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How Much Are Yeezy Tennis Shoes

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Adidas Yeezy Powerphase ‘Calabasas’ Review On Feet

When a massive re-release of Kanye Wests Yeezy shoes the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in triple white dropped this week, fans noticed something different: While the shoes have historically sold out in minutes, this time around, sneakerheads found them easily available.

Fans of the shoes said as much on social media, where rather than the usual complaints about the shoes selling out before they could buy them, customers marveled that they were able to fetch pairs so easily.

If you didnt cop the yeezys you dont deserve them . That was beyond easy .

Is the sudden availability of the sneakers linked to the fact that 2018 has arguably been the most controversial year of Wests career? Between his repeated expressions of support for President Donald Trump, his remark that slavery was a choice for African Americans, his beefs with various celebrities for purportedly disrespecting his wife, and his just-announced plans to move back to his hometown of Chicago, hes made plenty of headlines lately.

All this press may have helped drum up hype for the rerelease of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 on Thursday, both West and the sneakers topped Twitters trend list for several hours. But the ease with which fans, and normies, for that matter, can now purchase a pair of Yeezys likely has little do with Wests many scandals and everything to do with Adidass marketing strategy.

How Much Does A Yeezy Cost Shoe Buying Guide

If youre a sneakerhead, chances are one of the shoes on the top of your wish list comes from the Yeezy line. These shoes have been making headlines since their debut in 2009 under the Nike brand. These days, Yeezys live under the Adidas umbrella, but theyre still as much in demand as ever.

If you have your eye on a pair of Yeezys, you may want to know how much they are and why theyre so expensive. Read our definitive Yeezy cost guide to discover whats dropping this year and how much you can expect to pay for them.

Eminem X Carhartt Air Jordan 4 $30000

Like most artists, Eminem loves his sneakers.

Hes created a few nice limited edition collaborations before, so when he was invited to collab with Carhartt, things were about to get real.

They only made 10 pairs in total and were one of the first shoes ever to be directly sold through eBay.

All the proceeds went to Michigan State Universitys music school.

Altogether, sneaker-heads spent over $227,000 on the 10 pairs!

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Is There An Average Shoe Weight

A completely random but fun to think about topic of debate on popular running forums is this obsession with whether or not the weight of your shoes will actually impact your overall performance.

When it comes to trimming seconds off of your mile, runners and experts alike are split evenly between people who believe that it matters and people who believe that it does not.

Now, that isnt to say that anyone is saying if you run in combat boots it wont impact your speed, but rather that no one has ever really thought about making heavier running shoes, and the reality is that most running shoes are fairly similar.

Basically the two camps in this fight are caught in 0.02 ounces is a big deal and just buy running shoes and youll be fine discussions.

Fortunately, from this obsession with the weight of shoes, running enthusiasts have determined that the average weight of a normal mens running shoe is 9.5 ounces, which means we can expect all other shoes to fall somewhere around that number on average.

Possibly. More or less. In all reality, the runners seem to be the only people who thought to look for this average at all, so its all we have to go off of unless you want to gamble on the average shipping weight of a shoe package, which is honestly probably less exact than the forum guys.

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How Much Do Shoes Weigh Heres What You Should Know

Lamborghini Tennis Shoes Yeezy Boost 350 V2

If you are the kind of person who often fantasizes about winning a gameshow by spouting out some obscure fact or you are looking to shave any additional weight off of your clothing game to optimize your walking speed, you might be curious about how much shoes actually weigh.

Though there is no golden ratio when it comes to shoe design, most shoes do fall within a specific kind of weight range, more or less.

Unfortunately, the factors that contribute to how much a shoe weighs varies so severely that the range itself isnt so much a range as a well it sure feels like a shoe kind of weight.

Fun fact: A size 10 Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove weighs 12.66 ounces.

Type of Shoe Size
Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove 10
10 15.0oz / 0.94lb

Above we have listed the weights of various Adidas and Nike models. Even though there is not one designated weight for all footwear, that does not mean that you have to abandon all hope when it comes to finding lightweight shoes for running or heavier shoes for kicking assailants or whatever it is that people use heavy shoes for.

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The Design Of The Yeezys

Another huge contributing factor in the rise of the Yeezys is simply the fact that they look so good. While some pairs might not be your cup of tea, a couple of looks come to mind for me. Like the Red Octobers and the Yeezy Boost 950s, might not be my style at all, others like the Yeezy Boost 350 look just brilliant and like a shoe that anyone could be proud to have.

