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What The Best Shoes To Play Basketball In

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Q: Which Socks Should I Wear With My Basketball Sneakers

Best basketball shoes to play/jump in

A: Socks are essential to your basketball sneakers performance as they add extra protection against blisters and pressure, while helping to keep your hardworking feet cool and dry.

Depending on the level of cushioning you want, you can choose from a variety of sport sock thicknesses its a matter of personal preference, just make sure you dont lose the natural flexibility and required movement in your foot. And try out your new sock/shoe combo a few times before you take to the court for that really important game.

Choose a sport sock that works with the height of your basketball shoe to prevent friction and rubbing. You can also choose designs that give you extra cushioning and support in more delicate areas, such as the heel and forefoot. And finally, always opt for synthetic socks rather than cotton, for superior sweat-wicking properties and you will keep your feet and your game totally fresh.

+ Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Back in 2020, due to the global pandemic, most indoor basketball courts were closed. Outdoor basketball, therefore, saw a huge boost in popularity. A lot of people headed out onto the blacktop in their regular hoop shoes and tore them to shreds. Theres often big differences between shoes that are well suited for indoor basketball and those that are better outdoor basketball shoes.

Its important to understand how to find shoes meant for outdoor play so you dont throw away your hard-earned money on shoes that lack durability or dont have enough cushion to spare your joints from a beating.

The Top 5 Basketball Shoes For Playing Outdoors

Every baller knows that playing basketball outdoors requires a different type of shoe. When youre playing on a beat up old court that is often covered with dirt and dust, you need the right type of traction to make sure that youre not slipping and sliding all over the place. You also need a shoe that is built for rougher use.

So how do you know if a shoe is going to work well outdoors?

  • The bottom of the shoe should have deep and wide grooves for elite traction.
  • The outsole of the shoe should be made from solid rubber.
  • The body of the shoe should be be made with durable materials that can withstand the elements.

The problem that many ballers face these days is that shoe companies dont release shoes that are specific to this market. That being said, the lack of a dedicated outdoor basketball shoe doesnt mean you dont have some high quality options.

The shoes below are those that have been reviewed and rated as the best basketball shoes for playing on outdoor courts.

  • Grippy multi-directional traction uses a similar data-driven design to the original Two Way sneaker.
  • Solid impact protection thanks to FuelCell underfoot cushioning.
  • The upgraded mesh upper is breathable and supportive, with a midsole shank for extra support and a mid collar for more ankle stability.

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Choosing The Best High

Getting the right high-top basketball sneaker in 2021 has become extremely difficult.

Thats because brands mainly focus on introducing either low-tops or mid-tops as most players prefer them.

Hence, the availability is already scarce. Thats, however, not the problem as Ive already done a discussion on 7 top-notch high-top sneakers.

The problem is that many players dont know how to get the right high-top footwear.

This is where this buying guide would help you.

It includes a cheat sheet on some of the features that you should not overlook in a high-top Bball shoe.

Have a look at them:

Ankle Support:

The whole point of getting a high-top basketball sneaker is to keep your ankle protected at all costs.

So, a sneaker with better ankle support must be the priority. In this aspect, you should closely look at how the shoes are made.

If they have a large enough shaft to arch distance, then it would mean that such sneakers could keep your ankle protected.

Make sure that the basketball shoes you invest in can completely cover your ankle.

This way, it will avoid sprains, twisting, and other injuries. Plus, you could also focus on the game better in this way.


Next thing that matters the most is breathability. High-tops usually dont offer enough air ventilation as their upper is made up of tough materials.

Thats the reason you need to focus on the breathability factor. You need to invest in a high-top that offers a sweat-free playing experience.

So, thats THAT

The Top 100 Basketball Shoes Of All Time

The 21 Best Basketball Shoes in 2020/2021 (So Far)

This is it. The debate ends here.

If you’ve never had a pair of kicks from this list, you don’t deserve to step on a court. These are the shoes worn by legends as well as trendsetters.

This list ranks kicks by style, on-court performance and off-the-court reputation.

These are the top 100 basketball shoes of all time.

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Special Cushioning For Fast Breaks

Continuing with the impressive lower half is the cushioning system, featuring an improved ProFoam+ which is softer and provides more compression. This keeps your foot active and light which is why you can get a great response out of it a very supportive shoe without feeling too soft. The upper half of this great shoe is made from very lightweight material to counteract the sole and cushion system and is very minimalistic so you only have exactly what is needed to keep your foot in place. Stick to ordering your true size as this shoe will break in very nicely. The minimal material and ProFoam+ cushion completely engulf your foot and will be a very comfortable shoe.

