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Sneakers For Women Wide Width

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Women’s Shoes In Wide Widths

Shoe Widths Explained
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Online Search Results For 4e Shoes Not Always Accurate

When searching online, dont just go by the Google results, either. Many stores will say that they stock 4E width shoes for women. However, when you click through, you find out that this isnt true.

Unfortunately, well-known online shoe sites like Zappos and Nordstrom only stock womens shoes in widths up to 3E. I could not find any kind of shoe in an EEEE width on either site.

Best Wide Width Shoes For Women

You know how I know how impossible it is to find the best wide width shoes for women? Because I have double wide feet.

Do you have wide or double wide width feet like I do? Are you looking for double wide shoes for ladies?

Maybe you even call your feet fat because they are so extra wide. Or do you refer to your feet as Flinstone feet? Im talking Fred Flintstone feet, not Wilma or Betty.

Either way, you know that finding the best wide womens shoes can be nearly impossible.

I mean you might find fashionable shoes, but they are neither comfortable nor wide width. Or you might find affordable wide width shoes that are comfortable.

However, they are a million miles away from fashionable shoes for wide feet. Therefore are not the best choice for your extra wide feet.

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These Lightweight Cross Trainers From Ryka

The padded heel collar keeps your foot securely in place.

Designed with a woman’s foot shape, muscle movement, and build in mind, these cross-training shoes are made for any activity. They boast extra arch and heel support for trekking long distances, along with a lightweight, shock-absorbing midsole that protects your feet from impact. Available in four colors, the sneakers come in women’s whole and half sizes 5 to 12 and medium and wide widths.

Reviewers find these wide-width sneakers for women are ideal for walks or runs. They are very comfortable and the color is awesome. I use them for walking and exercising at the gym, one five-star reviewer says. So comfortable with great support. My go-to walking shoe. can walk over 5 miles and no pain at all, another says.

How To Save On The Wide Width Shoes


If youre on a budget, you may be able to keep the cost of buying what I deem to be the best wide width shoes on the lower side. And what are the best?

The ones made with wide feet in mindand not just in wide widths. And you want to shop at stores that understand about extra wide footwear for ladies.

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Best Booties: Vagabond Dioon Platform Chelsea Bootie

Putting a trendy spin on traditional Chelsea boots with their lugged platform sole, these ankle boots offer support for wide-set feet with their roomy toe box, rounded shape, and cushioned insole. Their clunky 2.5-inch block heel is edgy but still comfortable to walk around in all day.

Promising Review: “These boots are super comfortable and have great traction, I’ve been wearing them almost every day for the past month and get tons of compliments. Easy to break in and never leave my feet feeling sore or tired. “

Best Multitasking: Dr Scholl’s Madison Slip

These trend-inspired slip-on sneakers have a thick platform and suede-like fabric, and their perforations allow for increased airflow. Additionally, their supportive footbed and cushy insole make it so you can wear them all day long without worrying about blisters or pinching.

Promising Review: “Amazing shoes. I wear these every day to work. I am a former ballerina so my feet are pretty messed up and need lots of support and comfort. These are the best shoes I have found for that other than my orthopedic sneakers.”

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What This Post On Wide Width Shoes For Women Covers

This post focuses on the best shoes for wide feet women. In fact, when I first wrote it, it covered the gamut.

I wrote about wide width heels, wide width sandals, flats for wide feet, womens wide width boots and more. Then, the post got so long that it just became crazy.

So, Ive just updated it to focus specifically on places to shop for wide width shoes. In addition, Ive included brands that I think do a good job of making wide width shoes for women.

Here is a list of what I cover in the post as you scroll down:

  • Where to buy extra wide width shoes for women
  • How to shop for wide shoes on Zappos
  • Best brands of wide width shoes for women
  • How to save money on womens wide width shoes
  • Shopping at Nordstrom for wide width shoes

And much, much more.

If you wear an extra wide width AKA WW, XW, EE, 3E or wider, it makes sense to invest in good quality shoes. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and you pay for quality.

Plus, good-quality shoes tend to last longer than the cheap flea market variety.

Best Wedges: Franco Sarto Clemens Espadrille Wedge Sandal

Wide Width Shoe Haul

If you can’t do heels, these comfy wedges have a wider fit and a cushioned footbed, but they still look chic enough for an outdoor wedding. Their adjustable ankle strap and hook-and-loop closure helps create even more room.

Promising Review: “They will be your go to for summer. Super comfortable, feels like I’m wearing flats. Simple enough to pair with dresses, shorts, or jeans. Have in two colors and love .”

