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What Kind Of Shoes To Wear With Wedding Dress

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Other Things To Consider:

What Color Shoes Should I Wear for a Little Black Dress at a Wedding? : Wedding Fashion for Women
  • When you find the perfect shoes, take them to your dress fittings to make sure the hemline will be the right length. If youre switching to another pair for the reception, be sure to bring that pair as well.
  • Dont buy shoes that arent comfortable at the store. They wont get more comfortable, no matter how much you try to break them in.
  • Break in your shoes long before the big day. Wear socks to slightly stretch them out if they seem tight.
  • Scuff the bottom of the soles with sandpaper to provide more traction, in case your new shoes are slippery.
  • If youre buying your shoes online, read the product description carefully and check the reviews for any warning signs.

Now that you know HOW to find the perfect wedding shoes, check out our favorites in every style :

What Shoes To Wear With Wedding Dress: 3 Factors

Do not worry about not knowing what shoes to wear with wedding dress because you can consider three factors to help you with the perfect bridal shoes. We will help you decide between open and closed-toe wedding shoes and find the best shoe style and heel height for the type of wedding dress youre wearing.

The key to selecting the best bridal shoes to wear is knowing what complements your wedding dress type. Well also help you find the perfect color shoes for your wedding dress.

And for additional styling secrets for a bride-to-be, read what to wear under a wedding dress to give justice to your gowns silhouette and have a flattering body shape.

For The Romantic Bride: Loeffler Randall Knot Mule

Courtesy of Loeffler Randall

Stylish and comfy wedding shoes can be hard to come by but luckily this knotted mule falls into both categories. Beyond its ivory pearl fabric and chic bridal bow, this block heel sandal will support and hug your feet all the way from the aisle to the afterparty.

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What Kind Of Shoes Should A Man Wear To A Wedding

Wedding shoes for men are constantly evolving but there are a few classic styles that stand the test of time. Traditional mens wedding shoes include styles such as brogues, loafers and Chelsea boots, but there is nothing stopping you from branching out and wearing your favourite day to day style as a true reflection of your own style on your wedding day. The best wedding shoes for groom attire on the big day is something comfortable and stylish that you are happy in and matches the style of the day itself. Speak to your bride and see what the rest of the bridal party are wearing and try to choose something that fits in with not only your outfit but also the bridesmaid and rest of the bridal party.

Which Shoes Would Go With A Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Type of shoes for mermaid dress? Pics please

Whatever vintage era you are incorporating when deciding on your dress or theme, choose a pair of vintage wedding shoes that are inspired by the same era for consistency. Look out for kitten heels and bright pops of colour for a gorgeous 50s feel or opt for sparkly wedding shoes to lend a 1920s twist! If your dress is tea length or shorter, go for bolder styles that make a statement, says Adam. Shoes that make a dramatic statement look great when paired with a short vintage wedding dress!

Image Credit: Benjamin Adams

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Tip : Consider Your Budget


According to a national average, brides will spend around $1600 on their wedding dress. Because of this, many brides try to stay under $200 for their bridal shoes. Inexpensive bridal shoes range $25 to $75, and moderate shoes cost $100 to $250.

Brides should also decide whether its worth spending a lot of money on shoes that their guests may never see. If its not worth spending the money, borrow a pair of shoes or wear your favorite pair that you already own.

If youre leaning towards the moderate-priced shoes, check out Nordstrom or Zappos. They sell designer shoes at a cheaper price!

Bonus tip: Find something youll wear again so you get your moneys worth. Embellished pumps go great with jeans and will hit just above the ankle. Or go for a pointed-toe flattheyll elongate your legs. Flats also work well for your bridal shower, bachelorette weekend or rehearsal dinner.

What Does The Silver Sixpence Tradition Mean

In your hunt for a pair of heavenly wedding shoes, you may find that a lot of styles come with a silver sixpence in the sole. This is actually a bridal tradition and Charlotte Mills includes a silver sixpence in every pair of her bridal shoes.

A silver sixpence in the brides shoe is an old custom to bring you good luck, says Charlotte. The sixpence symbolises prosperity, love and happiness. The tradition says that having this with you on your wedding day will bring you all these things throughout your marriage.

Image Credit: Charlotte Mills

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Start Researching Bridal Shoe Options

While wedding dress shopping is the priority, there’s no reason why you can’t start researching wedding shoe styles, and the websites of large-scale retailerssuch as Bloomingdales, Macys, and Nordstromare a great place to start. Many stores carry far more inventory online compared to in-store, so browsing online gives you access to a wider range of shoes, which helps you to figure out what details you like and dislike, Walton says. Once you’ve narrowed your search, it will be a whole lot easier to actually start shopping for your wedding-day shoes after you’ve found the dress.

