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What Shoes Work With Peloton

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How To Use Cycling Shoes On Peloton Faqs

Nike SuperRep Cycle Shoes – Best for Peloton?

Q: What are cycling shoes?

A: Cycling shoes are made to provide stability for the cyclist, as well as give the rider a more natural feel. They are designed with special grooves that can grip tightly with clipless pedals.

Q: Why are cycling shoes important on Peloton?

A: Cycling shoes are critical on Peloton because without them, you wont be able to engage the live-streaming classes or audio instructions.

Q: How do I know if my cycling shoes will work on Peloton?

A: Before purchasing your cycling shoes, youll want to check the pedal type of your studio bike to see if they use clipless or flat pedals. If you have clipless pedals, then just buy any pair of clipless cycling shoes and youre good to go! If you have flats, then make sure to find some flats-compatible cycling shoes.

Q: What is the importance of cycling shoes on Peloton?

A: Cycling shoes are needed for two main reasons.

First, they create a connection to the bike that ensures that you will be able to pedal with maximum force since there is no risk of sliding off or losing contact. Second, they provide stability and balance which ensures that you will not fall over your bike while you are pedaling.

Q: How do I know if my size cycling shoe will work for me on Peloton?

Peloton Bike Size Chart :

57- 510: S M L XL

511 62: L XL

63+ : XL

Lake Mens Cx238 Shoes Cx238

I try my best to introduce unique and robust shoe products to the peloton users so that they have broader options. While this pair leaves quite an impression with the price factor, they are equally competent with functionalities.

So, be prepared to spend a handful before narrowing down your search to this product. It comes in four different colors to go with your theme. However, the excitement lies elsewhere.

The main features include stiff soles and the Boa closures. The stiff carbon fiber outsoles reassure your faith in optimal power transfer. You will love the feel the moment they touch the pedals, and you begin the fast rotation.

Next, most shoes reveal a single Boa dial with Velcro straps, but the Cx238 reveals dual Boa closure system and thats all! They combine the seamless adjusting and snug-fitting at one go.

However, you cannot enjoy the comfort of the shoes unless the interior delivers corresponding superiority hence comes the mesh upper comprising supple leather that is popular in demand for premium aeration.

Both materials allow the area to be breathable for your big feet to accommodate with ease. Though, my disappointment was apparent when the cleats were not included with the shoes, given the price tag.

Nevertheless, it assures you to install the Look/SPD-SL cleats that you already own. Compatibility with the peloton bike is more important than what comes free within the package.



The First Step Is To Determine Your Fitness Level

Peloton is an intense bike workout, so youll need to understand your fitness level in order to determine how much pressure you can put on your Peloton cycling shoes.

For example, if you have a low fitness level and are having a hard time keeping up in a class, you may want to use a thicker shoe with more cushioning. If youre in the high-intensity category, then you may want to opt for a thinner cycling shoe that has no added padding.

The point of cycling shoes on Peloton is to mimic what it would feel like if you were riding outside or at the gym. The thinner the shoe, the closer it will come to that feel. In fact, some people even prefer using running shoes on their Peloton bike!

However, this may not be an ideal option for those with lower fitness levels who may struggle with keeping up with high intensity cycling classes. Thats why its important to know your fitness level before investing in new cycling shoes on Peloton!

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How To Install Look Delta Cleats

  • The pair of cleats will come with bolts and washers. Put the cleat on top of the sole lined up with the hole pattern.
  • Next, put the washer on top of the hole. If the washers do not fit snuggly you can adjust the position of the cleat later.
  • Put a bit of grease in the bolt and use an Allen wrench to thread the bolt inside the pre-drilled hole pattern of your shoes without tightening it up.
  • Next, figure the natural alignment of your feet while you are standing or sitting down to aid in determining the correct angle of the cleat.
  • The next step is to figure the lateral position of your cleat.
  • Adjust your cleats accordingly then tighten the bolts into the shoe.

Are Peloton Shoes Included With The Purchase Of A Peloton Bike

5 Best Peloton Bike Cleats for Fearless Stroking!

You’re going to need to purchase Peloton shoes separately. Depending on which ones you buy, you may have to spend anywhere between $60 and $125 for a pair. You may even be able to find special bundles where you get shoes as well as other Peloton accessories, such as headphones and weights, all at once.

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Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet

There are a couple of websites that sell cycling shoes for wide feet that you can use with your Peloton. The websites include, and

As far as the brands offering wide widths in shoes for the Peloton bike, these include Bontrager , Sidi, Lake and Shimano. I’ve included links to some of these brands and website here.

Lake Wide Cycling Shoe – Men’s This shoe even comes in half sizes.

Clipping Your Peloton Shoes Into Your Bike

Before you can actually ride your stationary bike wearing your Peloton shoes, you should undergo the clipping process.

To do this, you can stand with your legs apart on both sides of the bike. It is important that you are in a standing position to guarantee a successful clipping. You can use the handlebars to find your balance while reaching the bike pedals.

