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Which Golf Shoes Have The Best Arch Support

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Best Golf Shoes For Flat Feet

Best Men’s Arch Support SANDALS 2021 [Top 5 for Plantar Fasciitis]

The vast majority of people who have flat feet should wear wider fitting golf shoes.

Any golf shoe that has a narrow or pointed front should be avoided. Focus on a golf shoe that provides enough space at the front of the shoe, so your toes will not be squashed.

Wider fitting shoes allowed toes to spread out on this reduces the pressure on the front of the foot and prevents a lot of pain and discomfort.

So, the Best Three shoes for flat feet are

1. Footjoy Contour

2. Adidas Tour 360 XT SL

3. Nike Lunar Control Vaspour 2

Choose a golf shoe that offers significant heel and sole support to prevent your feet from rolling inwards this issue is referred to as overpronation and is a common problem for golfers with flat feet.

When choosing the best golf shoe, any golfer with flat feet should look for reinforced heels, a golf shoe with a firm heel which has been designed to support your foot and your Achilles tendon.

If you are suffering with Achilles Tendonitis then please check out our article here. Best Golf Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

Jordan Adg Mens Golf Shoes


Feel secure in your shoes when you slip your feet into the inner sleeves in this pair. The plush midsole provides ample cushioning thanks to the companys Zoom Air technology. In addition to the name recognition and the styling of the shoe, this pair focuses on comfort and cushioning and would be great for dry, and even conditions on the golf course, says Dr. Petkov.

The transition from the links to coffee or lunch seamlessly in these versatile golf shoes, that dont skimp on function when you need it most. The outsole offers both the stability and traction during each swing of the club that you take, while the mesh, breathable upper allows for some flexibility as well. Some flexibility is necessary when playing in hills and uneven surfaces, says Dr. Fridman.

Best Golf Shoes For High Arches

  • Final thoughts Best Golf Shoes for High Arches
  • There are many golfing enthusiasts worldwide. Golfers who have an intense love for the sport are always excited to stroll on the green every single day. Unfortunately, some people cannot go for long hours because of foot pain. If your foot has a fallen arch or high arches, expect the game of golf to be harder for you since it requires hours of walking and standing. It may also hurt if you stretch your foot. Arch pain is extremely annoying for golfers. However, you can easily manage this condition by wearing the best golf shoes for high arches. It has extra support and cushioned footbeds. The following are some features to look for in a golf shoe.

    In many of our articles, especially product-based stories, we earn a small commission when readers purchase through our product links. This doesnt affect which products are included in the articles. All of the products we highlight are recommended for their quality, performance, and overall reputation, regardless of any affiliate relationships.

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    New Balance Fresh Foam Links Sl


    If youve ever worn any sneakers in the Fresh Foam line from New Balance, it will be an easy transition into these golf shoes. These shoes have a one-piece sole, which includes small plastic lugs instead of spikes for traction, says Dr. Fridman. They look like running or tennis shoes, and have a more traditional athletic fit to them. The foam midsole, plush insole, and padded tongue all add to the overall comfort youll feel in these traditional lace-ups.

    Skechers 600 Spikeless Ladies Golf Sandals

    11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022

    These Skechers womens golf sandals are great for playing a round in the sunshine. They have the GO GOLF outsole, with tiny nubs to provide traction on slippery grass from the morning dew. The upper is made from a woven jersey knit fabric with padded heel straps. The straps are all velcro adjustable and have soft linings so they wont rub, even if you decide to do a 36 on the links!

    Reviews are great for these golf sandal womens style, with one saying, These sandals are comfortable and the fit is right on. Ive already received several compliments on the look. I would buy them again.

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    Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

  • Apparel
  • 13 Best Golf Shoes for
  • Millions of people enjoy playing golf whenever they have the time. But, that feeling of joy can turn into a feeling of deep concern within seconds if your annoying plantar fasciitis pain comes up. There are many reasons for it to occur. But one of the main reasons is always with the shoes. If youre not wearing the right pair of shoes on the course, your plantar fasciitis-associated problem will start. Thats why those who have plantar fasciitis need to have the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis. With the right pair, golfers will be able to walk around the course and enjoy their peaceful game of golf without any worry. Wondering what brand of shoes is best for plantar fasciitis? Worry not! On this list, weve selected some of the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis available on the market. Just read, click, and buy!