So, apart from a couple of exceptions, the designs have been a major plus in the surge in popularity of the shoes. Even those that arent exactly enamored with Kanye or care much for pop culture will admit that the majority of the shoes with the Yeezy name on them look fresh and would be nice to own, if they werent so dang expensive. Kanye and whomever he has or hasnt worked with to make the sneakers, and most of them are sneakers except for the unfavorable boots which resale for only a minuscule amount more than they were originally sold for, have done a great job of making these shoes look cool as well as feel hip.

Ways To Wear Yeezy Tennis Shoes

Originally Posted On:

If youre lucky enough to get your hands on a new pair of Yeezys, you want to make sure youre wearing them the right way. Fortunately, when it comes to these sneakers, individual expression isnt just encouraged its expected.

Still, it can be challenging to know if your preferred method of wear is on-trend or not. Today, were here to help.

In this guide, youll find seven unique ways to wear your Yeezy tennis shoes. Wed venture to guess that each look would even earn Kanyes stamp of approval!

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Why Does Yeezy Cost So Much

So why are Yeezys so expensive, especially on the resale market? The shortest answer is that theyre a limited resource each Yeezy color is only sold for a limited time, and the Nike models are now entirely out of production. And, of course, a lot of this value also comes from the fact that theyre Kanye Wests shoe line.

But aside from the press and publicity angle, Yeezys are genuinely good-quality shoes. Adidas brings their signature comfort and durability to the line, and theres no denying that Yeezys look downright cool. If you take good care of them, you can expect a pair of Yeezys to last you a while with routine wear.

How Much Are Yeezys On The Resell Market


YEEZY Resell Prices 2016

Naturally, given the insane demand for any Kanye West-affiliated products, adidas YEEZYs can sell for exponentially more than retail. Early drops like the 350 “Turtle Dove” or “Pirate Black YEEZYs” have retained their value, being far more limited than later drops. Starting part way through 2018, adidas and West significantly increased production numbers for certain YEEZY releases, rendering resell prices much closer to the retail price tag.

Resell prices above are split up by year and by silhouette.

See a full breakdown of YEEZY resell prices.

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Who Actually Owns Adidas

There are a couple of different boards that have a hand in making decisions at Adidas, which is a German-owned company, but unfortunately, none of them are Kanye. According to the company’s official website, the group’s executive board is made up of CEO Kasper Rorsted, Head of Global Sales Roland Auschel, Head of Global Brands Brian Grevy, Head of Finance Harm Ohlmeyer, and Head of Global Operations Martin Shankland.

The group also has a supervisory board made up of 16 different members. Each of these members lends a direct hand in the decisions made at Adidas, and many also hold other executive or supervisory positions at other large companies.

Unfortunately, Kanye is also not listed as a supervisory board member. Whether he has plans to join the executive team is unclear, and Adidas has not directly commented on Kanye’s statements.

How Many Real Yeezys Are Out There

The number of actual Yeezys that have been sold is hard to pinpoint, but most analysts guess that the number is somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000. By itself, that sounds like a whole ton of Yeezys, but in reality its not very many at all. There are around about 7.5 billion people on earth. That means that, at best, .004% of the earths population owns a pair. If you consider that most are going to own more than one pair, that number comes down even more. Its a very lucrative and exclusive club, and these numbers only underline that and show why replicas are en vogue.

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Discover Your Yeezy Buying Guide

Yeezys are some of the most recognizable sneakers on the market, and you may be one of the many people dying to get your hands on the new drop. You can generally expect to spend somewhere around $200 or $300 on a new pair of Yeezys, but resale market pairs can cost a mint. Whichever line you wind up getting, you can be sure that youll be rocking a quality shoe thats dripping with style.

If youd like to find more Yeezy cost guides, check out the rest of our site at Kickscrew. We have all the sneaker brands you want, from Nike and Converse to Air Jordans and Yeezys. Shop our Yeezys today and start stepping out in style this year.

Djchyep Mens Classic Yzy 700 Athletic Sneakers

Why Kanye Wests Yeezy shoes are worth every penny

If you want to talk about a good knock off, then this is one right out of the box. Just one look at these shoes and you want to believe that they are legitimately real, a testament to the job they have done with them at Djchyep. These shoes, while clearly drawing inspiration from the Yeezys also plot a course of their own, which is refreshing to see. Coming in a number of colors and offering them for about a quarter of the cheapest brand new Kayne West Yeezys that you can find, these shoes are a good way to do a number of different activities all while being as fashionable as possible without breaking upon the piggy bank.

