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What Are Good Shoes For Skateboarding

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Globe Mens Sabre Skate Shoe

Are LEATHER Shoes Good for Skateboarding?

Outfitted with impressive features like the Nitrocel airbag sole and S-Trac sole pattern exclusive to the brand, Globe Mens Sabre Skate Shoe features durability and style in one neat package. These skate shoes are constructed for the skateboarding scene or any other setting where edgy skateboarding style is called for. Heavy-duty without a compromise on comfort and breathability, this Globe Mens Sabre Skate Shoe is worth looking into.

Durable Mixed Materials

A unique combination of leather and synthetic material render this pair of skate shoes remarkable whether donned for skateboarding or for style. Leather is one of the most durable skateboarding shoe materials around, while synthetic construction brings some lightweight flair to the mix. The signature S-Trac sole pattern from Globe ensures fine sole protection from impact, while retaining flexibility.


Heavy-duty PerformanceAt its core, the Globe Mens Sabre Skate Shoe is built for performance, protection and durability. From its leather and synthetic construction and airbag sole feature for maximum cushioning to its exclusive sole pattern for impressive grip and durability, this skate shoe nearly has all the goods.

With varying colors and color combinations to choose from, getting a pair that suits your aesthetic sense can be easy. The Globe Mens Sabre Skate Shoe is available in Black/Gold, Black/Grey/Black, Black/Night/Red, and Ebony/Dark Shadow, to mention a few color styles.


How To Buy Good Skate Shoes

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A good pair of skate shoes can protect your feet when you are skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks can put a lot of strain on your feet, so it is important to have a shoe that will provide proper support. Choosing the right shoes is a matter of how much you skate and your style of skating, but it can be easy if you know what products are available and which ones are best for your needs.

Adidas Mens Daily 30 Skate Shoe

Synthetics make decent footwear exteriors, as shown in the Adidas Mens Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe. These sneakers use 100% synthetic textile that offers various benefits.

Due to such a construction, my sneakers are more resistant to water and straining. Second, they dont wrinkle. And last is they are surprisingly soft and comfortable.

Inside these shoes are layers of Ortholite sock liners. These components not only serve as a boundary between the feet and the midsoles but are also vital in keeping the riders feet dry.

I love these inserts because they match the shape of my feet well. And with that, I get better footing when riding the skateboard.

Besides skateboarding, I think these sneakers are also ideal as everyday footwear. They come with sufficient paddings that add comfort. Plus, they have laces long enough to go over the bridge of my foot. So, I get to walk these sneakers all day and adjust to the tightness I want.

With these shoes, I can control my board better. Each sneaker comes with a vulcanized shoe structure, giving me a better skateboard feel. Undoubtedly, the soles complement my movements, and doing a few tricks seem easy because of these parts.

  • 100% soft synthetic textile for water, straining, and wrinkle resistance
  • Ortholite sock liners for dry feet and better footing
  • Sufficient paddings and laces making them good skate shoes for daily use
  • Vulcanized shoes for better control and feel of the skateboard
  • Arrived with some cuts on the sole

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Etnies Men’s Czar Skate Shoe

Our next contender for the title of the best choice of shoes for skateboarding is Etnies skate shoes. Its strengths are that these shoes are as comfortable as possible. The top of the shoes is covered with durable materials made of leather and synthetic materials, and inside the fabric lining creates the most comfortable position of the foot, so that it does not get tired during use. In general, the model looks very stylish and has a wide color palette for every taste.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Skate Shoes

Nike Melee Skate Shoes

1. Pick According to Riding Style

Vulcanized Soles

The flat design of a vulcanized sole is ideal for skateboarding. It may be used for ground tricks as well as technical street skating maneuvers. You can count on this sole to last a long time.

This is because, rather than employing adhesive, the rubber is heated for flexibility and strength before being adhered to the upper section of the shoe. The only disadvantage of this sole is the absence of heel support.

