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How Much Are Chucks Shoes

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Converse Sneakers & Apparel

Converses BIG FLOP – (CUT IN HALF) – Converse CX Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse is one of the oldest and most respected names in the worlds of footwear and apparel. Their products are a cherished piece of the Shoe Palace company. The world knows Converse, especially when you are talking about their iconic Chuck Taylor All Star brand. The Chuck Taylor has been a prestigious piece of popular culture for decades now. Chucks have been dominant with their high top and low top canvas styles. Its hard to imagine someone not having owned a low top or high top Chuck Taylor sneaker at some point. Shoe Palace has been around for 30 years, so we understand and respect longevity. Converse has reached a level of stability everyone in our industry strives for. Shoe Palace and Converse have joined forces many times over the years and those projects are invaluable pieces of our history.

If You Wear Anything Smaller Than A Womens 85 Or A Mens 7 Buy Kids Converse

Converse shoes are unisex. The outside of the box lists both womens and mens sizes. But, Converse also makes classic styles in kid sizes and they are cheaper than the adult-sized styles. So if a retailer says, Womens Chuck Taylors or Girls Chuck Taylors, you can ignore that.

For example, in 2019 on Cyber Monday, Macys offered a deal on Converse for the whole family: Girls’ Chuck Taylor shoes were on sale for $18.74, while the exact same womens Chuck Taylors were on sale for $29.98. Thats an $11.24 difference!

To figure out what your size would be in kids shoes, just take your regular size and subtract 2 sizes. .

TIP: Do you have wide feet? Definitely buy kids shoes since kids Converse are slightly wider than adult sizes.

Shop 6pmcom For 65% Off Designer Converse Almost Any Month Of The Year is a sister site of , and if youre looking for designer shoes of any brand, is a great place to save Converse included.

Selection will be more hit and miss, and price points vary based on which line of Converse and style, but you can usually find a shoe with 65% overall savings anytime.

For example, Ive seen Jack Purcells 65% off and Chuck Taylors 64% off.

Final Price: $17.99Final Price: $17.99

TIP: Sort by % off when youre on the to see the Converse shoes with the best savings.

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Japanese Brands To Know For The Best Shoes Sneakers And More

Look beyond Nike and Adidas and youll find that the world of footwear is ruled by Japanese shoes. Whether applied to a pair of sneakers or ergonomic sandals, the Made in Japan stamp assures the conscientious shopper that they are paying for something of the finest quality. At least, thats been the case for the cult brands that have emerged from the East Asian island, offering shoes that marry traditional craftsmanship and design innovation. Its no wonder that streetwear fans and collectors from all over the world often make pilgrimage to Japan, especially its fashion capital Tokyo, where sneaker culture is taken to another level. Its that city where the frenzy for Western sportswear giants first took off, but Japan already had its own heritage of performance footwear dating back to the 50s thanks to brands like Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS. In the past decade, the appreciation of Japanese brands has only grown thanks to the streetwear boom. Today, cult labels like Suicoke and Hender Scheme have come out of obscurity thanks to collaborations with international luxury brands. So if youre looking to upgrade your footwear game with Japanese shoes, here are all the brands that should be on your radar.

The Allure Of The All Star

Instagram inspiration, converse in 2020

Converse created a classic in its All Star sneaker, and while the company revisits the silhouette often, they always remain true to the roots of the design. Available in hi-top and low-cut styles, the look continues to be a favorite of the sneaker scene. The OG canvas upper and rubber toe-cap are distinctive and undeniably iconic, and look equally at home with both ripped jeans and summer dresses.

Pick up your own slice of sneaker history, with sizes formen, women, and kids.

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Both Chuck Taylors And Jack Purcells Are Converse Shoes

Before we dive in, lets first distinguish between the two classic, bestselling, unisex styles of Converse

Chuck Taylor was a basketball player and founder of the Converse shoe company. Chuck Taylors are the classic All Star shoes in both high and low tops. You will see All Star written on the tongue or the back of the classic low top shoes. For hightops, youll always see it written on the round label on the side with a bold outline around the entire shoe.


Jack Purcell was a famous Canadian Badminton player. Jack Purcells are low-top shoes with a thicker rubber toe wrap and monochromatic laces.

Dont Be Fooled By The Inflated Regular Prices Of Dsws Converse

Sometimes stores like DSW or Foot Locker will inflate regular prices to make a sale seem better than it is.

The difference can be as little as $5. For example, in fall 2019, DSW had low-top Chuck Taylors on sale for $49.99, showing the regular $55 price. These same shoes are normally priced at $50 on

When double-checking for inflated regular prices, make sure youre comparing identical shoes. Because a pair of leather Chuck Taylors will have a higher regular price than a canvas pair.

