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How Much Are Sperry Shoes

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Does Sperry Shoes Run Big Or Small

Sperry Authentic Original Nubuck Boat Shoes on QVC

Leather Sperry shoes run big and it is advisable to go down half a size in order to account for stretching over time.

On the other hand, if your boat shoe is constructed with synthetic material like canvas or nylon, they will not stretch at all, so they are true to size.

Therefore, you do not need to size up or down.

The width may change during wear , but length should stay consistent throughout.

Do You Wear Socks With Sperry Duck Boots

Womens Winter Wool Socks Soft Knit Thick Warm Cozy Crew Soft Socks for Women. These socks are made from a perfect blend of materials, providing comfort and warmth. They are breathable, machine washable and fit well. These socks are made from a perfect blend of materials, providing comfort and warmth.

What To Do When Sperry Run Small

This can be caused by many factors. For example, if your Sperrys shoe is new, it is expected for it to get very tight at inception.

This happens to me every time I wear a new shoe. I have added over 60 shoes to my collection and I can tell that they get tight and a little bit uncomfortable every time I try them on for the first time.

This is the reason why I decided to research the ways to make shoes run small and then I stumbled on this amazing boat shoe. Sperrys boat shoe is easy to make big if they run small.

However, the first thing I must say is that you should ensure that you order for a size that fits well with your feet.

This is very important. This is very necessary. Once you can achieve the best fit, then you would not need to go through discomfort when wearing your Sperrys boat shoe.

Let us talk about the different things you can do when your Sperrys run small:

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What Is The Most Comfortable Daily Use Boat Shoe

What Is The Most Comfortable Daily Use Boat Shoe? The Sperry Top-Sider Mens Billfish 3-Eye Boat Shoe is the best all-around boat shoe on the market today.

Are Sperry Shoes Good Quality? Yes, Sperry has been making high-quality boat shoes for generations. Sperry shoes offer non-skid soles for walking on a wet boat deck. They are comfortable when worn in a casual setting and look great with a polo shirt an khaki pants. You can wear them on a boat, to the store or all around town.

You know most of the people who wear Sperry boat shoes never go near a boat when wearing them, right? Thats right, people are buying these shoes for comfort, style and fashion purposes.

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Can You Resole Boat Shoes

Baby Sperrys!!?You can find them at pretty much any shoe ...

After frequent wearing of boat shoes, the soles may lose their traction, or the material on the sole may start peeling off, due to which the soles start losing their comfort and durability. If your boat shoes are still in good shape, but their soles have worn out, then theres a need for the resoling of your shoes.

So, can you resole boat shoes? Yes, you can resole boat shoes if they still look good after years of wear, they are comfortable, the upper of boat shoes hold up well, and the resoling doesnt charge you more than the worth of the new boat shoes. If the resoling price of boat shoes is up to half of the new shoe price, you can get the service of boat shoe resoling. It is worth resole your boat shoes if there isnt any crack on the upper, and it is incredibly soft to offer a comfy fit. Before resoling your boat shoes, make sure that a similar supportive and comfortable sole is available. Otherwise, it is pointless to get your boat shoes resoled with low-quality and non-supportive soles to save a few dollars for buying new boat shoes.

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Clarks Un Pilot Lace Boat Shoes

Not everything Clarks does is a home run, but they do a few staples extremely well, including boat shoes. The Clarks Un Pilot Lace Boat Shoes are a textbook example of a solid boat shoe. The shoes are made from leather, use a lightweight rubber outsole and feature a soft footbed and textile lining for comfort. You probably wont turn heads, but you will have pretty durable boat shoes that didnt break the bank.

Where Can I Find A Discount Code For Sperry Shoes

Get an instant discount on Sperry footwear using the following methods:

  • Get a rebate of 10% on Sperry products.

  • Review the existing offers on the Sperry official website.

  • If you’re a first-time visitor, subscribe to the email newsletter to get 10% off on your next purchase.

  • Grab a Sperry coupon by visiting the Sperry Outlet link on the main website.

  • Get a discount on seasonal sales offered by Sperry.

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Can You Resole Sperry Boat Shoes

If your Sperry Top-Siders sole has cracked, hardened and doesnt provide grip, then yes, Sperry boat shoes can be resoled. But you need to take care that removing the old sole doesnt damage the leather as the soles of Sperry topsiders are glued through the heat-activation pressure process, then stitched to the midsole, as you can check out in this video. So, you need to find a highly professional cobbler to resole Sperry boat shoes.

You can check out the video of this guy. He got replaced its Sperry boat shoes soles with hard-wearing Vibram soles for $60.

I checked one of the comments in that video in which a person living in New Jersey couldnt find a good cobbler to replace the soles of Sperry Topsiders.

So, you need to find a really good and competent cobbler to replace the old glued sole and resole your Sperry boat shoes at an affordable price. In the USA, youll find several cobblers that would refuse to replace the soles. Sperry AO boat shoes cost around $90. So, Id suggest instead of wasting your time by searching around for a professional cobber who would charge 40 to 60 dollars you should buy a new pair of Sperry boat shoes.

