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What Are The Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors

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Mens Soft Stride Canopy Slip Resistant Work Boot View On Amazon

Top 5 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete Review in 2021

This 100% leather boot from Skechers features a rubber, slip resistant sole. A lot of work boots claim to be slip resistant, but when put to the test in tougher conditions dont actually perform. This is not the case with the Soft Stride Canopy Work Boot. The boots sole is genuinely effective at handling wet conditions. This Work Boot is perfect for walking extensively on uneven or wet and unpredictable concrete.

The boot from Skechers for Work also has a solid heel cushioning of an approximate depth of 1.5 inches. Users from a wide variety of professions offer feedback that this cushioning provides the ideal amount of support for walking or standing on hard concrete surfaces all day.

Additionally, the Mens Soft Stride Canopy Slip Resistant Work Boot from Skechers has inner sole inserts that are memory foam-padded. Across the board, owners rave about the long-lasting comfort provided by the combination of this boots extra thick heel and the memory foam inner padding.

  • Sturdy heel measuring 1.5 inches
  • Slip-resistant rubber and ridged sole
  • Composite toe design
  • Not as much lateral ankle support
  • Bulkier / heavier boot

Is Standing For 8 Hours Bad For You

Standing for eight hours is not exactly bad for you, but it may give rise to other issues, especially if you have fragile bones.

This is why workers who have to be on their feet for almost the entire time opt for top quality and durable working shoes. This way, not only do their feet stay neat and clean, but the strain is also not as bad.

The chances of developing joint pain in the future will also reduce drastically.

We have reviewed another shoe pair that will help you 8+ hours standing all day and minimize pain associated with joint issues such as arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

Skechers For Work Womens 76551 Eldred Work Shoe

The Eldred non-slip shoes provide comfort and sure footing, when you are working your job. They feature slip-resistant rubber outsoles for providing traction on oily and wet conditions. For cushioning, the shoes have been fitted with memory foam insoles. The leather uppers provide you with much needed durability, while the fabric linings provide a soft feel.

If you have wide feet that never seem to fit into anything, then the Eldreds will provide you with a nice fit. The shoes are very comfortable. You are not going to experience aching feet at the end of your shift. The memory foam will really help you out with your comfort levels, when working for long hours. The shoes are light as air, without much effort when walking.

Comfort, performance, and durability are what you can expect from Skechers Eldred. If you work for 50+ hours a week, then you will understand the need for a comfortable pair of shoes. In terms of comfort, these are some of the best. The shoes offer the needed durability, when working in a fast-paced environment. To a certain extent, the shoes are waterproof, thus keeping your feet warm and wet-free.

For a roomier and comfortable fit, the shoe has been designed with a relaxed fit. It is electrical hazard safe, slip resistant and conforms to the demands of the workplace. It is a great shoe that can be comfortably worn all day.

Boot Bomb Rating:

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Reviews: Shoes For Standing On Concrete Surfaces

Here are a few of the top choices in shoes for standing or walking on concrete We hope you love the products we recommend! So that you know, We may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

Rockport Sidewalk Expression Chranson – Women


  • Breathable fabric uppers for soft comfort.
  • The wedge is 45 mm to help reduce shock and strain on your feet.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane midsole provides stability and support in the midfoot area.
  • The mesh lining provides excellent breathability and quick drying.
  • The ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole gives lightweight shock absorption to reduce foot and leg fatigue.
  • A rubber outsole for a durable grip on a variety of floor surfaces.

Crocs Mercy – Women


  • A roomy fit like the original clogs for more comfort.
  • Designed specifically for work environments with hard floor surfaces.
  • A lock tread for slip resistance exceeding industry standards.
  • The tiny nubs along the footbed give your feet a massaged feel.
  • The has enhanced arch support.
  • The heel strap offers increased support and a better fit.
  • Odor resistant and very easy to clean.
  • This shoe offers a wider fit and is suitable for those suffering from Plantar fasciitis.

Asics Gel Cumulus 23 – Women


Vionic Orthaheel Walker – Women


Ryka Womens Devotion Walking Shoe

Top 5 Best Shoes For Walking And Standing On Concrete All ...

If you are committed to your profession but are having a hard time keeping your feet on the hard concrete floor the entire day, you might need RYKA Womens Devotion Walking Shoe.

Why this shoe?

Well, first off, the company solely specializes in womens shoes and therefore knows exactly what they want. Secondly, the RE-ZORB cushioning system is included in the midsoles entire length to provide the best level of comfort.

The same cushioning technology is fitted in the outsoles cobblestone to increase shock absorption and lessen pain. This RYKA walking shoe has a narrower heel, secure footbed, and a roomier forefoot. The mesh system also spreads throughout the shoe for better air circulation.

To butter it all up, this shoe is versatile. You could attend a gym session with it, use it for daily activities, go for a run, amongst other things.

