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How To Customize Shoes Online

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How To Customize Your Shoes

How to customize Shoe | Online with Nike.

Customizing is a great way to make plain shoes look more interesting and unique. It is also a great way to bring life back into an old pair of shoes. This article will give you a few ideas on what you can do to give your shoes a new look. It will also show you how to embellish them, paint them, and even cover them with fabric or glitter.

Why Should You Sell Custom Shoes Online

All Over Print Custom Shoes

Make bold fashion statements with unique custom designs that are guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye.

No Minimum Order Required

Create and sell as many pairs as you want. We can custom-image one-offs to dozens of shoes in one run.

Print Providers in USA and China

Best print providers in the world based on production time and price. And ordering from China means shipping for as little as $1.20. Yay!

Design Ideas For Custom Shoes

Using the Printify online design tool is so easy! All you need to do is select the shoe you want to include in your wardrobe or online store, and the mockup generator will take you through step by step. And because all the shoes are custom print, you can be as daring as you like. The fun part about the Mockup Generator is that the more you use it, the more you will understand what you can do with your designs.

A custom shoe is the ultimate statement piece, theres no doubt about it. Its the first thing people notice. So the possibilities are endless from 100% personalized sneakers for all the sneakerheads out there to corporate gifts with your companys logo, to matching boots for all the rebels at heart, everything is fair game. You can also design a His and Hers shoe line for all the lovebirds out there. Or add a touch of uniqueness with bold, one-of-a-kind prints for musicians or other artists. You can try our free designs or create your own heres a couple of design ideas you can implement in your eCommerce store.

Using the Printify online design tool is so easy! All you need to do is select the shoe you want to include in your wardrobe or online store, and the mockup generator will take you through step by step. And because all the shoes are custom print, you can be as daring as you like. The fun part about the Mockup Generator is that the more you use it, the more you will understand what you can do with your designs.

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How To Customize Shoes Online From Sneakers To Formals

Different types of shoes allow for different customization options. Online options include everything from designer sneakers to orthopedically designed loafers. Whatever personalization options you choose to provide, youll need to show customers whats possible with your shoes.

A product customization platform helps you build an interactive, engaging product interface with 2D or 3D visuals that drive conversions and increase customer satisfaction.

Take a look at how Louis Vuitton leverages product customization for its personalized Run Away Sneakers.

Via Louis Vuitton

What Can Be Customized

How to make shoes and skyrocket your sales  Printify

Nike By You has always been pretty flexible in choosing what you can customize. Since Nike By You was founded, soccer and basketball shoes have always been at the starting line. But bags and accessories followed promptly.

Meanwhile, Nike is constantly adding new articles and sneakers to the Nike By You program. Thus, it is not possible to provide a current list. It would be best to check the possibilities directly on the Nike By You page.

Nike By You also addresses the everyday sportsman and offers individual adjustments for runners like the Air Pegasus, Free Run and Flyknit Air Max. So theres really a wide range of sneakers.

Finally, Nike By You tries to do justice to the sneakerheads out there by offering them the possibility to personalize some of Nikes most classic silhouettes. Models like Air Force 1, Air Presto and Roshe are all available, as well as Nikes most popular Air Max lines.

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Sites That Let You Design Your Own Sneakers

Attention, fashionistos: There is a great way for you to express your creativity through your shoes. There are sites, as well as popular athletic brands, that allow you to design your own personalized pair of kicks. The best part? You can show off your artistic creation to the world in a functional way. Here are five of the best sites where you can design your own custom sneakers.

Where Are Sneakers Made That Are Designed By Nike By You

Nike has more than 146 different shoe factories spread over 14 different countries. But most of the sneakers are made in Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Unfortunately, you wont know in advance where your sneaker is manufactured. But you can always check this out as soon as you hold the sneaker in your hands, because the place of manufacture is always printed on the inside of the tongue.

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Create And Sell Your Art On Custom Shoes

Shoes. Its the one thing that are style-defining and can tie the whole outfit together. Who doesnt love shoes, right? Moreover, who doesnt love unique shoes? Selling your designs on custom footwear is a unique way to offer customers wearable art.

But if you dont have a background in fashion design, designing your own shoes can feel daunting, but fear not with our awesome and super easy-to-use Mockup Generator, designing custom shoes is the easiest thing in the world! Other than the simplicity of production, there are plenty of good reasons to include custom shoes and sneakers in your eCommerce store. Shoes are usually the first thing people notice, so why not put your art there?

Tips For Online Shoe Customization Options


In a saturated ecommerce shoe market, product customization is one of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction. In the sneakers community, custom kicks are a big deal, and the more personalized the pair, the higher they go in value.

While most sneaker designs wont make the front pages, custom configurations will have special meaning to every individual designer. To help you provide a customization experience for your shoes online, consider these three tips.

