, we said that boot-cut jeans have an opening of 17 to 20 inches. However, straight jeans run narrower than that. For instance, they can have an opening size of between 15 and 15.5 inches.

    To remove all doubt from your mind, ensure that the jeans are in the boot-cut design. They come in the straight design, but they do flare out a bit at the opening to allow them to go over the boots easily.

    If your cowboy boots do now have such a wide opening, you can just wear straight jeans with them. Also, you can get the jeans that stack softly on the boots. This is a good style, and they do not bunch up against the boot opening.

    If you are looking for information about the best types of jeans to wear with cowboy boots, you will find that some people, especially women, wear skinny jeans with them.

    You might even want to wear socks over the skinny jeans, as long as they do not stretch to the entire shaft length of the boots.

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    Jeans Skinny Jeans Bootcut Jeans Short Jeans

    Jeans are the love of cowboy boots, jeans are always the number one priority for both men and women.

    • Bootcut jeans

    And once again, bootcut jeans will be the jeans that girls should look for.

    Bootcut jeans hug the hips, butt, thighs, 1/3 calves and gradually widen from there to the bottom. That makes it easy to keep cowboy boots shaft into your pants, but still show off your sexy curves.

    Once again, bootcut jeans affirm that they are always the king of accessories when it comes to the companion of cowboy boots!

    Insert Your Foot In The Shaft

    When testing for a new pair of cowboy boots, first slip your foot into the entire length of the boots shaft.

    Use the pull holes or straps on either side to pull the shaft up your calf.

    You might face some resistance around the calf as you pull up the boot. But, if you need to pull too hard on the straps or holes, this is not a good sign the boot is likely too small.

    As a general rule, the boot will make a slight popping sound when you successfully pull up the shaft, and the foot is fully inside the boot.

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    When To Wear Cowboy Boots

    Today, with so many retailers making them, you have access to cowboy boots in a variety of styles. You can either opt for a classic tan pair, a patterned style, embroidered boots, or even a fringed pairwhich might awaken the inner Texan in you!

    Over a century ago, cowboys used to wear these boots every day but, in modern times, thats not the case at all. Of course, you cannot wear fancy cowboy boots as everyday-wear shoes.

    But the classic pairs in basic colors, such as black, tan, and beige can be worn with almost any outfit on most occasions. So, if you want to keep your look classy and chic, and avoid any fashion faux pas choose one of these styles.

    In recent years, many trendsetters have been spotted wearing patterned or embroidered cowboy boots for fancy events like fashion shows, movie premieres, and parties. Since these types of cowboy boots are bold and attention-grabbing, its a good idea to reserve them for special occasions.

    The classic pairs in basic, neutral colors are much easier to style, which makes deciding how to wear cowboy boots pretty straightforward.

    Cowboy Boots In Summers

    mens western wear

    Cowboy boots are not only meant to wear in winter. You can still put on these dynamic and fashionable boots in summer as well. For women, the recommended type of boots includes work boots and short cowgirl boots. And some of the alluring combinations include shorts, skirts, t-shirts, skinny jeans, and short dresses. And just like all the other boots, you can wear socks with your cowboy boots as well.

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    What Do Cowboy Boots Say About A Woman

    A woman who chooses to wear cowboy boots is bold. Just as the boots themselves are unique and hard to miss, anyone who chooses to wear cowboy boots is confident in themselves and doesnt mind standing out. Theyre comfortable being noticed and sure enough of themselves to follow their own fashion sense.

    2 Runway Model Inspired Fashion + Cowboy Boots

    Everyday gals might not always be looking to the runway for inspiration. But this just might be the exception.

    This grouping of outfits all follows a similar theme: light, neutral colors paired with chic and sleek black boots. Our first look is perfect for the girl who loves to bring an edgy quality to her whimsical appearance. For this look, pair a floaty white dress with loose hair and shiny black roper style boots.

    Our second look is a little more unique. This one features a filmy white romper suit with a floral over-dress and the same boots. This one may take a little more boldness to pull off and would be only for very unique occasions.

    Last but not least is a sheer long-sleeved dress while we dont recommend marching down the street like this, avoiding the sheer element or wearing a slip underneath would easily remedy the issue! This outfit seems to veer more into the negligee territory but if that is what you are looking for, have at it!

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    A Guide To Western Boots

    Western boots have always been known as a bold fashion article that can either gloriously make or terribly break an ensemble. Perhaps that clear line is what holds back most men from wearing them and thats completely reasonable. Wearing cowboy style mens boots can seem daunting but dont let that stop you. All it takes is a little confidence and some background to pull off that cowboy vibe.


