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How Much Are Skechers Go Walk Shoes

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Which Shoes Are The Best Walking Shoes For Snow

Costco! Skechers Go Walk 3 Shoe $10!!!

Vessi Shoes are the best for the winter season and also the summer season. The whole collection is not only suitable for snow and wet seasons, but its features are also suitable style for other seasons. These shoes will carry you through any weather such as snow, rain, sleet, or shine all thanks to their waterproof abilities. Additionally, they can storm any weather better than snow boots while keeping you fashionable and are ideal for daily wear.

Skechers Go Walk For When Life Takes Us Places

Let a trusty pair of our ever-popular Skechers Go Walk shoes help you along to the next destination whether its within your comfort zone or beyond it. Enjoy advanced comfort technology bundled with fashion savvy style within all of our Skechers shoes! Everyone should own at least one pair of nice walking shoes for everyday useitll be hard to go back to regular shoes after experiencing the comfort and cushioning offered by them. For the more adventurous, try out a pair of sturdy leather lace-up Skechers boots that are equally at home in the city or out in the wildwherever they may take you, youll enjoy unparalleled comfort and support. And when its time to relax and enjoy a low-key afternoon in the park, grab a pair of dependable slip-on Skechers Go Walk shoes that are as laid-back as youre feeling that day. No matter what type of shoe you choose, the ever-present quality and comfort thats synonymous with the Skechers shoes brand will follow anywhere you may choose to go.

Skechers Mens Go Walk 3 Slip

These mens walking shoes have been designed to be lightweight and supportive. It is a comfortable and easy pull on shoe that can be worn as a casual dress or with jeans. The upper of this shoe has been designed with breathable mesh. A pull loop has been designed at the heel near the top to make pulling this shoe on easier. The S logo is proudly displayed as part of the design near the heel of the shoe. The heel measures 1.5 inches. The outer sole is the Goga Pillar soles that have been designed to give the wearer more shock absorbance as they make contact with the ground as they are walking. The bottom of the sole has been designed with multi directional lugs to offer quality traction on most any surface. This shoe features GoGa Mat Technology with high rebound cushioning. The heel area of this shoe has been designed with a forming Memory Foam to offer additional comfort and support to the heel area. This style is available in a variety of colors offering you the choice of purchasing that perfect color that you need to complete your wardrobe. This shoe is worth its price for all of the quality and comfort that it offers.


  • Quality breathable mesh type uppers
  • Outer Sole designed to offer super shock absorbance
  • Quality multi directional traction for a solid footing on a variety of surfaces


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Where To Get Them From

I think Amazon is the best place to purchase these shoes.

Amazon are growing every year, they have the best deals, fastest deliveries and free shipping.

They only want the best for their customers and thats why they offer a 30-day return policy for people that dont like their purchase.

The current price is about $30-$50 but changes often.

Selecting Best Cushioned Walking Shoes : Best Skechers Go Walk 4 Reviews

Skechers Go walk 3 Mens Walking Shoes

Before finalizing the selection criteria on best Skechers Go Walk 4 reviews, we have done research on skechers.com and other online portals and found Skechers Mens Go Walk 4 is equally preferred as Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk 4. So we have decided to cover both types here in our Skechers Go Walk 4 Reviews as they are best cushioned walking shoes specified by many users but NOT Skechers Go Walk 3 or 5 as noticed some return on those in our research.

Skechers is not Nike or Adidas, but still people search best Skechers for walking on online a lot. Our researchers have gone through different products sell each month and noticed that people kind of own this footwear since this new version came to market. Skechers Go Walk 4 demand as a travel shoe was unnoticed by many since it has launched in retail stores. Please note, Skechers have 2500 retail coverage over 160 countries despite known as seniors footwear with low profile in cutting edge fashion but high profile in performance & comfort for them.

Is Skechers only serving senior citizens? After analyzing Skechers buying pattern, search & consumers review on Amazon, we came to summarize that, this is winning young hearts slowly since it has started launching different variations like Skechers Go Walk Joy, Skechers Go Walk Sandals, Skechers Goga Max Slippers etc. Finally they are taking over customers mind with Go Walk 4 Mens or Womens.

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Reviews: The Best Skechers Go Walk Shoe Models

Below are the Top Modes in the Go Walk range from Skechers


  • Breathable synthetic uppers and smooth interior linings.
  • An easy slip-on and off design shoe.
  • High rebound Ultra Pillars energize every step that you take.
  • Air Cooled Goga Mat insole for superior cushioning.
  • A lightweight synthetic outsole.


  • The shoe offers a lightweight and comfortable fit in a machine-washable design.
  • There are a dual-density shock-absorbing sole and an Ultra Go cushioning system for comfort.
  • The High rebound comfort Pillat technology ensures excellent underfoot reaction, and the rubber sole has long-lasting durability.


  • There are soft heathered mesh uppers, and the shoe is machine washable.
  • For support, you have a Dual-density Ultra Go outsole and Pillar technology, along with an Air Colled Goga Mat Insole.
  • A rubber outsole offers grip and traction.

Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra Ii Men’s Walking Shoes

The leaders in walking technology present the next evolution with the Skechers GOwalk Evolution Ultra – Impeccable. Features lightweight, responsive ULTRA GO cushioning and high-rebound ULTRA PILLARS for the ultimate in walking comfort. Air-Cooled Goga Mat® Technology insole for maximum support and cushioning.

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Super Lightweight And Breathable

Something else worth mentioning is how well these shoes can breath and how lightweight they are.

Being 5 and 1/4 ounces makes them the lightest shoes on this blog!

Lightweight shoes are a must for fitness walking and these perform beyond expectations.

Plus the mesh upper allows the feet to breeeeeath which makes them even more comfortable.

Why You Need A Good Walking Shoe

Skechers Go Walk Slip-On Shoes – Classic – Favorite on QVC

Wearing comfortable and supportive walking shoes for walking or even just standing on your feet all day can prevent injuries and fight foot fatigue. A lightweight walking shoe that provides good shock absorbency and fits well can protect you from impact and ensure much-required support.These are the ways how a Walking Shoe should support and protect your feet:

  • Achilles Tendon Protection Protecting your Achilles tendon and ankles when walking is essential, and a good walking shoe will lock around your heel to reduce stress on the Achilles Tendon.
  • Shock Absorbency The impact from walking or standing can place much unnecessary strain and pressure on your feet and joints, therefor shock-absorbing technology such as Gel Foam or a midsole will help to attenuate the shock and disperse the impact across your feet.
  • Cushioning and Support Your insole should be cushioned as well as provide support in the arch area, specific to our arch type, for comfort and to prevent pain and foot fatigue.
  • Grip and Traction Your outsole needs to be durable as well as have a patterned tread to provide the best grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • Uppers The upper part of your shoes keeps your feet secure, comfortable, and protective and needs to be made of breathable and flexible materials that offer a good fit. Besides the seam-free interior lining that wicks away moisture, and a wide, roomy toe area will provide much comfort and less pressure and friction on your feet.

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Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam Insoles

The Skecher design on this insole has been popular for many. The bottom layer is a molded base Dual-Lite footbed that has been perforated to increase the breathability. The middles layer is the Gel Infused high rebound memory foam. The top layer of this insole has been created as a moisture wicking layer. This insole has been created to provide all day comfort and contours to most all foot shapes. This creation has also been designed to provide pressure relief, breathability and instant comfort.

Skechers Mens Go Walk 5 Qualify Sneaker


  • Quality upper designed from mesh and strong overlays
  • Lacing system like a pull on through eyelets and a gusseted tongue
  • Dual density rubber outer sole to offer additional support and shock absorption


  • Some wearers had problems with their feet sliding forward and squishing their toes
  • Too much arch support for some wearers
  • Shoe came apart for a few wearers

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Can I Use A Skecher Walking Shoe For A Running Shoe

I would not recommend using any walking shoe for a running shoe. Even though Skechers are one of the quality shoe brands on the market, when you select a walking shoe, that shoe has been designed for walking. It gives your feet the flexibility to move freely in areas that your foot will naturally use for walking. When you are running your feet will flex in different areas and will need additional flexibility in different areas. I would think you would be more prone to causing injuries to your feet or muscles and maybe having to sit out a bit to let your injury heal. To me it would not be worth the chance. Some of the walking shoes may be okay to wear to the gym and use on some of the machines, but even with that I would check with a fitness coach and make doubly sure that they are comforting and give your feet the support that you need. The walking shoes also offer a variety of support depending upon which style that you have selected for walking, running many times will also require different levels of support depending upon the type of runner that you are.

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Buying Guide

Skechers GOwalk Joy Centerpiece Women

Now, knowing about the names of most comfortable walking shoes for womens or mens are not always enough. We should dig deep and know about the things that are must know while buying walking shoes, right? Thats what this section is all about. Lets look at some important criterias before making buying decision for for mens or womens Skechers.

Buying the right walking shoes is an investment for good health. But how do you find ones that fit properly and provide adequate support for your foot? What should be the criteria of buying? As walking is recommended by every foot experts for better health and there are so many variants in market for comfortable walking shoes, its really difficult but not impossible to find best walking shoes. Then why should you buy walking shoe & which one, ever thought of it? With lots of thoughts we have fixed few things, which are must to know before buying best walking shoes like Skechers.

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Skechers Gowalk Shoes For Women

When it comes to walking shoes for women, Skechers has GOwalk 2, GOwalk 3, GOwalk 4, and GOwalk Joy. These are casual footwear that you can wear daily while going out for shopping or while chilling with your friends. Available in slip-on and lace-up styles, you can find the entire collection on e-stores, read user reviews, and check ratings before making a buying decision. One of the benefits of shopping Skechers shoes online is that you can make payments using safe and secure options, such as net banking, credit or debit cards, UPI, and COD. The Skechers GOwalk shoes for women are available in black, beige, pink, blue, green and other neutral colours. Available in multiple sizes, you can check out as many shoes as you want on e-stores and shop for it from the comfort of your home. So, get a pair of yourself and start walking to stay active, healthy, and fit.

