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Where Are Vionic Shoes Made

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Vionic Leather Thong Sandals -Dillon on QVC

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Therapeutic shoe design helps alleviate Achilles tendonitis symptoms
  • Soft, padded collars featured in all Orthofeet shoes for tendonitis cradle the heel, working wonders to alleviate pressure on the Achilles tendon.
  • Premium orthotic insoles with superior arch support align the foot and ankle and help alleviate tendonitis pain.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic soles with a mild rocker and extra cushioning soften impacts and enhance comfort.

Walking on Air. I wish I had known about these shoes a long time ago. I have bone spurs in the Achilles tendon area, so the extra cushion and support these shoes provide are amazing. In the week I have been wearing them the pain has been significantly reduced when I walk, allowing me to walk more often and for longer distances.”

Thomas Brothers

Biomechanical footwear design creates the best shoes for swollen feet and edema

First, plantar fasciitis in both feet and now swelling in my right metatarsal joint, and PAIN. It has been impossible to find a 12 hr shoe, and now my doc tells me I really need a wide box for my toes. These Ortho shoes have definitely improved my foot pain and have lots of room for my toes to spread out. Great shoe, thanks.

Elizabeth Smith

How shoes work to help alleviate pain associated with gout in the foot

Kathleen Cargill

How shoes work to help alleviate pain associated with heel spurs

Brenda Helander

Therapeutic shoe design helps alleviate foot, knee, hip and back pain associated with arthritis

Vionic Group: The Proud Parent Of Complementary Medical And Retail Brands

Indeed, the shoe powerhouses success in the clinical field and consumer market is driven by its proven Vionic with Orthaheel Technology. Satisfied customers spread the good word fast and the footwear brand now has a rapidly-growing fan base among doctors, therapists, retailers, patients and consumers.

In 2017, Vionic plans to forge ahead with its brand expansion. This will include the introduction of its latest footwear innovations: A cutting-edge block heel womens shoe design and a new athletic shoe. Both new styles infuse the companys orthotic technology right into the fashionable designs. To boot, the comfortable Elation 1.0 and Ngage 1.0 athletic shoes will be revolutionary for the company and its customers. These shoes include non-removable orthotics, integrated right into the outside soles.

Were pushing the envelope here, Noble said. Were really excited.

Robyn Parets is a freelance writer based in Boston.

Article sponsored by Vionic.

Vionic Womens Kea Orthotic Trainers

Next up is a shoe meant more for casual types of situations, possibly work, or even for walking. First of all, the looks of these arent as bad as you might believe when you take a closer look. When you look close, youll see that with a color change, you can look nice and feel nice, too, while keeping you feeling more athletic and agile. With a mesh and synthetic upper, they are both very breathable and also good for the environment, all the while giving you flexibility and ample ability to move around in the forefoot. If you are worried about durability due to mesh, you shouldnt be, due to the use of gore paneling that reinforces and ensures that it will not be splitting open. With rubber on the outsoles and the soles, there is plenty about it to keep you grounded and feeling comfy at all times.


  • Extreme durability

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Why We Recommend Them

This is an opportunity to find fun, fashionable shoes that actually provide the support you need. Most people dislike wearing podiatry shoe brands, since they can be large and clunky-looking in order to accommodate most lower limb needs. Vionic shoes with Orthaheel technology break that trend. These shoes match modern styles without looking large and awkward. More importantly, Vionic shoes are the only styles that have earned the American Podiatric Medicine Association seal of acceptance.

Orthaheel sandals also provide an opportunity for you to wear comfortable, open-toed shoes without suffering. Because the sandals are made with the Orthaheel technology, your feet will still benefit from the podiatrist-designed interior. No need to worry that youll end up with hip or back pain when you show off your toes.

That is why we now offer Vionic footwear in our Wellness & Shoe Center. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain shoes that will relieve your arch pain and help you enjoy your active lifestyle again.

Suffering From Heel Pain


Unfortunately, aging and heel pain go hand-in-hand. According to Dr. Jackie Sutera, as we age the muscles and ligaments in the foot become weaker, as do the bones due to calcium reduction. In addition, the fatty padding under the foot thins out, which means less protection and cushioning for trite bones, in particular the heel bone. Fallen arches combined with thinning fat tissue are a recipe for foot problems.

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Study Shows Vionic Contoured Sandals Alleviate Heel Pain

Vionic helped fund a peer-reviewed clinical 12-week study of 150 people ages 50 and up who were experiencing moderate, non-traumatic heel pain that showed that Vionic contoured sandals effectively alleviate heel pain. Patients wearing Vionic contoured sandals were 68 percent more likely to report improvement in symptoms compared to those wearing flat flip flops.

According to the company, Results also showed that the contoured sandal provided similar relief to best-selling Vionic orthotic insoles in alleviating heel pain. Well get to Vionics amazing insoles below, but first, lets dive into how Vionic shoes help alleviate foot and heel pain.