Cup Soles

Skaters prefer the cup sole structure since it provides sufficient foot as well as ankle support. Companies include support elements like airbags and heel assistance since this sole is sewed to the upper section of the shoe.

This sole appears to be better to use than a vulcanized sole with merely a traditional rubber bottom. The stiffer feeling, on the other hand, forms a strong layer between your feet and your board. As a result, while skateboarding, there is less of a board feel.

2. Comfort

If optimum comfort is your top goal in skate shoes, look no further. We completely agree with you. The quality of your skating performance will be influenced by how comfy your shoes are.

Comfort implies having enough padding for cushioning but being ventilated so you dont get too overheated. There should also be sufficient padding to safeguard your feet from shock.

3. Durability

4. Material

5. Breathability

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Heavy Skaters And Cushioning

make sure to buy shoes that have a lot of heel support. When youre a little bit heavier heel bruises are more common and they can last weeks or even months before they heal.

If you are heavy, dont go for flat thing soles, you can also consider buying a pair of footprint insoles like KingFoam insoles. They offer great support and will prevent injuries. They wont last forever and when you skate regularly they stop functioning after 3 months.

Id advise spending a little extra on shoes that provide more heel support or get the mentioned insoles. Heel bruises are one of the most common injuries and very annoying because it takes a long time before the heal.

How Long Do Skateboarding Shoes Last

How long skate shoes last depends on how often you skate and what type of tricks you do. Another factor that comes into play is the state of your decks grip tape.

If youre a street skate, wear bad shoes and have new deck grip, youre shoes can deteriorate in a week. Ollies and flips will wear down the fabric so take that into consideration when you get new shoes. To sum it up, skateboard shoes wear down because:

  • You have a new deck grip.
  • You ollie and kickflip all day long.
  • The sturdiness of your shoes fabric

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Do You Really Need Skateboarding Shoes

Yes, skateboard shoes are necessary when you skate often. There is some nuance here, just like you can run for miles in any shoe it still is very uncomfortable and bad for your knees in the long run. Im sure there are pros out there than can kickflip a board with pumps but I guess thats a little extreme.

Cheap shoes are an option, for about a week. Youll shred them in days and when you ollie stairs I just hope your feet will survive. If you manage to get $30 skate shoes in a sale and use them for 6 months all the better!

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

What Are The Best Shoes For Skateboarding?

The combination of canvas and synthetic materials used in Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe actually makes it one of the most reliable athletic shoes you can buy today. It is also environmentally friendly in the sense that its outsole is made of recycled rubber while its laces are made of recycled plastic.

It also has a cup sole construction as well as a padded tongue and collar designed to offer comfort and protection. The footwear boasts of its lace-up vamp, wrap-around midsole, and contrast piped stripe. The interior EVA midsole used in this footwear also further makes it one of those comfort shoes that can satisfy wearers all the time.

Why I Liked It?

  • Comfort and protection provided by its cup sole and padded tongue and collar
  • Features a comfortable EVA midsole in its interiors

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Nike Sb Koston Hyperfeel 3 Trainers 819673

If you are looking for highly reliable mens trainers that you can also use for skateboarding, then the Nike SB Koston Hyperfeel 3 is perfect for you. It is beneficial in the sense that it offers a really impressive feel when you are on the board as it makes use of the Hyperfeel system unique to the brand.

Such system provides a great combination of sock-like fit, highly flexible outsole, and well-articulated cushioning. Nike SB Hyperfeel is also great to use for skating with its ability to offer adequate ankle support. It is also comfy in the sense that youll instantly feel like the footwear works as the natural extension of your feet.

Why I Liked It?

  • Offers adequate ankle support, which makes it suit skateboarding

Mens Skating Shoe Faq

Although skating shoes are specifically designed for skateboarders, nowadays, manufacturers are creating shoes that offer the right balance between sporty and casual wear. There are many products available in the market that provide the perks of skating shoes with the good looks of trendy sneakers.