You Can Stuff The Toe Box Of Your Sperry Shoes

Sperry Crest Seersucker Boat Shoes on QVC

Stuffing the toe-box of your Sperry boat shoe would also do the trick. If this works well for you, then stick with it. Stuff the toe region of your shoe with materials like cotton or something related.

This fills in the space that might be in your toe region. So, your toes would not touch the top of your Sperrys. This would make your feet cover the entire shoe.

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Polishing Your Boat Shoes

Take care to use cream or paste polishes, rather than those made of liquid, when caring for boat shoes consisting of smooth leather.

You also want to avoid polishes that contain alcohol , because it can make the leather brittle and cause it to crack.

Its not a bad idea to remove the laces from your shoes before applying products doing so helps keep the laces from fraying.

Let the polish sit on your shoes for around 30 minutes before buffing them clean with a dry cloth.

Do Sperry Boots Run Big

Sperry makes various boots with a real soft leather upper with a cotton or nylon shaft around the calves. Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots are the most selling Sperry boots on and their website.

Sperry Saltwater boots are only available in medium widths for men, and for women, Sperry saltwater boots are available in both medium and wide widths.

So, I crawled through all reviews of Sperry Womens Saltwater boots on their website to get an idea of these Sperry boots shoes fit.

According to my research, 56% of users feel that Sperry Saltwater boots run true to size, and 36% of wearers say that Sperry boots run big. Only 8% of customers felt Sperry boots a bit tight, or they just preferred to go a half size up because they wanted to wear these Sperry boots with thick socks.

Fit of Sperry Saltwater Boots according to Reviews on their site

Ive also taken a snapshot of some reviews regarding the sizing of Sperry Saltwater boots so that you can get a clear-cut view.

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Do Sperrys Run Big Small Or True To Size

Theres no doubt that the Sperry brand is famous for making boat shoes. Over time, it has also started making sneakers, boots, loafers, and flip flops. So, the fit of Sperry shoes depends on the style you want to buy.

So, if you ask: do Sperrys run big? If we talk about Sperry boat shoes, they tend to be run a bit bigger length-wise for some people, due to which Sperry boat shoes run big in the heel part, but they are true to size for most wearers in the forefoot region. To prevent heels from hitting, the Sperry boat shoes also have an amazing feature that Ive explained later in this article.

Telling exactly about shoe sizing is challenging as each humans feet shape is different. Its not about only length and width. The foot is a three-dimensional structure. So there are mixed reviews about Sperry boat shoes fit.

Some people say that the Sperry boat shoes are tight in the front, but they fit perfectly length-wise. If thats the case with you, then Id say to wear the shoes for few days as Sperry boat shoes require to break in and stretch out quickly after 5 to 6 wearing of the shoes as they are made of flexible full-grain leather or canvas upper. So, your focus should only be on getting the correct length of the Sperry boat shoes.

Heres what a user says about the fit of Sperry boat shoes in the forefoot region.

Heres another comment by a user on the fit of Sperry boat shoes.

Heres what users of Sperry boat shoes comment on their fit on Reddit.

Sperry Mens Authentic Original Kick Down Boat Shoes


These next Sperrys wont be any more useful near the water, but the Mens Authentic Original Kick Down Boat Shoes make going from spiffy to casual incredibly easy. These boat shoes have a kick down heel, so you can keep the heel up for the full boat shoe look or flip them down for more casual slip-ons. Soft nubuck uppers take care of your foot and an Ortholite cushion keeps your sole happy for an all-around winner of a boat shoe.

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Sperry Gold Cup Handcrafted In Maine Tri

For our first pick, we wanted something strong for the best boat shoes. Scrolling through the Sperry website, there was one shoe that stood out among all others: the Mens Gold Cup Handcrafted in Maine Authentic Original Tri-Tone Boat Shoe. The Handcrafted in Maine part of the name indicates this is Sperrys premium line of shoes and this shoe absolutely delivers.

It uses leather from the Horween Leather Company, one of the best and oldest continuously running tanneries in the US. The shoes are hand punctured and stitched and incorporate Vibram soles for traction and top-quality perforated leather linings for supreme softness, breathability and comfort. But what really brings these shoes together is the tri-tone color scheme of red, ivory and navy. Nothings more awesome or more American or more boat shoe than handmade shoes in America in the good old red, white and blue.

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What To Do When Sperry Runs Big

  • Should Sperrys be tight or loose?
  • When Sperrys run big, the shoes will feel more floppy in the heel, so you may not actually realize that they are a little too big until you take a few steps or walk down some stairs.

    At that point, if the heel is extremely loose and floppy, it will feel like that area of your foot has been lifted up out of the shoe.

    When it comes to why Sperrys actually run bigger, there are a number of reasons that this is the case.

