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Where Can I Buy Reef Shoes

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What Are Reef Shoes

Men’s Sandals And Flip Flops | Keen Sandals And Reef Flip Flop Sandals

I am from Austria and as we don’t have any sea around us I am a bit clueless about reef shoes. I understand they should protect me, but from what exactely? How are they made? I have read something about rubber, but also about socks?? Could someone explain a bit more please?

Hi Marian95,

This link will give you the general idea of what a reef shoe, aka aqua shoe looks like:

They are designed to be worn in the water to protect your feet from coral cuts & from stone fish, should you be unlucky enough to stand on one.

Further to what Fernsie said, you can buy them in Rarotonga for a reasonable price and also your accommodation might have some available to wear. Most accommoation places we looked at there had snorkelling gear and reef shoes for use.

There is now a big range of reef shoes available on Rarotonga. The Dive Shop in town sells high quality reef shoes for NZ$45.00 per pair. CITC main store sells mid-range reef shoes for $34.99, and less, depending on quality. Raro-mart Megastore also stocks a big range.

If you don’t want to search around online before you arrive, wait until you get to Rarotonga to see what styles and price-range will fit the purpose. And also what your accommodation has available. You could always locally donate what you don’t want to take back home should you purchase something here.

Hi Marian

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Where Can I Buy Reef Shoes

Hi, doeas anyone know where I can buy reef shoes in England ?


Ebay. Just type in beach shoes theres thousands.

Naama Bay, they were about a fiver.

Priceless shoes have ladies in stock and Shoefare have mens. Netto of all places also had mens on sale a few weeks ago for £3.99. Hope you find them as you realy do need them. I’m going in Sept for our third time really love it and can’t wait.


i got mine in hotel shop for £3.

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Where Can I Buy Reef Flip Flops

Reef Tan Woven Leather &  Fabric Flip
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What Are The Best Shoes To Sell Online

Most people think of womens footwear when they think of shoes to sell online, but thats only one option.

Beth Marbach started out selling 90% womens shoes and 10% mens shoes when “Sex and the City” was in full swing, and Carrie Bradshaw started a craze for womens shoes. But after that, Beth noticed the mens luxury market grew, and by the end she was selling 90% mens shoes and only 10% womens shoes.

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Heres a list of the main things to consider when deciding what shoes to sell:

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Learn More About Reef Flip Flops & Sandals


Enjoy Summer in Style With Reef Sandals

Shop this amazing line of Reef flip flops and sandals from DICK’S Sporting Goods and bring home the right footwear for warmer days.

When the mercury starts to rise, you need lightweight and breathable footwear that will help your feet stay cool and feel fresh. Easy on, easy off, these Reef sandals are great for a trip to the beach or pool or anywhere you might want to quickly transition to going barefoot.

Choose from a range of Reef sandals for men, women and kids, and outfit the whole family with premium sandals. Reef shoes have a well-earned reputation for comfort, durability and style. Wear them from the first cookout of the year to the last beach trip of the season. Reef shoes provide cushioning, traction and protection against sharp objects.

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Can I Purchase Mens Water And Dive Shoes At Anaconda

Top 10 Reef Sandals Men [Men Fashion Winter 2018 ]: Reef Fanning Mens Sandals | Bottle Cap Opener

Yes, mens water and dive shoes, also sometimes referred to as aqua shoes, are available in a range of styles and designs at Anaconda. Ideal for holidays, water sports activities such as boating, kayaking, diving, snorkelling and more, these shoes can offer a variety of options such as protecting your feet when wearing diving fins, providing extra speed through the water, or even offering you grip and stability when boating or sailing.

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Reef Shoes Reef Sox Where Do I Buy These In Australia

Hi eveyone, My husband and I are going to Vanuatu in October and we want to snorkel and wlak on the beach..and I can’t find reef shoes anywhere .I live in Geelong Melbourne and have tried many surf shops and also rays tent city ,,any ideas??Thanks Anita

Hi Anita

Try a Dive shop. If that fails just get them in vila. A number of places sell them there. There is a coffee shop another shop on the water front at the markets, you will find them there. A few other shops have them as well. You will pay about the same price there as here.


Hi Anita

I found them at Big W and Spendless shoes a few weeks ago. but they were the wrong size for me. I eventually bought some in Port Vila for about AUD 10 but never wore them because I had my flippers on when swimming and walked barefoot at the Mele Cascades. I will still take them next time though.


Hi Nina,

I think one of the best things i took on our trip to Vanuatu was a pair of crocs! I used them to walk on the cascade waterfalls, on the reef, all around town. I hardly wore anything else. The problem with the reef shoes you are talking about is your foot will stay wet and soggy in them and you will still have to carry another pair of shoes. We did the cascade waterfall and then went into town for a couple of hours and i never had to change my shoes. And they are alot more fashionable than reef shoes!

