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Are Brooks Running Shoes Vegan

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Altra Vegan Trail Running Shoes

Vegan and environment friendly running shoes // ZERO WASTE LIFE

Altra have a large range of vegan trainers and vegan running shoes but unfortunately there is no information about this online. The models below were confirmed by their product team.

Altra Lone Peak 4.5

  • Designed for: almost minimal feel
  • Cons: not best for seriously rocky terrain

The Superior 4.5 have a loyal following as they offer the attractions of a barefoot shoe but with added protection and comfort.

With a zero drop and less cushioning, youre still encouraged to run on your forefoot with a natural style. Now Altra has added better protection and stability to better suit them to varied terrain. The 4.5 also comes with an additional StoneGuard insole for protection.

Buy on:

Alpine Trek UK // Mens& Womens REI USA

My New Favorite Running Shoes And The Story Of A Gigantic Chocolate Egg In A Suspicious Package

My friend Jason Fitzgerald, who writes the brilliant blog Strength Running, taught me a philosophy that I think strikes the perfect middle ground in the barefoot-versus-shod running debate:

Run like a barefooter, but do it with shoes on.

What Jason means when he says to run like a barefooter is that you should run with a quick cadence, short strides so that your weight stays over your feet, and a midfoot strike, instead of landing hard on your heel. Running barefoot essentially forces you to do these things, since doing otherwise just plain hurts, without all that cushioning that traditional running shoes offer.

This lack of feedback caused by modern shoes, of course, is the main argument for barefoot running. Cushy shoes allow us to run in a way thats unnatural and that, over time, leads to injuries.

The argument for wearing shoes is less subtle: a layer of cushioning between our feet and the ground protects us not just from the impact of the road , but also from rocks, glass, etc.

You can see the appeal of the compromise: Run with the form nature designed us to run with, then throw in a layer of protection from the ground.

Vegan Trail Running Shoes & Sustainability

Unlike some other pieces of outdoor gear, its not common to find trail runners made from recycled materials or other sustainable certifications.

As most trail runners are synthetic anyway, going for vegan options will not really make much of a change environmentally.

To go eco-friendly, your best bet is to shop responsibly and care for the shoes! Youll find plenty more tips in our Guide to Ethical Outdoor Gear.

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Brooks Ghost Vs Brooks Glycerin

As you can see from the fact sheet below, theres not much difference on paper between these two models.

The Ghost 14s cushioning is more responsive than the Glycerin 19s. Brooks was able to improve the Ghosts energy return, which was relatively poor on the 13.

The Ghost 13 has a narrower platform, which translates into less room, especially around the forefoot and toes. However, the Ghost 14 has a more generous fit with a softer foot lockdown. The Glycerin 19, on the other hand, is also wide and roomy. If youre not sure, its best to try these shoes in-store to pick the most comfortable option for your feet.

Finally, the outsole of the Ghost 14 has more rubber, making it more wear-resistant than the Glycerin 19.

Best Vegan Trail Running Shoes

The Best Vegan Running Shoes Everyone Will Love

Brooks Cascadia GTX / Brooks Cascadia 2E / Hoka One One Speedgoat / Hoka One One Challenger / Inov-8 TerraUltra G260 / La Sportiva Akasha / Altra Lone Peak

Brooks Cascadia GTX

The waterproof Goretex version of the ever popular Cascadia offers complete foot protection for trail running and walking. Brooks have hit it just right with the cushioning theres enough there to protect you on longer runs over craggier trails , without losing that ground connection that gives you confidence in your stride when tackling uneven terrain.

Hoka One One Speedgoat

This is Hokas serious trail running shoe 5mm stepped lugs for not only excellent grip in the mud but crucially a good release of said mud! It keeps the Hoka cushioning, so you can go for miles and miles in comfort. You can still do a bit of road running in these but if youre going to be doing an equal balance of road and trails then Challenger may be a better option. Hoka are not the most generous in width, so with Speedgoat they handily provide an extra width fitting if youre on the cusp of broad feet then take the wider width.

