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What Shoes To Wear Hiking In Arizona

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What Do I Need To Know Before Hiking In Sedona

How to find the right hiking shoes

To get the best experience while hiking in Sedona, there are some things wed like you to know beforehand. Some of these things include

  • Theres a trail for every hiker whether you are a beginner or expert.
  • The parking lots at Sedona fill up quickly, so get there early.
  • You need to have a pass to hike some trails in Sedona.
  • You can only use 4×4 heavy-duty SUVs to drive to the trailhead.
  • The top five places to visit
    • Cathedral Rock
    • Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive
    • Chapel of the Holy Cross
    • Bell Rock

    Proper Footwear For Hiking

    The shoes seem to be a big deal, said Phoenix firefighter David Baumgartner. Like, shoes that only have foam soles. You definitely need good rubber, good shoes that conform to your feet.

    Not doing so can lead to a variety of injuries, including twisted ankles, broken bones and general discomfort when walking. Baumgartner said he has seen hikers out wearing everything from flip-flops to dress shoes.

    The fire department also asks hikers to bring plenty of water, pick trails that are appropriate for ones physical abilities and to wear loose-fitting clothing that protects from the sun.

    Why Is Walking In Sand So Difficult

    Well, in reality, it is pretty difficult to walk on any consolidated and loose material, not just sand. Sand is loose because it has much more pose space in between the sand grains, and if pressure is applied to it, and has a tendency to realign itself in order to minimize the porosity.

    So Why does it take so much effort to walk on sand? Because half of your pressure energy is stolen by the sand so you have to put in twice as much energy in order to walk on sand. To put it plainly sand is difficult to walk and run on because the shifting solid underneath your feet makes it feel like the earth is moving underneath you.

    Because the ground beneath you moves less force is rebounded back towards you which is the opposite with a steady solid surface, and when you push off when walking or running on sand most of the surface area that is supposed to support you get pushed away rather than staying in place, taking away force so you do not get as far.

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    What Shoes Should I Bring

    You will spend hours each day in your shoes, so footwear is one of the most important things you will be bringing on your trip. Chaco,Bedrock,Teva,Keen, and Merrell all have great options for a river trip. We know deciding exactly what shoes to bring can be stressful so many choices! What works best is ultimately going to come down to personal preference. However, we have found that aqua socks are not a good option as they dont provide enough protection or support. On the other hand, most guests find hiking boots to be too excessive.

    The ideal river trip footwear falls somewhere in between and should have these key features:

    • Good tread to help navigate slippery surfaces
    • Arch support for comfort and to reduce the chance of foot pain
    • Be broken-in BEFORE your trip to lessen the chance of blisters
    • Bonus points if they are quick drying and easy to get sand/pebbles out of

    Do I Need Hiking Boots For Sedona

    Grand Canyon Fashion Tornados

    So heres the deal, to hike in Sedona, hiking boots arent primarily necessary. Why? Unlike other hike sites, Sedonas trails are pretty easy and less rugged.

    Personally, a good pair of athletic shoes with excellent slip resistance can be alternatives for hiking boots. However, these shoes would only be suitable for the easy hiking trails in Sedona.

    Nevertheless, to get the optimum hiking experience, the hikers boots are the most preferred option. These boots have the best traction against all the trails and weather conditions at Sedona.

    Plus, unlike other shoes, hiking boots are suitable for all the trails in Sedona . So, its best if you understand that hiking boots are optionable footwear for hikers in Sedona unless you plan on having a good time.

    Do you need hiking boots for Sedona? No.

    Do you need hiking boots for Sedona to have the best hike experience? Yes.

    Would we advise you to use any other footwear aside from hiking boots for Sedona? No.

    We know you might be wondering what makes hiking boots the best option for hikes at Sedona. Well, it all boils down to the unique features they possess.

    So, lets look at the necessary features of hiking boots, making them suitable and unsuitable for hikes at Sedona.

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    Stay Comfortable In Light Layers

    Light layers give you the most flexibility to adapt your outfit to the Canyons weather. Add a layer in the morning or evening when its chilly, and peel them off as the day warms up or as you hike!

    In the summer, wear shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes with a light jacket or sweater. In the winter, opt for jeans, good shoes , and a long-sleeved shirt with a jacket or sweater.

    If youre taking a guided tour, read the tour description carefully in case you need to pack or wear anything special, such as close-toed shoes or a bathing suit.

    Best Hiking Shoes For Arizona

    Finding the best shoes for your hike is most critical to ensure you dont have any slips, trips or falls. What you need is a shoe that is specifically made for hiking and that has aggressive tread pattern on the bottom. Waterproof shoes are not needed in Arizona unless you happen to be hiking in the snow or it actually rains!

    Regular running shoes or basketball shoes just will not cut it on our rough and rugged trails. You will be slipping a lot so dont even try it!

    I go into a lot further detail about what you are looking for in a shoe in this post.

    For socks I think you can get by with anything and dont necessarily need wool socks unless you are hiking a huge distance. Wool socks are expensive and wear out really fast. Just make sure you have your contact points on your shoes covered, especially your heels.

