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Who Makes Patrick Ewing Shoes

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Who Makes Patrick Ewing Shoes

Patrick Ewing 33 Hi Bright Orange Shoe Unboxing & Review

2022-08-15 by Alex Thomson

Who Makes Patrick Ewing Shoes? Before starting to play in the NBA, he wore the Nike Blazer. After the closure of Ewing Athletics, he returned to wearing Nike models such as the Terminator. In 2015 David Goldberg, an Ewing sneaker collector and entrepreneur, reached an agreement with Patrick Ewing and David Falk to relaunch the brand again.

Who makes Patrick Ewing sneakers? The player, Patrick Ewing. The German brand designed three shoe models for the Jamaican-born player: the Adidas Conductor, the Adidas Rivalry and the Adidas Attitude.

What is Patrick Ewing? Patrick Aloysius Pat Ewing Sr. is a former Jamaican basketball player and coach, nationalized American, who played center. He was born in Jamaica but at the age of 12 he moved with his family to the United States.

What shoes did Magic Johnson wear? Julius Erving, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and even Michael Jordan wore Converse, the best basketball shoe brand of the early eighties. In 1984 the North American brand sponsored the Los Angeles Olympics and NBA stars wore Converse until Nike arrived.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October

When: 2014

Warm-up time especially for NFL players is a time to push the boundaries on flare because it gives them the opportunity to showcase wild designs without getting fined by the league office.

LeBron James followed this line of thinking with the Air Yeezy 2 Red October albeit without worrying about the repercussions because he is a Nike signed athlete during shoot around in 2014 ahead of a Game 2 Finals matchup between the Heat and Spurs.

As hyped as we think the adidas iteration is, at that same time, a person was attempting to sell six pairs of Air Yeezys as a package deal for $100,000 USD.

When Did The Adidas Rivalry Come Out

Since 1986 Introduced as a basketball shoe in the 80s, Rivalry has since been embraced for its bold attitude.

What year did Patrick Ewing shoes come out?

The Ewing 33 High is former NBA player Patrick Ewings flagship signature sneaker. First released in 1990, the Ewing 33 High was a phenomenal success upon its first release with the brand doing more than $100 million in sales.

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Ewing Sells Mansion For Huge Loss

Last month, Patrick Ewing finally sold the mansion he had on the market for the last five years. Ewings place had a 10,524-square foot main house that featured seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The property also featured a gym, basketball court, movie theatre, swimming pool, spa, and three-car garage.

The home had originally been put on the market in October of 2015 with an asking price of $6.998 million. Ewing had originally purchased the home in 2007 for $6.3 million. He put a lot of money into it, listing agent Michele Kolsky-Assatly said in 2018.

Ewing hadnt gotten any serious bites during the last five years. At one point last year, he offered to rent the place for $25,000 per month. Last month, however, he finally sold it at the discounted price of $2.65 million. Ewing suffered nearly a $4 million loss on the sale.

Back In The 90s You Knew You Were A High Profile And Beloved Player When You Had Your Own Signature Sneaker Nba Legend Patrick Ewing However Had Even Bigger Plans And Became The First Basketball Player With A Majority Share In His Own Sneaker Company But Lets Start At The Beginning

In 1985, Ewing kick-started his NBA career with the New York Knicks, wearing Knicks-appropriate orange and blue adidas. Then in 1986, Ewing received his first signature shoe, the adidas Ewing Rivalry, which was also the first signature shoe to feature a Knicks colorway. With all the hype Patrick and Run-DMC created for the brand, adidas was the number one sneaker brand both on and off the court.

Ewings sneaker success, however, was short-lived. The release of the Air Jordan in 89 changed the game and many other sneaker brands started to struggle. Patrick still had his generous 1 million dollars a year deal from Adidas, but decided to leave since the future wasnt looking so bright.

That same year, Ewing launched the sneaker brand Ewing Athletics. The first shoe the brand released was the lesser known Rebound, but the real success didnt start till the release of the iconic 33 Hi, which was named after Ewings jersey number. Sales skyrocketed with a total of nearly 100 million dollars. If you were to translate the worth of the dollar in 1990 to the dollar now, the 33 would have outsold LeBron and Kobe combined.