Hoka One One Challenger

La Sportiva Akasha

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Why Wear Trail Running Shoes

Trail running shoes are effectively running shoes that have much tougher tread patterns, are firmer, with more protection and ankle support.

In action, this means youll have much better grip on off-road terrain, stronger stability and less chance of injury moving fast over dodgy surfaces.

These guys are designed for running along mountains, hills and tracks in changeable conditions so theyre typically low-ankle, light and robust. For ultra runners this is the shoe of choice because theyre real comfortable over super long distances.

Timberland Brooklyn Ek+ Lace Sneakers

Best use: road or light trail running, dirt roads

The Timberland Brooklyn EK+ is a city-style running shoe with a sock-like fit. The stretchy upper, laces, and liner are made from 100% REBOTL fabric which is made from recycled plastic bottles. The upper stretches to fit your foot while the laces make for an extra secure fit. This fabric is also highly breathable. The shoe is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic so you can run further and faster. Plus, the outsole contains recycled rubber. These recycled running shoes are best suited to road or light trail use.

Eco-friendly features:

Best use: road running, cool or cold conditions, distance runningVegan

The NewRun W RB9 from Icebug is designed for hardcore road runners who arent afraid of cold weather. Theyre built with waterproof uppers and a special rubber outsole that performs particularly well in low temperatures. Even in the snow!

Whats unique to the NewRun W RB9 is its glove-friendly Boa tension system, a feature more typically seen on ski helmets and snowboard boots. These shoes also have a wide toe box and straight toe line the roomy fit allows an insulating air layer to keep your toes warm. Plus, a cushioned midsole makes these running shoes comfortable over long distances.

Eco-friendly features:

Best use: trail running, multi-terrainVegan

Eco-friendly features:

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Vegan Rugby Club Green Gazelles To Host Environment

It can be a nightmare finding the perfect running shoe, especially when youre looking for vegan running shoes. But there are plenty of options out there for running enthusiasts living sustainably.

Often when shopping for running shoes, many of us can overlook the fact that not all kicks are created equal. Some running shoes on the market still use materials derived from animal products or synthetic materials that arent environmentally friendly.

That said, the industry is changing, and brands are becoming more and more vegan-friendly. And, dont get it twisted these vegan shoes are as stylish, strong and durable as their non-vegan counterparts. Heres a rundown of the best vegan running shoes on the market in 2021.

Brands Of Vegan Running Shoes


To make sure we cater to various racers of varied needs, we have covered a lot of athleisure shoe brands like Asics which is home to some of the most reliable vegan-friendly shoes. Hoka One One, meanwhile, is perfect for runners who want platforms with maximum cushioning for comfort and support.

If youre searching for stability shoe models to aid your overpronation or other pain-causing foot conditions, then look no further than our Mizuno alternatives. On the other hand, if running shoes with neutral support is what youre looking for, we have numerous Nike options.

Ideal for road runners, New Balance and Altra produce some of the most sturdy, responsive, and traction-ready running models. Those who want to take on the challenging outdoor terrains, Brooks and Merrell can be your next go-to.

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Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles

Highlights:Water-repellent shoes for wet weather running, made with sustainable materials. Carbon neutral.

The Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles are designed for runners who regularly run in wet and rainy conditions. Theyre completely carbon neutral and made with sustainable materials.

The uppers are made with ZQ merino wool, which as a flourine-free waterproof coating so they never absorb water perfect if you live in a rainy climate.

The Wool Dasher Mizzles have a grippy sole to ensure you never slip, made with FSC® Certified natural rubber treads, and a comfortable SweetFoam sole.

As rainy weather usually coincides with low visibility, they also have reflective highlights around the show to keep you safe.

If you want even more protection against the elements, Allbirds also make a version with a mid-height sock around the top.

Key benefits:

  • Extra grip for running in the rain
  • Carbon neutral production

Highlights:Shoe made from recycled materials and ocean plastics, low energy and low water waste in the production process

Weve mentioned this collaboration before, but its worth talking about again.

