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How To Whiten White Shoes

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Bleach Clean Your White Shoes

How to whiten shoes soles

To clean white shoes with bleach, mix the bleach and water solution in a well-ventilated area, or outside, and gently scrub the shoes using an old toothbrush. Rinse the shoes in warm water and air dry them overnight if possible. If your sneakers still look dirty, try this hack to transform worn-out sneakers into brand-new ones.

Here’s Exactly How To Clean White Shoes

Whether they’re canvas, leather, or mesh, these tips will keep those kicks clean.

White shoes are a closet staple. This versatile footwear works with nearly every type of outfit, making it an ideal choice for daily use. But scuffs, stains, and dirt can quickly make your bright white shoes look dingy and worn after just a few days. And, unfortunately, cleaning white shoes isn’t as simple as tossing them in the washing machine and dryer, which could damage the sneakers. To help keep your favorite footwear looking fresh, we’ve tested and approved these strategies on how to clean white shoes in a variety of materials. Whether they’re made of canvas, leather, or mesh, these step-by-step instructions for cleaning white shoes will have your footwear looking like new.

Start With Dish Soap And Water

The Grunge aesthetic might be popular, but grimy shoes arent. You can stay in style by keeping your favorite white shoes clean. If youre dealing with easy stains or ones that are still pretty fresh, start with some dish soap and water. Simply mix about two tablespoons of dish soap into 240 ml of warm water. Stir this until it gets soapy. You can use a spray bottle or a brush to apply it directly to the stains.

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How To Clean White Fabric Shoes

Fabric shoes are some of the most common. Youll find them in different styles such as sandals, pumps, ballet flats, and sneakers. If you thought simply tossing these in the washing machine is the best option, think again! Doing so can damage your shoes and render them useless. Instead, heres how to clean white shoes made out of the fabric by hand.

  • Start by prepping your shoes for cleaning. Make sure you also cover sensitive parts that you dont want to get wet, such as the heels on your pumps or any metal hardware on your sandals and flats.
  • Next, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of water. Transfer this to a spray bottle if you have one.
  • After, simply spray this mixture onto the stains that you want to be removed. You can also use an old toothbrush to gently scrub any stubborn marks left.
  • Once youre happy with the result, leave your fabric shoes to air dry somewhere sunny. Doing this will actually help boost the bleaching power of lemon juice and make your white shoes brighter.

How To Clean Knit Shoes

How to Clean White Shoes

Knit shoes, like Nikes Flyknit or Adidass Primeknit, are incredibly comfortable and have a huge amount of stretch. Theyre also a nightmare to clean. If you scrub too hard, you can damage the fabric.

Start by dipping a clean cloth in soapy water, and use it to gently scrub the shoe. To maintain the structure of the shoe, work in the direction of the knit as much as possible. Wipe off any soapy residue.

As with canvas sneakers, with knit shoes you can use stronger cleaners as needed. However, since you shouldnt scrub knit with as much vigor as other materials, always go in with a light touch.

And, as with any shoes youre cleaning, let them dry completely before slipping them on.

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Can I Just Put My White Running Shoes In The Washing Machine

This method is only recommended for fabric or flyknit shoes, and you should put them in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase before running your shoes through a delicate cycle. Bediones removes the laces from her shoes first for a better clean, and Hardie suggests taking out any removable insoles first. Just as you can with any laundry load of whites, you can throw in a little baking soda to whiten your shoes even more. Bediones recommends washing a maximum of two or three pairs at a time.

While machine washing shoes is much easier than hand cleaning, it comes with caveats. Never put your shoes through the dryer, and always dry them indoors. Sunlight is your enemy, says Hardie, as white soles can turn yellow in the sun. Campana further warns that throwing your sneakers in the washing machine will greatly decrease their lifespan, so use that cleaning method sparingly.

The Classic Marseille Soap For Whitening Shoes

Start by getting the sneakers wet and then applying the soap directly, while rubbing insistently on the stains or dark areas. After leaving the soap on for about half an hour, you can rinse the sneakers with lukewarm water to see how the stains are completely gone and how your shoes look bright white again.

Do you have any sneakers that need urgent whitening? Do you know of any effective methods you can use to whiten sneakers? Let us know in the comment section and post pictures of the before and after of your shoes!

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Keeping Your White Shoes Clean

Once your white shoes are looking fresh again, here are some useful tips to help you keep them in the best condition:

  • Prevention is key: Stop stains before they happen by using a stain and water repellent spray every few weeks. While youll still need to give them a good clean from time-to-time, it will make it harder for dirt and grime to penetrate into the shoe. Water repellants aren’t ideal for patent shoes as it can dull the shiny finish.
  • Spot cleaning: Get onto any stains or spots as soon as you notice them. The longer you leave them, the harder theyll be to remove.
  • Avoid the washing machine: While it may be tempting to throw your shoes in the washing machine, this can damage your shoes and make them age prematurely .
  • If youve tried everything but your shoes are still looking a little worse for wear, maybe it really is time to invest in a new pair. To ease the pain of saying goodbye to your old shoes, we’ve put together a range of shoe designs to help you find your next favourite pair of trusty whites!