Vionic Spark Caroll Ballet Flat

Vionic Spark Caroll Ballet Flat

A nice pair of ballet shoes are the most common thing in a womans wardrobe. The shoes go with dresses, skirts, shirts, etc.

Vionic brings you the Caroll Ballet Flat with a shiny and polished upper made of leather. The midsoles are made of microfiber-wrapped EVA, which you can easily remove and replace if needed. They retail for about $120 and come in different colors and prints like black, navy, pink, croc, etc.

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Where Are Vionic Shoes Made

Were sure youll agree that feet are crucial modes of transportation, which is why they deserve to be loved and cared for. Vionic Shoes creates fashionable, supportive footwear for men and women that features the brands trademark Three-Zone Comfort for all-day wear.

Several significant media publications included our Vionic Shoes review, including Today, Mens Health, Oprah Daily, Footwear Plus, Refinery29, Prevention, InStyle, People, Marie Claire, The Zoe Report, Readers Digest, and others. Vionic has a whopping 77.5K Instagram followers and nearly 200K Facebook fans.

Chronic orthopedic pain can be debilitating, but you shouldnt settle for mediocre treatment. This Vionic Shoes review will give you the lowdown on the brand, its top-selling goods, customer reviews, promotions and discounts. And more in order to help you decide if this footwear is the best option for calming down your barking dogs.

Tide Ii Toe Post Flip Flop

Vionic Leather Thong Sandals – Tide Anniversary on QVC

You can never go wrong with a flip-flop during your sunny travels, especially when theyre equipped with orthopedic support! The Tide II toe post sandals are comfy, and durable, and look a lot more sleek and stylish than your average flip flop! Plus, readers with foot issues like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, and bunions swear by them!

One user says, This is my second pair of these shoes, and I love them. The high arch support doesnt compress with wear, which I love. Ive done a lot of walking while traveling in these and plan to do much more!

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Vionic Womens Splendid Midi Slip On Sneakers

If you want something thats a cross between functional and stylish, and even possibly flashy, then these are the pick for you. The slip ons can be used in an array of scenarios, from walking and standing all day to short little trips. They go above and beyond the slip ons we saw earlier with their style, which is further increased by the number of perforations made on them. This means this choice is going to be much better in warmer climates than a lot of the other slip on you will find, but it also means its no done by using mesh, which adds to the durability. With a white outsole, laced with rubber, they are made to last a while and look good all that time. The footbed is made out of EVA and is engineered to be soft, cushioned, and supportive, helping you to get through with a much more enjoyable experience.


  • Very, very breathable

Vionic Womens Sky Alaina Slip On Active Sneakers

Rounding our our list today is another one of the more sporty options, though this one is much better looking than the last. Just like how the orthotic is hidden, essentially, this slip on doesnt even look like a slip on thanks to the use of a fake shoestring setup. With pull tabs on the front and back, they are super easy to put on, while you make use of a pull string to tie the shoes rather than normal ties. This makes them different but makes them easier to use for a whole lot of people. They also look great in a number of colors and look like something you would see on the shelves of the bigger companies known for making and selling sporting goods. These are very comfortable, as you would come to expect, and can double for a whole lot of purposes as you go through your day. Just dont go formal with them!


  • Easy to adjust and put on
  • Very comfy and breathable, too


  • Not for everyone

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History Of Vionic Shoes

Vionic shoes were first founded in 1979 by an Australian podiatrist named Dr. Phillip Vasyli. He intended to design and create orthotic inserts to mimic the shape of the feet. This creation took the shoe industry to the next level by making fashionable shoes built to provide maximum support.

In 2018, Caleres acquired Vionic for $360M causing exponential growth in the sales of the shoes. Caleres is a renowned company that was founded in 1978. They own many other popular brands like Allen Edmonds, Famous Footwear, Sam Edelman, Dr. Scholls Shoes, and Naturalizer. Currently, the headquarters of Vionic is located in San Rafael, California, with its primary manufacturing process in China.

Dr. Phillip VasyliCaleres Headquarter

These shoes are primarily available online but also in the retail stores of the USA and other countries worldwide.

What Is Vionics Shipping Policy


Vionic ships to the US and Canada, through different national sites. Taxes, duties, and customs are automatically added to orders during the checkout process.

Shipping rates and methods for the US are as follows:

  • Standard Ground Shipping $5
  • 3-Day Shipping$10
  • 2-Day Shipping$15

NOTE: Please allow 2 business days for warehouse to process the order once submitted on VionicShoes.com

Shipping rates for Canada are as follows:

  • Standard Ground Shipping free for orders of $150+, otherwise $10
  • Canada Post XpressPostrate calculated per order

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The Best Vionic Shoes Review Guide Pros And Cons

It can be hard to find the right pair of shoes for your everyday routines. The abundance of shoe brands in the market now can be quite daunting and overwhelming.

On top of that, the different variations of branded shoes further add more confusion and stress during shopping. It can be quite easy for you to get distracted like this and end up with the wrong product.

But you do not need to worry anymore as today in this Vionic Shoe Reviews, we are going to check out one fantastic product that is definitely worth the purchase.