What I Dont Like

Its kind of difficult to find something to dislike about these shoes because look at them, they are cute and effective at the same time.

However, I did manage to dig some things up.

There are reports of people not receiving the right sizes.

And when they received the correct size, they were too big.

I highly recommend ordering 1 size smaller than you normally would to fix this.

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Skechers Mens Go Walk Evolution Ultra Impeccable Sneaker

This mens walking shoe has been designed to be lightweight and flexible. This pull on design makes them easy to put on and take off with no laces to deal with. The upper of these shoes are made from mesh with twin gore panels that offer a secure and comforting fit. The heel area has been padded to add additional comfort and support and making a more comforting fit. A pull loop has been added near the top of the heel area, allowing you to help to pull your shoe on more securely. This shoe has also been created with the lightweight and responsive Ultra Go Cushioning Technology. The insole is the Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Technology, that helps to keep your feet cooler while it is offering support. The high rebound ultra-pillars offer energized steps with every step that you take. The outer sole is made from synthetic materials with quality traction control on the bottoms. This shoe comes in a variety of different colors allowing you to choose that perfect color or two add a couple of different colors to your attire. This shoe is worth its price for many hours of walking time.


  • Twin Gore mesh panel uppers
  • Higher rebound ultra-pillars for energized steps


  • Sizing dont work well for all wearers
  • String seems to fray from the fabric for some wearers
  • This shoe does not seem to offer much support for some

How Do I Know Which Insoles Are The Best In My Skechers Walking Shoes

SKECHERS Performance Go Walk 4 – Advance SKU:8926762

Like most everything else it is going to be a matter of opinion and what works best for each individual person. Everyones feet and comfort level are different. My preference for my every day shoes is the Skecher Memory Foam. They make you feel like you are standing on a cloud. I have to have comfort and support in my shoes and the memory foam is designed to be for fitting and will shape to the bottom of your feet offering a personalized fit and support. The ones that I purchased, have been designed with a removable insert so that I can purchase another memory insole and replace it allowing the new fresh feeling inside of my shoe again. With the memory foam it seems to allow me to stand or walk more than most inserts have without as much foot or leg pain. In my research there are also people that love some of the other types of insole such as the Gogas. It is going to depend upon your feet and how much support that you require. Unfortunately, as we get older sometimes the level of support that is needed will also change. If you work out and walk the track on a regular basis and as your muscles strengthen, that can change the level of support that you will need. My best recommendation, is if you are on your feet and your feet start hurting, get another insole and protect your feet.

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Final Words On Skechers Go Walk Review

With several foot benefits, these Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 is great pair of best cushioned walking shoes. They are very comfortable shoe brands, stylish and go with your foot whether you want to use these shoes for standing all day or walking! A great travel shoe preferred by many, best Skechers shoes for walking mens or womens offers energetic steps at affordable price. Wide range of footwears with variations like Exceed, Expert, Lace up, Kindle Slip on, Propel etc from Skechers Go Walk 4 reviewed above byour experts, each pair has improved benefits from older Skechers reviewed versions and treated as best walking shoes for travel or memory foam sole shoes. Please let us know below how do you find Skechers Go Walk review. Happy comfy memory foam shoes walking, just like mens casual ECCO shoes.

Do I Recommend The Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe


I love these shoes due to the comfort, stability and amount of features they offer.

The complaints about them are very minor and the only main issue I have is that they run 1 size too large.

This causes confusion when people buy their normal sizes and end up getting disappointed.

Its the reason why they only have a 72% fit as expected rate.

But other than that, these perform very well and last a long time considering the cheap price.

People continue to buy them because of how much they love them. Its like walking on clouds!

So do I recommend the Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes?

Thats an easy yes.

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Are The Go Walk Series A Good Skecher Shoe

From what I have seen on the reviews, many customers love the Go Walk Series. They are designed to be very lightweight and offer a great flexible design. The uppers of the shoe is created mainly from a mesh or a knit type with pores so that the shoe is very breathable, helping to keep your feet cool and dry. Most of them are designed with the Air-Cooled Memory foam that also offers airflow and moisture wicking helping to keep your feet to stay cooler. In the summertime when you are walking or working out and your feet are sweating, this helps a lot with your body temperature. It also helps to keep your feet from sliding around inside of your shoes, giving you more comfort and stability. With the added moisture wicking, it helps to also keep the foul odors from forming inside of your shoes as bad. When a shoe is not breathable, the moisture can build up inside of your shoe and could cause your foot to slip inside losing stability and balance. It can also allow bacteria to build up and cause bad odors and even infections to your feet. These shoes are machine washable so you can wash them to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Do not put them in the dryer, let them air dry.


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