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How To Return Hey Dude Shoes

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How To Hand Wash Hey Dudes Shoes

Tighten your Hey Dude shoes

Hand washing your Hey Dudes is easy and only needs a few items handy.

What you will Need

In order to wash your Hey Dudes shoes, you will need the following Items

  • A bucket or sink

Once you have the above items ready move on to the next step.

Remove the Laces and Insoles

Remove the laces from your shoes. This will make it easier to scrub the dirt and stains from your shoes.

Fill the Bucket with Water

Fill a bucket or sink with cold water and add some mild detergent, followed by mixing the detergent properly.

Soak the Shoes

Soak the shoes in the water for about 15 minutes this will help to loosen the dirt and stains from your shoes.

Scrub the Shoes

Use a soft brush to scrub the dirt and stains from the shoes. Be sure to scrub all areas of the shoes.

Rinse the Shoes

Once you have finished scrubbing the shoes, rinse them with clean water.

Repeat the process if needed

If the shoes are still dirty, repeat the steps above until they are clean.

Drying your Hey Dudes

Its always a good idea and a best practice to air-dry your Hey Dudes shoes.

Simply remove the shoes from the water and allow them to air dry in a cool, shady place.

Try avoiding the dryer and keeping them away from direct sunlight it can weaken your shoes in the long run.

Stretching The Shoe By Wearing

Yes, that is the purpose of the shoe, after all. But before going out, try wearing it and walk around the house for an hour or so. But along with it, note down a few things as well.

If the shoe is tight, it is natural to assume that it will be a pain for you to walk with it. Since it will give you pain, try out a thick pair of socks to avoid injuries or blisters.

Not everyone can afford to wait for hours of walking, so they want to stretch their shoes very fast. For that, you can use an air hairdryer. Here is what you should do.

  • Put on the shoe with a thick pair of socks.
  • Set the hair dryer to medium and blast each shoe for 30 seconds. Do not blow it in one place for too long, as this will soften the glue and damage the shoe.
  • While you are blowing the hair dryer, wiggle your toes and bend your foot. This will help you to stretch the shoes.
  • After that, walk around for some time.

You can also use alcohol to stretch the shoes. Spray the alcohol on the outside of the shoe until its saturated. After that, walk around until the alcohol dries. This will also stretch your Hey Dude shoes.

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes Correctly

In short: Pull the lace from both sides to tighten Hey Dude shoes. Once youve achieved the desired tightness, tie a knot on both sides to prevent the lace from loosening. Its that simple!

You dont have to tie a bow or wrap the laces if you want to wear Hey Dude shoes with a snug fit. In this article, you will learn how to easily tighten Hey Dude shoes as easily as 1, 2, 3.

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How To Wear Hey Dude Shoes

If youve ever wondered how to wear Hey Dude shoes, youre in the right place. In this article, well discuss everything you need to know about how to wear Hey Dude shoes, from choosing the right outfit to pairing them with the perfect accessories. By the end of this article, youll be a Hey Dude shoe-wearing expert!

So, how to wear hey dude shoes?

Hey Dude shoes are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. There are a few simple tips to follow when wearing them:

Make sure your feet are clean and dry before putting on your shoes.

Adjust the laces to get a snug fit.

For a more comfortable fit, wear socks with your shoes.

You can wear Hey Dude shoes with or without heels.

If youre going to be walking a lot, choose a shoe with good support and cushioning.

Lets dig into it and see if we can solve the mystery.

I Have A Pair Of Shoes


I have a pair of shoes, I got as a gift, one year later, they fell apart, the sole are worn out, I cant wear them, they SUCK, I think it is that your. company doesnt have a phone number that works, lousy crap, will NEVER BUY ANY OF THOSE ITEMS AGAIN. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

Date of experience:October 17, 2022

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How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes:

Hey Dudes signature design looks a lot different than your traditional shoe. This is mirrored in their laces as well. The elastic, bungee cord style lace is made to move with your foot while still keeping the shoe secure. You want to be able to easily slip your Hey Dudes on and off. To adjust the lace tighter or looser simply adjust the stopper that holds the lace in place. This stopper helps to keep the lace from slipping while you walk.

I Ordered My Hey Dudes And Everything

I ordered my Hey Dudes and everything went pretty smoothly. I love them and they are very comfortable. The only complaint I would have is that I didnt get an email that I where I could track my order. I emailed customer service and they didnt get back to me until after I received my purchase. The customer service is pretty slow and it could be because they are short staffed like everyone else, but this is something they could work on.