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A Brief History On Patrick Ewing And His Kicks

Patrick Ewing was born in Kingston on August 5, 1962. His father, Carl Ewing, was as a mechanic and his, mother Dorothy Ewing, was a stay-at-home mom, raising the Ewing familys 7 kids. Ewings family immigrated to the US. Ewing moved there when he was 11. He lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In his youth, Ewing always showed a talent for sports, most particularly cricket and soccer. Eventually, he stepped onto a basketball and mastered the game having played regularly in the neighborhood court with other kids. By the time he was 12 years old, Ewing already grew to a staggering 66, and that, of course, steered him towards basketball more than any other game.

As a college student, Ewing attended the University of Georgetown, and while there, he became a US citizen. During his first year at Georgetown U. he was instrumental in helping the Hoyas win the NCAA championship, which brought him a lot of recognition as well as the title of Outstanding Player of the entire tournament. His US citizenship finally meant that he could join the United States Mens Olympic basketball team in the 1984 summer games in LA. At the time, the team had Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Sam Perkins, as well as many other greats, who played brilliantly and earned the gold medal for the United States.

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Devoted Foodies And Restaurant Newbies Love The Feed Sign

Behold the majesty of The Pickle sneaker, created by Boston-based Grillos Pickles and Ewing Athletics. / Photo provided

What do the Boston-based makers of Grillos Pickles and Cambridge-raised Basketball Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing have in common? If you answered, They just collaborated on a new, limited-edition, pickle-inspired sneaker, wellyoure lying, because no one in their right mind would actually think of that. And yet, here we are.

Yes. Boston-based Grillos Pickles and Cambridge-raised Patrick Ewing have, indeed, collaborated on a new, limited-edition, pickle-inspired sneaker. The kicks were released this week by Ewing Athletics, retail for $140, and will surely be coveted by those at a very unique intersection within the Venn Diagram of sneaker heads and discerning fans of crunchy, vinegary snacks. The design is dubbed simply, The Pickle. Elegant. Artful.

The Hulk-green high-tops nod to Grillos ingredients, according to a press release: Each sneaker features clear soles to represent Grillos hand packed jars, green suede as an ode to the organic dill, and green leather, which exemplifies the brands crunchy cucumbers. The white shoe laces also represent the fresh, California-grown garlic. Do you hear that? Michelangelo could never.

Grillos mascot Sam the Pickle Man adorns the heel. / Photo provided

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Patrick Ewing: Shoe Brand

Patrick founded Ewing Athletics back in 1989. He became the first basketball star to have his own shoe brand.

The first model Patrick wore was the Rebound during the 1989 season, but the first main release from his brand became the 33 HI. This model has gone on to become a best-seller in New York City, becoming a favorite shoe across Europe and Asia too.

In fact, to honour this particular shoe, the company recently released the 33 HI 2.0 which has some serious retro vibes of the original model.

Ultimate Vintage Ewing Sneaker Collection

ThrowBacKing: Patrick Ewing 33 HI Sneaker Collection

For any readers who missed it, here’s our awesome interview with crazy Ewing collector Dave Goldberg from a few months back.

The announcement that Ewing Athletics was making a comeback this year was greeted with universal rapture. It seems this long-lost brand built around the name of one man does seem to have a sentimental fanbase, one that has been waiting patiently for this day since production ceased in 1996. Now, we like to think we know our shoes, but we have to come clean and admit that our knowledge of Ewings could be pretty much summed up as beginning and ending with the 33 Hi model. That was until we tracked Dave Goldberg down in NYC. With a Ewing collection described as almost complete, Dave is one of the most knowledgable Ewing heads in the world. Prepare to be high-schooled as we take it back to the 90s!

Were you a fan of Ewing as a player or is your obsession just about the shoes?Both actually. I grew up in New York and my interest in the Ewing brand was the culmination of the Knicks being my favorite team, Ewing my favorite player and my love for sneakers all merged into one.

