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Outfits For Thigh High Boots

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Dos And Donts Of Wearing Long Boots

How To Wear Knee High Boots
  • Wear clothing that is at least partly covered high neckline, midi or maxi length, etc. In that way, you will secure your looks to be sophisticated and not overdone.
  • Pick a hemline that covers the top of your boots midi lengths should be your best friend when wearing thigh-high boots.
  • Drape a coat over your shoulder for a super bold look.


  • Let the skin showing off between your skirt hemline and boots exceed 12 centimeters.
  • Let the boots overshadow the rest of your outfit no vibrant colors, shiny details, and other unnecessary things.
  • Wear your boots either too tight or too loose. You should try to find a perfect fit, no matter what material the shoes are made of.

Knee High Boots With Shorts

You can rock knee high boots with shorts throughout the year for a casual look you can wear around town. Whether youre styling leather, denim or suede shorts, your knee high boots will create a fashion-forward and chic appearance. Complement your high-waisted denim shorts with a loose lace or silk blouse and finish the ensemble with a belt. If you dont have the right pieces to make the perfect outfit, opt for a short skirt or dress to achieve a similar aesthetic.

How To Style Tall White Boots

Tall white boots are a massive trend for 2021 and look so modern and fresh. Theyre almost as versatile as black boots as they pretty much go with every color. To make them look dressier for the evening, wear high heeled versions with a mini dress and glam accessories. They also look right on trend with sweater dresses or jeans for the day. Pretty much any of the 30 ideas on what to wear with tall boots work just as well with any color boots.

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When Can You Wear Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are a surprisingly adaptable piece of clothing. Styled correctly, a pair of thigh high boots can work for a casual brunch, a day at the office, an evening meal, and a night out. Theyre really versatile, they just need to be styled with some care.

Jeans and leggings are classic thigh high combinations, because they let the boots do all the talking. Short skirts and mini dresses also work well, with layers showing the boots at their very best.

And even knee-length and midi dresses can be given a chic edge with over the knee boots.

Although we hesitate to say there are some things you definitely shouldnt wear your boots with, we do have some tips on what to avoid.

Flashy clothing, too many bright colors, and dazzling fabrics can look way too much when styled with thigh high boots. The boots are a statement all by themselves. The rest of the outfit should step back and let them do the talking.

16 With A Knitted Dress For Fall

15 Ways to Wear Thigh

Feeling cold? Bring out your chic knitted dresses and pair it up with bright colored footwear. Add a cute and fuzzy hat for your benefit! It is a clean and crisp look that allows you to flaunt your curves like a boss.

We love how there is minimal use of accessories, allowing the outfit to do all the talking here. If you wish to add some sparkle, a slightly longer chain necklace sounds like a good idea.

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How To Wear Knee

If it is a simple drink and a chat, you can base your look on some chic and casual items, along with thigh-highs. This mix will provide you with both comfort and style there is no better combination than that!

The sporty way of dressing has taken the hearts of many girls from the fashion industry. They are seen combining sweatshirts and patent-leather skirts or track pants and thigh-high boots. A night out is an excellent chance for you to experiment. You will look attractive, but also very trendy.

If there is something special going on, then it is best to opt for an elegant dress and thigh-highs. In wintertime, the dress can be knitted, while for warmer weather you can select something like a blazer dress. We have showcased more than 30 outfits with high boots for all kinds of night out occasions.

Clubs and parties is a different question. Check this article for inspiring club outfits with high boots.

3 With A Belted Dress

The belted dress will surely give you a perfect hourglass figure look. Tan is your safest bet when accessorizing a basic look. It will go wonderfully with your outfits. We love this cute handbag, belt, boots that go well with this black dress. If you have been on the lookout for a cute everyday style, this is it! You can go ahead and add some loops for some sparkle.

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14 With Oversized Tops

Tall shoes go superbly well with oversized sweaters and sweatshirts a simple piece of apparel for fall and winter seasons. Get a bright pumpkin-colored top like this one, and you are sorted for the year!

We are digging this chic and smart style featuring a turtle neck oversized sweater, a headscarf, and some cool gold bangles. The outfit is everything you need to own up those curves. The colors are correctly chosen to reflect the warm fall vibes.

Knee High Boots With Jeans

THIGH HIGH BOOTS OUTFIT CHALLENGE?! w/ Chloe Lukasiak & Marissa Rachel!

As one of the most popular fashion styles, you can always wear knee high boots with jeans for a flattering look. Simple and easy to style, you can pair all types of jeans with boots and pull off a flawless finish. Generally, youll want to choose black or blue skinny jeans with your knee-length boots, giving you a range of options on top. Wear your brown suede boots with black jeans and a sweater to brunch, dark denim with black wedged-heel boots and a button-down shirt for a casual day out, or blue skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket and tall knee highs for a chic look.