    • First off, they are designed with a boat shoe, slip-on style in mind. As such, you can expect them to have a little more room under the feet than what you may like for some other types of shoes.
    • Further, Sperrys are designed to be worn without socks that obviously give you a little more wiggle room in the shoe as well.
    • Finally, it should also be noted that they do typically run about half of a size bigger than other types of shoes.

    This is so that they will fit properly for those who oftentimes wear them without socks.

    If you still find them to be too large on your feet, there are still some ways that you can get them to fit properly.

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    Why Choose Quality Boat Shoes

    Boat shoe quality is determined primarily by a shoes slip-resistance on damp, shifting surfaces, as this is the specialty footwears primary purpose.

    When you must keep your feet under you when facing such conditions aboard, it will become clear why a quality deck shoe with a premium nonslip sole and snug footbed is called for. On calm, clear warm-weather days aboard, you may get by wearing no shoes at all and suffer no consequences.

    On the other hand, a dramatic shift underfoot can happen when you least expect, even on a flat calm sea. The boat may be hit by the wake of another vessel, and traction will be called for to keep your feet. Sea conditions arent the only threat to the well-bring of boaters on deck.

    But the first time you slip on some spilt piña colada, stub your toe on a cleat, or drop a boat hook or rod butt on your foot, youll wish you had been wearing the best foot protection you can afford.

    Beyond that, quality is a matter of durability and comfort in the upper. On one hand, that can mean 100% waterproofing in some boating conditions or, in other cases, the ability to perform and remain comfortable and drain quickly when soaked through.

    Most premium boat shoes in each use category strike a balance between those features to meet the demands of customers, combining proven design with quality marine-grade materials and construction.

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    History Of Sperry Top Sider

    Sperry A/O Vida Leather Boat Shoe

    After a nearly tragic sailing incident, Paul Sperry decided to create a non-slip boat shoe. He searched far and wide until inspiration stuck while Paul might slip and fall in the ice and snow, his dog Prince never lost his balance. Based on texture he saw on Princes footpads, he designed the now-famous herringbone-siped rubber sole in 1935.

    Sperrys shoes quickly became popular with the New England boating community, but they werent well-known to the rest of the country until their endorsement by the US Navy in WWII. Returning veterans brought their favorite Sperry Top Siders home with them, and the rest is history!

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    Freeze Your Sperry Shoe With Water

    This is the best way to stretch out tight shoes in a pinch! Fill up one-third of your sandwich size Ziploc bag with water, and seal tightly.

    After squeezing it make sure there are no leaks by testing them on your clothes .

    Place inside shoe molding down towards toe area where they often feel especially cramped.

    Put shoes into the freezer until water has frozen solid for about an hour depending on how big you want desired effect or less time if preferred not as stretched but still more comfortable.

    Repeat this process multiple times throughout the day until satisfied with results or run errands so that feet have plenty of time to thaw before starting again later when ready.

    Loafers Vs Boat Shoes: Differences And How To Choose

    Comparing goliaths isnt easy. Both of these shoes are globally popular and have very loyal fan bases. But sometimes, it can be pretty hard to choose between the two. So, loafers vs boat shoes whats the difference?

    Unlike boat shoes, loafers are slip-on, laceless shoes with smooth or textured outsoles. Boat shoes are laced and have razor-cut soles to help with grip. Loafers are considered more versatile than boat shoes and are suitable for both casual and smart-casual affairs all year-round. Although boat shoes are purely casual, they cant be beaten for comfort.

    Thats the gist. Its safe to say that every man should own at least one pair of each.

    But knowing when to wear each one can be frustrating.

    There will definitely be times when wearing a pair of boat shoes would be considered too informal, inappropriate, or a downright faux pas.

    This article is going to teach you exactly how to choose between the two for any specific occasion or setting.

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    Are Sebago Shoes Good Quality

    Yes, they are. Although they debuted in the market a decade after the Sperry shoes, Sebago soared in popularity in the 80s. Due to the use of quality leather, good traction soles, and an appealing design, Sebago is among the best boating shoes in the market. The might take a while to break in but the durability of the shoes is commendable.

    How To Break In A Pair Of Sperry Top Siders Quickly

    Been worn but not much. Condition is basically new. No ...

    This article was co-authored by Moe Draper. Moe Draper is a Shoe Care and Repair Specialist and the Owner of Detroit Shoe Shine and Shoe Repair. With over 20 years of experience, Moe specializes in shoe shining, cosmetic restorations for quality leather goods, and minor/major shoe repair services. Moe and his staff at Detroit Shoe Shine and Repair have over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 305,856 times.

    Sperry Top-Siders are as stylish as they are comfortable, especially once theyve been broken in a bit. If you spend your days pacing back and forth on the deck of a boat, you wont need to do anything special to weather your Top-Siders. But if not, theres an easy trick that you can use to get a more well-worn look and fit instantly. Just put on your shoes, lace them up tight, and hop in a bathtub full of warm water. Then, simply wear your shoes around as they air dry. The transition will cause the material to first expand and then shrink to mold itself perfectly to your feet.

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