Then, point your toe downward and fit your shoes into the pedals opening. Make sure that the cleat touches the pedals opening. Once you notice that the cleat and pedal attach, you can push your heel and wait until you hear a click in peloton shoes. The sound indicates that the shoe already snapped into your bicycle pedal.

To address your Peloton cleats not clipping in, wiggle your shoe from side to side. If your shoes are coming off on a subtle wiggle or your Peloton shoes dont clip in, inspect the attachment again by going through the previous steps.

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Peloton Cycling Shoes: How To Fix Band

It is natural to have your shoe strap both too loose or too tight, hence the necessity to adjust it. After all, isnt it expected that the shoes only fit snug for the best help on safety?

Promptly you have to modify the best peloton shoe strap, how do you go about it? Lets have a glance: Now take your shoe and tick on the button of the clamp. The strap will instantly run loose on the shoe. You can then choose on the strap and both pull it to the edge to tighten the shoe or to the middle to loosen the shoe. The shocking bit is that this is simply what you have to arrange.

Lastly, once you got the right attachment, lift the fastening button and release it to fasten the strap in the clamp.

Assembling Peloton Shoes And Cleats

Are These Shoes for Your Peloton Bike Legit? Kescoo Biking Shoes

Peloton shoes should always come with cleats that support your body when riding. You can choose either the Look Delta cleats or those that come from Shimano. It is important to install the cleats when you assemble Peloton shoes.

To do this, you can wear the shoes and create a mark at the bottom of Peloton shoes. You can trace the ball of your feet using a pencil or a marker. In this way, you can adjust the middle cleat across the ball of your foot when necessary.

Then, based on the markings, place the cleats at the bottom of your Peloton shoes. For proper placement, you have to match the cleats with the three screw holes you see on the shoes.

After that, install the washer into the proper recess of the cleats followed by the screws. Tighten the screw using a 4-mm hex key and ensure that the cleats are placed securely. Repeat the step with the other shoe.

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How Often Should I Replace My Cycling Shoes

I have to be honest: this wasnt a question I had even considered until almost four years of riding my Peloton bike. The Bontrager shoes served me well on my nearly 1,100 rides. Until one day they didnt.

Why? Because I started to notice that my feet were aching after every ride. It didnt matter how long I rode. The sides of my feet hurt afterwards. I checked to make sure my cleats hadnt movethey hadntbecause that can sometimes be why your feet hurt after riding your Peloton.

Find Cycling Shoes That Match Your Riding Style And Comfort Needs

Your cycling shoes should be chosen based on your riding style and comfort needs. You can find shoes that are designed for different riding styles, including road, mountain, and indoor cycling.

When youre choosing a shoe, its important to find one thats a good fit. When you do a test ride on the bike with a new pair of shoes, make sure the length is not too long or too short. The clip should also be comfortably fitted around your foot.

If youre still uncertain about which pair of shoes to choose, try going to a store and testing out different pairs until you find ones that feel right for you!

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Cleat Type: Get It Right

If clip-in shoes are more your vibe and you want to take advantage of the performance benefits they bring you should know that there are different types available on the market and you cant just buy whichever takes your fancy without doing a bit of research first.

Most clip-in shoes will consist of two main components: the shoe itself and the cleat. The cleat is the part which attaches via screws to the sole of the shoe and locks into the pedal. However, please note that there are two main types of cleat systems and only one is compatible with your Peloton bike.

The two types are SPD and Delta . Peloton uses the latter. However, not all exercise bikes use this format. The UK-based Peloton rival Apex, for example, ships with SPD pedals. These are smaller in shape than Delta and wont fit in a Peloton bike even if you try really hard.

How To Choose Shoes For Your Peloton Bike

Peloton Cycling shoes brand new for Sale in Miami, FL

Cycling shoes are different from standard sneakers in a number of different areas. First, the shoe sole is rigid and wont flex much if at all. This allows you to apply much more power through your leg, into your foot, and through the shoe to the pedal. It can make pedaling much easier even if it means that theyre a little awkward to walk in. That can be a consideration for outdoor cycle trips but, for Peloton workouts, it just means swapping the shoes out for something with a flexible sole once you hop off the bike.

Take a look at the soles of the shoes and youll also see a cut-out section on the sole under the ball of your foot. This allows the cleats to be bolted directly onto the shoe, providing a firm hold. For Peloton pedals make sure that you get shoes that are compatible with Look Delta systems.

Apart from these two, there are a number of other features that youll commonly see on cycling shoes. Theyll generally have a low style construction which allows plenty of unimpeded movement at the ankle. Theyll also have lots of mesh panels to help your feet to keep well ventilated. Plus, many shoes come with Velcro fastenings for those that, like me, have never quite mastered the art of tying laces.

