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Rei Women’s Rain Boots

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What Is The Best Rei Rain Boots

Compare: Hiking Boots vs. Trail Runners || REI

I’m sorry if I’ve confused you. My sympathies go out to you! Even yet, it is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If youâre still unsure which type of best rei rain boots is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the best rei rain boots listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Why You Should Trust Us

This review of women’s rain boots is led by Sara Aranda. Sara holds a writing degree and has tested and written about gear, such as trail running shoes, hiking shorts, and umbrellas in various capacities. An avid trail runner and climber herself, she is often traveling and has lived in places such as Yosemite National Park. Her more creative writing also encompasses experiences within the outdoors, adding to her overall experience as one of our testers. Currently based in and around the mountains of Colorado, Sara’s use of rain boots is a seasonal requirement.

For this review, we began with market research, making a first cut of more than 60 models before further refining our selection to only include the best of the best. We purchased them and commenced testing, paying attention to critical performance standards along the way. We made objective measurements of things like weight and height and compared them to the manufacturer’s advertised specs. We measured waterproofness by immersing the boots for hours and examining them for leaks. Finally, we wore them, a lot all day and in many environments, ranging from snow to pavement to river crossings. Everything we learned is distilled into this comprehensive review, which will surely be an asset in your search for a great pair of women’s rainwear.

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Other Versions Of The Rei Co

For this review, we tested the standard women’s version of the REI Co-op XeroDry GTX, which is also offered in dedicated plus sizes for the same price. This jacket is also made in a men’s model, which weighs slightly more and comes in different colorways, but with the same design overall. Additionally, REI offers XeroDry rain pants for both women and men with the same 2-layer Gore-Tex Paclite design of the jacket reviewed here. These pants are black in color, available in a variety of sizes , and retail for $139.

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Best Rain Boots For Women Of 2022

We’ve purchased over 30 of the best women’s rain boots on the market over the last 8 years to test head-to-head with the top 15 in this review. From thunderstorms to gentle spring showers to the muck of winter, our experts wore them in the soggiest conditions, walking into creeks for a water-depth test to slipping and sliding in slush to determine traction. In more rugged environments, hiking boots or Gore-Tex hiking shoes can be more beneficial and tactile, but we understand that rainy day footwear isn’t the easiest. For you, we’ve put these galoshes through their paces. We do appreciate style but hold comfort and weather protection as priorities.

Your rainy day ventures can also be made all the more comfortable with an umbrella or waterproof clothing. Looking for men’s rain boots? We’ve tested those, too.

Editor’s Note: This review was updated on April 14, 2022, with an added pair for comparison.

Rei Womens Rain Pants Review: Product Specifications

Bogs Plimsoll Mid Leaf Insulated Rain Boots

UPDATE: REI has redesigned their Talusphere rain pants, now with ankle zips.

  • Get the current version here.

For full-zip pants, check out these.

Sure, fit and style are important to women hikers.

But when searching for something as important as the best womens rain pants for your hiking adventures, always look at the product specifications first.

The Talusphere pants in this REI womens rain pants review have some important features for female hikers:

  • 2.5-layer REI Elements laminate
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Four way stretch
  • Windproof to 60 mph
  • Reinforced seat and lower legs

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Analysis And Test Results

The ideal rain boot is the one that is the most functional for the environment you spend your time in. Right out of the box, the look and size often leave the biggest impressions. But overall quality has the final word in how we select shoes. Thankfully, brands tend to be mindful of making technical and comfortable boots that are still aesthetically pleasing, which is to say, wearable in public.

With varying shaft heights from just above the ankle to just below the knee, these competitors range from simplistic to technical and rugged in their designs. All consist of a multitude of materials from vulcanized rubber to neoprene, which yield a range of flexibility and warmth. Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, we believe there is a rain boot for every scenario. Practicality and performance, however, remain the most important aspects for us.

Water And Wind Protection

Using a Gore-Tex Paclite waterproof membrane, durable water repellant finish, and full seam taping, REI packed solid wet-weather and wind protection into the XeroDry GTX. During our four-day trek through the Grand Canyon, the jacket easily shed light to moderate rainfall. But on our final day, we were hit with an unrelenting storm and exceptionally strong gusts: the perfect testing conditions. At the onset, the jacket effectively sealed out rain and kept me dry for most of the day, and I barely felt any drafts through the outer shell.

