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How To Wash Stinky Shoes

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How To Clean Stinky Shoes

How to Get Rid of Stinky Shoe and Sneaker Stench

Avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable situations by removing the smell from your shoes and sandals once and for all with GEAR AID.

What Causes Smelly Shoes?

Most instances of odorous feet are the result of moisture being trapped where it cant evaporate effectively. This gives bacteria the chance to feed on the sweat, which in turn produces a smelly isovaleric acid. This moisture-filled environment is also the perfect condition for the development of the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Even those wearing the best work boots are not immune to this problem.

Getting The Stink Out Of Your Shoes

There are more sweat glands in your two feet than anywhere else on your body. And when bacteria breaks down that sweat, it can stink.

Because of all the sweat from your feet, which inevitably soaks into your shoes, stinky footwear is a rather common occurrence. While in some cases its a minor annoyance that really only impacts yourself, in others its a truly embarrassing matter people can smell it if theyre simply sitting next to you on the subway, and if you take your shoes off around folks, the stink can bowl them over!

The amount you sweat and the pungency of your body odor is partially genetic, and if youre on the more stinky end of things, youll just unfortunately have to do more to fight it .

Below youll find how to do just that. We start with a handful of tips focused on prevention, and then move into a number of mostly natural options you can try before youre forced to throw your permanently putrid footwear in an incinerator.

Rocket Pure Natural Deodorizer Spray

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If youre put off by harsh chemicals, this formula from Rocket Pure draws on half-a-dozen natural agents like alcohol derived from organic cane sugar, citrus extracts, and cedarwood oil to inhibit bacterial growth . Plus, all three scents are downright awesome. Im smelling something mild, yet clean and fresh, one tester said of the peppermint and eucalyptus scent. Its hard to place, but I can hardly smell the cheese behind it.

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Salt And Essential Oils

Sneakers, gyming shoes, running shoes, and even loafers can get pretty smelly during those hot summer days, and if you wear them without socks? Disaster alert!

Use salt as a shoe deodorizer and sprinkle a little in your canvas shoes to knock down the offensive odor and absorb the moisture.

If you want a refreshed feel, not just deodorizing, we have essential oils for you! A few drops of essential oil on your shoe, either directly or in a piece of paper, and bam! Its refreshing. Try to use tea tree, eucalyptus, and oils with a strong aroma for better results.

What You Need To Deal With Stinky Shoes

Stinky Shoes No More: Baking Soda in Shoes â The Family ...

Most of the things we are going to need can be found around the house or purchased at the dollar store. These tips are meant to show you how to clean stinky shoes and be something you can do regularly to help eliminate the problem permanently. Here are a few things you might want to pick up to get started. The rest of the things you can get as you need them.

  • Deodorant

Lets dive right in and begin to look at a few of the home remedies we can use when deodorizing our smelly shoes.

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How To Clean Stinky Cycling Shoes

When you try to clean your cycling shoes using a laundry detergent, it usually leaves them smelling bad. When someone asks whats wrong with your shoes, you have no good answer. Luckily, you dont have to worry about that anymore! Today were going to tell you how to clean stinky cycling shoes without leaving them smelling like a skunk.

There are some easy ways to get rid of nasty odors from your cycling shoes.

First off, use baking soda and vinegar for odor prevention and the best washing method for your shoes. Then make sure you rinse them out well before putting them in the dryer! If that doesnt work, do this last resort measure: put on your gloves and spray it with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

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Remove The Laces From Shoes

First of all, you need to remove your laces to avoid them getting knotted. Let them soak in some detergent and water for the next 24 hours. The next step is to rinse them by hand under warm water.

Next, you wrap a cloth around the laces and fill the cloth with some detergent or soap and water you can also place them in a small mesh laundry bag or pillowcase and wash them along with shoes. You can also hand wash them.

You need to set your washer for the spin cycle after they have washed and rinsed. That way you can remove all the excess water and detergent from your laces.

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How To Treat And Prevent Smelly Feet

The good news is that smelly feet are usually easy to treat by keeping your feet clean and dry, and changing your shoes regularly.

