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Suede Chukka Boots For Men

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Black Chukka Boots Men:

Carlos Santos Brown Suede Split-Toe Chukka Boots GMTO Showcase For The Noble Shoe

Black is a classic color. It has its unique charm. Black is timeless, you can wear it anytime anywhere, and style up your fashion game. Black Chukka boots Men are the most classic and stylish pair of Men boots. These boots are perfect for different formal and semi-formal occasions. Do you have an important meeting in the office today? Pair up black chukka boots with a suit and impress everyone with your style. Black Mens chukka boots are also best for casual occasions like hanging out with friends, a dinner date, and casual parties.

We have a huge variety of black chukka boots for men. All of them are unique and stylish but some of the most selling items are:

Carmina 80697 Norwegian Boots

If you thought the previous entries were classic then prepare yourselves for these!

Carmina is hands down one of the best shoemakers in the world. Also out of Mallorca in Spain they have a reputation for quality.

As you can see we are already entering the higher end of shoemaking and I could not pass the opportunity to show off these Chukkas.

The 80697 is an absolute treat with a rather unusual design for a Chukka Boot. It has an apron and a split-toe for a very aggressive sexy design.

You are going to subtly turn some heads with these ones I promise you. Of course they are Goodyear Welted but also have JR Rendenbach Soles which are the best in the industry.

Closed-Channel Leather Sole with brass nails in the front and top leather and a very modern last.

The BALITX Last doesnt have the sexiest name however it makes up for it with its looks. It also is be rather comfortable despite its slim looks with a slightly narrower fit to the Rain.

Chukka Boots With Shorts

Practical and comfortable, guys can casually style chukka boots with shorts for a trendy urban look. Whether youre camping or just walking around city streets, you can wear desert boots with matching cotton shorts and a front-tucked striped t-shirt.

For a fun outfit perfect for music festivals or a summer lunch date, combine bright-colored shorts with a button-down and suede boots. For the perfect length, keep in mind that your shorts must stop just above your knee.

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Chukkas Vs Desert Boots

A chukker is a period of play in the sport of polo .

The name chukka is most likely derived from the word chukker, and it really just refers to the form of the boot, rather than the materials or construction.

Chukkas always have these three characteristics:

  • 2 or 3 pairs of eyelets

Desert boots are a specific type of chukkas worn by British soldiers in North Africa during World War II. They had crepe soles and soft suede uppers.

In the 1950s, the UK shoe company Clarks introduced the infamous Clarks Desert Boot, inspired by the boots British soldiers were bringing home from, well, the desert.

These days, people use the names chukka and desert boot interchangeably. I usually just call any type of ankle length boot an ankle boot to avoid confusion.

How To Wear Chukka Boots

Handmade Blue Suede Leather Chukka Boots for Men

Chukka boots, just as almost all boots do, look best with longer pants, not shorts or cropped chinos. They’re also on the more casual end of the boot spectrum, especially if your chosen chukka has a crepe sole. Try wearing yours with a sweater or an overshirt. An Oxford shirt, chinos and Chukka boots are a classic combination, but you can also substitute the Oxford for a hoodie or a flannel.

Avoid wearing your suede or leather chukkas with synthetic fabrics, like super-stretchy chinos or golf polos. The contrast is too obvious. If you must or are forced to wear clothes like this, whether because it’s your uniform or it’s simply too hot for traditional formal attire, try an all-white leather sneaker instead. Chukka boots are for better outfits.

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Rancourt & Co Acadia Chukka

Together with L.L Bean, Rancourt & Co. helped to define the New England prep style, and you can see that style on full display with their Acadia chukka boots.

These durable, water-resistant boots have an undeniably northeastern look to them. Made from Horween Chromexcel leather, the Acadia is a long-lasting boot that features Rancourts caliber sole, which is a crepe wedge style sole that affords extra durability.

Even though the Acadia might seem strictly casual at first glance, its surprisingly classy. Its profile, while a bit chunkier, is still handsome. Even if you dont dress in a particularly outdoorsy fashion, you can still incorporate the Acadia into many of your casual outfits.

Altan Bottier Arthur St Moritz

Looking for something chic and extravagant at the same time? Then the Arthur by Altan Bottier is an amazing option.

Altan Bottier has one of the most recognizable design style in the welted shoe market right now. There is a strong focus on exotic leathers and heavily burnished patinas.

Chic, emblematic, daring and casual, the Arthur is an unusual take on Chukka Boots. It is also the only Blake Stitched shoe on the list and commands a premium price but you get what you pay for.

Its Commando soles give a surprisingly not so chunky but sharp appearance finished with a faux storm welt on the top. In yet another unusual move Altan pairs them with a soft square chiseled toe for the ultimate look.

Who would have thought! However it works really well and you will spot a few details here and there such as the speed hooks instead of eyelets.

Brilliant design available in 9 handpainted patinas including the Green Autumn Leaves Patina in the picture.