What Is A Good Pair Of Basketball Shoes

A good pair of basketball shoes will help players advance their skill set and decrease the chance for injury. The demand for high-quality basketball shoes is immense, which is why most performance sneakers are expensive and available in limited supply. An average pair of performance basketball shoes will range from $100 to $150. Some high-end sneakers, like the Air Jordan XX8, cost a few hundred dollars. The best basketball shoes ultimately supply players with added ankle support, durability and traction.

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Nike Air Max Impact 3

The Nike Air Max Impact 3 was a big surprise. Easily the best budget model on the market today. The cushion setup is the shoes best feature. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and feature an upper that needs no break-in time. The shoes support is also a stand-out feature with two outriggers that make sure your hoot is secure during play. Theres really no other shoe under $100 that performs this well, this consistently. Read the full review. Price: $90.

How I Chose The Shoes

Top 5 Best JORDAN To Play Basketball In!

A consumer-friendly take on a basketball shoe list

I believe it is important for you to know what exact factors went into the selection process. I tried my best to put together a practical, varied list that caters to different people with different needs & preferences.

Lets go over those right now.


Just as a heads up first, this is not going to be a list devoted specifically to people who have some sort of foot condition as its very tough to cater to absolutely everyones needs.

But youre in luck if youre one of those people who have a rather unusual foot shape that could be problematic to fit certain shoes, or perhaps your foot is still in the process of rapid growth, I do have a few shoe lists devoted to those people. Check em out below!

DISCLAIMER! If youve got wide feet though, you will get some good options here as well, as Im a very prominent wide footer myself, so all the shoes listed are in fact compatible for a wider foot.

Ill do my best to highlight the shoes that I think will be wide and/or flat foot-friendly based on my own and others experiences, so keep an eye on that. Even though your best bet will still be the appropriate list above, I wont leave you hanging!


Good luck with that if youre looking for a 2012 Hyperdunk.


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Durability Of The Rubber

The rubber of the outsole suffers the most from playing on rougher outdoor courts. If your shoes feature a soft rubber compound you will probably end up with a completely slick outsole, or even worse, holes in your shoes, pretty fast! Overall, there are two things you want to look for when it comes to outsoles:

Solid and dense rubber:

You can either go with regular shoe models that come with a firmer rubber compound out of the box like the Adidas D Rose or the Nike Lebron Soldier line. Or you look for shoes that are specifically made for outdoor use. Especially Chinese brands produce a lot of outdoor models like the Anta KT Outdoor Low as indoor courts are much harder to find there compared to the US.

If you can afford to spend a little more on your outdoor shoes, you can also customize your favorite Nike Sneaker with an XDR outsole using NikeID.

Wide traction pattern:

A very narrow traction pattern will attract a lot of dirt and rubble and lose grip quickly. Make sure to get a traction pattern with wide and deep grooves that will last a lot longer on dirty blacktop.

Anatomy Of A Basketball Shoe

There are three main parts to a basketball shoe: the upper, the midsole and the outsole. Each part plays a different role in the overall performance of a basketball shoe.


Uppers come in three heights: high-tops, mid-tops and low-tops. Choosing the type of upper you are most comfortable with is your starting point in selecting a basketball shoe. A few other points to consider are what position you play, how aggressive or dynamic do you play and if you are prone to rolling or spraining your ankle?

High Tops: The high upper offers the most support as it wraps around the ankle. The trade-off for support is weight. High-top basketball shoes tend to be heavier than mid-tops or low-tops. However, forwards and centers often the largest players on the court might prefer high-tops to ease the potential strain on their feet and ankles.

Mid Tops: Mid-tops offer some ankle support, but not as much as high-tops. Mid-tops sit right at the ankle level, and mid-tops are more flexible than high-tops. Mid-tops are a great choice for players who play multiple positions on the court.

Low Tops: Low-tops offer little to no ankle support. What players lose in ankle support is made up for in the speed and agility that low-tops provide. Low-tops are an optimal choice for players where speed is a critical element of their game, such as guards or defensive stoppers.



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The Top 30 Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes

Finding a pair of basketball shoes that are able to provide you with all the support you need will definitely pay off. Whether you are looking for extra cushioning for your heal, toes, forefoot or even just a softer inside of the shoe itself, there are many great options! Numerous shoes on this list are created to give better protection and support for when you are playing, rather than a normal basketball shoe.

Special cushioning materials are used to make the shoe more comfortable for you to wear. Wouldnt you rather look forward to the feeling of extra support your pair of basketball shoes give you? Many plays during your basketball game might leave you with fear of your ankles, feet, and toes not being supported. By picking a pair off of this list of the top 30 best cushioned basketball shoes , you can guarantee that there will be no more fear of that.

Here is the scoop on the best cushioned basketball shoes!

How Do I Find A Basketball Shoe That Fits My Playing Style

Which player had the best sneakers of Week 14 in the NBA?