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Nordstrom Rack Also Has Wide Width Womens Shoes And Boots

Speaking of Nordstrom, its important to point this out. Many of the wide width womens shoes that you can buy at Nordstrom are often also available at Nordstrom Rack.

And for a lot less than in the store. So, if you cant find what youre looking for in shoes on, I would recommend looking at Nordstrom Rack, too.

Can You Recommend Some Shoes To Try

We enjoy inspiring women’s fashion choices, and shoes and accessories are like the icing on the cake! For a modern, sporty look, we recommend trying a pair of our Offbeat Sneaker Booties by Jambu® they’ll look great with jeans and can be worn throughout all seasons. If you need something thats work-to-weekend ready, opt for the Sage Pump by Comfortview® these will look just as great with trousers as they will with a little black dress. And if you’re in need of the perfect winter shoes, try on the Jenelle Wide Calf Boot by Naturalizer® made for jeans and sweater dresses, you’ll be wearing these all season long. Whatever you choose, remember that shopping our virtual shelves means you’ll never have to miss out on the latest plus-size shoe styles again.

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What Brands Are Good For Wide Feet

As far as brands go, here are the ones that Ive felt work best for my feet. They offer a truly double-wide width.

That is important if you have double wide width feet like I do, since it isnt always represented in a shoe that says WW or EE or XW.

Also, I believe they offer what I would call fashionable wide width shoes and wide shoes for women that also happen to be comfortable:

Shoes For Wide Feet That May Not Be Extra Wide Width


I have found a few brands that dont officially offer double wide width shoes for women but some of their styles still fit work. So they offer some of the best wide shoes for women, in a regular wide, even if you have extra-extra wide feet.

For example, I bought a pair of Rockport Cobb Hill booties in regular wide and you know what? They fit my double-wide feet perfectly.

They also offer amazing arch support and hugged my heels in all the right places. Now Rockport Cobb Hill is one of my favorite go-to brands.

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Shimano Rp1 Unisex Cycling Show For Wide Feet

Shimano in general runs a bit roomy in comparison to other cycling shoe brands, but this version gets rave reviews for comfort specifically from those with wide feet. And if the previous Shimano shoes appeal to you but you don’t have SPD pedals, this shoe works with both 2-bolt and 3-bold cleats. Even better, this shoe is always under $100.

Details on the Shimano RP1 cycling shoe

However, because these cycling shoes are faux leather instead of a knit, they won’t be as roomy for high volume feet nor have room for insoles. But they are loved for a roomy toebox and adjustable Velcro closure and the stiffer upper and fiberglass-reinforced sole means stability and improved power with each pedal stroke.

Best Budget: Dream Pairs Open Toe Espadrille Platform Sandals

These budget-friendly sandals are equipped with a cushioned footbed that keeps your arch supported with every step. They also have a foot bar to ensure that the front of your foot is comfortable and properly aligned. Available in 10 colors and two strap heights, their flexible sole, adjustable design, and espadrille-adorned platform suit every style.

Promising Review: “These are some cute shoes and they are very comfortable. The foot bed is firm but provides enough give while providing good arch support. Perfect for people with wide feet too. Great quality for the price. Highly recommend.”

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What Does Different Widths Mean In Womens Shoes

Maybe youre knew to have wide feet. For example, in my younger years, I always wore a single wide shoe. Were talking a C or D width.

However, after having two children, suddenly my feet expanded. Now I needed to buy shoes in a double wide or extra wide width. Otherwise, these shoes werent wide enough.

Add to that it seems like my feet got widest in the front of my foot. Therefore, I needed shoes with roomy toe boxes.

If a toe box on a shoe wasnt wide enough, I couldnt wear the shoe, regardless of width.

Anyway, enough about my feet, here is a brief explanation of the different shoe widths for women.

Shimano Ic5 Indoor Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet

Skechers Women’s Summits Sneakers

These are the first bike shoes I got when I bought my Peloton bike. I did a lot of research and read that Shimano ran wide, and these shoes have a mesh upper that is flexible and will adjust to fit a wider and higher volume foot. I bought mine at Zappos, where I knew shipping and returns would be free and I’d have plenty of time to try them out on carpet to see if they would not only fit, but be comfortable on the bike.

The Shimano IC5 Cycling Shoe, which I own

And these shoes did me well for me. They fit and there weren’t any hot spots or irritation. The BOA closure made it easy to turn the dial to tighten the shoes and pop it open to release. I also thought they looked great . I also found .