However, once the rain really picked up, the XeroDry GTXs face fabric quickly wetted out and my midlayer became soaked. While I typically feel confident in any Gore-Tex garment for waterproofing, the budget-oriented REI shell falls a bit short. Its hard to pinpoint the problem, but the XeroDrys face fabric appears to be made with a cheaper material and the DWR coating is certainly not a strong performer . Moreover, the two upgraded Gore-Tex Paclite Plus shells that we also were testing on the tripArcteryxs Zeta SL and Patagonias Calciteboth worked flawlessly in the same conditions. In the end, I concluded that the XeroDrys performance matches its $159 price. Its a step up from cheap designs like the $99 The North Face Venture 2 but falls short of higher-end options like the aforementioned Zeta, Calcite, or even Marmots popular Minimalist.

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How To Choose The Most Popular Best Rei Rain Boots

There are three most important factors to keep in mind while deciding on a product: pricing, quality, and popularity.One obvious consideration is price. You must make sure that the price matches your budget.To get the greatest product, you need to pay attention to the quality of the things you are purchasing.When it comes to acquiring new clients, popularity is just as important as pricing or quality, if not more so.

Everyone Needs Rain Gear

How to Choose Hiking Boots || REI

As a female hiker who lives and hikes in a rainy place , and enjoys three season back country adventures in areas known for heavy rainfall , I am supremely picky about my rain gear.

  • There is nothing worse than being cold AND wet on a hiking trip.

If you’d like some hints for pulling off an enjoyable rainy day hike, read this.

Even if you hike in a region with little to no rainfall, it’s important to have a clothing layering system that can protect you against less than favorable trail conditions.

That’s why in the final analysis, we all need lightweight, durable, well designed rain gear on the trail!

  • These REI Talusphere full-zip pants are worth a close look as you build your outer layer of protection, regardless of where your boots take you.

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Lots Of Size Options In This Rei Womens Rain Pants Review

And by size, I mean options for both waist and length.

  • How refreshing, to know that as a petite hiker I won’t be drowning in extra fabric around my ankles as I plow through puddles on the trail.

Here are the ranges offered:

  • Waist sizes from 25.5 to 46 inches
  • Inseam 30 inches for petite hikers, and up to 3 more inches for taller hikers

Critical Rain Boot Considerations

SOCKS – Breathability is often limited in rain boots since theyre typically made of rubber, so its extra important to wear quality socks that wick moisture. Wicking socks keep your feet relatively dry and comfortable by moving sweat away from the skin. If your boots are warm or the weather is mild, a thin merino wool liner sock might be your best bet. To supplement your rain boots when its cold, wear thick cushioned wool socks to add warmth. To learn more about what goes into a quality sock, check out our Best Hiking Socks List.


WARMING UP – When you first head out the door, its important to remember that your boots dont produce the warmth, your body does. Walking quickly or doing a bit of vigorous exercise to get your blood flowing will help warm up your body and your boots. Good rain boots simply keep you dry, block wind, and retain heat. It also helps a lot to keep your boots inside, so they start out at room temperature instead of cold.

Keep rubber boots like the Hunter Original Short inDOORS to avoid cold feet

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Features: Pockets And Hood

The XeroDry GTX is fairly bereft of features compared to many other premium shells, with the most noticeable sacrifice being pit zips. However, it does include two hipbelt-compatible hand pockets that are backed with mesh to double as core vents. As I mentioned above, I didnt love the designI prefer to use this space for storing small valuables, and even when the pockets were open, they didnt ventilate nearly as well as traditional pit zips. Instead, I used the small chest pocket to stow my phone .

Aside from storage, the XeroDry has a two-way adjustable hood that provides excellent coverage. REI doesnt list the hood as helmet-compatible, but I suspect its large, accommodating shape could fit over my climbing helmet with relative ease. On the trip, it was plenty spacious for layering over a hat, provided full protection for the back and side of the head, and its two drawcords near the collar were easy to toggle and tighten without restricting visibility.

Hunter Original Back Adjustable

Hunter Huntress Rain Boots

Flood Height:Weight per Pair:REASONS TO BUY

If a rain boot can have a legacy, this rendition of the Hunter Original holds that seat. Hunter makes a few versions of this boot, but we particularly like this one due to its back adjustments, which change the tightness or looseness of the shaft. It ranks high in weather protection thanks to its adjustable mouth and tall flood height. This model also scores high in comfort, traction, and style. It truly has it all, especially if you’re looking for something functional, sleek, and cute.

Th Hunter isn’t very warm, but for many folks, warmth may not be a priority for humid spring, summer, and fall rainstorms. Plus, a nice pair of cozy socks can go a long way. The only true drawback of this boot is the price tag. Though, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for so if you can shell out the cash, there’s no question in our minds that this pair is of remarkable craftsmanship.

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Bogs Amanda Plush Ii Lace

Flood Height:Weight per Pair:REASONS TO BUY

With high style and added warmth, the Bogs Amanda Plush II Lace brings a fresh hybrid to the table. Laces and a tongue add to the allure without compromising the waterproofing of the shaft. Standing 10.25 inches tall, easy-carry handles are classic for the brand and useful, though they do diminish the flood height. Overall, this feminine boot is clearly the best option if you desire style and a little extra warmth, thanks to the plush lining.