Desirable Features

  • Dependable traction
  • True to size

RYKA Womens Devotion Walking Shoe has already been put to the test by millions of people and has passed the test. Try looking around from gym trainers to sneaker lovers-youll see them a lot. This could be your next outdoor ally for standing, walking, or running the whole day.

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Do Expensive Shoes Last Longer

There is a saying that the good thing, the price is a little higher. When a company sets a product’s worth slightly more elevated, its quality will naturally be better because there will be better quality raw materials used.

So you realize that relatively expensive shoes will last a long time. One thing to keep in mind, do not to wear the same shoes every day. It is good to buy at least two pairs of shoes because you can wear another pair after cleaning.

New Balance Wid626v2 For Standing On Concrete

Here is the hard cold truth:

There will never be a 100% perfect pair of tennis sneakers for a woman that stands on her feet all day.

But, the New Balance Womens WID626v2 Work Training Shoes are good option to try.

In terms of design, the WID626v2s are perfect for three types of female audiences: those who have normal arch, those who have high arcs, and women with flat feet.

They are properly cushioned and the outsole is slip resistant to provide stability and comfort during movements.

Detailed Cushioning

In my opinion, New Balance WID626v2 is the most detailed shoe in terms of cushioning.

The brand combines EVA and ABZORB foam technology to bring out a pair that provides the maximum shock absorption in the event of an impact from the hard floor.

And besides the Phantom lining that make the surface smooth, the WID626v2 has a sew lining that helps to protect your feet from blisters.

Comfort and Support

Note that this option is available in four widths: D, 2E, 4E, and 6E. And all of them provide the stability and arch support that your body needs.

Because the heel section is cushioned, they do make a good pair for women who are in search for plantar fasciitis shoes.

Overall Design Goal

Although New Balance 6262v2 was designed for women who stand all day in mind, you could also use them as your cross-training shoes.

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What To Watch Out For With Our Recommendations

Weve included options with soft toe, composite toe, and steel toe designs. Which one you need depends on your work environment and the policies of your job. Our general rule of thumb is that if you are working in areas with active forklifts, you need a safety shoe. Similarly, if you move heavy items that can fall, you also need a safety toe. You know better than we do what safety features your warehouse job requires.

The other safety shoe option weve covered is ESD shoes. The Timberland PRO Powertrain Sport and Reebok Sublite both feature ESD/SD+ technology. If your warehouse has static build up, these solve that problem. Weve gotten lots of report that as Amazon centers add more and more robotic equipment, the static discharge problems in their centers gets worse. Weve gotten a lot of email from Amazon pickers looking for ESD shoes, so we included some options.

Finally, we included a number of running/walking shoe options. If you work as a picker, and your main concern is 10-12 hours a day on concrete, these can work well. The other upside to spending money on running or athletic shoes is that if they arent good for work, you can still use them for everyday wear. Thats harder to do with a specialized work boot or safety shoe.

The 8 Best Shoes For Working And Walking On Concrete Floors

The 10 Best Shoes for Standing, Walking & Working on Concrete All Day

September 14, 20203 min read

The human body wasn’t made to stand on rock hard flat surfaces day in and day out.If you’re noticing pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back at the end of the day, unforgiving flooring may be the culprit.This is a common ergonomic issue that has long been recognized in various workplaces.

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Is It Bad To Stand On Concrete All Day

Yes, standing on concrete all day long is not a great option because concrete is hard and it can have certain side effects on your feet.

The hard concrete floor can be bad for your feet in the following ways:

  • It can cause foot and leg pain
  • It can stretch the cuff muscles leading to strain in the veins which is a cause of varicose vein
  • It puts unnecessary pressure on the balls of the heels, thus leading to heel pain and pain in the lower back and spinal cord as well
  • Walking on hard concrete all day can also make the bottom of your feet hard and lead to cracks in the heels and development of corns at the base of the toes
  • Walking on concrete all day can also make you fatigued more often in between works

Before we say Good Bye:

Concrete isnt good either for your health or the feet!

But yet you cant avoid them, right?

The only way to fight back is to take protection and that can be done only with a good concrete shoe!

All the shoes and boots mentioned above are ideal to walk on concrete floor and we bet you cant find any better.

Before your feet starts aching and hurting on concrete, treat them with these goodies!

Dont forget to mention in the comment section below which are your favorite pairs and why?

And if you choose one among the above, we bet you wont regret!

Because we mention the shoes only after testing them by our team of experts in adverse conditions over a long period of time in all odds.

Thats all for this article

Till then take care and as we say

Dansko Womens Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker

Dansko Womens Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker is for you if youre a woman whos looking for classic-looking shoes that youre going to wear on your all-day-long job. It comes in different color schemes, so you can choose any color you want and any color that suits you the most.

These are the 100% suede shoes. You might be wondering what is Suede? Let us tell you that it is a kind of leather with a napped finish. Youve probably seen it before on jackets, shoes, shirts, purses, furniture, etc.

The best thing about these outdoor sneakers is that theyre waterproof. The suede leather will save your feet and socks from getting wet. Besides, it has DuPont Sorona fiber and CleansportNXT for controlling moisture and odor respectively.