Adidas has teamed up with Parley to help clean the oceans.

All of the shoes in the Adidas x Parley range are made from recycled ocean plastic trash. Dont worry, they look great too. In fact, you wouldnt be able to distinguish the materials from other shoes, and were confident youll be impressed at just how good they are!

Key benefits:

Theyre super-light, weighing only 15oz .

S: Bankruptcy The Chariot Brooks For Women

In 1980, as a result of production issues with Brooks’s manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico, defective shoes began to arrive at sporting goods stores. Nearly 30 percent of the shoes were returned, and Brooks scrapped 50,000 pairs. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and was purchased at auction by footwear manufacturer Wolverine World Wide in 1981.

In 1982, stability became the top priority for runners, and Brooks introduced the Chariot, a medial post shoe that featured an angled wedge of harder-density foam in the midsole. Thicker on the inside of the shoe and tapered toward the outside, the Chariot represented a sea change in running-shoe design. In 1987, with Brooks for Women, it launched an anatomically adjusted line of shoes designed for women.

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Are Vegan Trail Running Shoes The Best All

Ever felt weighed down by big bulky hiking boots? Or found yourself slipping all over the place trying to run off-road in standard running shoes? Well, trail running shoes might well be your answer.

And Ive got good news: vegan trail running shoes are in their plenty!

Its not so easy to be certain whats 100% vegan and so, like usual, we contacted all the trail running brands to double-check.

Keep reading or jump ahead to find out:

This article contains affiliate links. Making purchases through them will never cost you more but will help to support Veggie Vagabonds thank you!

Our Sustainable Running Shoes And Sneaker Recommendations

Ghost 8 GTX

First, we have the Allbirds Tree Dasher.

Allbirds are well-known for their minimalist, high-performance shoes, and the Tree Dasher is their first foray into the world of running.

The uppers are made from eucalyptus tree and merino wool, and the sole is made of the worlds first carbon-negative green EVA, which includes natural materials such as sugar cane. To keep you stable in all weather conditions, they have natural rubber traction pads as well.

The Tree Dasher only emits 9 kg CO2e during the production process, which Allbirds then offset, turning them into a carbon neutral shoe. Theyre a great option on your search for a sustainable running shoe.

They come in multiple colorways for both women and men, and are perfect for running, workouts, and will even look good as an everyday sneaker. Click here to view them on the Allbirds site.


  • Low CO2 output, and all output offset by Allbirds
  • Carbon negative green EVA

Highlights: High-performance running shoes made with high-tech eco-friendly processes

On use technology to continuously improve the materials and manufacturing process for their environmentally friendly running shoes.

Theyre designed for performance, and have a variety of models to fit different running shoes and shoe preferences.

Ons shoes are lightweight, grippy, and while they might look funky at first, theyre pretty good-looking too.

Definitely a great choice and a company to consider in your search for a pair of sustainable running shoes.

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Trail Runners Vs Hiking Boots

Trail runners are obviously good for trail running but theyre also stiff competition for hiking boots.

As long-distance trail runs are basically faster-paced hikes, many people use trail running shoes for hiking. And Im one of them.

Theyre far lighter, more comfortable and take pretty much no time to break in. However, theyre less suited to cold conditions and you do have less ankle support than hiking boots.

Think boots might be better for you? Check out our guide to vegan hiking boots

Adidas Ultraboost 20 S

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While Adidas is not yet a completely vegan brand, its vegan range is expanding. In recent years, it has also been pushing to use more sustainable materials and improve its environmental footprint.

The Adidas Ultraboost 20 S was created in collaboration with Stella McCartney and is made from recycled ocean plastic. With its BOOST technology for cushioning and stylish, vibrant colours, its great as a technical running shoe and can even be worn as casual wear.

Its Stretchweb outsole means you can move quickly, with ease, while its torsion system located between the forefoot and heel ensures stability.

