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How Do You Pack Shoes For Moving

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Should Shoes Be Stored In Their Boxes

How to Pack Shoes | The Home Depot

When it comes to footwear storage, there are many ways to go about it it all depends on what works for you. However, whether you are boxing up to move in a hurry or not, the middle of a move with pets and family is no time to be stressing about issues such as footwear storage. The truth is, there are many ways to store and move your items, and theres only one we would recommend avoiding and that is placing your things only in paper bags. Weve seen this happen too often and have to tell you it can cause serious damage to your stuff.

On the other hand, original packaging is meant to fit a shoe perfectly, and it often comes withsome paper to keep your footwear protected. So, unless you personally have a favorite way of dealing with the issue at hand, know that original packaging will work more than fine as a container during relocation creative storage options can wait until you unpack after your move.

Prepare The Boxes For Moving Or Storage

If you store your things in a storage space until the relocation to your new home, there are some extra precautions you should take to secure your favorite sneakers or boots. Because most boxes are made of cardboard, theyre not technically waterproof. Thats why you should wrap them in plastic wrap or place them in plastic containers to keep them safe before you are ready to take them to your new place.

Keep A Few Pairs Of Essential Shoes Handy

Between packing and moving day, you will inevitably need to wear shoes! Choose a few pairs that will cover your needs. Shoes for work, shoes for exercise, and seasonally appropriate casual shoes should be kept with your suitcase or travel bags. Make sure you have a pair to wear on moving day that you dont mind getting scuffed or dirty in the back and forth with boxes!

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Properly Protect Each Pair

Before you seal your boxes, it is important to make sure that every single pair is packed and protected the right way. First of all, check if theyre stuffed with paper enough to hold their shape. Secondly, wrap each shoe in one to two layers. You could use newspapers for this as well, but be wary about the possibility of ink staining your footwear. You will also want to use it to line each box before putting the shoe in. Finally, fill in the rest of the box with crumpled paper, foam peanuts, or old pieces of cloth. After closing each box, gently shake it to make sure nothing is flying around. Lastly, seal every package using two layers of duct tape so they lid doesnt come off during transport. Dont hesitate to give us a call for some additional tips.

Box Up The Nicer Pairs Individually

How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving

Youre probably not too concerned about that old pair of sneakers getting scuffed or damaged during the move, but the same isnt true for that expensive pair of heels or your perfectly shined loafers. Protect your favorites by boxing them up individually, with packing paper scrunched around them to keep them in place. If you didnt save the boxes the shoes came in, thats no problem. You can purchase basic cardboard shoe boxes in multi-packs or use small plastic bins.

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Use Proper Packing Materials

If you dont have original boxes for your shoes make sure to have proper and quality packing materials. Like already mentioned do not use colored papers to warp your shoes as this can damage them. Also, avoid using plastic bags to place your footwear inside. They tend to keep moist which can ruin your shoes permanently. Instead, invest in packing services and supplies as this will protect your shoes. Do not try to save money on quality packing supplies as this will prevent you from having to buy new sneakers or boots.

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Consider Your Shoe Storage Plans In Your New Home

Once your shoes are packed up and ready for the big move, you can focus your energy on the rest of your moving responsibilities and settling into your new home. If you need a little help, hiring the right packers and movers can make moving a smooth and painless process, so research and consider your options.

Then, think of ways to unpack your move efficiently by planning the organization of your shoes in your new home once you are moved in. Discover some innovative and space-saving solutions to start your shoes off on the right foot in your new home. Take advantage of the fact that your shoes are already sorted and boxed up from the move. This will allow you to easily arrange your shoe collection in a convenient way that makes sense for you and your space. Planning your new shoe storage before you unpack each box will make the whole project much easier.

If You Still Do Not Know How To Pack Shoes For Moving Consider Hiring Professional Bay Area Movers For Assistance

How to Pack Shoes for a Trip or a Move

Once you finally have enough reasons to move and find a perfect home in one of the most popular places to live in the Bay Area, your only responsibility should be making a going-away party. Everything else should be a job for a professional Bay Area moving company.