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Chukka Boots With Dress Pants

A perfectly sophisticated combination, chukka boots with dress pants is an effective visual balance of masculine and delicate aesthetics. For a sleek and unique party look, guys can pair beige suede chukkas with slim gray houndstooth dress pants and an open fitted henley shirt. Fashion a cool street style by partnering pointed-toe leather boots with European-cut dress pants and a fully tucked-in white button-down shirt. Youll need to choose a luxury watch with a unique ostrich or snake leather strap to complement this super sexy aesthetic.

Simple and effective, leather chukka boots are perfect to wear with classic dress pants and tailored button-down shirts. Whether you choose to put on a blazer or not, this look will take you from happy hour with clients to date night in effortless style.

Chukka Boots For Men:

What’s The Best Chukka Boot? – (4 Things You Need To Know)

Mens chukka boots are the most versatile pair of boots. These boots deserve some space in every mens wardrobe. These boots are in style from the mid 20th century and its never going to be out of style anytime soon. Chukka boots men can add an instant charm to your boring daily outfit. Here in our online store, there is a huge collection of mens chukka boots. You can find boots in different designs, colors, and Sizes. All the boots collection is unique and charming in its own way.

What Colors are available in Chukka boots?

Though these boots now come in many different colors. But nothing can beat the class and elegance of Brown and black Chukka boots. These both are classic colors and they are in style always. Black and brown chukka boots are loved by men from different corners of the world. These boots are best for men of every age.

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Best Value: Thursday Boot Company Scout

The Thursday Scout is my personal favorite chukka. It wins out for me because its shape and style make it a versatile option, whether you want to wear it casually or more formally.

If you do want a chukka for a more formal event, choose one of the full grain leather options rather than the suede .

Most chukkas are made with a stitchdown construction, and the Scout is no different. The poron insole makes for a very comfortable experience right out of the box, and I love that the Scout has a classy leather stacked heel.

What I Like

  • The Scout is traditionally crafted, but has modern sole materials that make it comfortable and durable.

  • Theres a wide variety of leather options available, from casual WeatherSafe suede to more dressy full grain leathers.

  • The style is slimmer than most other chukkas, plus the leather stacked heel give the boot a more classy, refined look.

What I Dont Like

  • With two eyelets, theres not a lot of ankle supportthough thats common with all chukkas. If you need ankle support, I recommend a different style of boot altogether.

What Other Reviewers Say

At the time of writing, the Thursday Boot Company Scout has over 3,000 reviews with a 4.8-star average rating.

Many reviews claim these are the most stylish chukkas theyve seen, and many of the negative reviews are focused on the narrow fit. These two issues go hand-in-hand: if you have a wider foot, I recommend ordering one of the EE/EEE Wide sizes.

How To Wear The Versatile Suede Chukka Boot

Published on November 21, 2016by Brock · Clothing and Style, Product ReviewsMay contain affiliate links

Chukka boots are some of the most versatile shoes a man will ever own, and theyre one of my personal favorite types of boots.

This post will show you three ways to wear suede chukkas.

Note: Big thanks to Thursday Boot Co. for hooking me up with a pair of their water resistant suede boots and for sponsoring this post! You can shop their entire collection at

First things first: what are chukka boots, and whats the difference between chukkas and desert boots?

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Hugo Boss Boheme Suede Chukka Boots

Take things up a serious notch when it comes to your chukka boots, and that we mean to say, step right up and lace up these exceptionally sleek HUGO Boss suede chukka boots. Theyre the kind of chukka boots you can wear to the office without missing a beat, because theyre that luxurious and well-made. Your business casual look just got a major upgrade, but theyll also work quite well with a classic navy suit, a white dress shirt and a navy knit tie.

Brown Chukka Boots Men:

George Cleverley Suede Chukka Boots in Brown for Men

Brown is the timeless and the most versatile color. Born chukka boots for men are classic and best for semi-formal and casual occasions. These boots look great with a suit and even with boyfriend jeans and jeggings. Brown chukka has the power to add an instant charm to your personality. Both black and brown chukka boots deserve to be a part of every Mans wardrobe.

Our brown chukka boots collection is remarkable. Some of the best selling and most popular items are:

  • Brown Chukka boots leather: A simple yet most elegant pair of boots for every man.
  • Brown Chukka boots suede: Highly comfortable, durable, and stylish pair for men of different ages.

What is the Price range of chukka boots?

Chukka boots are expensive. They are like a good investment as these boots are so durable that you can wear them for decades. But unlike other online shopping stores, we dont expect you to pay your life savings just in exchange for a pair of boots. So here you can find super affordable and durable chukka boots.

Get yourself a unique and charming pair of boots at a price as low as $125.

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Allen Edmonds Williamsburg Chukka Boot

Mens leather chukkas usually lean more casual, but that doesnt mean chukkas cant be dressy. Exhibit A: these super classy chukkas from Allen Edmonds.

