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Where Can I Buy White Dress Shoes

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Shoes That Look Amazing With A White Dress

How to Buy Men’s Dress Shoes

While your mother might have given you the style rule that white is only worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, its safe to say were throwing fashion rules out the window in 2018. If you are too, theres a good chance that youll want to know what shoes to wear with a white dress when the occasion calls for it.

Even when you arent about to take a walk down the aisle, sporting a white dress is a major statement. Bright and fresh, styling a white dress can be more daunting than the thought of getting stains on it. Due to its neutral nature, however, your options are much greater than you might have initially thought.

To show you just that, we rounded up some of our favorite looks featuring white dresses and the chic shoes that accompany them. From metallic heels to cowboy boots, we guaranteed theres a style for you. See them now, and then shop your favorite styles to wear to your next outing.

Women’s Black Dress Shoes

Our collection of black dress shoes is ideal for a range of occasions. Shine in a pair of glittery black heels to add interest to an elegant evening dress. For semi-casual events, look for black evening shoes and flats with beautiful details like crystal-studded embellishments for eye-catching flair.

The perfect fit for religious celebrations, graduations and weddings, the right pair of women’s white dress shoes is anything but boring. Add height to a pair of dress slacks in platform peep-toe pumps or heels. Slide into a comfortable pair of women’s white flats with day dresses, little white dresses and everything in between. Look for ladies’ white dress shoes with ornate details like rhinestone embellishments, scalloped edges and embroidered materials to make a sophisticated fashion statement at every event.

Looking For Your Perfect Pair Of Bridal Heels Or Special Occasion Shoes

Make your entrance at any formal party with unique special occasion shoes and heels for women from Davids. A statement-making outfit starts from the ground up with cute footwear. This affordable shoe collection features elegantly eye-catching embellishments, from dazzling rhinestones on dressy flats to beautiful bows on pretty high heels. Perfect for pairing with bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, formal gowns and party ensembles, these inexpensive shoes are designed to be cute and comfortable to suit all-night dance parties and sidewalk strolls alike. We carry a range of colors to complement any look, from high-shine special occasion heels in sparkling metallics to pretty formal shoes in bold hues. Find unique bridesmaid shoes to match your wedding partys theme or simple flat sandals for a special evening out youll always look beautiful when you step out in a design from this elegant and affordable special occasion footwear selection.

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Our Collection Of Womens Formal Shoes Will Take You Anywhere You Want To Go

All our inexpensive womens formal shoes are crafted to be versatile enough to wear with any elegant ensemble and comfortable enough to rock for any occasion: weddings, prom, or just a night on the town. Find the unique footwear that fits your lifestyle with our variety of heel heights and strap styles. Choose from pretty peep toes and simple sandals, among other beautiful shoe styles. No matter your tastes, youll find a pair in this line-up that feels made for you. Whether youre looking for cute bridesmaid flats, elegant high heels or just something new and unique for the next party you attend, youre sure to find a comfortable pair that has you swooning. Kick off an evening youll never forget with these formal womens dress shoes and heels designed to suit any special occasion.

White Dress Red Shoes/orange Pink Shoes

Top 20 Neutral Colored Wedding Shoes to Wear with Any ...

Shop Red & Pink Shoes:

  • Red Shoes: White dresses & outfits look fabulous with red shoes. A true poppy red will look great with all shades of white
  • Orange Shoes: Orange & coral colored shoes look fab with white, especially pure whites
  • Pink Shoes: I love me a hot pink shoe with a white outfit! The whiter the white, the more contrasting these will be

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White Dress Black Shoes

Shop Black Shoes:

A white dress black shoes? Well, no matter how bright or off-white will always look great with a black shoe & is one of my favorite white dress with shoe color pairings.

It keeps things simple, classy & both the shoes & the dress are able to shine without dulling each others sparkle. Add a gold clutch as this fabulous sparkly one below & youve got yourself a perfect party outfit!

White Dress Nude Shoes

Shop Beige Shoes:

On the opposite spectrum of the contrast of a white dress & black shoes, white dresses & nude shoes are a refined way to create a more understated look. Nude shoes allow the dress to stand out, while lengthening your legs. The more minimal the nude shoe, the lesser impact the footwear will have.

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Gold & Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes look fabulous with white & work best for a more formal occasion. Gold sandals & pumps in particular will dress up even the most simple white dress & is my metal hue of choice when choosing which color shoes to wear with a white dress:

Shop Metallic Shoes:

  • Gold Shoes: A white dress with gold shoes or gold capped shoes are a great combo with a white dress. And especially so with a cream colored dress with warm undertones.
  • Silver Shoes: Silver is a great metallic to wear with white. It does, however, look best when worn with a bright white with cool undertones. I wouldnt pair silver heels with an off white dress.
  • Bronze Shoes: Bronze footwear looks pretty with both pure & creamy whites. It will contrast more with a bright white, but look great with beigey-whites too.

What Color Shoes With A White Dress


So this one might seem a little obvious, with white being a non-color & all. And yes, most shoe colors look fabulous with a white dress.

However, not all white dresses are the same shade of white . Also, not every dress is the same style, so not every shoe is going to be your best choice. The following are the best shades & colors to match your white hot look!

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All White Evening Shoes For Formal Events

Find white formal shoes in a variety of flattering styles and patterns to complement your attire. Choose white heels that pair well with a variety of outfits, including casual maxi dresses and formal dresses. When searching for all-white evening shoes for formal events, look for added details like floral lace patterns, satin pleated materials or crystal-studded embellishments that elevate your ensemble.

Our selection of ladies’ white shoes is made to inspire. Browse David’s Bridal online or in-store near you to view the best variety of all-white shoes and white heels.

Shoe Colors To Avoid With White Dresses

Of course, this wouldnt be a comprehensive post if I didnt chat about my least favorite pairings!

  • White shoes: unless its an exact white match to your dress, white shoes should be avoided. Even so, it may make your outfit look rather bridal. Id keep white-on-white strictly for black tie & all white parties, weddings & red carpet events.
  • Pale pastel shades: other than a beige if it matches your skin tone, Im not a fan adding very pale pastels colors to a white outfit. Although a baby blue or baby pink heck even light mint green isnt going to make you look HORRIBLE at all, it just isnt going to particularly complement a white dress. Itll sort of wash it out.
  • Yellow shoes: unless its a saturated, orangey yellow or a bright neon yello pump, yellow doesnt create enough of a contrast with a white dress as, say, orange shoes would.

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