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Obviously, they will show you how to pack shoes for a move the best way possible. Just contact us to check what items movers wont move, and everything else is our concern. We can also offer you a commercial relocation service if you want to relocate your business office or additional labor relocation services if you lack a workforce for heavy duties. If you need to relocate your stored footwear or other storage belongings, we can provide you with affordable storage relocation services and convenient storage lockers. Just give us a call for anything else you want to know, and well try our best to assist you in a timely manner.

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Tie Sneakers Together By The Laces

For shoes like sneakers, which are likely just going to get thrown in a box or other type of container together, keep pairs intact by tying their laces together. This way, you wont be digging through the pile trying to find a shoes match when you find yourself in need of a pair before youve fully unpacked.

Labeling A Cherry On Top Of The Cake

Every organized relocation needs proper labeling. Make your life easier, and do not forget to label your boxes at least as footwear bonus points for you if you mark the type. You can utilize markers, sharpies, color coding, or anything similar to that. That way, you will also know which carton contains your essentials so that you can access it more easily.

If you want to find out more moving hacks for your sneakers collection, be sure to watch the following video.

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Best Way To Pack Shoes For Moving Use These Hacks

Safety and efficiency should be your priorities when stowing footwear. Choose sturdy boxes to store them in pairs and alternate directions of the shoes when placing them in packages to save some space. Whether youre moving from apartment to house or thinking about things you need for your first apartment, try to find a little time to learn more about tips that can help you stow your footwear efficiently and quickly.

Plastic Newspaper Sleeves Are An Affordable Option

The Best Way for Packing, Moving &  Storing Shoes

If youre an avid reader of the daily happenings in the beautiful world that surrounds us, you can take advantage of leftover newspaper bags, and this wont affect your relocation budget almost at all. The only thing to remember is to use solely the clean ones since newspaper ink is a shoe enemy number one.

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How Do You Pack Shoes

Well, you do have a few options here. If you have a big enough box, you can buy one of those shoe bags from the store and put your shoes in there.

Just make sure theyre not too wrinkly or dirty so you dont have to iron them when you get to your new place. If you have really good shoes, I would suggest taking them out of their boxes before you pack them up. They just might be worth it if they are really expensive.

Put A Sock In Each Shoe

Stuffing a rolled-up pair of socks in the toe of each shoe before packing it helps your shoes keep their shape during the move. Depending on the style and shape of the shoe, you may want to put a pair of socks at the heel as well.

Not only does this help keep your shoes from being damaged in the move, but it is also a clever way to save space when packing your clothes.

If youve already packed your socks, you can use a scrunched-up piece of paper or plastic bag instead of socks. Just be sure you use plain paper rather than newspaper to prevent the newspaper print from transferring onto your shoe.

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Wrapping And Packing Up Your Shoes

Some of your shoes that are worn down or very casual, like flip-flops, may not need to be protected in transit. But your dress shoes, your collection of high heels, and any high-end basketball sneakers will need an extra layer of protection to ensure they are not damaged.

For your gardening shoes or running sneakers that have experienced some wear and tear and dont need special care for storage, tie the shoes to each other by the laces and store them loosely in a box.

For your higher-end shoes, finish stuffing the shoes and then wrap them. Use clean packing paper, bubble wrap, paper towels or even fabric towels to wrap each shoe individually and prevent scuffs. Some higher-end shoes come with flannel bags for storage. If you still have these, then you can store the shoes in the bags instead of wrapping them. Once you have wrapped the shoes, store each pair of shoes in individual shoe storage boxes or containers. If you have the original shoe box, then that is an easy and affordable packing solution for your pairs of shoes.

Pack Heavy Shoes On The Bottom

How To Pack Shoes Like A Pro

Whether youre using boxes, plastic containers, or even laundry baskets to transport your shoes, make sure youre putting the heaviest and bulkiest shoes on the bottom. This will even out the weight and make it safer and easier to carry. Plus, if you do put heavy shoes on top of more lighter ones, you risk causing damage to the more delicate pairs.