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Design Your Own Custom Shoes

A lot of consumers have a hard time finding the perfect pair of shoes. There are those who just cant seem to fit their feet in the standard-issued shoes from retail stores. Then, there are also those who want styles that arent conventional and unique to their tastes. Whether you are looking for custom shoes to find that perfect fit or to satisfy your style preferences, you will find a whole lot of sites that cater to these concerns.

Design Custom Sports Shoes

We scoured the web for custom sports shoes and thankfully found a good amount of them. Some of the biggest names in the shoe industry have also ventured out in custom shoes. Companies like Converse, K-Swiss, Vans, Reebok, New Balance and Nike have all designated a part of their websites for create-your-own-shoes. Others, like Adidas have offered custom shoe design tools in the past, but have discontinued them after a while. Also, not all of the shoes displayed on these websites are available for customization. There are only limited models up for customization.

These top companies live up to their big names and good reputations. Their websites have great visual aesthetics and are all equipped with sophisticated and easy to use design applications. Naturally though, custom kicks from these brands are a little bit pricier. For options that are easier on the wallet, Solecreator provides affordable, unbranded selections.

Design Custom High Heels

Design Custom Specialty Shoes

Design Mens Custom Shoes

Nike Cracking Down On People Customizing Its Sneakers But Is It Shooting Itself In The Foot

Kino Hernandez and one of his close friends went into business together last year customizing sneakers and selling them online. A few weeks into the operation, his friend bailed but Hernandez decided to forge ahead. “It was about three months in and that’s when I started to get orders and I’m not talking about local orders,” the Salem County, New Jersey, resident said. “I was getting my orders from like California and Las Vegas.”

Adding colors and designs to shoes in recent months has netted Hernandez about $10,000 in income, he estimates. For Hernandez, the shoe-customizing business lets him generate income while working part-time as well as allowing him to flex his talents as an artist an ideal work-life balance, he said. But a lawsuit from Nike threatens that livelihood, not just for Hernandez but for countless other footwear customizers.

The suit, filed last month in California, accuses Drip Creationz one of the largest shoe customizing companies in the world of deconstructing Nike shoes, adding new material to them and reselling them for much more than regular retail price. That violates trademark and copyright laws, Nike lawyers said.

“Our goal is to help ensure consumers are able to buy our products that are both authentic and authorized by us and there is no confusion for consumers,” Nike said in an email to CBS MoneyWatch. “None of the items sold by Drip Creationz are authorized Nike Inc. products.”

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How To Customize Your Converse Shoes

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If you consider yourself artsy and like to stand out, then you might be wondering how to spruce up your Converse shoes. Luckily, there are many ways you can use your artistic ability to make your shoes truly unique. To customize your Converses, you can either decorate a pair you already own or customize and order a new pair online.

Deliver Better Footwear Customization Experiences With Configureid

Custom Skate Shoes Online

The more customization options you provide, the more satisfied customers you can expect. A product customization platform allows you to configure your products, generate photorealistic 3D renderings, and use augmented reality to place products into your customers environments.

Generating the most engaging online shoe customization experiences starts with a product configurator like ConfigureID. To learn more, request your free demo now!

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Design Your Own Sneakers Online

While buying custom shoes will never be 100% cheap, it’s safe to assume that you’ll get what you pay for when it comes to shoes, and you don’t want something that’s super cheap anyways.

Not only will you get something that’s as individualistic as you are, but you’ll wear something that’s well-made too. Customizing your shoes online through these services can work out to a great deal.

Looking for other ways that you can customize your life and the gear you carry around? Here’s a list of the best MacBook keyboard covers you can buy and how to try glasses on online.

Customize Your Own Adidas Shoes Online

Never miss the fun to customize your own Adidas shoes online! With mi adidas, you can now customize the latest Adidas shoes online at zero cost. It is awesome to design your own Adidas shoes online because you have an option to order your own custom Adidas shoes or boots if you are satisfied with the design. Adidas will build the custom shoes for you and deliver to your doorstep within 2 to 3 weeks. All you need to do is pack your innovation and creativity together and put it on the shoes you want. As mentioned, it is free to design and customize your own Adidas shoes but you have to make sure you do it nice. Follow the step by step tutorial here to start your own now when you are ready.

Step 1: In order to use mi adidas online program to customize a pair of Adidas shoes, you will first need to access the official website at this adidas.com/us/content/miadidas/. This url allowed you to create your own Adidas shoes and place and order with them. They will deliver the shoes to anywhere in the US. For UK citizen, you will have to access this url to start your work adidas.co.uk/customize. Adidas fans in Australia might have to go to this url miadidas.com.au/design.

Whether it is summer or winter, make sure you never miss the enjoyment to customize your own Adidas shoes online! The fun hasnt end yet, these will spark your interest too: design your own Converse, create your own Vans sneakers.