So how do you know which one to go for? Do you go for the costly one, or do you go for the one that barely burns a hole through your wallet?

Well, you have to know that the price tag does not mean anything at all. It all depends on the brand and the quality of the product. We say this because a lot of expensive products have indeed turned out to be of poor quality. So you should not judge a product based on its price tag. Please read our reviews on vionic shoes for more!

This is the first product of our vionic shoes review is Vionic Women’sWalker Classic Walking Shoes can be found in different colors. However, we are taking a look at the white-blue colored leather-suede couple.

They are boasting a durable and robust suede material for the construction. These best vionic shoes feature an affordable price tag that ranges from $50 to $100+.

You will also feel much more stable and balanced when walking on unevenly levelled grounds.

Several Styles Of Shoes

These aint your mamas orthotics theyre actually really cute. From lightweight sandals to wear on vacation to heels you can actually walk in, Vionic has versatile shoes for every occasion and season that prove that style doesnt have to hurt. Shop metallic sandals to pair with summer dresses, terry-cloth slip-ons you can toss in your bag, or those beach kicks men are loving lately. Trendsetters will be happy to know that Vionic carries everything from chunky soles to loafers. And yes, they are available in wide sizes!

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Vionic Shoes Review: Readers Share Their Top Favorites

Sneakers, Travel Boots, Travel Flats, Travel Sandals, Travel Shoes

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission so we can continue to create helpful free content. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon in addition to other retailers featured on the blog. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

Vionic shoes are a go-to for TFG travelers. Check out this Vionic shoes review to find out why readers cant get enough of this highly popular comfort brand!

Whether its sandals, sneakers, or boots, readers are constantly recommending Vionic as the absolute best travel footwear. With super cute styles, incredible support, and overall great reviews from readers, Vionic shoes tick a lot of boxes for many women with foot issues or those in need of supportive shoes. Find out why readers love this brand and see their favorite picks!

Are Vionic Shoes Recommended By Podiatrists

Feel and Look Good with Vionic Shoes

Vionic shoes are designed to be comfortable and stylish. Many people who have foot problems find relief when they wear these shoes, but Vionics are most often recommended by podiatrists for those with plantar fasciitis or heel pain due to the extra padding that can provide some protection from injury on a hard surface. The best way to determine if these shoes will work for you is by trying them on in person at your local store.

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Hightide Wedge Flip Flop

For the same supportive and comfortable fit but with some added height, try the super cute Hightide wedge sandals! They can take you from lounging poolside to walking around for miles! The neoprene lining is great for hot weather, and the strong rubber outsole has good traction!

I bought these for my travels to India I walked literally miles in these theyre cushy, rugged , and can be cleaned with a splash of water. I will buy more for my next trip!

Find out more of the most recommended comfortable wedges for travel!

Do Vionic Shoes Have Good Arch Support

Vionic shoes are made with a patented arch support technology that helps to provide arch support. However, if you want the best arch support possible, it is important to make sure that your vionic shoe has a good heel cup and a deep toe box. If not, then the arch support may be diminished or ineffective.

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Are Vionic Shoes Good

Yes, Vionic shoes are good. This brand is famous for manufacturing flexible and comfortable shoes for quite an affordable price range.

Not only are the shoes comfortable, but they are also constructed of really high-quality materials such as suede and leather, which are further incorporated with mesh and polyurethane materials.

Where To Buy Vionic

Vionic Womens Sky Sonnet Walking Shoes

If you live in the US, you can buy Vionic products directly from vionicshoes.com. For those that live in Canada, visit vionicshoes.ca. International as well as North American customers can purchase these items through other major retailers, including Amazon, Nordstrom, SoftMoc, Tootsies, Quarks, The Shopping Channel, and more.

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Do Vionic Shoes Have Arch Support

While the insole of regular shoes may have a degree of arch support built in, Vionic Vio-Motion footbed technology reinforces that support by providing Three-Zone Comfort with Ultimate Arch Support which also takes the heel and ball of the foot into account. By shoring up all these podiatric pressure points, Vionic shoes work to improve alignment from the ground up.

How Vionic Shoes Help Alleviate Foot And Heel Pain

Orthotic shoe inserts and supportive shoes help align your feet to reduce overpronation . I didnt go to medical school, so Im going to leave this explanation up to the experts. According to Vionic, Extra arch support and realignment of the lower leg to its natural angle reduce the pulling and strain on the plantar fascia. This can take away a common cause of heel pain and reduce the aggravation of heel spurs. Vionic technology is shown to help reduce overpronation and associated conditions due to misalignment.

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Is It Safe To Wear Vionic Shoes If You Have Back Pain

Excess weight from obesity or pregnancy, weak joints, or lengthy times on your feet can all place a lot of strain on your spine, resulting in back pain. Better weight distribution, as well as greater stability and balance, can be achieved using orthotics or orthotic-inclusive shoes.

Vionic shoes provide clinically proven lower-body support and pain alleviation, despite the fact that they are non-prescription. Your spine will be better supported if your feet and legs are in better form.

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