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Use Clean Packing Paper

“To avoid the most common risks of damage to shoes while moving, such as scuff marks or smashed shoes, try using clean packing paper,” suggests Sherree Murray, creator of Well-Planned Move. While you’d think that using newspaper or tissue paper is an easy option, Jodi Holzband of says to avoid them, as they can leave a stain. And an even cheaper solution? Paper towels work here as well.

Stuff Shoes With Socks Or Crumpled Paper

Now when you have selected shoes that you will take with you and clean properly, it is time to pack them. Whether you are moving long-distance or using local movers Rockland county it is important to protect your shoes and prepare them for transportation. In order to keep the shape of your shoes, especially boots, place crumpled packing paper inside of them. Also, you can fill them with your socks. This way your shoes will be protected from losing shape and you will save space in your moving boxes. Do not use newspapers or any colored paper instead of crumpled packing paper, as this can they can leave a stain on your footwear.

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Store Your Shoes In A Large Box Or Plastic Tote

  • 1Use separate containers for different styles. A small or medium box should work fine, but it depends on how many shoes you have. Boxes are easy to get from moving supply stores or hardware stores, but they could potentially get water damage. Plastic totes are usually smaller, but theyre a great water-resistant choice.XResearch source
  • Be cautious storing leather or suede in plastic totes long-term since its not a breathable container and could cause your shoes to dry out or crack.
  • In a pinch, you can use a hardshell suitcase instead.
  • If you have flats, you could store the pairs individually in a hanging closet door organizer. Fold the organizer in half to keep your shoes from falling out. However, this wont offer as much protection during the move.
  • Box Up Your Shoes For Moving Day

    How to Pack Shoes

    When boxing up your shoes, it would be wise to pack shoes that are out of season separately from shoes that are more likely to be worn in the short-term. Separate these shoeboxes before boxing up the shoes. Focus on shoes that are currently needed versus shoes that wont be used for months down the line. This will make unpacking easier to prioritize.

    Now that your shoes are stored in individual boxes, decide how you will transport the boxes efficiently. You can use large plastic storage containers or moving boxes to stack and store the shoe boxes.

    When filling up your boxes or containers, take note to place the heavier shoes on the bottom of the pile and then stack the lighter shoes on top. This will make the box easier to carry and move. It will also ensure that your heavier items do not crumple up and crush your more delicate and lighter shoes. Make sure to use high quality packing tape that will keep the bottom of the box closed during your upcoming move.

    Pro Tip

    Remember, mark the exterior of the boxes to make each pair easy to find and identify after the move. Part of knowing how to pack shoes for moving is preparing for unpacking later!

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    How To Stack Them

    If you identified shoes to set aside for moving day and the first few days post move, remember to keep them aside with your moving day suitcase and not pack them with the rest of your things.

    Before you place your shoes inside your moving boxes, make sure the boxes are clean, dry, damage free and double taped at the base. Its worth lining the base of the box with packing paper before you start piling up the pairs.

    Your heaviest shoes should be packed at the base of your moving box, with lighter items towards the top. If you have shoes in their individual boxes, the same principle applies, put the boxes at the base of the box and loose individual shoes on top. Shoe types such as heels can be placed on their side in alternate directions with layers of paper in between each row. Avoid combining clothes with shoes in this box.

    If you have a large shoe collection you might want to group different types of shoes together, such as sneakers, pumps, and boots.

    Add more packing paper at the top before you seal the box with tape and label it clearly. The more detailed your labelling during packing the easier its going to be to manage those first few days settling it at your new home and keep that spring in your well heeled step.

    Your Shoes For Special Occasions Deserve Special Attention

    Your favorite high heels and leather shoes you wear to fancy dinners will require special attention. When dealing with your more expensive pairs, treat them as fancy china or something easily breakable. The chances that a heel will break in transportation are not high. However, scratches and small damage can easily happen.

    So, we recommend buying little cotton sacks you can use to package a shoe and using these as an additional protection piece before following the aforementioned packing instructions. That way, you can sleep soundly, knowing your favorite Louboutins will live to see another unforgettable outing.

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