Ruby Slippers In Blue

What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress Shoe Advice

Black shoes with navy suit are an all-time favorite for women. But you can change the stereotype too! If you want to keep it in a matching-matching situation, you can get some blue shoes as well. Go for a navy blue suit with pants that perfectly match with your office outfit!

Well, navy dress shoes will look perfect if you keep the balance! And so, go for a shirt that is light in color. The pink shirt will look amazing.

And to make it look matched, go for dark blue or navy blue ruby heels! Go for the meeting or office everybody will look at the incredible outfit ideas you have! Navy blue dresses with shoes that look formal are always the best option to choose from!

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Buying A Pair Youll Never Wear Again

Above: Elsa nude wedding heel

Yes, not matching your dress is a huge mistake to avoid when picking out your wedding shoes, but it would also be a travesty never to wear those shoes again. When picking out your wedding shoes, you should consider if and when youd ever wear them again. While the traditional satin ivory wedding shoe may not work in the office, you could still wear them to other formal events, like the Elsaheel, a nude color that has hand-beaded sparkling crystals and sequins.

Customer review I bought this shoes for my wedding, absolutely beautiful all the details and very comfortable. I love them! Amazing for a party too. on Elsa

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What About A Statement Dress

When you have a beautiful statement wedding dress, Emmy believes that you can choose to go either end of the scale with your wedding shoes. A statement dress with a lot of detail could be finished off beautifully with a simple, elegant court shoe in a soft tone to create a chic statement, says Emmy.

Alternatively, just go for it and go all out with your wedding shoes to make as much as much of a statement as the dress you only do this once! To make the most of your statement shoes opt for a shorter hemmed statement dress.

Image Credit: Emmy London

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

Like every other style decision you make for your big day, what color of shoes you’ll ultimately wear will depend on what kind of bride you are. Classic and traditional brides will likely be drawn to clean white, champagne, ivory, and nude tones, but if a little footwear flair intrigues you, don’t be afraid go outside the box in the color department, says Perez. If you want to step it up, she suggests considering metallics, which add a little more glitter and shine to catch the eye.” A playful twist on tradition, “something blue bridal shoes range in shades from pale blue to deep royal hues.

For Color Find A Shoe That Matches An Approximation Of Your Skin Tone

Chancey Embellished Wedding Court Shoes

Either a neutral color or even better a color that is around the same as your skin tone looks really beautiful and classy with lace.

This is because a skin-tone shoe doesnt distract from the beauty of your intricate lace dress and allows the dress to shine on its own. Think of it like a classy way of being barefoot.

If you can be actually barefoot , that would also work for a lace wedding dress! Its so beautiful on its own that you dont even need shoes!

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Types Of Heel And Height For The Wedding Dress Shoes

The heel type and height are crucial when determining what shoes to wear with your wedding dress. First, your comfort should be your priority, so only select the heel type that you know you can stand and walk on without issues.

You want to walk down the aisle gracefully, and you must move around with ease, so consider the wedding venue, whether the ground would be grass, soil, sand, or indoor flooring. Then, you can determine what type of heels and height to wear that will complement your dress length and style.

For example, pointed heels look fantastic and give great posture for poofy wedding dresses, while you can get away with the platform or wedge-type heels with A-line or fitted wedding dresses. Some brides might also opt for flats for a more effortless look, especially if it has straps and details that you can showcase with a short wedding dress.

We wrote a wedding dress shopping etiquette that you can check out because you can bring your chosen bridal shoes to your wedding dress fittings to see if they work together beautifully.

Abercrombie & Fitch Off

If dressing up isnât your thing, weâve got just the outfit for you. You donât need to worry about planning a look with this mini dressthe ruched bodice and puff off-the-shoulder sleeves make enough of a statement on their own. Just pair it with your favorite black sandals and youâll be fully dressed.

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Closed Toe Wedding Shoes

After wallowing in the opulent wedding shoes above, we’re not experiencing the unavoidable “burn out” everyone is talking about quiet yet. Anddddd, we hope our article is shaving some stress off of your shoulders when it comes to picking the right wedding shoes for your big day.

Naturally we had to talk about the Hangisi first, and now that that’s over and established, these are our carefully sourced closed toe wedding pumps . . .

Would you expect anything less than fabulous from the SJP Collection as in Carrie from Sex and the City? A dainty satin t-strap stiletto pump exudes sophistication.

