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Where Can You Buy Vionic Shoes

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Do Vionic Shoes Have Arch Support

Vionic Suede Block Heel Sandals – Blaire on QVC

While the footbeds of regular shoes may have a degree of arch support built in, Vionics Orthaheel technology reinforces that support by providing three-zone comfort that also takes the heel and ball of the foot into account. By shoring up all these podiatric pressure points, Vionic shoes work to improve alignment from the ground up.

Our Readers Put Vionic Shoes Through Their Paces To Find Out If Fmt Technology Would Work For Them

Following my review of Vionic Orthotic shoes, we gave our reader panel one month to try their Vionic shoes and report back, this is how they got on:


I love my Vionic flip flops! I am wearing them as I sit to type this review.

When they first arrived, my husband examined the literature in the box and expressed concern that they could in fact be a bad idea after my recent hip replacement. I was seeing my physio later in the week so took them along with me to show her and ask her opinion. She checked my gait in them as I walked up and down the room a few times and she declared that they would be good for me so it was all systems go!

They took a little bit of getting used to as I usually wear Mephisto flip flops which are shaped differently for the foot. The toe strap is really comfortable and the shoes feel sturdy enough to wear outside .The stiffness in my hip joint after sitting for a while is definitely easing a lot I cant say if the Vionic shoes have helped this but I believe they have probably contributed.

They are smart and have elicited quite a few admiring comments from friends and family.

I would recommend them but if, like me, you have had major surgery, it is probably a good idea to check with your physio that it is a good idea to wear them as they definitely change your stance and to an extent, your gait.

I have really enjoyed wearing the Vionic Venture trainers they have made a big difference to my weary, over-pronated feet!




Vionic Reviews: What Do Customers Think

So this brand talks the podiatric-health talk, but can it walk the walk? Our Vionic Shoes review took it to the streets to see what buyers really had to say about this footwear and its fabled Orthaheel technology.

Lets start things off at vionicshoes.com, where the bestselling Tide II Toe Post Sandal pulls in an impressive 4.5/5 stars from 1,744 customer reviews. Buyers were over the moon about these sandals arch support, and how they made it easier to live the real summer lifestyle.

I bought these last summer, and they still look and wear like new! The arch support allows me to FINALLY be able to wear flip flops year-round, like everyone else in California. They are my go to when running out to get something in a hurry. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! raved one Golden State customer.

At Amazon, the Joy Serena Ankle Boot scores 4.4/5 stars from 1,041 global ratings. The vast majority of buyers loved how these Vionic booties gave them the support they needed while still looking super-stylish. One customer wrote a terse but still praise-filled review of this product:

My right arch completely collapsed and I wear sneakers with specially made orthotics most of the time. However, when I need to go out, I feel pretty silly wearing sneakers. These are great. They are very comfortable. My feet do not hurt a bit and I can walk for a really long time with them on. Also they are very stylish. I can wear them with slacks or with a dress.

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Vionic Womens Spark Minna Ballet Flat

If you just have to have flats, because well theyre comfy and theyre flats, then these are a good way to go. With a slight raised heel in the back, they are made to look great in all kinds of settings and to provide you with the feel you need to combat the troubles of your day. With an all leather makeup, they are easily expandable, while the EVA footbed does a brilliant job yet again at fitting your feet and helping meet your needs and wants. With microfiber below your feet, youll feel as if youre walking on water. In terms of style, you get a ton of colors to pick from, from the sublime and outlandish to the more plain and reserved. There is something to fit everyone, but breathability is a concern that you have to be on the lookout for when you wear them.


  • Not very breathable

What Is Vionics Shipping Policy

VIONIC Womens Action Tourney Lace Up Brown Leopard Oxford ...

Vionic ships to the US and Canada, through different national sites. Taxes, duties, and customs are automatically added to orders during the checkout process.

Shipping rates and methods for the US are as follows:

  • Standard Ground Shipping $5
  • 3-Day Shipping$10

Shipping rates for Canada are as follows:

  • Standard Ground Shipping free for orders of $150+, otherwise $10
  • Canada Post XpressPostrate calculated per order

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Whats The Science Behind The Comfort

Vionics main focus is on foot health, comfort and incredible style. Their experts created Vio-Motion Support, which means each shoe has biomechanical technology built into the insole that hugs your arch and supports your foot, providing relief from factitious, heel, knee or back pain. The supportive footbeds also help distribute the shock to the pads of the feet by making it very comfortable to wear heels.

The company even received a stamp of approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Once you get the shoes, they encourage you to wear them a few hours a day for the first few days until you get used to them. I actually didnt notice any pain when I first slipped them on, but I felt better about spending the money as they give a 30-day wear test. And if you dont love them, they will fully refund your money.

If The Shoe Fits: Finding The Perfect Footwear

Once youve measured your feet and determined if you need a wide width shoe, youll need to find the perfect footwear. At Vionic, we believe comfortable, properly fitting shoes are essential to health and happiness. If youve got wide feet and have been walking around in standard shoes for some time, wide footwear will be a major relief.