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    Q: Can I Wear My Hiking Shoes In The Winter

    A: This is a common question and, all too often, a common mistake people make with their hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are intended to be 3-season footwear and they do a spectacular job of fulfilling that role. They are not, however, designed to keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures or to carry you over trails covered in deep powder in the middle of January. Nor are they built to accommodate crampons which are essential for traversing ice fields and ascending ice covered trails. For those times and conditions you need real 4-season, insulated hiking boots. More than a few people have lost toes to frostbite because they wore the wrong footwear into the wilderness in the wintertime. Dont let it happen to you. Enjoy your hiking shoes for what they are but dont try and make them do things they are not designed to do.

    Enjoy Sedona’s Incredible Hiking Trails

    How to choose the perfect backpacking and thru-hiking shoes

    Be comfortable and prepared.

    What to wear on a hike is totally up to the hiker. Comfortable pants or shorts and a loose fitting top, along with a seasonal jacket or sweatshirt will suit most peoples needs. Just like most places, it is always best to wear layers so you are prepared to lighten up as the day gets warmer. Sedona is 3,500 feet higher in altitude than Phoenix, and so much cooler, but the sun in the high desert can still be very intense. Always have some sort of cover-up from the sun along, just in case, especially in the hotter months of May, June, July and August.

    Be sure to have comfortable hiking boots or shoes that are not too tight, but still support your feet and ankles. Of course, Sedona is red rock country and there are many excellent trails that are more rugged and you may want to include some climbing so consider shoes with some tread. Though the seasons do change in Sedona, your footwear needed for hiking isn’t all that different all year round. Though in winter there is an occasional snow but not enough to suggest you bring the snow boots. Be prepared for the kind of hiking you like to do and the season probably will not matter.

    You are sure to have a wonderful experience no matter which hike you take Sedona is a breathtaking place to hike all year long.

    Hiking Clothing & Gear Suggestions

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    Hoka One One Speedgoat Mid 2 Gtx

    Score: 90

    • Weight : 1 lb. 6.7 oz. , 1 lb. 10.5 oz.
    • Price: $170

    Test Results: If your favorite maximalist trail running shoe had ankle support itd probably look a lot like the HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat Mid 2 GTX. And that formula should be just about perfect for hikers looking to go far and fast. One of the lightest boots in our roundup, the fleet-footed Speedgoat Mid 2 GTX uses HOKAs iconic marshmallow stack height with a glorious 30mm of cushion under the heel and a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. Thats a recipe for comfort this boot should protect your tootsies from rocks and roots, allowing you to look up from your feet and check out the scenery. Buy here.

    Some Other Considerations In Choosing The Perfect Hiking Shoe Or Boot:

    1. Fit The shoe or boot should feel snugly comfortable, but not tight. Toes should not touch the tip of the shoe . If they touch, its OK to move up a size. When walking, the heel should stay firmly in place, and not slide up and down, or move forward and back. Make sure the laces are tied snuggly, and that youre wearing your hiking socks, when testing the fit.

    2. Your Hiking Level If youre new to hiking, go for maximum ankle support, until those muscles build up.

    3. The Type of Trails you Hike Hiking only on concrete? Then limit the shoe weight by going for a thinner sole and smaller lugs. Hitting rough and rugged trails? Youll definitely want great traction and protection . If youre climbing Mount Everest, you are in a totally different category!

    4. Waterproofing If youll be hitting wet areas, hiking in weather or trudging through snow, look for shoes or boots with a breathable, waterproof coating.

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    Salomon Womens Authentic Leather Gore

    The Salomon Womens Authentic Leather GORE-TEX boots deliver a lightweight, comfortable feeling with its classic leather style that will last for years.

    This classic leather boot is lightweight & has waterproof GORE-TEX for weather protection. GORE-TEX helps keep your feet dry from the outside as well as from the inside. The waterproof material completely prevents water from entering the shoe.

    At the base of the foot, the Protective mudguard protects the sides from mud, while the rubber toe-cap protects the toes. It also features SensiFit Foothold that supports the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, which provides a secure fit around the foot. The negative comment from some users is that the waterproof does not work on the wholes shoes.

    Price: $ 109 $ 168 US Dollars

    Materials: 100% Synthetic, Rubber

    How To Choose Hiking Boots For Sedona

    Trip Report

    First off, you already know hiking boots are essential footwear . Now, choosing the right hiking boot for Sedona can be pretty challenging.

    In this section, we are going to give you a guide, and it will help you select the best hiking boot to use at Sedona. Here are some key features to expect in a hiking boot when purchasing.

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    What Should I Wear To The Arizona Desert

    Summer in the Arizona desert can obviously be scorching hot. Bring tank tops, T-shirts, flip-flops, shorts, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a swimsuit. If traveling to the mountain towns of Jerome or Prescott, bring along a jean jacket, tennis shoes for hiking and perhaps a bandana for sun protection.