While most chukkas use suede, the Williamsburg uses a smooth European leather that makes these boots look more like dress shoes. Combine that with the squeaky clean two-eyelet lacing system, and youve got an elegant chukka thats also a dress boot.

Featuring handmade Bench Welt construction, a single oak leather sole, and soft leather lining, the Williamsburg is a hardy, reliable boot. Allen Edmonds has a reputation for well-made items, so you know youre getting a high-quality product here.

These boots are great for semi-formal or business casual atmospheres, but you can also dress them down.

The Best Chukka Boots For Men In 2021

There we have it! A very important Guide for me and hopefully one that will help you in your quest for the Best Chukka Boots For Men In 2021!

We covered some fantastic brands, gave some alternatives and even discussed about taking care of your Chukkas.

If you found this Guide helpful please consider sharing it and as always your comments will mean a lot to me!

I enjoy greatly writing these types of article and I will surely be back with similar ones for Chelseas, Oxfords and more. In the meantime, be safe and if you are new please !

Thank you for reading,

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Thursday Boot Co Scout

Longtime readers of The Modest Man will recognize the Thursday Boots name. Simply put, we love them because they offer fantastic value for the price, and their Scout chukkas are no exception.

Featured here in the ash colorway, the Scout is a classic casual chukka that mixes British and American boot styles. Youre getting handcrafted Goodyear Welt construction, shock-absorbing insoles, and a fully lined glove leather interior, all for the shockingly low price of $149.

The Scout is perhaps the best chukka in its price point, and its a good choice for budget-minded buyers and chukka connoisseurs alike. If you put your boots through a lot of wear and tear, check out their Rugged & Resilient line, which uses even more durable materials.

Chukka Boots Vs Desert Boots

Hush Puppies – Detroit Chukka – Men’s On Feet Boot Review

Desert boots are a type of chukka boot featuring textured crepe rubber soles and lighter color leather. The difference between chukka boots and desert boots is that desert footwear is made with a soft, thick rubber sole and generally comes in a light brown or sand color. The classic and more formal dark chukka boot is commonly designed with hard, thin leather soles. While some brands use the terms interchangeably, not all chukka boots are desert boots but all desert boots are chukkas.

Desert boots are comfortable and casual, and look good with utility shirts, work pants, and aviator jackets. For an easy and masculine outfit, combine suede desert boots with fitted jeans, a linen button-down, and a Mackinaw flannel jacket.

Still respected and worn by stylish gentlemen, Clarks created the original desert boots. Trendy guys can experiment with popular brands like Oliver Cabell, Tods, Barbour, and Lemaire.

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Men’s Chukka Boots From Deer Stags Eastland Nunn Bush And More

A wide range of men’s footwear brands offer chukka boot options. While the silhouette of these boots are largely the same, each brand provides a unique take on the style, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

One of the brands that offers the most chukka boot varieties is Nunn Bush. Our selection of men’s Nunn Bush chukka boots features plenty of traditional options, many featuring leather construction and stylish details like cap toes and wingtip accents.

Men’s Deer Stags chukka boots offer a bit more in the way of casual appeal. Deer Stags footwear provides plenty in the way comfort, with memory foam footbeds and moisture-wicking linings. These features ensure that they become a part of everyday wear.

If you’re looking for options that take you into the great outdoors, check out men’s Eastland chukka boots. Along with the typical casual chukka style, Eastland offers chukka hiking boots that perform well on uneven terrain.

Not All Chukka Boots Are Equal

Most fashion and lifestyle influencers think a shoe is good just because it is Goodyear Welted or has Full Grain Leather.

While construction and leather grading is certainly an initial indication of quality there is much more to a good shoe than that. Cheap shoes are cheap because a manufacturer cuts corners in certain parts of the shoe.

So even if a shoe has a Goodyear Welt the leather can be loose grain or synthetic. On the other hand, a shoe might say that they use Full Grain Leather BUT it can be from the worst part of the hide.

The next time you stumble upon a guide that claims to show you the Best of any product be smart. Does a $150 shoe really have the potential to be the best in anything?

If you are new to this I advise you to read my helpful Types of Shoe Leather Guide.

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Can I Wear Chukka Boots With Suits

The general consensus is that you should not wear Chukka Boots with formal attire.

In some cases a really nice minimalist Chukka with smooth calf leather might be fine for a suit.

Personally I avoid doing that however I find it is more than acceptable to wear them with some separates or a more casual flannel suit.

If you do decide to wear Chukka Boots with a business suit make sure it is appropriate attire for the occasion. In such cases do not wear anything else but smooth calf boots or it will look sloppy and out of place.

Nisolo Chavito Suede Chukka Boots


Theres plenty to love about Nisolo, including the fact that the brand uses ethical production methods, plus sustainable materials, to deliver outstanding chukka boots. The Chavito is but one pair of boots we love from the Nashville-based brand, and its pretty fitting that these rugged chukka boots would play very nicely with slim blue jeans and a rugged henley for a night out in Music City one day soon. The price is agreeable and the quality is next-level.

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