When it comes to a pair of shoes, the right fit is critical. Just like Cinderella with her glass slipper, the perfect fit can be life-changing. And you can take it a step further than simply measuring the length and width of your feet. Heres our best advice for finding ideal footwear:

  • Consider your toes. Are yours long or relatively short? Are they close together or more spread out. The length, shape, and configuration of your toes have a lot to do with how shoes feel on your feet. For example, pointed styles feel great on some people and excruciatingly uncomfortable on others because of how they wrap around the toes.
  • Avoid shoes that are too loose. Do your shoes touch the perimeter of your entire foot? If not, they could be too wide or long. While your toes should have a little wiggle room, your feet shouldnt be sliding around. If your heel lifts out of your shoe when you walk, your shoes dont fit.
  • If youre a serious athlete, lead an active lifestyle, or have a job that requires you to be standing all day, you must prioritize properly fitting shoes. Otherwise, you could do irreversible damage to your feet.

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    How To Wash Dirty Slippers

    The rubber soles of your slippers can usually be wiped or rinsed clean to remove dirt, mud, and sticky residues. Cleaning cloth uppers is a little trickier but totally doable.While machine-washing slippers isnt recommended, you can wash them by hand. Fill your sink or a large bowl with warm water and about a teaspoon of dish soap. Immerse your slippers and let them soak for 15 to 30 minutes until the soil is lifted.Rinse your slippers off with clean water until all the soap is gone and no bubbles appear when you squeeze the material. After that, wrap them in a towel and press down gently to absorb the water. Then allow your slippers to air-dry the rest of the way.

    Vionic Womens Rest Kirra Backstrap Sandal

    Vionic w/ Orthaheel Orthotic Slippers – Gemma on QVC

    The final sandal on our list, as least in terms of style, might just top the charts. This one is made to look like the perfect beach shoe but still one that can be worn out on the town just as easily for swanky dates, too. With an leather makeup, deep heel cup, and single backstrap along with a thong like look in the front to go between the big toe and the second toe, you get a ton of benefits, both with style and with function. The microfiber footbed is made out of EVA, and it cushions you in two ways. The rubber sole makes sure that they will last longer than a whole lot of the other flimsier sandals and flip flops out there, helping you to get the value for the added price you pay by going with Vionics. The strap, though, has been an issue for some, with it breaking. Perhaps its a little too much on its own?


    • Not nearly as flimsy as competitors


    • Strap has a tendency to break

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    What Is Special About Vionic Shoes

    Vionic shoes provide essential stability and addictive support. With a contour seamlessly engineered into each shoe , sandal and slipper, Vionic helps support natural alignment from the ground up. Vionics breakthrough technology offers versatility, which means you can have orthotic comfort in your favorite shoes .

    Slippers You Can Wear Outside

    For a lot of folks in todays world, the lines between work and home are often blurred. Maybe you telecommute from a home office, have kids enrolled in remote learning, are stuck inside due to stormy weather, or are just spending more time in your humble abode to practice social distancing, youre probably finding yourself in your comfies more often than not.

    Rocking more loungewear and athleisure clothes might be a welcome change. And yet, spending most of your day shoeless while walking around on hard floors can be detrimental to your foot health and comfort. Whether youre at home or on the go, supportive footwear is crucial.

    When you think of supportive shoes, you might think of athletic sneakers or walking shoes. But with Vionic, you can get any style of orthotic footwear, including many types of slippers like outdoor and home slippers. This solves the problem of arch support and stability while inside your home, but what about when you step out the door? There are lots of women and mens house slippers you can wear outside, including all the styles we carry at Vionic. Heres what you should know.

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    Are Vionic Shoes Good For Your Back

    Excess weight from obesity or pregnancy, weak joints, or prolonged periods spent on the feet can all put a lot of pressure on the spine, which can then lead to back pain. Orthotics or orthotic-inclusive shoes can ease that burden by giving you better weight distribution, as well as increased stability and balance.

    Even though they are non-prescription, Vionic shoes provide clinically proven lower-body support and pain relief. By keeping your feet and legs in better shape, they also give more support to your spine.

    Where Can I Buy Vionic Sneakers Near Me

    Vionic Women

    vionic stores WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT. evergreen walk. 200 Evergreen Way, Suite 216. WESTLAKE, OHIO. crocker park. FAIRLAWN, OHIO. fairlawn town center. BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN. The Plaza. MARLTON, NEW JERSEY. the promenade at sagemore. Salt Lake City, Utah. VIONIC AT CITY CREEK CENTER. Collegeville, PA. Providence Town Center.