    Wipe Down With Plain Water


    Remove laces, insoles, and embellishments. Dip a cotton or microfiber cloth in plain water and wring to remove excess water. Wipe down the entire shoe, paying extra attention to seams and areas that have trapped dust and dirt. Move to a clean area of the cloth as the soil is transferred. Allow the shoes to dry for at least 15 minutes.

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    Washing Shoes In A Washing Machine

    If youre going to put shoes through the washing machine with bleach, reconsider that decision! Instead of bleach, try putting a cup of white vinegar into the wash after the contents are soaked with water and allow it to finish its cycle. White vinegar has similar bleaching properties . Wash the shoes in a mesh laundry bag with a few towels to balance the load, then let air dry.

    Never, ever combine bleach and vinegar for cleaning purposes, even if diluted in the washing machine, as the combination creates highly toxic gasses in the home.

    How Can I Whiten My Shoes With Bleach

    If you opt for a bleach to whiten your shoes make sure you check the shoes label first. Canvas shoes like vans or converse can be bleached, but synthetic leather shoes should not be bleached if you want them to last. Bleaching synthetic leather shoes will cause them to dry out and crack. Follow the instructions below for the easiest way to bleach sneakers.

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    Toothpaste To Clean White Shoes

    All you need is an old toothbrush and a little toothpaste to get your old sneakers looking like new! Non-gel white toothpaste works great for cleaning white-soled sneakers . Apply toothpaste to an old toothbrush and then work the paste into the dirty spots. Leave the toothpaste on the shoes for about ten minutes, and then wipe it off with a damp towel. Repeat the process if necessary. Check out these 50 things you never knew you could do with toothpaste.

    Bicarbonate Of Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide

    8 Clever Ways to Clean White Canvas Shoes

    3% hydrogen peroxide not only removes stains and brightens whites, but it also disinfects your shoes from harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can make a paste by mixing two parts bicarbonate of soda with one part hydrogen peroxide. Use an old toothbrush to apply the mixture to the soles and uppers of your shoes. Wait 30 minutes before rinsing or leave them to air-dry in the sun and brush away the paste once they’re dry.

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    Baking Soda And Detergent Scrub

    This technique works best on canvas. Scrubbing lightly might work on knit material or leather, but it could also scratch the leather or damage the knit, so be more gentle with all-over leather or leather detail.

    First, make a 50/50 mixture of a tablespoon of laundry detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda in a shallow bowl or small plate.

    If the shoes are dry, wet the outside of the shoesthey don’t need to be soaking, just moderately wet. Then, dip a nail brush, old toothbrush, or dish brush into the detergent/baking soda mix and start scrubbing. Cover every part of the shoe that’s dirty, and keep re-dipping into the pasty mix as needed.

    Let sit for 20-30 minutes, then rinse out under a running tap or in a bucket of water . Hang to dry in the shower or sunshine for an extra blast of natural whitening power.

    How To Clean White Tennis Shoes

    They often made running shoes and white tennis shoes with mesh, rubber, foam, and other synthetic materials. Since machine washing can be rough on synthetics, you can often make your shoes last longer and stay whiter by hand washing them.

    • Take out the insoles and shoelaces, wash them in the sink, and let them air dry.
    • Use a toothbrush to remove excess dirt and mud from the shoes, soles, and tongues.
    • Add two tablespoons of clothes detergent to a bowl of warm water.
    • Scrub stained areas with baking soda and a toothbrush.
    • Dip the toothbrush in the bowl and start scrubbing, but be gentle when youre scrubbing a mesh area so you dont rip a thread.
    • Scrub off scuffs and stains from the soles with a Magic Eraser.
    • Use a clean damp cloth to wipe down the shoes and remove any residue.
    • Let the shoes air dry and enjoy that new white shoes feeling once again!

    So now you know how to clean white shoes and keep them looking good. Want to learn more about how to get rid of dirt, stains, and germs around the house? Check out our extensive library of DIY cleaning and disinfecting guides. Whether you tackle dirt and germs on your own or let us help out with one of our popular residential cleaning services, The Maids wants every home to be a clean and healthy place. Find out about affordable, flexible house cleaning in your neighborhood when you get your free estimate.

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    Getting Dirt Stains Out Of White Shoes With Bleach

    Bleach helps get dirt stains out of white shoes made of fabric or canvas. However, its vital to dilute the liquid with some warm water to prevent the material from yellowing.

    • Cloth

    Pour one part bleach and five parts warm water into a bowl and stir the liquids. Dunk the bristles of an old toothbrush into the cleaning solution and rub it gently on the dirty areas of your canvas shoes.