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How Can Your Customers Customize Their Shoes Online

Custom shoes are some of the most popular products available online today. The global custom shoe market will continue to grow along with the footwear industry, which analysts expect to maintain 4% CAGR until 2026.

Custom shoes are a big deal. For ecommerce companies selling shoes online, product customization is becoming a key differentiator when consumers make buying decisions. Whether its for dress shoes, sneakers, athletic footwear, or any other related product, there is an increased demand for giving your online customers access to customization options.

To help deliver engaging experiences to your visitors and allow them to co-design their products, you can customize your shoes online using these best practices, current trends, and the latest technologies.

Consider that:

  • You can charge more for customized products
  • Customization generates word of mouth marketing
  • To satisfy your customers, you have to meet their customization expectations

What Shoe Customizations Can You Provide Customers Online

How to Customize Shoes for Beginners : Sneaker Restoration Supplies

Providing options to change everything from the sole type to the color scheme or adding custom graphics can be part of your customization process. Allowing customers to co-design their footwear and incorporate their personal choices into their daily fashion options fosters brand loyalty and increases their customer lifetime value .

A typical customization process may include:

  • Choosing a shoe style that the customer wants
  • Letting customers choose the base color or combining different colors to make up the basic design
  • Allowing customers to choose how they want their color scheme applied to the type of shoe
  • Adding customized graphics and text

Consumers will pay more for customized products, according to a study by Deloitte. The ability to make an item more personal appeals to most consumers and adding these luxury options are ways for brands to grow new revenue streams.

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Deliver Stunning 3d Product Visualizations

To sell your custom designs, youll need to provide 3D previews of the creations to your customers. Conversion rates increase by as much as 40% when you include 3D product visualizations with your customization options.

Once a customer settles on a design, theyll want to rotate and double-check the final effects before finalizing their order. 3D product renderings allow customers to iterate designs and then check every available angle of the product before making their final decision.

You can use 3D product visualizations to:

  • Demonstrate custom shoe designs in a rich and engaging photorealistic environment
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by showing them how the final design will look like before they buy
  • Increase conversion rates, as once a customer goes through the customization process, they are more likely to complete the purchase

Custom Made Men’s Shoes

Design your own dress shoes online. With our online shoes designer you will be able to decide the exact custom dress shoes you had in mind and our shoemakers will create by hand and one by one your custom men’s shoes made in Spain.

Featured in:

How to create my dress shoes online

Choose the shoe materials

Choose among the best leathers and fabrics to create the shoe you had in mind

Select the details to create a unique shoe the way you want it

Free Shipping

In just 15 days you will have the best custom made men shoes at your doorstep with free shipping. January 15th.

Buy your custom made shoes online

Choose all the details in our online designer. Decide the material of every piece of your shoes, broguing or not, the shape of the toe, and many other options available. Our artisans will create your custom shoes exactly as you want.

Once you get your Hockerty dress shoes you have the perfect custom dress shoes made in Spain. Comfortable and stylish dress shoes for men online. Feel like a real dandy, choose your bespoke footwear online.

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Can I Return Nike By You Shoes

Yep. Its quite simple, actually.

Nike gives you 30 days to return the sneaker for free. Thats pretty crazy considering that this sneaker is made just for you!

You get a free return sticker from Nike.

If your sneaker is older than 30 days and then breaks or the material fails, you can send it back to Nike. Nike will check the sneakers and try to send you a new pair. Here you can even send in sneakers that are already two years old! This is pretty awesome! However, you should always describe exactly what is broken or where the problem is with the sneaker.

Nike is usually very accommodating in that respect.

How To Sell Custom Shoes Online

Naaaaaaah This is a special Adidas shoes

Selling custom shoes is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Start a successful online business by selling custom shoes online with the help of Printify. We offer seamless integrations with the worlds leading eCommerce platforms all you need to do is to create an online store, connect it with Printify, and add your products. And then its time for the fun part marketing and expanding while Printify takes care of all personalized flip flop orders.

The first step to sell your designs is to choose the most suitable eCommerce platform for you to sell your custom canvas prints. Many artists choose Etsy as it is the best-known online marketplace for custom-made goodies, and its relatively easy to gain quick exposure.

Shopify is a go-to platform for merchants whod like to own their sites owning your shop allows you to brand yourself a little bit more creatively. Shopify allows you to have your own domain name, which looks more professional, as well as access to advanced metrics and analysis. Plus, Shopify is the largest online eCommerce platform in the world.

Chose Wix, if you would like a custom-looking site It offers more than five hundred designer-made templates that give you a mixture of options when it comes to designing your eCommerce store. Use the site editor to customize your chosen template to make sure your site looks as uniquely yours as possible.

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