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    Vionic Womens Rest Bella Ii Wvn Synthetic Sandals

    • Manmade
    • Rubber sole
    • Leather or PU Patent Upper. Microfiber Footbed. Durable Rubber Outsole with Patterned tread provides traction on a variety of surfaces. Received APMA Seal of Acceptance
    • YOUR NEW FAVORITE WOMEN’S SANDALS: Upgrade your current flip flops to these gorgeous classic Bella ladies sandals. Sweet and pretty up top with serious arch support underfoot, our Bella sandal will have you celebrating your girl power with every step.
    • EVERYDAY SUPPORT: A podiatrist-designed footbed delivering unique THREE-ZONE COMFORT is built into every pair of Vionic sandals, slippers, active shoes, and flats which promotes stability and natural alignment from the ground up. Helping to relieve plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, bunions, heel spurs, and lower back pain issues.
    • MAINTAINING YOUR WOMENS Flip Flops: To clean, wipe with damp cloth and air dry under indirect sunlight only. Do not submerge in water or use solvents to clean products.
    • VIONIC SHOES: The innovative biomechanics of THREE-ZONE COMFORT deliver enhanced stability with a deep heel cup, superior forefoot cushioning, and ultimate arch support midsole. These essential contact points hug your foot’s natural curves in all of our casual, dress, active, and slipper styles. Experience the Vionic difference: on-trend fashion, unmatched fit, and feel-great wellness from the ground up. Vionic: Style You Want, Comfort You Crave.

    What Shoes Do Doctors Recommend For Plantar Fasciitis

    According to Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, youll want to look for shoes that are more foot-friendly and that have built-in technology such as deep heel cups, and arch support.

    And while orthotic shoes and sandals for plantar fasciitis get a bad rap for not being stylish, the below options are far from old lady shoes. Thanks to top brands offering orthotic styles, you can find shoes that look cute and bring relief to feet suffering from a plantar fasciitis flare up.

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    Do Vionic Shoes Fit True To Size

    The brand states that it works hard to make sure that its sizes remain consistent across its collections. Most of its styles thus fit true to size, apart from the sandals, which are only available in whole sizes. If you wear a half-size, Vionic recommends that you size down when buying these products.

    Is Vionic A Good Brand

    Vionic Orthotic Mesh Slip-on Sneakers – Kea on QVC

    If you need a pair of comfortable and supportive orthotic shoes, Vionic shoes are one of your best options. Now, the usual issue is that these shoes dont always look great . And thats where Vionic wipes out the competition not only is their footwear incredibly comfortable and supportive, buy it is also very stylish.

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    Comfortable & Stylish Shoes For Men And Women

    Whether youre shopping for mens shoes or womens shoes, comfortable stylish shoes that keep up with the current style trends should be a priority. What if you could have all that, with supportive arch support technology to relieve aching feet and pain from plantar fasciitis or heel pain? At Vionic, our shoes for women and men provide arch support technology in the most up to date styles. Made with high quality and breathable materials such as durable leather and soft suede, our footwear is created for all-day wear so that your feet can be comfortable no matter where you are going. Walk in comfort when you slip into a comfortable pair of shoes with arch support from Vionic.

    No matter what shoes youre wearing, you should feel great and your feet should be comfortable, too. Whether youre looking for lightweight sandals or shoes to wear on vacation, dress shoes for work or boots for those cold winter months, Vionic has versatile shoes no matter the occasion or the season. For women, our stylish loafers and comfortable flats are perfect for a casual work day while our heels and wedges are great for going from your day at work to a night on the town. For men, find a pair of sneakers that can be worn anywhere and anytime or a pair of comfortable mens dress shoes made to impress at the office. We even have supportive shoes for medical professionals or comfortable shoes for teachers who are constantly on their feet all day.

    Classic and versatile, ready for any outfit, anywhere.

    Vionic Womens Splendid Midi Slip On Sneakers

    If you want something thats a cross between functional and stylish, and even possibly flashy, then these are the pick for you. The slip ons can be used in an array of scenarios, from walking and standing all day to short little trips. They go above and beyond the slip ons we saw earlier with their style, which is further increased by the number of perforations made on them. This means this choice is going to be much better in warmer climates than a lot of the other slip on you will find, but it also means its no done by using mesh, which adds to the durability. With a white outsole, laced with rubber, they are made to last a while and look good all that time. The footbed is made out of EVA and is engineered to be soft, cushioned, and supportive, helping you to get through with a much more enjoyable experience.


    • Very, very breathable

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    Vionic Womens Rest Samoa Slide Sandal

    If youre looking for more of a sparkling kind of style of sandal, then this is the way to go. This slide sandal is going to be super easy to get on, but it will give you more support and lock down than a traditional sandal or flip flop would since it has two straps. Those two straps also make adjusting all the more easy for you to do. Made from suede, they are diverse from the other options we have seen so far and soft to the touch, all while giving you the raised footbed, made out of EVA, to help alleviate those terrible pains that you are just done dealing with. The outsoles are raised all over these slides and made from rubber, prompting them to be durable and resistant to slippage from all sorts of potential situations.


    • Bit more secure than other sandals
    • Stylish and easy to get on
    • Takes pain off of you

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