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What Stores Sell Puma Shoes

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History Of Puma Shoes

puma Dwayne IDP lace up running shoes

In turbulent Germany between the world wars, the Dassler brothers started a shoe company in their mothers laundry. From their humble starts as local athletic shoe cobblers, the Dasslers didnt make their big break until the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, when they proudly sponsored Jesse Owens: the now-famous gold-medal winning African-American sprinter.

With the strain of WWII and American occupation, the Dassler family business broke under pressure. Adi Dassler went on to found adidas, while his brother Rudolf Dassler started RUDA, which later became known as PUMA. These two German shoe brands have been rivals ever since but at Shoe Carnival, we love them both!

Split And Creation Of Puma

After increasingly different views of how to run the business, the brothers split the business in 1948. Rudolf moved to the other side of the Aurach River to start his own company. Adolf started his own company using a name he formed using his nicknameAdiand the first three letters of his last nameDasto establish Adidas. Rudolf created a new firm that he called “Ruda”, from “Ru” in Rudolf and “Da” in Dassler. A few months later, Rudolf’s company changed its name to Puma Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler.

Puma and Adidas entered a fierce and bitter rivalry after the split. The town of Herzogenaurach was divided on the issue, leading to the nickname “the town of bent necks”people looked down to see which shoes strangers wore.

In the first football match after World War II in 1948, several members of the West Germany national football team wore Puma boots, including the scorer of West Germany’s first post-war goal, Herbert Burdenski. Rudolf developed a football boot with screw-in studs, called the “Super Atom” in collaboration with people, such as West Germany’s national coach .

At the 1952 Summer Olympics, 1500 metres runner Josy Barthel of Luxembourg won Puma’s first Olympic gold in Helsinki, Finland.

Puma launched the Clyde in 1973 designed for basketball player Walt “Clyde” Frazier, it gained wide popularity.

Labour Practices And Factory Conditions

In 2000, Puma began auditing all of its suppliers on a yearly basis, and makes the results available in its sustainability reports. Since 2005, it has publicly provided a list of its suppliers.

In August 2004, a joint report from the National Labor Committee and China Labor Watch stated that workers at some of Puma’s Chinese factories were enduring sweatshop conditions, working up to 16.5 hours per day for about US$0.31 an hour. Puma said they would investigate the claims.

In February 2012, a woman who worked for one of Puma’s suppliers in Cambodia was shot during a protest over factory working conditions. Puma acknowledged the poor working conditions and said they would work to improve the situation.

According to a joint report from Labour Behind the Label and Community Legal Education Centre, 30 workers fainted in November 2012 while producing clothing for Puma in China. The faintings were caused by excessive heat and alleged forced overtime. In 2014, almost 120 workers fainted in two Cambodian clothing factories where sportswear was being produced for Puma and Adidas, due to temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit . In March 2017, 150 workers assembling Puma products in Cambodia fainted due to thick smoke.

Puma has obtained the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation for its Australian-made products. This labour-friendly accreditation applies to only a small percentage of Puma’s total production.

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Learn More About Puma Shoes & Apparel

Experience PUMA® Performance

PUMA fuses high style with signature performance. From the pitch to the streets and everywhere in between, pick up PUMA gear for your active lifestyle, including the latest PUMA basketball shoes.

PUMA cleats are built for a comfortable fit that enhances stability. Innovative cleat patterns provide seamless traction on a variety of surfaces. Shop PUMA cleats designed for the golf course or soccer fields.

PUMA soccer cleats are crafted for lightweight agility. Move faster and better on turf, grass and indoor surfaces with soccer shoes and cleats designed for men, women and kids alike. Kick a PUMA soccer ball designed with premium leather casing and a resilient bladder. Pack up your gym bag with PUMA shin guards, gloves and more.

Expect a lightweight, streamlined fit from PUMA athletic apparel. The PUMA collection includes tees, golf polos, running clothes, and of course, PUMA shoes or PUMA golf shoes.

More About PUMA

PUMA shoes and PUMA apparel are crafted with high-performance fabrics and design for superior fit and feel during your most strenuous games. Log miles in lightweight garments that wick perspiration from your skin and deliver a seamless feel as you move. Step into the tee box with collared PUMA golf shirts and head to the gym in relaxed-fitting PUMA tees and shorts.

Accessorize for the game with the help of PUMA. PUMA backpacks, bags and duffels let you easily stow away the essentials for your game, like PUMA towels, socks and beanies.

Push Forward In Puma Shoes

Puma Men

PUMA is for anyone looking to take things to the next level, whether in sports or fashion. The brand’s mantra “Forever Faster” inspires people to push themselves all day, every day. PUMA’s founder was dedicated to producing quality, competitive sportswear from the start so PUMA was destined for greatness.