Comfort, traction, and overall weather protection are rather average as compared to the rest of our lineup. The weight of the Amanda isn’t necessarily the lightest either, but this updated version is much lighter and leaner than the original design. We feel that this model is worthy of a recommendation for how versatile the look is and the warmth they provide for colder environments, such as having to briefly wade through snow to get the mail.

Flood Height:Weight per Pair:REASONS TO BUY

The Bogs Sweetpea is based on the classic Chelsea design with its short stature and nylon gussets. Without a distinct heel, the traction is ideal for flat surfaces. The stand-out perk of having this boot is the ability to pair it with virtually any wardrobe. It is also easy enough to pull on without having to fuss about stuffing your pants into a super tall boot.

Read the review:Bogs SweetPea

Faqs About Rain Boots

Q: What if the boot I want doesnt come in half sizes?

A: Youll find that most models are only going to come in whole sizes. However, the good thing about this, is that if theyre half a size too big for you, you can just wear some thicker socks to fill in the gap. There are also some which allow you to purchase thicker insoles to fit you better.

Q: Are rainboots breathable?

A: This will depend on the model, but most honestly arent. The most breathable boots we experienced, were the Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots.

Q: Can I wash my boots in the washing machine?

A: There are some you can, and some you cant. If in doubt, read the details the manufacturer provides.

Q: What is this white powdery residue on my boots?

A: This is actually part of a process called blooming. Its where the natural oils in the rubber of your boots come to the surface. Its nothing to worry about, and its normal for this to happen. Simply wipe it away with a damp cloth.

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Side Note On Rei Elements

I’ve been wearing a heavier pair of REI Elements rain pants for over five years , and have admired the way the fabric stands up to abrasion and moisture.

I will continue to wear that heavier pair for snowshoeing because they look and perform as good as the day I got them.

Here’s the point:

I trust the REI Elements fabric, and am happy to see a lightweight version.

The Talusphere pants I highlight in this REI womens rain pants review offer a much smaller, lighter footprint in my backpack when weight matters, as in multi day backpacking and flight assisted hiking .

  • 14 ounces, including two way leg zippers, two pocket zippers, and draw cords at waist and hems.
  • Perfect for front country hiking and moderate weather backpacking trips!

Full Zip Versus Half Zip: Consider This Carefully

How to Break in Hiking Boots || REI

If you’re a beginner hiker, you might not have experienced the joy of pulling on rain pants over your legs.

That’s why you want to consider the merits and drawbacks of the length of the side zips on your rain pants.

To help you make the right decision for your hiking style, consider:

  • Your talent for balancing on one leg
  • Your trail footwear

A few words about each, shall we?

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Slip Into The Best Little Black Dresses Of 2022

Rain, rain go away or not. Once youve seen our list of the best rain boots you may not mind the rain too much. Theyre cute, chic and most importantly will keep your feet nice and dry.

While you may just opt to wear an old pair of sneakers when it pours , heres our 30-second elevator pitch for why you should invest in a pair of rain boots:

  • They can make an outfit look as seamless or as statement-oriented as you like.
  • The water and weatherproof material is unmatched.
  • They make you actually want to run errands or walk your dog in the rain. And thats saying something.
  • See our top picks below, along with sizing information and notes on other colors and styles available. While youre at it, pick up one of our favorite rain jackets to match.

    Trail Footwear Clunkiness Factor

    I hike in boots almost every time I hit the trail or back country.

    • Boots tend to be harder to pull through the pant legs of rain gear, compared with lighter, less bulky trail shoes.

    Imagine dragging mud and moisture laden boots through the waistband of your pants and into your pants legs – if they’ll fit at all.

    You’re right. Not good.

    Regardless of what’s on your feet, time is of the essence when it starts to rain.

    • Raindrops tend to hang out in herds.
    • A herd of raindrops can quickly overpower the wicking ability of your clothing.

    And then there’s this:

    • If you have to take off your footwear and stand on cold wet surfaces because your boots don’t fit through your pants legs, you will learn that wet socks suck.
    • As in, suck your body heat.

    So the faster you can protect yourself against moisture, the safer you are.

    You don’t have any time to lose when it’s time to pull on your rain pants.

    So to bottom line it for hiking boot lovers:

    • Big boots require full zip rain pants.
    • Everyone else, do a few DRY runs to determine what works for you.

    Shopping tip: When you shop at any REI store, bring your well used boots or trail shoes with you into the dressing room when you try on the Talusphere rain pants. No one will look side ways at you.

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