No two basketball players are the same. Everything from a players height to their weight, to their build, their skill level, etc. are factors that will determine their playing style. And even players that seem very similar, can have different tastes in what they like from their footwear. Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving for example have vastly different signature shoes, but somewhat comparable styles on court.

Smaller, more agile players will usually favor shoes that can accommodate their shiftier style of play. This means that they will need great traction, great support features, and reactive cushioning. The Curry line and the Kyrie line are good examples of this type of setup.

For bigger, more powerful players, on the other hand, the main focus will probably be a plush cushioning system that will absorb a lot of impacts and a very supportive build. In this case, LeBrons signature line is the best example available.

This of course is a general rule of thumb, and each player will have their individual tastes, but this is a good starting point to find the best basketball shoes for you.

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Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

There are not a ton of great options for wide-footers out there. With the explosion in popularity of online shopping wide footers might not get the chance, to try on sneakers in-store. But, have no fear, Weartesters is here to help you find the best shoe for you. Here you will find our top choice for the best basketball shoe for wide footers, and you can also check out our full list of wide-foot-friendly options here.

Weighs Heavy For A Basketball Shoe

The Cosmic Unity weighs 13.3oz/378g, which sits on the heavy end for basketball shoes.Low-top basketball shoes weigh 12.6oz/359g on average.

This comes to no surprise with the premium full-length Zoom Strobel setup and the gigantic outrigger & general material thickness.

Its weight sits noticeably higher than the popular Nike KD 14, Nike Kyrie 7, Nike PG 5, and Under Armour Curry 8 releases. That being said, when actually playing actually on foot the shoe did not feel noticeably heavier and still played like a guard shoe to me.

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Types Of Basketball Shoes

Most often we considered mainly three types of basketball shoes depending upon their styleHigh tops basketball shoes provide the best ankle support by covering the ankle fully and it gives a satisfactory shield to the ankle but due to their great weight it becomes slightly complex for players to move among the three stylesMid-top basketball shoes are shorter than high-top stop at the ankle level, give less stability than high-top shoes to foot, and are lightweight. Also, it most demanded among professionals and beginnersLow-top basketball shoes are shorter than the other two styles that are below the ankle provide the least stability to the ankle. Lightest in weight than high and mid-top shoes. It is best for kids

Finding The Best Fit From Your Basketball Shoes

How to Find The Best Basketball Shoes that Fit Your Playing Style

With the boom of online shopping, going into your local sneaker shop and trying on a pair of shoes is practically a thing of the past. If you arent going in and trying on your shoes, fit can be more of an issue than you might think.

For starters, different brands fit differently. In particular, adidas is notoriously inconsistent with its sizing and is the most different fitting of any of the major brands. But even within more traditional fitting brands, different lines within each brand might fit wider or more narrow.

Fortunately, at WearTesters we break down the fit of every shoe we review. And we actually wear and test every shoe we review. Thats not something a lot of other shoe review websites do.

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Traction Force From Shoe Sole

The basketball shoes traction force is a crucial parameter. The force of traction is the force used to move a body and a basketball court surface or any tangential surface. Basketball player requires traction force to get better movement and speed in the game the critical role of sole outer players in generating the force of traction.

Players need to optimize the shoe traction force. The sole outer surface should equip with better material and a flatter surface to get better traction force. Now, maybe when it comes to basketball sneakers, Im just really picky, but theres a reason! Good basketball shoes are essential because

  • Take hold of the floor and allow fast cutting and crossing
  • They protect your knees and feet and reduce stress.
  • Fit comfortably and tightly lock your feet.
  • They support your ankles and protect them from rolling.
  • Sole Should be wide and thick as compared to shoes used in indoor sports.

Good basketball shoes are going to help you make the most of your game! Ill show you the top 12 basketball shoes currently on the market in this article and help you to find the perfect model for you!

H Curry Shoes From 2009 To 2013

It took Steph 4 seasons to establish himself as a superstar in the league and change modern basketball with his shooting ability. Steph had some ups and downs in those first 4 seasons but one thing they had in common was Nike sneakers.

Steph was a Nike athlete until the summer of 2013. That summer Nike reportedly didnt treat Steph with much respect during negotiations and didnt seem interested in making him a signature athlete. Steph looked elsewhere and would end up signing an initial deal with Under Armour in September for just $4M. Of course, that number would balloon to $20M a year, but at the time the deal was a huge bet by both parties.

Over those years, Steph wore a bunch of different Nike models, most with the prefix Hyper in the name. He wore the Nike Hyperdunk 2008, the Nike Hyperdunk 2010, the Nike Hyperfuse 2010, the Nike Luner Hypergamer, the Nike LeBron 10 and the Nike Hyperize.

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  • Stephen Curry returns to his hometown of Charlotte.
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  • Monday, Dec. 26, 2011 at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. Curry would leave the game and not return.
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