Date of experience:September 07, 2022

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Why Are Hey Dude Shoes So Popular

Although Hey Dude shoes launched in 2008 in Italy, they didnt become widely popular in the United States until late 2020. I recall for Christmas 2021, I was hunting high and low for a pair for my husband. I couldnt find them anywhere! And every store I went into, all I heard were people asking for Hey Dude shoes and if they were available. Ninety-five percent of the time, it was followed up with a nope.

These shoes are something everyone can love. They are made of sustainable materials, theyre super comfortable, and theyre stylish. The classic style slips on, and you dont have to tie them. In 2021, Crocs purchased the Hey Dude shoe brand. With such a big company owning them now, I hope well see a better inventory flow this holiday season.

Top 11 Ways To Tie Hey Dude Shoes:

Hey Dude Britt SKU: 9283510

Hey Dude shoes are a great way to add a little bit of fun and personality to your wardrobe. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles so you can find the perfect pair for any outfit. While theyre super stylish, they can also be a little tricky to tie. But dont worry, were here to help!

Here are 11 easy steps to tying your Hey Dude shoes:

Step One: Start with the shoe on the correct foot. Youll want to make sure the laces are facing the right way before you start tying.

Step Two: Cross one lace over the other at the middle of the shoe.

Step Three: Take the end of the over lace and put it over the under lace. Now poke it underneath.

Step Four: Hold on to the ends of both laces and pull tight. The cross should now be close to the top of the shoe.

Step Five: Take the over lace and make a small loop, or bunny ear. This over bunny ear should have a long tail.

Step Six: Make the same loop with the under lace and cross the middle of the over bunny ear with the under bunny ear.

Step Seven: Take the top of the under bunny ear and put it over the over bunny ear. Now poke it through the hole.

Step Eight: Put your fingers inside the ends of both bunny ears, then hold on and pull tight. Youve just made whats called a shoelace knot!

Step Nine: Repeat steps two through eight on the other side of the shoe.

Step Eleven: Youre all done! Congrats on successfully tying your Hey Dude shoes! Now go show off your new skills to all your friends.

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I Am So Disappointed With Hey Dude

I am so disappointed with hey dude shoes. I did not get the right shoes. I returned shoes 1 month ago and after the 6th reply, I finally got a chat. They see no return initiating , however, went on line and initiated and sent paper. Now said not responsible because they don’t see it returned. I paid for shoes that I don’t have and returned. I am done with them , since they do not care to fix the issue. Bad customer service. They need a telephone # to talk to .

Date of experience:August 17, 2022

What To Wear With Hey Dude Shoes Womens

Hey Dude shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit, whether youre dressing up or dressing down. But if youre wondering what to wear with Hey Dude shoes, weve got you covered.

For a casual look, pair your Hey Dudes with jeans and a t-shirt. Add a jacket or cardigan for a cool, layered look. For a more dressed-up look, try pairing your Hey Dudes with a skirt or dress. Add a blazer or cardigan for a touch of sophistication.

Hey Dude shoes are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. So whatever your style, Hey Dude shoes are a great choice.

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Hey Dudes Womens Wendy Chambray

Wendy Chambray by Hey Dudes is made of cotton and has received positive feedback from customers. It has one of the most appealing and stylish design shoes. These shoes are also extremely light, weighing only about 5 oz . They have cushioned memory foam, which adds to the comfort of these shoes.

They have dual lacing options that allow you to adjust the laces to suit your feet. This shoes upper is made of cotton and canvas and features flex and fold technology.

They are ideal for gifting because of their high versatility, attractive design, and comfort. If you are a half size, it is best to go up a size when purchasing Hey Dudes Womens Wendy Chambray. If you intend to wear them without socks, they will not let you down.

Can You Tie My Shoes For Me

Hey Dude

I was recently asked this question by a four year old. And my answer was, of course, No, I cant. But it got me thinking, why cant I? I mean, I can tie my own shoes just fine. In fact, I can even do it with my eyes closed. So why cant I tie someone elses shoes?

The answer, I think, has to do with the fact that tying shoes is a very personal task. Its something that we each have to learn to do for ourselves. And once weve learned, its something that we do without even thinking about it.

Think about it. When was the last time you had to tie someone elses shoes? Probably never, right? And yet, we all know how to do it. Its just one of those things that we take for granted.

But tying someone elses shoes is not as easy as it looks. Its actually quite difficult. And its even more difficult when youre trying to do it with someone elses shoes.


Well, for starters, each persons shoes are different. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. And theyre all made of different materials. So, when youre trying to tie someone elses shoes, you have to take all of these things into account.