While skinny jeans and jeggings are preferred, you can also opt for a straight leg cut as long as you tuck your pants inside your boots. Avoid flare and wide-leg cuts because they can look frumpy when tucked into your boots, and will otherwise hide your fashionable footwear if worn over.

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With A Fit & Flare Dress

A fit n flare dress is one of the most flattering, considering it cinches your waist, which is the smallest part of your body, then flares out towards the bottom. They are great when worn with different types of shoes including knee-high boots, in fall weather.

Meagan styled her fit n flare dress with a pair of knee-high boots in suede material.

Its a fun flirty look that works for different body shape. These dresses come in different lengths and even volumes, but they all look really good with knee-high boots.

Fergie Rocking A Jersey Dress

Opt for a cool-chic style, and wear a jersey dress with over-the-knee boots. You can throw in a chain necklace to perfectly rock the hip-hop vibe.

Fergie wearing a jersey dress with over-the-knee boots at iHeart Radio Music Festival at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 21, 2014

Fergie wearing a jersey dress with black over-the-knee boots at LAX on September 20, 2014

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How To Wear Knee High Boots With Dresses

Long boots also pair very well with casual dresses. Theyre especially helpful again for staying warm. Tights can be swapped for a pair of thigh highs in winter, but they can also provide an extra warm layer on top of tights too.

When pairing boots and dresses, a heeled thigh high is a good option this compliments the femininity of the dress. Yet, if the dress is casual, it keeps you from being overdressed. A great daywear look is to combine a floaty boho dress with a pair of leather thigh high boots, mixing two opposing aesthetics together for a stylish street style outfit.

Wearing dresses in winter is challenging, but also very chic. Here we showcase some of the cutest dresses to wear with thigh-high boots.

Girls usually tend not to wear dresses in winter, because it is easier for them to pull some classic jeans-sweater combinations. However, with thigh-high boots, everything gets more sense.

Whether you own a wrap dress and you want to style it for work, or you would like to try that ruffled one that you adore to wear over the knee boots are here to make your stylish and cozy.

Always pay attention to your hemlines. It is the best when hemlines of both dress and boots touch, so you can be sure you look sophisticated. These outfits are perfect for the office, business meetings, and dinners with your family.

Whether you are a fan of short, midi or wrap dresses, dont worry, we have covered them all! Get ready for some super fashionable dose of inspiration.

Cute Dresses To Wear With Thigh High Boots

15 Ways to Wear Thigh

Is there anything better than the dress-boots combinations on cold winter days?

Find out cute dresses to wear with thigh-high boots. And remember always make yourself cozy and warm in addition to stylish.

We have turned to some of the best dress-and-thigh-high-boots outfit ideas, to show you that going out from your jeans in winter is easy! Whether they are knit or ruffle dresses, you will look fantastic when pairing them with over-the-knee boots. Lets start, shall we?

All-red-everything outfits never seemed easier to style, right? The sweater dress is a perfect piece for winter stylish and warm at the same time!

Grey suede surprisingly goes pretty well with any other shade. It is almost like you are wearing black. Style your thigh-high boots with the casual soft pink dress and add a grey coat over it.

Lovely colors of fall, such as orange, brown, and beige work fantastically with the boots in grey. A dress like this provides you with comfort, while boots make you feel warm.

Wearing a button-down as a dress is a great idea. If you want to make this look even more interesting, layer it with a long camel coat.

Tall boots look amazing if you style them with such effortless pieces. The dress in emerald paired with burgundy boots is the perfect choice for everyday wear.

Bohemian vibes never go out of style. Tribal prints, geometric patterns as well as pom poms are more than welcome even in wintertime.

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Casual Otk Boots Outfit

Another casual over-the-knee boots outfit you can try is by simply styling them with a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite sweater or bodysuit. Its probably the easiest way to wear these boots! Any color boots will work for this look and you can also try this with different heel heights such as flat OTK boots or block heels.


19 With A Short Dress For Semi

Tall boots go beautifully with short dresses as they not only keep you warm in winters but also give you that smart and formal look for parties and special events. Black thigh-high boots will go well with any outfit you have in mind. Check out this stunning dark-themed look consisting of a pretty little dress, black tights and matching black thigh-high boots. The chain bag is just the right addition to it!

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How To Wear Plus Size Over The Knee Boots

Here are a few tips we would want to share with you:

  • Pay attention to the hemline of your dress. Either it should be longer so that it meets the boots or fall an inch or two below them or if you are comfortable in showing skin, let it be a few inches higher than the boots to give that perfect look.
  • Invest in some tan and brown shoes that you can wear with almost any colored outfit.
  • While carrying the boots, assure the fact that they are just the perfect fit not so tight that they will make you feel uncomfortable, nor so loose that they continue to fall off.
  • If you are unsure, better go with flat thigh-highs than going with high-heeled thigh-highs because they can be a little unsettling to carry for the first time.
  • Never wear extra-long dresses with thigh-high boots because it could spoil the look.
  • In case you are making a statement with your boots, like fringes, etc., dont go overboard with your outfit and keep it simple so that your shoes can stand out.
  • You can use them to create different looks like an edgy biker girl style or a cute cowgirl look. Pair the outfits and boots with fun additions like a leather jacket or a fringe jacket to get the technique right.