    Q: How Do Hiking Shoes Improve Hiking

    A: There are a few main ways that they improve hiking:

  • Traction
  • Standard shoes arent going to give you proper traction on Mother Natures territory. Its fairly difficult to gain proper traction on rocks and loose dirt. While most of it depends on your footing and stability, your hiking shoes are your second line of defense against slips and falls.

  • Avoiding Blisters
  • Ever walk around in sneakers for far too long, only to find that youre getting blisters on your pinky toes and the interior side of your feet? That happens to the best of us. Hiking shoes are specifically designed to breathe easier, and to lessen the likelihood of finding blisters when you pop your shoes off.

  • They Withstand the Elements
  • Try going hiking in standard sneakersyour hiking shoes were designed to get dirty and dusty, but your casualwear sneakers werent. Not only that, but while you lose traction, youll also damage your sneakers with all the various ways that your feet twist and turn during a hike.

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    What To Wear Hiking :

    • No denim jeans or I love to hike cotton tees: Cotton holds onto water, so it keeps you feeling sweaty in hot temps and chills you if things turn cold and wet.
    • Polyester, nylon or merino wool undies : These materials move sweat off skin and dry fast, so theyre ideal for next-to-skin layers such as briefs, tees, sports bras or long underwear, and for socks. That moisture management ability means those materials work well for all the rest of your clothing as well.
    • Comfortable yet sturdy pants: Trails have twists and turns, so you need to move freely. Branches and boulders, though, can shred thin, stretchy tights or yoga pants.
    • A warm jacket: Polyester fleece works great for this, though a puffy jacket , is smart for colder conditions.
    • A rain jacket: Waterproof/breathable is the key phrase, meaning it will block rain and wind, but will also let you sweat without feeling like youre wearing a plastic bag. In seriously soggy weather, pack rain pants, too.
    • A brimmed hat: Keeps your head dry and protected from the sun. The brim helps keep rain and sun out of your eyes.
    • Sturdy shoes: You dont have to have leather boots, but your hiking footwear should provide support, protection from rocks and roots, and traction on wet and dry surfaces.

    Salomon Womens X Ultra Mid 3 Gtx Hiking Shoe

    Unboxing Vasque Hiking Footwear | First Look at New Shoes

    This hiking boot is as comfortable as a standard running shoe, but with solid ankle support and GORE-TEX waterproof protection. Your feet will be protected from the elements while remaining climate controlled. And they are so so comfortable, no matter how many miles you walk in them.

    Youll have ultimate foot stability in this shoe due to its advanced chassis system. Superior traction coupled with their unbeatable ankle support will keep you sure-footed for your entire trek to Havasu Falls, no matter how rocky the trail may be.

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    Hiking Sandals For Walking On Sand

    From keen again we have the Newport and Whisper which are two hiking sandals, also ideal for walking on loose and wet sand.

    Top Features:

    • Washable uppers with polyester webbing that is comfortable and durable.
    • Aegis Microbe treated lining on the footbed to protect you against germs and odors.
    • A keen patented protective toe to protect you against bumps and scrapes.
    • A razor zipped outsole with 3mm lug patterns for better grip and traction.
    • The comfortable and padded footbed that will prevent heel and foot pain.

    Hiking Near Sedona Arizona

    There are so many awesome hikes around Sedona! SO many of them are high up on my bucket list. I was there during the heart of COVID-19, so I mainly isolated at my campsite and relaxed. I did manage to get one awesome hike in!

    Follow me in Instagram for more of my in-the-moment adventures!

    Boynton Canyon Hike was awesome! It was 3 miles to the top and 3 miles back. I would say in manageable for most skill levels!

    Theres a decent sized parking lot, but its shared with multiple other trailheads. If youre going on a weekend, you might want to get there early! Theres a parking meter. Its in a the Coconino National Forest, so if you have National Park Service Pass, just put it in the dash of your car.

    This hike has a lot of diversity: wildflowers, forest, desert, red rock, and the canyon at the top!

    The view at the top puts you part way up the canyon, but you can see pretty far! It used to be set up to go up further, but the trail keeps eroding and its too dangerous. There was a sign there to stop people, and it looked sketchy so I cant imagine many people even break the rules to try it!

    I was there in March, the weather was perfect, You may want to go when it isnt in the heart of summer, depending on the weather of course!

    Follow me in Instagram for more of my in-the-moment adventures!

    Feel free to email me or message me on instagram with any questions! .

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    Hiking Shoes Good Bet For Most People

    Hiking shoes take the best elements of hiking boots and trail runners and combine them into one. They are lighter and more comfortable than hiking boots, but generally offer the same level of protection . Hiking shoes are designed to last longer than a trail runner but are usually a little heavier because of the extra protection. Theyre also a bit stiffer than a trail runner. Overall the durability, lighter weight, and and protection offer the best balance for hikers.

    I took my first pair of hiking shoes on a 14 mile hike in Yosemite right after buying them. Absolutely no issues at all. Very comfortable for the entire hike, my feet felt like they could have kept going, while the rest of me, not so much. Hiking Shoe Review

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