    Start with the shoes fabric areas, and then work your way to the harder areas, such as the soles. Use a clean cloth damp with cold water to wipe away residue and let them air dry.

    Can You Put White Sneakers In The Washing Machine

    How to Clean White Shoes – Method that Works

    Yes, you can put white sneakers in the washing machine. This should be avoided with Nike shoes or any shoes that have a stiffer structure. Here is the best way to machine wash sneakers:1. Clean off any debris or mud using a soft brush, like this one.2. Remove shoelaces3. Place your sneakers and separate shoelaces in a mesh laundry bag. This will prevent them from tangling. If you dont have a mesh bag I highly recommend getting one or at a minimum using a pillowcase that is knotted at the top. This will also protect your washing machine. 4. Use a gentle liquid detergent, about half as much as you would use for a normal load. Note- sneakers should be washed in a load on their own, or with something like towels. 5. Use a gentle cycle with cold water. The delicate cycle on most washing machines will work well. 6. Air dry in a well-ventilated location, do not put them in the dryer!

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    S To Follow For Bleaching White Shoes

    • Before starts bleaching your white shoes you should remove all the dust and dirt from them using a soft bristle shoe brush. Remove all the dust from the shoes, and make sure your white shoes are now free of dust and dirt. If the rubber part of the white shoe is dirty and dusty you can also clean it using a wet wipe. After removing all the dust, now you can start bleaching your white shoes.
    • Now prepare a mixture of bleach and water. Put one part bleach in five parts of water in a small bucket. Now take a soft cotton cloth, dip it in a prepared solution of bleach and water, wring it well and now starts rubbing the shoe. We will recommend you to use this bleach solution first on the hidden part of the shoe to see if it damages the shoe or not. If not then starts cleaning the shoe with this solution.

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    • You will notice that all the stains are removed, and you white shoe looks like a new one. Vinegar also brightens and whiten the shoes, it also gives life to your white shoes.

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    I hope you find my article helpful if you have any further queries you can mention in the comment section down below, Ill be humble to help you out. For other related articles, you can visit Tape daily.

    Hack #: Use Baking Soda And Laundry Detergent


    The best part about this first technique on how to whiten a yellow shoe sole is that you probably already have all the ingredients in your cupboard. And what are these? Baking soda, laundry detergent, and an old toothbrush.

    Okay, so you should first combine 1:1.5 parts of baking soda and detergent. Then, simply scrub this mixture into the shoe sole using the toothbrush.

    Let the mixture sit for a while before putting the shoes in the washer or thoroughly cleaning it by hand. Remove the inner soles and laces if you put the shoes on a washing machine .

    Rinse the shoes to remove the laundry detergent and baking soda mixture and dry! Thats it and your white shoes will be as good as new.

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    Will Bleach Destroy Canvas

    It is also advised to use bleach, which is also an extremely caustic substance. If you combine vinegar and bleach, a toxic chlorine gas is produced. A bleached canvas tent will not last long. Since we have clarified that vinegar and bleach are both CAUSTIC for the canvas and destroy it, they are also not efficient.

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    How To Clean White Shoes Without Bleach: Canvas Leather And Mesh Sneakers

    How to Clean White Running Sneakers
    • Columbia University
    • Syracuse University

    White shoes and sneakers are a staple in most closets: the ideal versatile shoes that go with almost every outfit and look greatas long as they’re perfectly clean.

    If your favorite pair of white shoes is looking dingy, stained, or dirty, follow one of these tried-and-true methods to clean them using baking soda and other eco-friendly household products.

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    Hand Cleaning White Shoes With Baking Soda

    This section looks at how to clean white canvas shoes using your hands, elbow grease, and some top-notch household cleaning solutions. DIYers will love this section and will find all sorts of recipes for getting your white shoes back to factory condition. We give you tips for cleaning white shoes with baking soda, vinegar, and many other powerful agents that can get them looking fabulous.

    How To Clean White Sneakers With Baking Soda

    Baking soda helps break up soil particles, which is why Chatelaines former senior marketing manager, Jennifer Bairos Hofer, recommends making a paste out of baking soda and water and using it to scrub stains when you need to spot clean.

    Toronto sneaker blogger Meredydd Hardie agrees that baking soda works. She cautions to use this method on white fabrics only, as baking soda can discolour non-white shoes.

    Stan Smith sneakers, $110,

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    Hack #: Use Toothpaste


    Another top on how to whiten rubber soles is by using toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Rub the toothpaste over the yellow or dirty areas of the shoe sole and add a sprinkle of water.

    Continue to rub the shoe soles with toothpaste again and then switch to using a damp cloth to clean the entire sole. If you still see yellow color on the shoe soles, repeat the process above.

    Quick Tutorial Video

    You may also check out this quick YouTube tutorial on how to clean white shoes using toothpaste vs. baking soda as demonstrated by Lets Get Tidy.

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