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How To Tie Dress Shoes

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Dress Shoelaces Should Be Made Of Waxed Cotton

How to Tie Dress Shoes | Berluti Knot Method

For dress shoes, it is essential to have quality shoelaces made of waxed cotton because cheap, thick and coarse shoelaces will ruin the look of your shoe laces. 80cm 31.5 is the perfect length because it works for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 rows of eyelets basically covering the entire spectrum of lace-up mens dress shoes.

Options For Tying Dress Shoes

As an alternative for a dress shoe, a thin flat lace is also appropriate. These will create a bolder and more individual aesthetic and bring some extra personality and character to your traditional styled dress shoes.

Many people don’t realize there’s a multitude of choices when it comes to tying dress shoes. There are different ways to tie dress shoes, and the correct method depends on the style of the shoe and the occasion you’re preparing to attend.

We have mentioned straight-bar lacing and the crisscross as the most common styles of lacing dress shoes. These are among the most common options and tend to be the easiest to complete. However, there are a few more options out there as well that might spice up your look a little!

Over Under Lacing

This style of lacing is rather simple but results in an exciting look on your shoes. It creates a series of X’s down the length of your shoes. There might be a couple of Xs or a more extended line depending on the shoes you wear. At the top, you’ll tie them in a tight bow as you would normally. Make sure it’s tight to ensure it won’t come undone!

Vice Versa Lacing

In this style, you get a single line at the top going across the shoe opening, followed by the laces simply moving down vertically into the next holes, followed by another horizontal crossing. It sounds more complicated than it is, so make sure to take a look at some examples to get an idea of how to tie this one correctly!

What Do Pinstripe Suits Represent

  • Pinstripe suits are associated with wealth, power, status, and masculinity.
  • Men who wear pinstripe suits are seen as influential. They are the big dogs in their workplace or social circle.
  • It’s an unofficial uniform, think about all the Jazz Musicians.
  • Pinstripe suits are still popular today because they are affordable, versatile, stylish, and durable.
  • Gerald McCullouch is an actor known for roles in Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, Chase, The Vampire Diaries, and many more. He is reported to have an interest in fashion and stated that he enjoys wearing suits with pinstripes.
  • Some of the most stylish men in history were Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Cary Grant, President Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart, Steve McQueen, Sean Connery, Clark Gable, Alain Delon, Paul Newman, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. All of these men have been photographed or seen in public wearing pinstripe suits.
  • A well-tailored pinstripe suit can make you look up to 5 pounds thinner.
  • Pinstripe suits are popular in the business world because they convey a sense of power, authority, and sophistication.
  • A pinstripe suit is a great choice for an interview because it shows employers that you will be a confident and polished worker.
  • Only 1% of men can carry off wearing a pinstripe suit. It takes the right guy to pull off such a powerful outfit. If you’re one of those guys, then go ahead and rock the pinstripe suit!

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Finish The Basic Shoe Knot

Form a loop with one end of the shoelace by bringing the middle of the loose segment to the base of the overhead knot. Hold this loop in place with your thumb and forefinger, as shown in the first picture.Take the other end of the shoelace and wrap it over your thumb, around the loop, and over your index finger, ending with your index finger pressing it into the bottom of the gap between your other hands thumb and forefinger, as seen in picture two.Continue to push this folded end of the shoelace through the loop created by wrapping the lace around your thumb and index finger. Once the second loop has formed, you need to swap the loops between your hands, as shown in the third picture.Once this is complete, pull on the loops to tighten in a manner similar to how you tightened the original knot, as shown in the final picture. Take care not to pull the ends of the shoelace through the knot in the middle, as it will create a new knot that is more difficult to untangle.

How To Match Dress Shoes And Tie With Your Wedding Suit

How To Tie Dress Shoes

To set a fashionable statement, it is essential to pair the dinner jacket with your shoes and necktie nicely. A poor combination will take away from your personality. Therefore, it is good to match the right shoes and tie with your marriage suit to compliment your personality. If your big day is nearing you want to make sure your combination is spot on We are providing you a guide to match your suit with the right shoe color, style, and neckwear.

Shoe selection is based on the formalness of your event. You need a proper formal shoe for the wedding day while for the casual groom’s attire, you can go for less formal. We have plenty of options to meet your needs. However, it looks elegant if you do formal look with one of our lace-ups. Let’s find the best combination to add a spectacular touch to your personality.

First, select the formal dinner jacket color. You can pick the black that offers a complete formal look, brown for having a relaxed vibe. It is formal-looking too and can be used in multiple events. Burgundy or oxblood looks aesthetic and gives a chic appeal.

Shoes and tie match with multiple suits

Here we have listed few formal dinner jacket colors to pair your shoes and tie with your marriage suit.