Here are MSRPs for the most popular Converse lines :

  • Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops: $55
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops: $50
  • Converse Chuck 70 High Tops: $85
  • Converse Chuck 70 Low Tops: $80
  • Converse One Star Low Tops: Starts around $70
  • Jack Purcell Low Tops: Starts around $65
  • Kids High Tops: $40

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Footwear And Clothing With A Colorful Rise To Glory

Converse sneakers are best known for their Chuck Taylor All-Star silhouette, first introduced as a basketball sneaker in 1917. Although it would not receive the Chuck Taylor moniker until 1923, the All-Star took off in popularity due to its impressive performance features. Constructed from canvas, the upper was sturdy yet flexible in a way that leather basketball sneakers could never match. The vulcanized rubber midsole and accompanying toe cap provided a much-needed cushioning and protection on the court. The Chuck Taylors forward-thinking tech and stylish looks helped propel Converse into a household name. When the 1970s rolled around, Converse were sporting royalty. By now, the Chuck Taylor All-Star had made quite the name for itself, mostly by taking over cultural moments like the first Olympic Basketball game in 1936, when each Team USA member was outfitted with a pair, or the first-ever NCAA basketball championship in 1939, when both Oregon and Ohio State were decked out in Chucks. As the 70s rolled around, the shoe was in its prime, so Converse decided to go for broke, offering up dozens of new color and material options, making the All-Star the icon we know today.

Chuck Taylor All Star ’70

Kamala Harris Talks Viral Converse Shoes

In 2013, Converse launched the Chuck Taylor All Star ’70, which featured a build similar to the All Stars used for basketball that were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This retro model was different from the then-current Chuck Taylor All Stars, as various changes that happened to the All Star shoes over the intervening three decades. The ’70 model featured thicker canvas, a higher rubber midsole and foxing, thicker cushioning, a smaller toe cap, extra material that was stitched on the side wall behind the toe cap for reinforcement, a one-piece rubber bottom sole versus the three piece sole on the modern All Stars, and a black heel patch versus a white one on the modern All Star.

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So What Kind Of Footwear Should You Be Wearing

If you have a quad dominant squat with a narrow stance, or have hypertrophy-oriented goals, Olympic squat shoes may be right for you.

Are Olympic weightlifting shoes the answer to your squatting dreams? It depends on a few things like, what level squatter are you? What type of squat you have? Is it quad dominant like an Olympic lifter or hip dominant like a powerlifter? And finally, what are your goals? If you’re a beginner or intermediate level squatter, Olympic shoes may help you increase your numbers. Based on the available research on low to moderate intensity squats, it seems that Olympic shoes and heel lifts may help you improve squat form and in turn move more weight. The increased quadriceps activity from wearing Olympic shoes may help lifters get bigger quads as well. If your goals lead towards bodybuilding and bigger quads rather than powerlifting, Olympic shoes may help.

If you have a hip dominant squat with a medium to wide stance and strength-oriented goals, Chuck Taylors may be your best choice.

Is your goal to just squat as much weight as possible? Since your goal is to squat a house I can assume you already have a decent squatting base and are past or close to breaking past the intermediate level. Hypertrophy is just something nice that comes along with lifting big weights but it’s not your main concern. If you have a medium to wide stance your squat is more than likely hip dominant and it works the glutes and hamstrings more than the quad dominant squat.

Converse: Americas Original Sport Company

Converse sneakers got their start in 1908, when founder Marquis M. Converse opened up shop in Malden, Massachusetts. As one of the oldest footwear & apparel companies in the United States, Converses claim to be Americas original sports company definitely holds up. While many Converse fans think of the 70s and 80s when they hear the name Converse, this time period is just a fraction of the rich history behind the brand. Over time, Converse released hundreds of new and exciting models, some built to mimic their classics and others to advance and innovate their long-standing technology. Shoes like the One Star, Roadstar, and Jack Purcells badminton sneaker of the same name have been key pieces of the brands development, but after all these years, one silhouette still stands above them all as the most important.

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The Origin Of The Word Chucks

The word chucks is the common slang term for a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Where actually did the term chucks come from. After all its a word everyone seems to use when talking about Chuck Taylor shoes. To find out more, The ChucksConnection completed some research on the origins of the word chucks.

At first glance it may seem to be a simple word in reality the word usage of chucks in the English language has a lot of complexity to it. There are dozens of dictionary definitions applied to it in proper English and slang, and it functions in grammatical usage as a noun, verb, and adjective. The word chucks has a long and varied history as a slang word in the English vernacular. Over the past two hundred years, it has been used to describe a ships bosun, a schoolboy sign of acknowledgement, an animal, throwing something, regurgitation, giving up, a generic name for men, and of course as the possessive and plural nickname for people named Charles.

So the word chucks is really the peoples word for these canvas shoes. In the last fifteen years, public usage of the word chucks as a noun referring to a pair of original Chuck Taylor shoes has continued to increase globally and independently, in conversations and in the media. These days, when you talk about your chucks, most people already understand what you are talking about. If they dont, just point to your shoes!

Post World War Ii Popularity

Buy White Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Women

By the 1950s, Chuck Taylor All Stars had become a standard among high school, collegiate, and professional basketball players.