How did you get started with collecting?I was always into sneakers and I would take note of the models and styles, especially by the time the Jordan 3 came out. My first proper pair of shoes was the Jordan 5 in black and silver and then after that, like I said, I got the Ewing 33 Hi.

With a collection this size, you must have some good hunting stories.,

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Fans Share Memories Of Patrick Ewings Shoes

After watching The Last Dance on Netflix, many viewers have taken to Twitter to share fond memories of their first Patrick Ewings shoes.

One fan wrote: Patrick Ewing!! I remember begging my mom for his shoes, while another one added: I had a pair of Patrick Ewing shoes.

Been my hero since he hit the winning shot against Georgetown and Patrick Ewing in the NCAA finals. Wore his shoes baller in my blood. Very upsetting.

Doug Lawrie



Dolce & Gabbana Patent High

When: 2010

In a contemporary context, high fashion brands like Maison Martin Margiela, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are reserved to pre-game entrances and post game press conferences for players. Yet, Washington Wizards guard, Gilbert Arenas, attempted to bridge that gap in 2010.

Utilizing the star-studded Staples Center as the venue, Arenas wore Dolce & Gabbana High Top sneakers that featured basketball aesthetics like straps across the midfoot area and a patent leather texture.

Arenas ultimately scored 23 points in the $395 USD designer shoes.

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Ewing: Shoot Hoops In Style

With all designs from this label featuring an air-cushioned sole and a supportive shape, Ewing high-tops definitely arent just a pretty face. Practice sessions are all about having fun, so look out for pairs in bold, block hues with chunky accents. Team with slim-fit joggers and a relaxed tank top for an effortless athletic effect. Game days require a pulled-together aesthetic to show the competition what youre made of. Opt for sneakers in a dark shade from Ewing to dabble in the monochrome trend. Pair with black basketball shorts and a white longline vest top for an NBA-worthy vibe .

The Legacy And Return Of Ewing Athletics
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In 1989, as the sneaker industry skyrocketed through the stratosphere due to the popularity of Air Jordans, New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing was getting paid nearly $1 million a year by adidas. Despite the very handsome salary, P.E. left the brand. Under the guidance of his agent, David Falk, Ewing became a pioneer of sorts, launching the first signature sneaker brand that was majority-owned by a professional athlete. By 1990, the company was grossing approximately $100 million and as Ewings popularity with the Knicks soared, so did his company. Ewing Athletics released more than 20 models through 1996, before the company faced internal challenges that forced Ewing and his partners to shut down.

Last month, the former Knicks player and NBA Hall of Famer relaunched the cult-classic 33 Hi Retro shoe model to 33 stores nationwide. On the heels of the retro sneaker hitting the European market for the holiday season, Life +Times caught up with No. 33 himself, along with Falk and David Goldberg, the newly anointed President of Ewing Athletics, to discuss the brands reintroduction, the 80s original flavors and Knicks versus Nets.

L+T: Was there any ideas for expanding towards apparel?Falk: Were going to do apparel, for sure. Were going to start doing what we did in the old days with a certain level of apparel. As I said before, well gauge how the market accepts us and will make a decision down the road.

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What Shoe Is Dwight Howard Wearing

Los Angeles Lakers | Center After leaving Adidas, Dwight Howard became the face of Chinas Peak, with his own signature shoe, the DH3. As of the 2019-20 season, he is primarily wearing Kobes, especially the Kobe 5 Protro.

What brand is John Wall with?

AdidasAdidas Unveils the J Wall 1, John Walls 1st Signature Shoe with the Brand. Adidas and John Wall have teamed up to create the Washington Wizards stars first signature shoe with the brand.

Patrick Ewings Net Worth

Despite Patrick Ewing losing more than 60 percent off the original asking price of his house, the big man is still doing well financially. According to, Ewing is worth $85 million.

Although he retired from the NBA after the 2001-02 season, Ewing remained in the NBA as an assistant coach. In April of 2017, Ewing left the NBA ranks and was named the head coach at his alma mater, Georgetown, where he has been ever since.