This very much depends on the brand. But generally, good skating shoes should last from a year to two years. The more abuse your shoes receive, the more will be the wear and tear and the shorter theyd last.

We say this with utmost seriousness: Shoes are inanimate objects. They should never talk. Once the shoes sole starts flapping, then you know it’s time to unload them. Also, if you notice that you are beginning to lose grip on the skateboard all too often, then your sneaker soles might have worn out, and it might be time to get new skating shoes.

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Vans Men Atwood Canvas Low

When you think of the Best Skateboarding Shoes you think of Vans skate shoes. Vans are one of the most iconic and noticeable brands’ footwear brands today. There like the Mcdonalds of Footwear, and for a good reason. Vans create some of the best shoes, and these skate shoes are of the highest quality.

These Low-Cut Vans, are an excellent choice for all styles of skaters! These shoes are created from canvas, even though canvas isnt the most durable material the shoes are still sturdy and can hold up very well. The shoe sole is also gum rubber, allowing for high-quality grip. Something else I noticed with the shoes is that the laces are actually really lovely, and dont tear easily! The design of the shoe is a classic van slip-on, with around ten different variants of colors to choose from.

Overall, if you are looking for an all-around great shoe, with fantastic stability and design, and if you want an iconic brand, these shoes are the perfect skate shoes for you!


How To Make Skate Shoes Last Longer


Make sure that your shoes are always laced tightly. This not only prevents your feet from slipping out and getting seriously injured but also helps avoid undue stresses on the seams of the shoes. In addition, properly loosen the laces when you take off your shoes. Avoid just slipping them off as such will deform the padding.

Avoid using strong detergents when washing your shoe, too. Not only will it cause the colors to fade quickly, the detergent can also weaken the adhesives holding the shoe together. Another no-no is throwing it into the washing machine. Doing such will deform the padding inside the shoes quickly, making them uncomfortable to wear.

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The Best Nike Skateboarding Shoes For High Performance

Buying Guide

Lace up and discover the top Nike shoes for skateboarding.

Whether youre practicing your kickflip or cruising around the neighborhood, finding the best skateboarding shoes is key to staying safe and secure on the board. And whats more, these pairs are versatile perfect to be worn from the skate park through the rest of your day. Check out below the best Nike shoes for skateboarding .

Best for Ankle Support: Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid is a top option for skateboarders who need high performance paired with comfort. This shoe comes with soft cushioning and a flexible sole that provides arch and ankle support. The grippy traction also helps enhance the boardfeel and control.

Best for Flexibility: Nike SB Bruin React

The Nike SB Bruin React is the kind of low-top skateboarding shoe you can ride in all day. Its robust, sturdy and comes with responsive Nike React foam. Plus, because of their lightweight and flexible materials, these sneakers can also help you achieve a better skateboarding experience.

Best for Responsiveness: Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Canvas RM

Named after pro skateboarder, writer and musician, Stefan Janoski, these namesake shoes are made for comfort and control while on your skateboard. Their minimal design provides responsiveness while moving around the board.

Best for Functionality: Nike SB Shane

Words by: Claire Tak

Benefits Of Shoes Designed For Skateboarding

One of the major benefits of such shoes is the presence of padding. The tongue, heel, and side walls are sufficiently padded to prevent injuries and make it comfortable to wear. Such extra upholstery helps by absorbing most of the impact force when youre doing jumps, hard tricks, or if you need to bail out unexpectedly.

Another advantage can be seen on the enhanced shoelaces. Even its laces are as well as the lace holes built tough. Skate shoes usually use leather or waxed shoelaces because they can take a beating and still hold tough. In addition, they have metal or plastic eyelets to make their laces last that much longer.