To treat sweaty or smelly feet yourself, try to:

  • wash your feet with an antibacterial soap once a day
  • dry your feet well after they have been wet, especially between your toes
  • try not to wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row so they have at least 24 hours to dry out
  • change your socks at least once a day
  • keep your toenails short and clean, and remove any hard skin with a foot file

If you often get sweaty feet, you might want to try:

  • using a spray deodorant or antiperspirant on your feet a normal underarm deodorant or antiperspirant works just as well as a specialist foot product and will cost you less
  • putting medicated insoles, which have a deodorising effect, in your shoes
  • using a foot powder to absorb sweat
  • trying socks for sweaty feet some sports socks are designed to keep feet dry, and you can get special antibacterial socks
  • wearing leather or canvas shoes, as they let your feet breathe, unlike plastic ones
  • always wearing socks with closed-toe shoes

Setting The Machine Cycles:

How to Clean Smelly Shoes : Cleaning Shoes

Now pour in liquid detergent. Do not use powder detergents as they are likely to leave residue inside the shoes. You can use normal fabric detergent or if you prefer you can also purchase sneaker detergents for your shoes. Both serve the same purpose so there is no real difference in the wash quality. You can also add one teaspoon of vinegar with the detergent to remove shoe odor and ensure superb and fresh smelling shoes after the wash.

Set the machine cycles to average or gentle spin and use cold water for washing. Do not use hot water as it can ruin the fabric of the shoes. You can also pour one teaspoon of pine oil in the last washing cycle to remove the stink from the shoes. Do not use fabric softener at any stage as it can damage the shoes fabric.

After the wash you will notice that your shoes appear shiny and bright and they no more smell stinky. Although if there is still some lingering smell, you can put them outside in the sun to dry well as sunlight is also a natural deodorizer. Never ever insert your shoes in the dryer as it may warp your shoes. Air drying or sun drying is the best solution. If you want to dry them speedily, insert newspaper balls inside the shoes to soak up excess water and enable swift drying.

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How To Maintain Good Hygiene In Your Shoes

Finally, we teach you how you must maintain proper hygiene to avoid bad odor from your shoes:

  • Try not to wear closed shoes every day. It is terrible for the health of our feet and promotes an awful smell.
  • When you get home, change shoes and let those shoes air out.
  • It doesn’t matter if the shoe is of good quality. They all absorb the terrible smell. Hence, we must maintain good cleaning of them. You can use a damp cloth with detergent and brush them every day.
  • Apply talcum powder if the sole sweat excessively. It is a simple remedy that helps us a lot daily.

Place Your Shoes In The Dryer

Now, the next thing you can do is place your shoes in the dryer. You could also place your shoes on your porch for the sun to dry. You do not place your shoes into the same washer and dryer cycles of your clothing. You need to wash and dry your shoes separately.

After the shoes have been washed, remove them from the machine and put them on a drying rack until dry. You can also put them in a dryer. If your machine has a drying rack accessory, place them on it, and select permanent press or similar cool setting. Remember that high heat can damage the shoes.

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Quick Ways To Clean Smelly Shoes

We are going to let you in on some quick ways to clean smelly shoes and remove the foot odor once and for all. Visit a friends house and leave your shoes at the door in confidence.

After cleaning your shoes, especially if you washed them in the washing machine, you may find that they are a little tight when you put them back on. Luckily, there are simple and effective ways to stretch canvas shoes so that they are comfortable on your feet once again, as well as being nice and odor-free.

How To Fix Smelly Shoes With Cedar Wood

How to Wash Tennis and Athletic Shoes

Cedarwood is a very powerful shoe deodorizer. Cedar contains essential oils that have antibacterial properties to kill off odor-causing bacteria. Cedar essential oils also have antifungal properties that can prevent athletes foot and other fungus related conditions.

Fill your shoes with cedar wood chips to get moisture-absorbing properties like the other ideas mentioned. You can also use cedar wood insoles to get these properties in a more permanent form.

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Putting Powder In Your Shoes

If the stinky odor remains in your shoes after you have washed and dried them, try sprinkling the inside of each shoe with baking soda or a foot powder made to control odor. Leave a generous amount of the powder in your shoes overnight. Remove the powder the next day by shaking out your shoes. If any stubborn powder remains in small corners of the sneakers you can remove it using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

What Is Vinegar And What Are The Different Types

Vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid and trace chemicals that may contain flavourings, according to Wikipedia. It contains 58% acetic acid by volume, and the acetic acid is created by acetic acid bacteria during the fermentation of ethanol or sugars.

It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the materials used. Wine, balsamic, rice, barley, coconut vinegar, and other vinegars are only a few examples. White distilled vinegar and apple cider are the most popular types found in American kitchens. It can be made up of natural sugars found in almost any food. Pure acetic acid may be produced in a laboratory when mixed with water, it is often sold as white V.

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How Do You Clean Stinky Shoes In The Washing Machine

Before you throw your shoes in the washing machine, check the material from which they are made. Some materials, like leather, are not washing machine friendly and should not be washed.

In general, if your sneakers are made from cotton, nylon, polyester, or similar fabric, they probably can be washed.