In 2012, Ewing relaunched his own sneaker company, Ewing Athletics. He initially had the brand in 1989, but slow sales forced a shutdown in 1996. We did very well for a while, but it got harder, Ewing said. Lots of kids started replacing basketball shoes with Timberland sneakers and Nike became more of a force.

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How Did Magic Johnson Get It

And he didnt hide his promiscuity, which could well be the cause that caused him to contract AIDS. When the subject of his intimate life came up, Johnson revealed that he once had sex with six women at once. He reiterated that he wasnt bragging about his previous lifestyle, but he didnt want to hide it.

Michael Jordan Trolled Patrick Ewing

Ewing 33 HI Sneaker – On Feet and Check – 86% ð?

When Ewing came to the Bulls locker room to chat with Jordan, the Bulls superstar hilariously told the Knicks center, I had to go back to all the way to 84 to whip yall ass. Jordan was speaking about how he demolished New York while wearing his shoes from 1984.

Jordan averaged 31.8 points against the Knicks on the road in his career. He called New York the mecca of basketball several times and enjoyed putting on a show for the Garden crowd every time he played in the Big Apple.

Following his sixth championship in 1998, Jordan retired from the NBA for a second time. However, he came out of retirement in 2001 to play with the Washington Wizards, and it just so happened that Washingtons first game of the 2001-02 season was against the Knicks at MSG.

Jordan scored 19 points on October 30, 2001, versus the Knicks, a game New York won by two. It was a pedestrian outing by the five-time MVP, but he made sure he went out with a bang in his final game at the worlds most famous arena in 2003.

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Michael Jordan Scored 42 Points While Wearing Old Shoes

Jordan put up 42 points, eight rebounds, six assists, and three steals in the Bulls 102-89 win at MSG. He shot 17-of-33 from the field and 7-of-9 from the free-throw line in 43 minutes of action.

Whats remarkable about this performance from Jordan is that he did it while his feet were bleeding. The shoes he wore were from 1984, so they didnt have the best cushion. Despite being in pain, His Airness kept the shoes on since he was having a great game.

By halftime, my feet are bleeding, Jordan said in Episode 5 of The Last Dance docuseries. But Im having a good game. I dont wanna take em off. I couldnt take those shoes off fast enough , and when I took the shoes off, my sock was soaked in blood.

Jordan received immediate treatment on his feet once he got back into the Bulls locker room. Ewing, who was inactive during the game due to injury, stopped by to say hello to his friend, and in typical MJ fashion, the Bulls legend talked trash to his pal.

Just Don X Air Jordan 2

When: 2015

Thanks to the connection to Don C, the Air Jordan 2 is often viewed solely as a lifestyle shoe despite its relevance to Michael Jordans career.

Rudy Gay dispelled this notion by rocking the tonal pair in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers that matched the royal blue Rochester throwback uniforms of the Sacramento Kings.

Finishing with 21 points and 8 rebounds, he clearly showed that the shoe was clearly capable of handling the up and down in the Association.

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Now You Can Own Patrick Ewings Shoes

During his 15-year, Hall-of-Fame NBA career, New York Knicks center and ModernMan favorite Patrick Ewing blocked 2,894 shots, had 2,215 assists, and made 19 three-pointers . He also wore a lot of basketball shoes. Ewing founded his own brand of footwear in 1989, but it went bust in the mid-1990s. Well, for the past few years, its been back.

The 33 Hi 2012 Retro basketball sneakers were the first official release from Ewing Athletics. There have been plenty of other cool options since The leather and suede kicks will come in four original color schemes, including white/blue/orange and blue/orange/white, both nods to the Knicks. The shoes will feature the same boxy look and cross straps as the ones Ewing wore while dominating the boards and creating massive pools of sweat on the court during his heyday. And in case you forget, Ewing was nice enough to stamp EWING and 33 on the backs of the shoes in gigantic letters, and autograph them on the side. You can pick up a pair for $100.

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