Additional Information

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The 10 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

If youre in a hurry and just want to find out what the best shoes for walking on concrete are, then I recommend the Columbia Mens Waterproof Boot for men and the Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoe for women.

If you spend a large portion of your day standing or walking on concrete, youll require footwear that protects your feet. Support and stability are the main factors, but you may also be searching for a practical design for those long days.

With so many of our parks and walkways being concrete surfacesnot to mention the sidewalkswalking in regular shoes isnt good enough.

New Balance Women’s 847v3 Walking Shoe

5 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors All Day In ...

New Balance implements a motion control technology to bring out a pair of shoes suitable for women who spend a lot of time on their feet, especially during busy shifts.

Designed to offer stable feet support even on unleveled ground, these New Balance walking shoes are a good fit for women who have issues with instability.

They also feature a Rollbar system, which provides excellent support to prevent supination as well as overpronation.


Built to last for years before you can think of a replacement, you can walk in these athletic for a very long time without noticing any trouble.

Thanks to the walking strike path technology built-in, you get total foot stability and body balance while walking.

ABZORB is another special technology built-in into these shoes to protect your feet from stink, suffocation, and sweat.

The shoe collar and tongue have ortholite foam, lightweight enough to reduce stress levels on your feet. These shoes are, therefore, good for women who always walk for long distances every single day.

Orthopedic Inserts

The New Balance 847v3 models have an edge over many athletic shoes on the market because of their orthopedic inserts.

Thanks to these inserts, these shoes can be used even by people who have spinal cord issues. Patients currently undergoing gait correction therapy will also find the 847v3 useful.


  • The sizing is somewhat all over the place
  • These ones are a little bit expensive

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Buying Guide Work Boots For Concrete Floor

Although there are many boots for hard surfaces, the quality and need may differ. What might appear as your ultimate taste may not impress me or the other person. Nevertheless, we all need quality boots that meet our needs.

What are some of the top features that you should look out for when purchasing the best work boots for concrete? After looking at several features, four pointers stood out. If you put emphasis on these 4 features, you are sure of finding the right working boot.

  • A Dense Sole

What a hell is the need for a dense sole? Well, you are working on concrete, a hard floor that may rip your boots soles in a few days. A heavy or dense sole will not only ensure you use the boot for many years but also ensure you are comfortable.

The opposite is disastrous. A shallow or light sole will mean the wear is feeling the impact of the ground. With a shallow or light sole, you will constantly feel pain. You will need to use heavy anti-fatigue mats to alleviate the pain and shocks created by the light sole.

  • Slip Resistance

No debate, all best work boots for concrete workers need to be slip resistant. On many construction or work grounds, spillage of water and or oily substances is a norm. If you are wearing boots whose sole is prone to slippery, you will get injuries.

Slip-resistant boots on the other hand, ensure you have a stable walk when you are tasked to pick and deliver stuff in and out of the concrete working space.

  • Snug Fit
  • Insole

Skechers For Worksandlot Alloy Toe Work Shoe

Its impossible to forget Skechers when it comes to the best steel toe boots for walking on concrete. Skechers have always won our hearts by inhibiting such unique products. These shoes from Skechers are an example.

The fabric of these shoes is 100% leather and synthetic. Synthetic leather shoes are known best for their durability. Not only this, they are more water-resistant as compared to ordinary or standard leather. Moreover, synthetic leathers are easy to clean and do not damage very often.

The soles are made of imported rubber. If you are working on a work site or construction site area, rubber-soled shoes are a perfect choice. Such soles are slip-resistant and offer a firm grip. Also, they provide a strong barrier against harmful chemicals.

These shoes are more comfortable than any other ordinary sneakers. Well, let us prove this statement. They have memory foam insoles that offer more comfort and a higher level of breathability. They evenly distribute the weight from your heel muscles and allow them to relax.


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Durability Stability And Safety

There are definitely some features to look out for with warehouse shoes. Namely, look for features regarding safety, durability, and stability. However, inquire with your employer regarding their safety requirements. Some of the most common factors include electric hazards, non-slip capabilities, and overall durability.

  • Electric hazards. You might or might not come in contact with significant electric hazards at your workplace. If you find yourself facing this, having shoes rated for electrical hazards is important. These types of warehouse shoes will keep you safe by protecting you from open circuits. Typically, these shoes wont have any metal inside them , and will have rubber soles. Note these differ from SD+ or ESD shoes. They will usually have an EH in the name, and have labeling indicating they are rated for electrical hazards.
  • Non-slip capabilities. If you want to ensure your shoe is non-slip, lookout for outsoles with solid tread. Another good buzzword to keep watch is slip-resistant. Warehouse shoes with non-slip capabilities will ensure you dont take a dive on a tiled or cement floor.
  • Overall durability. Simply put, it is important that your warehouse shoes or warehouse boots last. Remember, these are an investment in your body and your health. As such, you should purchase the highest quality shoe that your budget allows.

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