I am usually an 8W in shoes in the Shimano IC5 I got a 41 since they didn’t offer a 40.5. I think I could have gone down to 40 but the 41 did me well and offered me enough room to add a pair of insoles for more support and rigidity.

However, as I got more comfortable on my Peloton bike, riding longer and with higher resistance, that flexible sock-like upper wasn’t providing the stability I desired. It was fine at first, but I found my foot straining against the upper when I was on higher resistance and desired a stiffer shoe. This may not be for all I have several friends who prefer the sock/mesh flexible upper of a cycling shoe.

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What Is 2e Width

A 2E width shoe might be labeled as 2E or it could be labeled as EE. In truth, when it comes to womens shoes, 2E is the same as extra wide or XW or wide-wide .

However, if youre buying mens shoes, then you might discover that 2E is just regular wide for men. In fact, for men with really wide feet, they often need a 4E shoe.

On the other hand if you dont have 4E womans foot, youll be swimming in a mens 4E shoe.

Best Hiking Boots: Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Hiking Boots

Built with a cushioned footbed that provides targeted support to the toes and arch, these top-rated hiking boots, which have over 2,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, ensure optimal comfort and stability while you’re on the trail. They offer additional grip with their deep-tractioned lugs and feature a breathable, fast-drying mesh lining.

Promising Review: ” I was concerned about ANY boot fitting too tightly around my foot , but these actually fit perfectly for wide feet, so that’s another big win. I wear a 7 and the 7 got me perfectly, so also true to size. As with most new shoes, I was expecting some amount of discomfort in the initial wear until I got them broken in, but I’ve just walked a local bridge in 94° with 76% humidity using wool socks for about 2 miles and my feet don’t hurt in the slightest.”

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Best Loafers: Clarks Juliet Lora Loafer

Whether you slip them on with jeans for weekend brunch or with a dress to the office, these effortlessly chic loafers will get you all the compliments. The wide fit, low heel, and Ortholite footbed make them comfortable enough to wear from your morning commute to post-work happy hour. Choose from stunning neutral shades like black, blush, navy, and burgundy.

Promising Review: “I am always reluctant to purchase shoes online since I have bunions. I stand and walk a lot so my shoes must fit properly. I took a chance on these and so glad I did. Very comfortable, lightweight and stylish.”

From Cute Sandals And Office


Susan Brickell is a senior e-commerce editor at Meredith, covering products in the form of reviews, roundups, and gift guides. She’s been a market editor and writer for nearly a decade with her finger on the pulse of the latest activewear, outdoor gear, skincare, home decor, and more. When she’s not putting a pair of leggings or new eye cream to the test, you can find her hiking U.S. national parks, planning her next surf trip, or curled up with her dog, Ollie.

Emily Belfiore is an experienced lifestyle writer and editor with a passion for shopping. As a buying guides writer for Health, she covers topics spanning across the fashion, beauty, and health and wellness verticals and is always in pursuit of the best reviewer-vouched products. Emily started her career as an Associate Editor for SheFinds, where she created shopping-oriented content, and has since grown her freelance portfolio by providing lifestyle coverage for Allure,, Byrdie, InStyle, Real Simple, The Quality Edit, WWD, and more. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from Marist College in 2016. In her free time, you can find her testing products for articles, watching beauty tutorials, or catching up on the latest binge-worthy show.

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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Best Athletic Sneakers: New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo Running Shoe

These sneakers have a patented Fresh Foam sole that delivers cushioning and stability, while the breathable mesh upper adds comfort. Available in medium and wide widths, the shoe’s strategic curved design promotes proper alignment during every stride, making them perfect for a variety of workoutsthough their sleek, fashion-forward silhouette pairs just as well with denim as it does with leggings.

Promising Review: “These shoes are incredibly light and comfortable. The wider and thicker footbed offers great support for walking and standing.”

Always Read Reviews On Extra Wide Footwear

Whenever shopping online, I always read the reviews. I realize that not everyone has the same feet that I do.

However, when I hear complaints about toe boxes that are too narrow or heels that slips, then I know the shoes are not right for me.

This saves me from spending moneyand wasting my timeon extra wide footwear thats likely not to fit my feet.

Ill also leave reviews when I find shoes that work well for my extra wide feet. Ill do the same with shoes that dont quite work.

I feel its my karmic duty to give back to other women with wide feet like me. It feels good to share information on comfortable womens shoes as well as the ones that I didnt like.

Are you a Peloton bike user? Check out my review of Peloton cycling shoes, which includes brands with shoes for wide feet.

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