Navy blue wedding suit

Light grey wedding suits

Charcoal grey dresses

Brown suits

Blue suits

Black suits

You can technically pair it with a black suit with different colored shoes. You can make the relaxed blend with brown, black, or burgundy shoes.

Type of the shoes

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Are All Dress Shoes Comfortable

Do you need a pair of dress shoes suitable for all-day wear, plenty of walking, and a lot of standing up? In that case, you may consider a pair with focus on support, flexibility, cushioning, and shock absorption for comfortable wear. At ECCO, we always put comfort first when making all dress shoes. Take a look at our ST.1 Hybrid Collection for dress shoes with shock absorption, additional cushioning, and unparalleled comfort.

How To Wear A Black Necktie With Brown Dress Shoes

First, lets take a look at the overall color scheme of your outfit. Brown dress shoes can usually be worn with black attire in general, as long as they match the rest of your get-up. So, does your ensemble have both black and brown hues in various places?

If so, you can most likely wear a black necktie with brown dress shoes without any problems. For example, if youre wearing black dress pants with a brown tweed or checked blazer, youre safe.

Next up: the shade. Generally, any tone is suitablejust ask David Beckham. But some of the more appropriate browns to wear with black fall anywhere between deep espresso brown and medium to light browns. Burgundy browns are for the brave hearts as they add a bit of a spin on the black-brown look.

Last but certainly not least is the type of event youre attending. Various shades of brown pair well with black, but some are better for certain occasions than others.

If youre heading to a job interview, a black necktie with dark brown dress shoes is a bit too dressed up and might send the wrong message. So, opt for more of a casual shadethe lighter it is, the less formal it isbut, of course, keep it professional.

If youre on your way to attend a wedding, a medium-brown shade with your black necktie is a great combination. Youre still dressed up without being too formal, and you might catch the Maid of Honors eye.

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Shop Ecco Mens Dress Shoes Online

Our official online store is the right place for you in your search for exclusive and high-quality dress shoes for men that do not sacrifice comfort. Do you have a particular dress shoe in mind? Use our helpful filter to tailor the selection to suit your needs. You can easily sort by size, price, and color. Find your ideal mens dress shoes online and we bring our high-quality footwear directly to your doorstep. To know more about delivery, visit our page for information about shipping.

Experience the very best formal and casual footwear available with ECCO mens dress shoes.

Get The Right Stripes

How To Tie Dress Shoes Correctly | Right Vs Wrong Shoe Tying Video | Men’s Footwear Style Tip

When it comes to stripes, there are three different types: thin, wide, and bold. Thin stripes are the most common type and give a sleek and professional look. Wide stripes are more modern and fashion-forward, while bold stripes are very flashy and can be too much for some occasions.

It is important to choose the right type of stripes for your skin tone and hair color. For example, men with dark complexions should choose a suit with thin pinstripes as these give a sleek look. Men should avoid wearing wide stripes because they can appear garish.

When choosing the width of stripes, opt for something that is classic rather than trendy or flashy. Always measure the width of the stripes by laying a ruler horizontally on the fabric. Next, choose a width that is between 1cm and 2cm.

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Closed Lacing Vs Open Lacing

As youve noticed from your Derby and Oxford, there is a subtle difference between what is referred to as closed-lace and open-lace styles.

A closed-lace style has one part of the shoe that covers the front portion and sides of the foot. This is known as a vamp, it is stitched over the bottom of the part of the shoe that holds the eyelets, also known as the facing. This gives a clean overall look but it is not flexible. They are more formal due to their uncluttered appearance, you can find them on your Oxfords.

The open-lace styles have a facing that is stitched on top of the vamp, which offers more room for adjustments. It makes the shoes more flexible, but it isnt regarded as a dress shoe styling per se because of the busy look this creates.

With that said, lets get to the main order of the class

The Dress Shoe Granny Knot

The Granny Knot is the most common way to lace-up dress shoes and is fairly simple to do.

Pull the right lace across the shoe and over the left, then fold it under and pull it tight until you are left with good length. Next, create a loop on the right side and wrap the other lace around it, moving away from you. When you pull it through the gap, you will have a crooked laced knot, which is not really desirable.

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Accessories With Pinstripe Suits

Pinstripe suits are a style of suit liked by many people. There are many things you can wear with it to make it look really nice. You can wear a tie or not, or an off-white shirt, but if you do wear a tie, choose one that is also in the same family as your suit.

When it comes to accessories, don’t overdo it. You want to keep the overall look minimalistic and polished. A good rule of thumb is to only wear one statement piece with your suit. This could be a watch, a necklace, or a bracelet. Just make sure that it doesn’t take away from the stripes on your suit.