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Learn More About Puma Shoes & Puma Sneakers


PUMA Shoes for All the Ways You Move

PUMA shoes offer innovative details and sport-specific style. For casual wear, PUMA sneakers deliver the same standout style with comfortable features for all-day support.

PUMA Basketball Shoes: Look for low-, mid- and high-top styles with sleek silhouettes and cool color combos. Perfect for the court with enhanced durability and traction.

PUMA Golf Shoes: Break from tradition with PUMA golf shoes for men and women’s PUMA golf shoes. These sneaker-inspired styles feature a low-profile fit and traction.

PUMA Soccer Cleats: These styles are optimized for a sleek, aerodynamic fit. Look for lightweight leather or microfiber uppers, designed for enhanced ball feel and control. Mesh paneling and inserts provide breathability during grueling games. Indoor styles feature a flat-surface outsole with intricate traction patterns for enhanced foot control. Outdoor styles are specially made for a variety of surfaces, including firm ground, hard ground and turf.

PUMA Training Shoes: These versatile styles are designed for a range of workouts, from weightlifting to cardio. These PUMA shoes provide comfort, cushion and stability for high-intensity training. Uppers with specialized overlays deliver lightweight, lockdown fit. Heel counters further help with support, while durable rubber outsoles provide the right amount of grip and impact absorption.

Expert Advice

Break the Mold With PUMA® Shoes

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Puma’s Place In Sneaker Culture

In 1968, the PUMA Suede began an unprecedented run of prominence in the worlds of hip-hop, sneakers, and culture. This trajectory began in October of that year, during the Summer Olympic Games. During a medal ceremony for a track event, two American athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, walked to the podium to receive their gold and silver medals, both raising their fists in a show of solidarity with the Civil Rights Movement. It was an electrifying moment in American sports and culture, one that would change the social landscape of the country forever. For PUMA, it was the start of something else entirely, all thanks to a single PUMA Suede held by Tommie Smith on his way to the podium. Soon, the silhouette took off, quickly becoming one of the brands most popular models. Just a few years later, in 1973, NBA legend Walt Frazier approached PUMA asking for a wider version of the shoe, making him the first-ever basketball player with a signature shoe, referred to as the PUMA Clyde by hardcore sneakerheads. Over the next few decades, the Suede would continue to help define PUMA. Quickly adopted by B-boys and others in the dancing field, as well as hip-hop artists, the iconic silhouette has been famously endorsed by names like Jay-Z, Jack Black, and Kylie Jenner. While many celebrities have endorsed PUMA sneakers over the years, few have been lucky enough to work hand-in-hand with the brand, and the short list includes Rihanna, Big Sean, and Selena Gomez.

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Footwear & Apparel With A Forward

Despite PUMAs prominent history in the footwear scene, the brands innovation and technologies have not always been their selling point. However, that should change soon. In 2017, PUMA introduced evoKnit, a durable and flexible upper material woven together for a breathable, sock-like fit. The new technology gave them an edge in competing with other brands, but they werent quite finished. In 2017, PUMA introduced NRGY, a cushioning technology that uses soft foam beads to provide a high-energy return. The combination of these innovative new advancements will help bring PUMA sneakers into the modern age, while allowing them to retain the classic styles of their roots.

Puma Products On Jumia

Puma Hybride Shoes Running shoes

Discover the best Puma products online on Jumia Nigeria. These products are very sporty as Puma is a sporty brand. We have a selection running shoes to go to the gym with. Casual Shoes for that special event can also be found online on Jumia, both for female or male. Step out looking fly in your Puma sneakers. Take advantage of the best online service and pay on delivery to any part of Nigeria. Puma is a recognized brand that has come to Nigeria to stay and they have a lot of classy products for you to stay looking stylish. Shop online on Jumia Nigeria for the best Puma products.

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Puma: A Brand With Rich History

PUMAs story begins in the town of Herzogenaurach, the footwear capital of Germany. The companys founder, Rudolf Dassler, established PUMA in 1948 after he and his brother Adi dissolved their prior footwear endeavor, Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Continuing with his passion, Rudolph kept producing soccer cleats under the PUMA name and creating some of the most popular boots in Germany. After a decade of success, PUMA introduced their first two logos, the leaping cat, and the Formstrip. Originally an inner piece of the shoe meant to stabilize the foot, the addition of the stiff stripe to the outside of the shoe created a now-iconic look for the brand. In 1968, the sleek stripe appeared on PUMA Suede, one of the most important sneakers in PUMAs 70-year history.

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