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Faq Questions & Answers About Water Shoes:

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml What are the Best Water Shoes?

    Water shoes are basically your feets best friend! Whenever youre close to the water, whether its for swimming, playing, snorkeling, or scuba diving, youll love them! Theyre designed to not only protect your feet in and out of the water but also great for comfort to your feet.

Why Should I Buy Water Shoes Reef Men

Water or aqua shoes are specially designed to offer certain advantages over normal sandals or thongs – here are some of them:

Superb Traction – A water shoe provides traction similar to what can be found on quality hiking shoes. More specifically, their design allows for excellent traction on wet, slippery surfaces typically found along rivers and lakes.

Front Toe Protection – Unlike sandals, the “closed toe” design of a water shoe provides protection to the toes, preventing scrapes, stubbed toes and ripped-off toenails.

No More Squishy Feet – Unlike running shoes, water shoes don’t hold and absorb water. They drain nearly as fast as a sandal does, while their construction prevents them from absorbing water.

Top of Foot Protection – While styles vary from brand to brand, a water shoe always provides better top-of-foot protection than a sandal, preventing scrapes and bruises due to items being dropped on the foot.

Work Well Out of the Water – Whereas you can’t always take a walking shoe or sandal into the water, water shoes can easily convert into a limited version of a “hiking shoe.” Just be sure to dry the foot completely and to wear a well-padded hiking sock.

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Reef Fanning Sandals And Flip Flops For Men

Most men appreciate shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, and sandals are no exception. Reef sandals can provide men with a blend of comfort, fashion, and performance.

What are Reef sandals?

Founded in San Diego, California, Reef designs sandals and flip-flops that can be confidently worn around water and on the beach. Reefs Fanning flip-flops are named after the surfing legend Mick Fanning. The Fanning flip-flop combines a number of Reefs innovative features to provide performance, comfort, and convenience.

What are Fanning flip-flops made from?

The Fanning from Reef is made for getting wet and being immersed in water. Somewhat unusually, this flip-flop is designed to comfortably support the foot as shoes would. Reefs unique materials and design keeps you looking as cool as you feel.

A synthetic nubuck leather upper on the flip-flops provides customized comfort for the wearer. This piece can come in many different shades to give you a unique look. Padded jersey on the sandal straps is made to match the upper and helps complete the look. You can find these flip flops in colors from classic black and brown to crisp white. They also come in patterns, such camo or flag-inspired prints. The padded jersey on the straps cushion your feet.

What features do Fanning sandals have?What are some other Reef sandals and flip-flops?

In addition to the Mick Fanning-inspired sandal, Reef offers many other comfortable shoes to suit just about any taste.

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How Do I Care For Water Or Dive Shoes

Even though you may be spending much of your time in or around water, these shoes can still get dirty. If you shoes are made of neoprene, wetsuit cleaner will be the best product to use for cleaning them. For other man-made materials, general mild detergents can often be used too. Important is that the shoes are cleaned with water, especially if they have been immersed in seawater, and left to dry naturally before being stored away. Avoid storing in plastic bags, and don’t be tempted to put paper in them to help them dry, as this will impede the airflow.

About Our Aqua Shoes For Sale

Clarks Artisan Patent Leather Slide Sandals – Perri Reef with Jayne Brown

Rock Gripping Shoes for Anglers – The most critical aspect of fishing the ocean rocks is safety. Sure footing is one of the most important aspects of remaining safe on the rocks.

A pair of rock gripper fishing shoes should be considered essential kit for any angler that needs to traverse rocks, be it the ocean rocks, a break wall or sea wall. The rocks can be as slippery as ice especially where there is a little green slime around, and falls can have very serious consequences.

Rock gripping shoes are amazingly comfortable and provide the style of grip that will see you feeling like a mountain goat with glue on its feet.

Explore the reef in safety and comfort with reef walkers – Exploring our amazing reef at low tide is a fascinating adventure for kids and grownups alike. There is so much fun to be had, so much to learn and discover.

With sharp rocks and corals, the grind of broken shells and the like, it is a very good idea to ensure your feet are protected. Wet feet are particularly vulnerable.

Our range of Aqua shoes for sale is quite popular among those that are heading away on a cruise. So before you travel around the world on a tropical cruise, ensure your feet are protected with a pair of reef walkers.

Pump Out the Water While You Run – Run, walk or trek cross country, down hill and dale, through river and creek, with a set of shoes that eat up the turf and pump out the water and suck in the air. They breathe.

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