And then theres the fact that each persons feet are different. Some people have big feet, some have small feet. And some people have wide feet, while others have narrow feet. So, you have to be very careful when youre tying someone elses shoes.

So, when youre trying to tie someone elses

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By Step Process On: How To Wear Hey Dude Shoes

Here I will explain you step by step process of how to wear hey dude shoes? lets see how to wear hey dude shoes.

Step-01:First, make sure your Hey Dudes are on the correct feet. You dont want to start your day off with your shoes on the wrong feet!


Tighten up the laces if you need to. If you have wide feet or tiny ankles, you might want to cinch up the laces to prevent any slippage.


Now youre ready to party! Your Hey Dudes are tightened up and ready to go. Have fun and enjoy your day!

If you wanted to watch a youtube video that shows you how to wear hey dude shoes? I have included a video below:

Are Hey Dudes Fashionable

Hey Dudes shoes are definitely fashionable right now! Theyre trendy amongst all age groups and many students at Newton High School wear them on the day to day. Theyre a great form of footwear that can add a touch of style to any outfit.

Also, Hey Dudes produces shoe models for both men and women and are a trend amongst all age groups. Many students at Newton High School wear these shoes on the day to day and are known to be a very trendy form of footwear at the moment.

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Done With The Company

Done with the company . I cant support companies who do not back their product and who have horrible customer service. I am on pair 22 of hey dude shoes . My last pair is the 3 rd pair of the same style color etc. they do wear out fast but I have never minded buying a new pair . This last pair was fraying all over horribly from the day I received them . I contacted customer service for a return within my 90 day warranty. It took weeks , over a month for the communication process with them . Which led past the 90 days . They refused a return and stopped replying . Said it was normal fraying . That its part of the design. But yet my other 21 pairs have never had that issue .

Date of experience:August 01, 2022

How To Shrink Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Wally Storm SKU: 9347118

Do you have a pair of Hey Dude shoes that are too big? Dont worry, there are a few easy ways to shrink them so they fit better.

First, try wetting the shoes and then wearing them while theyre still damp. This will help them to mold to your feet better. You can also try putting them in the dryer on a low heat setting for a few minutes.

If those methods dont work, you can always try using shoe stretchers or insoles. These can help to make the shoes a bit smaller so they fit better.

Whatever method you use, make sure you keep an eye on the shoes as youre shrinking them. You dont want to accidentally make them too small!

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Final Words: Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes

As Hey dudes are becoming more popular due to their versatility and comfort. Many thoughts cross our minds while wearing them, such as whether or not they can be worn with socks.

Yes, we can wear them with socks. They are both comfortable to wear with socks or barefoot. A flexible and cushioned footbed holds your feet in a sturdy yet breathable position, regardless of whether you wear socks or not. Air may circulate through Hey Dudes cotton and canvas material, so you can wear them without socks.

However, it is recommended that socks be worn to maintain healthy feet and avoid diseases and foot infections.

Read more on:

Hey Dude Shoes Promotions & Discounts

The brand has a clearance section on their website. By shopping through the Hey Dude ShoesSale tab, customers can find select items at a discounted price.

They also have a rewards program, in which members can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive promotions and deals. As of lately, we havent come across an active Hey Dude Shoes coupon code that customers can use on their website.

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What Were The Results

During our partnership, Hey Dude Shoes has increased their ad spend by over $900,000. This has given our team lots of freedom to experiment with different strategies, and ensures our campaigns are never limited by budget. When they started with us, Hey Dude was seeing around $250,000 per month in revenue from paid searchnow theyre seeing over $7 million per month. In November 2018, they had 4,000 paid search conversionsby March 2021, we increased that number to 96,000.

Hey Dudes ROAS was already at a 4.5x when they started with usa solid return, by any definition, and a tall order to beat. Weve increased their ROAS to a 7.62xmeaning theyre seeing $7.62 back for every $1 spent on advertising. Thanks to our analysis and guidance on search trends, weve also helped Hey Dude identify new categories of shoes to create, such as hiking shoes, water shoes, and work shoes.

Try slipping on a partnership with LP when youre ready for a change!

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What Is Hey Dude Shoes Return Policy

Hey Dude Shoes Wally Knit Beige

Looking to return your Hey Dude Womens Shoes? Dont sweat it. The brand offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their footwear. Items must be in new condition in order to be considered eligible.

When it comes to delivery, the company will cover the affiliated shipping costs. To initiate this process, customers can visit the return portal found on their website.

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