Once you verified the material, prepare your shoes for washing. If the shoes have dried dirty or other yucky stuff, remove as much of it as possible before washing.

Make Good Footwear Choices

How To Clean Your Dirty Smelly Running Shoes | Sportitude

Since shoe odor starts with sweaty feet, an easy way to reduce it is by choosing shoes made of natural materials and open weaves. Hemp, fabric, and canvas are all good choices since they allow air to circulate, so your feet stay drier. Plus, shoes made from natural materials are usually washable, so theyre easier to clean.

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What Is The Best Washing Method For Your Shoes

The best washing method for your shoes is to use baking soda and vinegar. This simple mixture has both odor prevention and cleaning properties that are perfect for getting rid of the stink. Baking soda is a powerful cleaner, so it will get rid of any lingering smells in your cycling shoes.

Why does this work? Vinegar is an acid that kills bacteria and baking soda is a base that absorbs odors. Together, they work to clean your shoes in one step!

If you dont have vinegar or baking soda on hand, you can also make a homemade solution by putting 1/2 cup of white vinegar into 2 cups of water and adding 1/2 cup of salt. Stir until dissolved. For those of you who dont want to spend the money on soap flakes or detergent, this will do the trick just fine.

Next, make sure you rinse out your shoes well before putting them in the dryer. The last thing you want to do is use a high-heat setting on your dryer that could scorch your feet.

How To Clean Stinky Tennis Shoes And Make Them Odor

Planning to buy a new pair of shoes because your old ones smell like a dead rat? Before spending money on new shoes, read the tips suggested in this article and see whether you can turn around your old ones…

Planning to buy a new pair of shoes because your old ones smell like a dead rat? Before spending money on new shoes, read the tips suggested in this article and see whether you can turn around your old ones

Tennis shoes smell terrible at times. Taking them off in front of others can become very embarrassing, because the moment you do that, the disgusting smell from the shoes fills the air and repels others! So, whats the solution? Lets find out

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Washing Shoes In A Washing Machine

The best way to wash shoes is in a washing machine, but you need first to check that your shoes are O.K with heat and that they can be washed. Some cheaper brands have shoe seams glued rather than sewn, and hotter washing machine setting might damage glue. If in doubt, check with the shoe manufacturer.Generally speaking, you can safely wash fabric trainers and synthetic materials, but I would be careful about washing anything with real leather. Hot water often makes the leather to shrink, which is going to destroy your shoes.To wash your smelly shoes, remove the shoelaces and the insoles and place everything in an old pillowcase and tie it with a string . Add some other washing, like dirty trousers, towels or something that you dont mind getting close to your stinky shoes!If you are washing your shoes for the first time and you are not sure how well they can take the wash , run the washing machine on a shorter program with 30-40 C. Programme with anything around 50 min -1.5 hr is a good start.Use just a washing powder , but never a fabric conditioner as this might clog up the fabric material on your shoes.Once you know that your shoes can take the washing machine treatment, you can run them through a programme with 60C temperature. The 60C temperature is much better in getting rid of the bacteria, which creates that horrible shoe smell.Leave your shoes to air dry in a warm place before you wear them again.

Why Do Your Shoes Smell Bad

This Is How To Remove Odor From Stinky Shoes · One Good ...

The reason your shoes stink is that your feet contain 250,000 sweat glands. When those glands get confined in a shoe, the sweat and warmth create a breeding ground for bacteria. To get rid of the smell in your shoes, you need to destroy the bacteria causing the stink. You can do this by cleaning them properly. Using homemade shoe deodorizing sprays or powders also helps. Then follow good shoe and foot care to help keep feet from stinking.

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Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray

Tester Smell Score: 3.5 out of 5

  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Smell was hit or miss among testers

While our testers were split on whether they actually liked the smell of Sweat X, they agreed that it did a stellar job of eliminating the scent of the Limburger. That said, the smell wasnt nearly as overwhelming as some of the other sprays. Plus, Sweat X also helps remove blood, dirt, and grass stains.

Getting Started Cleaning Stinky Shoes

The first way to clean stinky sneakers is simple. Remove the laces and place your shoes inside a pillowcase and wash them with a gentle detergent in your washing machine.

It is important that you wash them on a cycle that will spin, as it will help remove the majority of the water from the shoes. Once the wash cycle is complete you should promptly dry your shoes using a hair dryer or by setting them outside in the sun.

Leaving your shoes wet for prolonged periods of time can actually be the cause of a stinky odor, since bacteria and mold like to grow in dark damp places. Do not dry your shoes in your clothes dryer however, since it can change their shape and diminish the way they support your feet.

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