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Adidas Forum 84 Low Adv Sneaker

Like the Nike Dunk, the Forum was initially designed as a basketball shoe before being embraced by skaters who appreciated its durable build. First introduced by the Three Stripes in the early 80s and relaunched in earnest in 2020, the smash-hit sneaker still packs all the shock-absorbing, impact-protecting powers you need to hit the ramps hardwrapped in the type of silhouette that rivals the Air Force 1 in terms of sheer wearability.

What Are The Best Shoes For Skating

Are Converse Shoes good for skateboarding?

The best shoes for skating are lightweight, durable, and designed for the daily grind. Combine ultimate comfort and classic style today thanks to reinforced rubber underlays, our signature waffle outsole for a firmer grip, and a sturdy sock liner to keep your foot close to the board while you ride.

Keep an eye out for key features like strong gum soles, superior cushioning, and triple stitching that’s built to last. Plus, sturdy canvas and suede uppers are a must-have to skate hard in style.

Our signature DURACAP technology offers enhanced grip in high-wear areas and is engineered to withstand the abuse of the Vans Pro Skate Team. Tackle that double heelflip with an UltraCush HD sock liner that keeps you grounded so youand your boardcan handle major impact to the max.

Looking for the best skateboard shoes out there? Weve totally got you covered. Whether youre tackling major tech trickery or serving up some daily stoke, Vans has got your back with durable skate shoes that can handle it all.

The best shoes for skating are here for the long-haul:

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Dc Mens Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes

Known for its classic padded design, the DC Mens Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes always give my feet a perfect and snug fit.

These shoes come with paddings on the collar, surrounding each foot with plushy sides. Plus, on the bridge is a padded tongue, completing a 360° comfort on my feet.

What makes these sneakers perfect for people with wide feet is the soles shape. I never had a hard time breaking in on them because of their almost straight form. And as a skateboarder with wide feet, this aspect is most beneficial because it doesnt hurt. So, I get to ride for a long-hour without having swollen feet at the end of the day.

These sneakers are not only comfortable in terms of the fit but of their small details, too. On the arch of these wide fitting skate shoes are three holes. I first thought they were only part of the design until I compared these sneakers to those without vents. These holes help me keep my feet dry and fresh for extended skating periods.

DCs shoe exteriors are high-quality. It solely uses leather as the main surface of the sneakers, which is known for its durability and capacity to withstand agile user movements. Plus, it gives the shoes a clean finish.

  • Padded tongue and collar for optimum 360° comfort
  • A straight shape that makes breaking in on them easy
  • Three vent holes that keep the riders foot dry
  • Uses high-quality leather that looks classy and is durable
  • Arrived with damages on the box

Type Of Feet And Skate Shoes

So this is where personal preference comes in and I can help you to narrow down what exactly is the right type of skate shoe for you.

Just a reminder, you really need to go to your local skate shop and put them on. Buying them online is only advised if you are familiar with the brand an know exactly which type of skate shoe you need.

Not all skate shoes fit every type of feet. Make sure to buy shoes that arent too big or too narrow. Just like running shoes, youll need a bit of extra room in front and the side of the shoe shouldnt feel claustrophobic, but dont overdo it.

To much room will leave you with a very unstable feeling, sort of like your shoes will roll over, thats bad.

This way your feet are able to move back and forward when you are shredding and it helps to avoid pain because the ide of your feet and your toes constantly are pushing against the inner side of your shoes. Its hard to explain but I hope you catch my drift.

Pay attention to the cut of the shoe. Wider means less tight around your feet arches, great for wide feet. Go for a narrow cut if you have narrow feet. Too narrow will cause cramps.

Wide Feet

Ill start with my own type of feet. If you have wide feet you obviously need a wider shoe. If your shoes are too narrow your feet will start to hurt.

Narrow Feet

Small Feet

Hey small feet, yup thats me, but I also have wide feet. The most important thing here is to go with how your shoes feel. Thats right, dont shop them online!

Large Feet

Flat Feet

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