Again, the SJP Collection produces a nude pump so charming that even a customer review includes photos to show her merriment for them.

What Shoes Should You Wear With A Suit

Shoes for Shorter Wedding Dress Styles : Wedding Style Advice

The type of mens wedding shoes that should be worn with a suit depends entirely on the type of suit you are wearing on the day. A popular choice for grooms are blacks and browns that go with many suit choices, but it is ideal if your choice is a mix of style and comfort. One of the many different types of Brogues available on the market could be considered a good choice that stands the test of time.

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The Best Bridal Shoes To Wear On Your Wedding Day

If youre like me, youve dreamed of your wedding dress your entire life. Youve had a Pinterest board of Wedding Dress inspo since you were 13, feel strong opinions about each new bride and their dresses on Say Yes to the Dress , and youve probably fantasized about what Kate Hudsons Vera Wang in Bride Wars would look like on you. Would you be more of a princess-dress kind of bride or is beachy boho more your feel?

But bridal shoes arent really fantasized about. No one is interested in Say Yes to the Shoes or can remember what Kate Hudson wore under all that Vera Wang tulle. However, the shoes you wear are a crucial part of your wedding day. They have to take you from an elegant walk down the aisle, to getting down on the dance floor well into the morning, and they have to look great enough in pictures that youll love them for a lifetime. Now those are some tough shoes to fill . Bridal shoes, you the real MVPs. Here are our favorite shoes that are as elegant and timeless as they are comfortable.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Wedding Dress

You dont always have to match or relate the tone and color of your wedding shoes to your bridal gown. Some brides want to showcase their unique personalities by wearing bright-colored shoes like red, blue, or yellow with their wedding dresses.

However, theres a reason why white, ivory, and off-white are the most famous bridal shoe colors. They look bridal, and they make fantastic elements for wedding photoshoots.

Will you be wearing a champagne-colored gown? Read what colors complement a champagne wedding dress.

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Fabulous Wedding Shoe Ideas Inspired By Our Real Brides

Youve found your perfect wedding dress. Youve booked your wedding venue. Now, lets talk footwear! Weve compiled a few of our favorite real bride photos for some major wedding shoe inspiration. From beach-ready flats to shimmery wedges to razzle-dazzle heels, keep scrolling for fabulous wedding shoe ideas inspired by our real brides!

Should I Consider The Venue When Buying My Shoes


Its a good idea to think about how much walking you will need to throughout the day when you buy your shoes. If youre holding your entire wedding in one venue then you dont need to worry too much about it. Freya also points out that you should consider the season that youll be getting married in.

Open sling backs are better if you are getting married in a hotter climate and peep toes are good all year round, she says. If you will be wearing your heels on a grassy or muddy surface you should be aware that they might get stained. A great way to stop your heels sinking into grassy surfaces is to use heel protectors.

Image Credit: Freya Rose

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What If I Dont Want To Spend Too Much On My Shoes

If youve splurged most of your budget on the dress and dont have a lot left for the wedding shoes then dont worry, you can still find some gorgeous bridal shoes on the high street at an affordable price tag! Monsoon have a selection of stunning shoes in bridal colours such as ivory, rose gold and silver all with prices that wont break the bank!

Image Credit: Monsoon

If You Can See Your Shoes

If your feet are visible when you wear your wedding dress, then you will need to find shoes that work well with your outfit. The first place to start is to determine the style of your wedding dress, and what style of shoe will match the proportions of your dress and your build. For example, if your dress is tea-length, a pair of points or open-toe heels will match well.

If you would like to perfectly match your shoes to your dress, it is a good idea to take your wedding dress or a swatch of your wedding dress fabric with you when you go shopping for your wedding shoes. If you cant colour match exactly, try to match the embellishment on your dress or jewellery with you shoes. If this is proving difficult, you can always have your shoes made, or even ask the wedding dress designer to give you extra fabric to cover your shoes.

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Tip # 5 Budget Is Important

Because brides normally spend a large amount of money on their wedding dresses, they often try to stick to a budget when it comes to wedding shoes. Bridal shoe prices can range from $25 $500 depending on what you want, but most brides try to keep to a budget of $200 or less.

It is important to bear in mind, especially if you are wearing a long length bridal gown that the guests are going to have limited vision of your bridal shoes so there is no need to spend an enormous amount of money on shoes.

If buying a new pair of wedding shoes does not mean that much to you then consider borrowing a pair of shoes from a friend or wearing your favorite pair from your cupboard. Try, however, to make sure though that they do still match your dress as much as possible.

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