In the 1960s, Converse had captured about 70 to 80 percent of the basketball shoe market, with Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars being worn by ninety percent of professional and college basketball players. Due in large part to the sale of its All Stars, the company began to expand and open more factories. As the years went on, the shoe gained more popularity and became a favorite for numerous groups and subcultures.

Converse began to struggle financially during the 1970s, due to competition and poor business decisions as the shoe lost its popularity among basketball players. Many athletes switched to shoes with leather uppers and harder rubber soles made by Converse as well as its competitors.Tree Rollins was thought to be the last player to wear canvas Converse All Stars in the NBA, during the 1979â1980 season.Micheal Ray Richardson briefly wore leather Converse All Stars with the New Jersey Nets after 1982, making him the next to last to wear the shoe in the NBA. Richardson’s teammate, Mickey Johnson, was the last to wear All Stars in the NBA, when he played for the Nets in the 1985â86 season.

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Converse Release Shoes For Valentine’s Day 2022

Carlo Simone CSimonejourno

This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more.

Converse have a number of Valentine’s Day based designs in their new shoe range

Valentine’s Day often sees a huge range of products related to the day released in the weeks before it happens.

There are huge amount of gifts to potentially get for your significant other, but shoes might not always be first on your mind.

If that is the sort of area you were thinking of going for then Converse may be able to help.

They have released a collection of shoes with Valentine’s Day designs ahead of the event.

Here are some of the designs that you can buy if you fancy.

How To Find Your Size

  • Step 1

    Find a hard flat surface, tape a piece of blank paper, flush against a wall. Place your foot on the paper, with your heel flush against the wall, stand up straight.

  • Step 2

    Have a friend mark the longest part of your foot on the paper with a pen or pencil, or measure yourself if necessary. Repeat with the other foot, as right and left sizes may be different.

  • Step 3

    Use a ruler to measure the heel-to-toe length you marked for each foot.

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Most Expensive And Rarest Converse Shoes Ever

| Stuff

Converse was founded in 1908 and has been one of the most popular shoe brands for over 113 years. The brand is constantly coming out with limited edition collaborations and collections, which can make collecting these iconic shoes difficult. Surprisingly, these special Converse shoes arent quite as expensive as other brands on the secondary market.

In fact, some of the rarest Converse shoes can be found for about $200. However, the most expensive and rarest Converse shoes ever are truly a one-of-a-kind pair, that are basically priceless due to their history.

The Originators Of Influencer Marketing

Top 10 Sneakers you NEED in Your Collection! – Converse Shoes | SneakerTalk

Simple design and all-day comfort have made Converse a powerhouse in the footwear world for over one hundred years, eventually becoming a fixture in pop culture. The Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell silhouettes were among the first athletic shoes to be popularized for everyday wear due to their legendary namesakes. The shoes fame was further spurred as they appeared on the feet of nearly every famous celebrity in the last six decades. The ever-expanding list of unintentional influencers includes James Dean, Elvis Presley, The Ramones, Madonna, Kurt Cobain, and Beyoncé. These days, Converse utilizes collaborations with creative individuals to help market their sneakers, recently with signature colorways from Tyler, the Creator, Miley Cyrus, and Vince Staples. With decade after decade of endorsement from celebrities, Converse footwear and apparel has secured itself as one of the most important sneaker brands of and kids!

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Bottom Line: Simplicity Overlooked

These are just a few reasons why I love Converse shoes and how theyre a no brainer when it comes to traveling to conferences. They offer so much that its easy to overlook their simple solutions. Theyre easy to fit in your suitcase, have a passionate fan base, and just look good! You could start your next conversation at a conference on these shoes and no one would think twice.

Former Converse College Teams

Due to Converse withdrawing from performance basketball shoes, there are no college teams wearing Converse shoes, and only recently, Asi Taulava, Kelly Oubre Jr., and others, as noted above, have once again endorsed the brand after it returned to the basketball court.

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Shop Ebay For Used And New Converse

You can get as sneaker-head/nerdy as you like when it comes to

Looking for an actual pair of vintage Chuck Taylors? eBays got you.

Now, something most people dont realize is eBay also sells brand new Converse shoes at great prices.

Ive seen a used pair for as low as $4.99 and a brand new pair of high tops for $17.66.

PRO TIP: Make sure you pay attention to shipping fees, that way you dont get gouged. For example, the $4.99 shoes include a $4.50 shipping fee. Almost the same amount of money as the shoes ouch!

The Start Of Something Great

Bling converse

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company opened in 1908 with no idea that it would become an early pioneer of basketball shoe technology, nor an endearing cultural icon. In the early 1900s, Marquis Converse set out to produce rubberized footwear that could withstand blistery Massachusetts winters. The company began producing athletic shoes in 1915, and the Converse All Star silhouette was born two years later. Made popular by basketball player Charles Chuck Taylor, the sneaker propelled the company to elite status among professional players and allowed Converse to dominate the market through the late 1960s.

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