Although the Ultraboost 20 S is slightly pricier than some of the other vegan running shoes on the market, its flexible wearability and stylish aesthetic make it all worth it.

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S: The Beast Adrenaline Ownership Changes Apparel Run Happy

In 1992, Brooks launched the Beast, a motion control shoe that integrated diagonal rollbar technology. In 1994, the Adrenaline GTSan abbreviation for go-to shoewas released. With a firmer midsole density, the Adrenaline GTS was built on a semi-curve, an accommodation for runners with a high arch and wide forefoot. The Beast became a best seller, and the Adrenaline GTS went on to become one of the best-selling running shoes of all time.

Wolverine moved Brooks away from the niche running market to a generalist athletic brand. The “class to mass” strategy was unsuccessful, and Brooks was sold to Norwegian private equity company The Rokke Group for $21 million in 1993. Brooks moved to Rokke’s Seattle location following its acquisition. In 1998, Rokke sold a majority interest in Brooks to J.H. Whitney & Co., a Connecticut private equity firm.

Brooks introduced a full-line of technical running and fitness apparel for women and men in the spring of 1997. It also expanded into the walking category with the introduction of performance walking shoes.

Brooks’s Run Happytag line first appeared in print advertising in 1999. Rather than depicting running as a grueling pursuit, as competitive brands did, Run Happy was based on the idea that runners love running, and suggested that Brooks products allowed “runners to have the running experience they were looking for.”

Best Vegan Running Shoe Brands

Are Nike Lunar TR1 Running Shoes Vegan? | I NEED YOUR HELP

Brooks have become the go-to brand for runners who want running shoes they can trust. What sets Brooks apart? Number one in their world is the not the marketing jingo, not the latest fad, its just you! This shows in a range that is complete with shoes to fit any width and any running gait. They are strongest in road running but also have an excellent trail shoe in the Cascadia, one of the few trail shoes to come in a broader width offering too. Brooks have been focussing on their Eco Policy for longer than its been fashionable and this now includes 100% vegan shoes across their entire range of running shoes. Not all are listed here but every Brooks shoe you find on our site is vegan.

Hoka One One have been setting their own path since the brands inception, focusing on natural motion with enhanced cushioning. Their answer to enabling runners to run as far and long as they want, while encouraging better posture and lessening stress on joints, has been a low heel-drop, a natural rock from midfoot to toe-off and light but substantial cushioning. Many brands have tried to copy Hoka with a Hoka-type shoe, but the original is still the best! Their materials have been vegan for a while now theyre fully committed with vegan glues too.

Brooks Ghost / Brooks Glycerin / Brooks Levitate / Hoka One One Bondi / Hoka One One Clifton

Brooks Ghost

Hoka One One Bondi

Hoka One One Arahi

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Best Vegan Running Shoe Brands :

There are many best shoes available in the market. But some people prefer vegan shoes. Keeping their demands in mind, designers also made some cool running shoes that vegan.

There is no gender restriction to wear these shoes as they are available for both men and women. Here are some best vegan running shoes that give you a comfortable experience.

It is the part of Nikes vegan shoe selection that gives strong competition to Ultraboost. Because of its snug fit and best quality cushioning it is liked by many runners.

All the phases of the stride of the runner are covered by React infinity. It is available in many colors and can cover the distance of multiple ranges that varies from short to long.

The stability of this product is excellent due to which it is preferred to wear while running or doing a workout.

This shoe is famous for trailing. Magnify 3 Zero Drop is the best example of lightweight running shoes that are vegan and made by Topo Athletic.

Its multiple features make it the best choice to run on the road. These features are an anti-compression footbed, multi-density midsole, and a spacious toe box.

This spacious toe box helps to cover a long distance while running and its best quality is cushioning of two levels.

It is one of the best running vegan shoes for women. It gives you high flexibility and breathability because of its forefoot mesh.

It is available in a variety of colors and the best part about the shoe is that it is almost 100% free from cruelty.

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