Using double layered knit, the shoe is able to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible because of it. The rubber used is non-slippable and also resists abrasions, which is not something that will be able to be said about all of the entries that make our list. Some of the issues include that they do run small, which is not all too uncommon in this area of the market. A possible problem that you might have with them is the lack of any clear markings, but the fact that they have used pretty good materials in them can negate that for most people. And lastly, there arent any neon laces used, a common thing in the Yeezy, so that could cause you to have a think about whether to get them or not.

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How To Find Out About Drops

If youre trying to get hands on a new pair of Yeezys, knowing the drop dates can be key to beating the line. One of the best ways to find out about these drops as soon as possible is to follow Adidas on social media. The brand will usually announce new drops about a week before theyre set to release, and they usually show up first on Twitter.

However, there are also a lot of insider sources online that sometimes drop information about Yeezy release dates early. Groups like Yeezy Mafia are good at predicting when the new lines will drop and where theyll be available. These sources arent always reliable, however, so take their predictions with a grain of salt.

Why Is Kanye Called Yeezy

After Kanye became Jay-Zs pupil, and felt he had reached a similar level to that of Jay-Z, he chose the name of Yeezus which is derived the name of Jesus, the son of god, and the last two letters in Kanyes name. By choosing this nickname, Kanye wanted to instate himself as a high level god of rap, while paying tribute to his mentor.

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How Much Are Yeezys

Nikes unique Air Yeezy propelled more than nine years prior, and any reasonable person would agree that a great deal has changed in the realm of Kanyes tennis shoes since that time. The fans who stayed outdoors for that first Nike discharge in 2009 couldnt have imagined what was coming.

For a certain something, the times of outdoors for tennis shoes are everything except over. Online-just discharges and application based reservations, similar to Adidas Confirmed, have now become the standard for the most advertised discharges. Also, talking about which, Adidas and Kanye collaborating is another change we never observed returning at that point.

We likewise presumably never acknowledged exactly how costly those first tennis shoes, and the Yeezys that have discharged since, would turn into. As though retail costs havent gotten sufficiently high, the resale costs on Kanye West shoes have arrived at unbelievable levels.

Exactly how costly have those resale costs become? Weve arranged a rundown dependent on tennis shoe securities exchange Stockxs numbers for each Yeezy discharge to date, and for reasons unknown, purchasing sets in any event, at their costly retail costs were a damnation of a venture.

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Gray

Colorway: Zen Gray/Light Charcoal

Does The Explanation Hold Water


One Yeezy enthusiast on Quora pointed out that the Yeezy line ranges between $250 to $550 a pair. When compared to some of the other luxury sneaker brands, the commentor pointed out that there isnt nearly as much work that has gone into the construction of Yeezys as there is with the handcrafted variety that takes hours of labor to complete. He pointed out that a comparison of the two doesnt come close to justifying the inflated price for Yeezys when compared to established designer brands.

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Michael Jordans Game Worn Converse Fastbreak $190373

Arguably the most expensive game-worn sneakers ever, Michael Jordans Converse Fastbreaks sold for $190,000.

In 1984, team USA won gold at the Olympics in Los Angeles. Decades later, a pair of Converse Fastbreaks signed by Michael Jordan came up for auction.

Originally only expected to reach $100,000, the auction far surpassed every sneaker-heads imagination!

Whod of thought a pair of converse could be worth $190,000!

Yeezys Werent Supposed To Be Sold In Limited Quantities Long

The mass market release of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 might indicate that the brand is shifting gears, but theres evidence that West and Adidas planned to first make the shoes available to a narrow audience before opening availability to everyone.

Eventually everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys, West said in 2015. Adidas has promised me that because theres so many kids that have wanted them that couldnt get them, and I talked to the heads at Adidas and they said we can make them.

His words may not have seemed sincere then since the shoes continued selling out in minutes for years afterward. But the latest release suggests the day has finally come that anyone who wants a pair of Yeezys can score some. More than a day after the re-release went on presale online, the shoes hadnt sold out.

I wish all releases were this simple. Lol resale value will be shitty but still a pair of yeezys for $220 is never an L.

walker MusiC

While thats good news for the average customer, its likely bad news for resellers, whove capitalized on buying the hard-to-get shoes and upselling them for triple their retail value or more. That trend has frustrated customers in the past, since only an elite group of consumers can afford to spend $1,000 on sneakers. Making the item so out of reach to the masses instills more brand resentment than brand loyalty, and with this re-release, Adidas has made it clear that it has a wider audience in mind.

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