    The term western or cowboy boots came to be as they were literally worn by cowboys, predominantly in the western American states where livelihood and culture include cattle work, a lot of horse riding, and rough terrains.

    The Cowboy Boot Style

    The western boots design is primarily of function, durability, and safety. There may be different varieties of western boots nowadays but they usually share the same basic characteristics. Understanding these can make you easily work out a wardrobe.


    Men dont have to be actual cowboys to wear cowboy boots. Although weve seen a lot of celebrities sporting western boots in a variety of outfits including formal wear, western boots are more suitable for social wear than business dress shoes.

    Now take a deep breath and check out western boot stores for your pair. Keep in mind to check the material, make sure the fit is perfect, and whatever clothes you plan on wearing them with, pull them off with your inner cowboy confidence.

    Demonstrate Hard Work And Safety

    How to Wear Cowboy Boots

    These boots are also created for the function. Theyre worn for a specific purpose and thats to help you sustain a long day of working on a ranch or other difficult tasks.

    Moreover, wearing cowboy boots at work demonstrates that youre hardworking and ready to work at maximum productivity. In reality, not all men wear boots because of fashion limitations, some find this kind of footwear a preferable choice at work.

    Additionally, a well-worn pair means that you put a lot of time to ensure your safety while working. If you love yourself and the people around you, youll make every effort to protect your feet from danger. Doing so only signifies that youre courageous enough to wear cowboy boots while keeping yourself safe.

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    History Of Cowboy Boots

    The cowboy boot is a traditional riding shoe that was worn by cowboys and horse riders back in the early 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

    They were usually made up of leather and handmade in a variety of styles based on their place of origin. Each region developed slight variations in design, adding to the novelty of the shoes back in the day.

    Its said that the cowboy boots were inspired by the Vaquero boots which came to the Americas via Spain in the late 1600s. The original Vaquero boots were sturdy, tall, and had designs on them which added a bit of weight to the shoe. Also practical, these features helped maintain a firm grip when worn.

    During the American Civil war, the military boot overshadowed the cowboy boot for some time, since it was mass-produced and easily available back then. But soon after the wartime was over, the Wellington boots disappeared and were again replaced by cowboy boots.

    Later, as times evolved, the way that shoes were produced changed drastically. Instead of being handmade, cowboy boots were mass-produced by the newly opened factories and corporations. It was suddenly extremely easy to get access to a pair, which also contributed to the popularity of the shoe.

    But if youre still wondering how the early cobblers made their cowboy boots, you can travel to the Wild Wild West and see for yourself! There are still cobblers operating in Texas who could show you real, authentic boot-making techniques, which were passed onto them by their ancestors.

    A Short History Of Cowboy Boots

    Youve seen cowboy boots in all Western themed movies – but whats the real story behind them? Of course, they are more than just an aesthetic choice. In their original form, cowboy boots were a lifesaver for working men.

    Way back in time, Cowboys needed practical, affordable footwear that they could use while working. The original boots served this purpose. They allowed them to ride and walk back to back with equal support and comfort.

    Cowboy boots were specifically made for work, but there were also fancier options designed for off the job occasions and events.

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    Collared Shirts With Cowboy Boots

    If youre going for a stylish look, a collared shirt would best complement your cowboy boots. In fact, the typical cowboy shirt that would be a great starting point consists of a simple button down that is either long sleeved or short sleeved.

    To avoid looking tacky and in costume, you should avoid wearing western t-shirts, and opt out to wear button down collared shirts to give you a more put-together appearance.

    What Tops To Pair With Cowboy Boots

    Pin by David Lowry on Western boots

    Collared Shirts: A collar shirt is the best top to wear with cowboy boots. It perfectly pairs with jeans and even dress trousers. Dress shirts with one solid color are the best. Casual shirts with plaid are also perfect.

    T-shirts: If you want a more relaxed look, a solid color tee-shirt will do. Dont do tee-shirts with brand names.

    Denim Jackets: Denim jackets always look nice when paired with cowboy boots. I would almost tell you to never wear cowboy boots without a nice-looking jacket. It balances out the western look in a way that a shirt alone just cant

    Sport Coats: Sport coats will instantly transform your style from cool to dapper. Even with a simple colored shirt inside, a sport coat adds a lot of elegance to your overall outfit.

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