Editors Recommendation:

The perfect fan to cool you down on your Peloton is the WAHOO FITNESS KICKR HEADWIND Fan:

  • Targeted Airflow Pattern to deal with the toughest workouts
  • Sensor-controlled air speed changes with your heart rate

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Best Shoes For Peloton Bike

Reasons to avoid

The Peloton shoes can be bought via the Peloton website, either as part of your bike purchase or on their own.

Independent customer reviews are hard to find for the Peloton shoes. However, users on Reddit have mixed opinions. “I have over 1500 rides in mine and they are still very comfortable,” says one user. However, another says “personally, I think the Peloton shoes are a bit expensive for what they are.”

Only available in black wed love to see more variety when it comes to design and color, especially as there are so many other more vibrant brands. When you receive the shoes the Delta cleats arent already attached – although they are easy to screw into place.

Designed like classic bike shoes, the black shoes have two velcro straps and a third top ratchet clip, which means you can adjust the tightness of the shoe. The design also includes a breathable upper mesh design, while the tongue is attached to the last clip – which should help it stay in place while youre riding. However, some may find the soles and the material used to be quite stiff, which some users may find noticeable when youre riding.

Reasons to avoid

This is a basic three velcro strap bike shoe that does come complete with cleats that are compatible with SPD and Delta pedals.

Reasons to avoid

Perfect for road cycling and for use on the Peloton, these shoes are designed to be light, breathable, and comfortable.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

How To Use Nike Cycling Shoes On Peloton

First, head over to the Peloton website. Scroll down a bit and youll see the Cycling Shoes section. Click on the link for Cycling Shoes.

Youll be taken to a page that looks like this:

As you can see, we have some basic information about what were looking at: ID code , brake type, size and color of shoes youll be using. This will help us figure out what pedals well need for our bike.

If youd rather use your own pedals, go ahead and set them up in whatever way makes sense for your bike. If you want to use different sizes or colors of cycling shoes, click on the Buy Now button to get started right away!

The second thing that comes up when you do is an inventory form where you can enter details about where it was purchased and how many times its been ridden per week:

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Can You Buy Shoes At The Peloton Store

Yes, you can buy shoes at the Peloton store.

If youre an avid cyclist and your favorite brands dont carry cycling-specific shoes, then yes, there are more options for you at a Peloton retail location than just expensive gym clothes that constantly ride up.

If not, no worries they do have all the regular brands as well as other specialty shops on site too to make sure no one goes home empty-handed.

What Else I Tested

Peloton Shoes Unboxing and Setup!

Giro Trans BOA : The Giro Trans BOA was this close to being the best overall BOA cycling shoe in this guide. It’s got excellent support thanks to the BOA/Velcro closure combo, is breathable thanks to mesh ventilation panels, and I think it just looks cool.

But Giro is slowly phasing it out in favor of new models. It’s also only available in a men’s fit starting at a size 39, so those with smaller feel could be out of luck. The Trans BOA only supports Look Delta cleats, while the Cadet supports both Look Delta and SPD, so the Cadet is the more versatile shoe all around.

Tomasso Pista : The draw of the Tomasso Pista is that cleats come included and pre-installed on the shoe, which is great for beginners. But recently, the price jumped up by nearly $40. It was previously available for around $85, which would have made it a great budget buy.

The quality of the shoe itself is lesser than some of the other equivalently-priced models I tested, and the fit felt bulky in a way that other shoes didn’t, so it’s just not worth it at the increased price.

Giro Empire E70 W Knit : I was first intrigued by this shoe because it had laces a rarity in the cycling shoe market. And those laces ended up being its downfall, not because they performed poorly but because I was constantly worried they would get caught in my pedals or come untied during my ride. They never did, but the stress wasn’t worth it.

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Best Budget Spin Shoes With Boa

A BOA closure automatically ups the cost of a cycling shoe, but the Specialized Torch 1.0 manages to keep it affordable without compromising on quality or comfort.

  • Size range: 36 – 49
  • Closure: 1 BOA dial, 1 Velcro strap
  • Cleat compatibility: Look Delta

Pros: More affordable than a typical BOA shoe, added padding under tongue, fits true to size, lightweight, comes in bold colors

Cons: Velcro strap at toes is thin, no specialized women’s/men’s fits, compatible with Look Delta cleats only

Where many cycling shoes limit their color palettes to black and white with the occasional pop of color, the Torch 1.0 shoes from Specialized go bold with offerings of neon red, green, and blue. Of course, you can still get a black or white pair if you want to keep it simple, but those bold colors along with the very friendly price point for a shoe with these features were what first attracted me to this pair.

The shoes back up some flashy presentation with a very similar closure style to the Giro Cadets. A BOA closure gives you excellent uniform support, while a Velcro strap towards the toes aims to prevent toe shift. The Velcro strip on the Torch 1.0s isn’t as robust as the one on the Cadets, so I’m not sure it does a ton of work, but it does add some peace of mind.

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