How Do You Tie

Straight Bar Shoe Lacing Tutorial
  • Paper towels and laces should be removed from pre-washed shoes.
  • The Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye colors should be mixed with the dye and then separated into bowls
  • Paint brush should be moved back and forth to even out the coverage of the shoe when applying the first dye color.
  • Let the next color blend in with the first dye color after brushing it on.
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    Looking For Formal Or Casual Dress Shoes

    Dress shoes have been around for a very long time – and for a good reason. The timeless elegance of a pair of Oxfords or the more casual look of a boot offers many exciting possibilities for creating the perfect style for you. Whether the invitation calls for formal attire or an everyday look, we got something just for you.

    Our selection of dress shoes is available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. From classic black and brown to various colors, we bring you the very best mens dress shoes like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, loafers, hybrids and boots.

    You can find high-quality mens dress shoes suited for all the different seasons of the year. During the colder seasons, you can still keep your preferred style going. We have warm and comfortable shoes and boots that let you maintain timeless elegance. For when the weather turns and the warmer seasons arrive, our range of mens slip-on dress shoes and loafers will provide you with light and easy-going footwear.

    Why Does It Matter How You Tie Your Shoes

    Lacing up shoes is not just a little bit of the process. Not only can lacing a shoe up the wrong way cause your tying attempts to fall apart, but a good pair of shoes needs a proper knot and laces to look good. The more stylish and attractive your shoes are, the more obvious it becomes when your shoelaces are even a little bit wrong.

    Most mens dress shoes are designed to be more formal rather than comfortable. However, they can actually be quite comfortable as long as you lace them up properly. Tying them poorly results in the shoelaces coming open at the wrong times, and this can end up making the shoe rub against your feet.

    The point of tying laces on a shoe like this is not just to hold your shoe onto your feet but to make it clear that you wear them with some dignity. Footwear with style needs to be worn with style, and while a basic criss-cross between eyelets might be enough to stay functional, it can look bad when it comes to style and finesse.

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    What About Matching My Shoes With My Suit

    The suit and shoe debacle is a never-ending controversy in the male fashion world. And, for a good reason. Many suits simply do not go well with certain shoe colors, and we can all agree on that.

    Most men opt to not wear a blue suit with black shoes, while others think it makes for a stylish ensemble. Everyone loves perfect harmony, but fashion rules are also designed to be broken. The general consensus is to match your shoes to the hue of your suit , but there are other options.

    Believe it or notcue the gaspsyoure allowed to wear brown shoes with a black suit. The key to pairing shoes with adverse suit colors is to ensure that the rest of your outfit flows smoothly and is comprised of both to even things out and leave you looking stylish.

    Fundamental Rules Of Matching Accessories With Your Outfit

    How To Tie Dress Shoes | Parisian Knot Method

    To help you on your journey toward wearing your black tie confidently, weve compiled a list of a few essential guidelines to follow considering neckties. But, dont let the rules scare you offthey arent that hard to follow, and nobody will die if you choose to break them. First things first, grab your confidence and suit up youll need it.

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    Men You’re Actually Tying Your Shoes All Wrong

    Men’s Lifestyle Editor, The Huffington Post

    “This might sound crazy, but chances are, you’ve been tying your shoes incorrectly your entire life.”

    This is celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston’s advice in the video above, and it’s not so crazy when you watch her break it down .

    If you want your shoes to stay tied and look clean, here’s Weston’s advice for you to follow.

    The wrong way:

    See how the shoelaces are just flopping around up there? It’s one of the worst crimes, according to Weston, who told Bob Odenkirk to tuck his shoelaces into his shoes for his appearance on “Live! with Kelly and Michael.”

    That’s right — if you’re wearing dress shoes, you gotta tuck in your shoelaces.

    Here are a few more of Weston’s shoe-tying tips for top shelf street style:

    • The bows should lay horizontally across your shoes, if wearing sneakers or boat shoes, for example.
    • And they should be no longer than the width of your shoe.
    • If wearing boat shoes, which always come untied, either double-knot them, or glue them together with superglue.
    • If wearing tall boots and cuffing your jeans, you should tie them back around the top of your boots — Weston shows you how in the above video.

    “Menswear and looking sharp is all about the details,” Weston says, “and it’s these teeny, tiny, little things that really sets apart a well-dressed gentleman from a regular guy.”

    We couldn’t agree more. Though we have to say, we do think a “regular guy” can also be a well-dressed gentleman.

    Business Professional: For Your Day

    Bored of alternating between your same three suits throughout the week? Mix things up a bit with the bold combination. Opt for your favorite, well-fitted charcoal grey suit. Button up a blue plaid or checkered dress shirt and slip into your black tieit works even better if its squared. Clip it down with a silver tie clip and buckle up a dark brown belt with some matching loafers. Youre sure to get that promotion while looking jazzed up and sophisticated.

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