Styling A Night Out Look With Thigh High Boots

AUTUMN / FALL MUST HAVE BOOTS 2021 / Ankle Boots, Knee High Boots Shoe Collection!

When it comes to dressing your thigh high boots for a night out, things do get a little tricky. Thigh high boots are sexy, and finding a going outfit that doesnt veer into trashy can take some effort.

That mini that looked so cute with heels might look a little too Pretty Woman with thigh high boots.

But that doesnt mean it cant be done! And once youve mastered the basic looks, you can start to experiment more with your boots.

Planning on heading to the club? Then go for a classic the little black dress. With black boots, the LBD is young and fun. Keep things classy by choosing an LBD with sleeves.

That way, you can keep the length shorter, without showing more skin than you want. Long, fitted sleeves match the boots, and balance out a simple dress.

Or look for shorter sleeves with volume. If youre worried about throwing off the balance, look for voluminous minis with open backs or cut out designs.

And it doesnt have to be black! Rich tones and jewel colors can work just as well. But avoid anything too bright it will clash with the sophisticated boot.

Think about fabrics as well. Natural materials such as leather and suede go well with thigh high boots, as do feminine fabrics such as lace and silk.

For a special occasion, consider the midi dress . Asymmetric hems and long slits can take these outfits from dinner to the club, while your boots remain the star of the show. A wrap dress is another good choice as well. The slouchy finish contrasts the sleek boots.

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More Cute Outfits Featuring Otk Boots

When you Google 2021 over-the-knee boots outfits, youll likely stumble upon a lot of outdated looks. So here are even more outfit ideas and tips to consider, perfect for this year and 2022!

  • Skinny jeans may be out but they still look great with OTK boots.
  • For a chic outfit idea, pair over the knee boots with faux leather leggings.
  • If your skirt or dress is a bit on the short side, try knee-high boots instead.
  • Flat over-the-knee boots and jeans are kind of done. If you dont want a heel, try a lug sole boot instead.
  • Dont style your OTK boots with denim shorts or biker shorts. Instead, pair your black boots with black shorts or a cute skirt.

What To Wear With Thigh High Boots

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Thigh-high boots are a fun pair of shoes and have been quite on trend for years. They are a great pair for a night out, but can be worn during the day too, particularly in the colder months, since they go all the way up to your thighs. They are a super stylish type of footwear, can can work for different occasions, depending on how you choose to wear them.

If you wear thigh-high boots in the right outfit, they can take you fromthe office, depending on how your dress code at work is and what youre allowed to wear there, to a date, or to a girls night out, you name it. It is critical to pair thigh-high boots with the right pants and coats, to create the feminine and classy outfits and avoid looking provocative.

If youve been looking for some fashion inspiration on how to wear them, heres what to wear with thigh high boots:

Wearing jeans with thigh-high boots can create a casual or edgy look. Without saying, jeans are the easiest pair of pants to wear, especially if you want a laid back look, and they can also be dressed up. Theyre versatile to be worn to different places, and regardless of your body type and size, you can be sure that theres a pair of jeans meant just for you.

If you choose to go with a leather jacket, jeans with thigh-high boots has the fashion-forward edgy vibe. If you simply go with a t-shirt on top, this combination is perfect for everyday wear. This pairing can also be dressed up, if you wear your jeans with a button-down or a blazer.

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Thigh High Boots Club Outfits

Whether you think this dress length is appropriate or not, just remember one thing you are going out in the club. Everything is allowed!

Black mini skirt and grey sweater are for those girls who like a casual night out. By adding thigh-high boots, you will provide maximum warmth.

Long blazer, black shorts, and thigh-high boots anybody interested? We know French women would love this combination!

The leather skirt is perfect to wear to the nightclub. It is sexy, but also a very casual piece at the same time.

Lift up your club outfits to the higher chic level by mixing this ruffle dress with tall black boots.

Stripes will never go out of fashion. You must have a sweater that looks like this one. Pair it with a leather skirt and thigh-high boots for the ultimate club look.

We adore asymmetric and wrap items. They are eye-catching, stylish, and perfect for many different occasions, including clubbing.

To show you how slouchy boots are versatile, we have found this look. It is ideal for the club green parka, grey sweater dress, and tall boots will make you stand out from the crowd.

Velvet adds a luxurious and posh look to every outfit combination. Combine this statement red blazer and thigh-high boots combo for a Saturday night out.

With this pink sweater, you will be noticed in the nightclub. Round everything off with a mini skirt and over-the-knee boots.

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