    If you also play disc golf every now and then, check out our list of the best disc golf shoes! Since finding a good pair can be tricky, that article will definitely help you!

    Skechers Go Walk Max Privy

    Skechers is a very popular brand of footwear that initially focused on stylish casual shoes and skate footwear. The brand later expanded their focus and now also has successful sport shoe lines for its more active customers. Its currently the third largest athletic shoe brand in the US.

    The Skechers Go Walk Max Privy is an athletic shoe thats built to maintain your comfort even after long periods of walking and standing. The mid and outsole feature high level cushioning with the use of Skechers very own Air Cooled Goga Mat technology. Their 5GEN sole also utilizes memory retention foam to create maximum foot support at the right points.

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    What Is The Difference Between A High Arch And A Fallen Arch

    Both conditions are abnormal to the foot. It interferes with regular activities such as walking, running, exercising and other sports activities.

    In a majority of cases, people who have fallen arches or high arches will feel no discomfort at all. There are other factors to consider. High arches are a bit hollow than typical arches.

    If you observe there seems to be a space at the foots bottom, you have a high arch. Fallen arches are the antithesis of high arches.

    Best Spikeless: Adidas Golf Codechaos

    Our Skechers Arch Fit Range

    Even though these Adidas golf shoes don’t have spikes on the bottom, shoppers say they still offer a great grip. Thanks to the extra cushioning and the brand’s signature Boost insoles, customers insist they will still feel extremely good by the time you reach the last hole. “This shoe is exactly what I wanted in a golf shoe,” wrote one customer. “They are light, comfortable, and durable. Hands down the best golf shoe I have ever worn.” They’re designed to be super breathable, but they can also survive rainy weather and wet grass without a problem.

    To buy: , from $100

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    Why Did We Feel The Need For This Research

    According to 2016 National Runner Survey, motion control, cushion, stability, and injury prevention were some of the biggest concerns on buyers’ mind. Interestingly enough, the recommendation from salesperson turned out to be the second biggest influence on shoe selection.

    In another study of running shoe prices, we found that:

    Science is expensive, isn’t it?

    Knowing that people are looking for and paying extra for arch support in running shoes, we wanted to confirm if these shoes can actually live up to the promises? Is there scientific evidence behind recommendations of the salesmen in stores? How good are neutral shoes like Nike Odyssey React, Nike Air Max 2016, or Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017.

    We took it upon ourselves to find the answer.

    We have gone through everything we can find about arch support and pronation. It includes a good deal of scientific studies and research about arch support, pronation, and injury risks for runners. We have checked the sources and citations quoted by both sides .

    We then got in touch with the following experts to get their opinion.

  • Dr. Mathew Klein – Doctor of Physical Therapy and a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences
  • Dr Krista A. Archer – Podiatric Surgeon, Former Athlete, Marathon Runner
  • Craig Norton – CEO, Ortho-sport P.T., Inc. Consultant, human biomechanics and physical therapy
  • Skechers Womens Go Golf Eagle

    Skechers have been producing best golf shoes forever because they always make sure that the players comfort is in top order. They add features like stability, breathability and amazing cushioning that is why they are regarded as the best in the business. These Skechers golf shoes for women have all those qualities which anyone can demand.


    Outer sole: The outer sole is made out of synthetic rubber sole which makes the traction and durability to the maximum. The presence of a TPU outer grip enables amazing grip.

    Midsole: The midsole has unbelievable cushioning which is due to the technology of GOGA Matrix which offers maximum comfort.

    Upper sole: The upper sole is made out of synthetic fabric which keeps the upper light and comfy while the presence of lace system ensures an excellent fitting.

    Weight: The weight of these shoes is respectively light, and they allow the player to play with ease.

    Breathability: The breathable material on the upper is the fabric which supports the crossing of air to provide comfort to the feet while players can walk as much as they want.

    Overall performance:

    They have an ample amount of traction, support, and lightweight. It comes in different color options so women can enjoy fashion and style as well. The price is not as well which means more advantages if having this shoe.


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    Adidas Mens Tour360 Xt Spikeless

    These golf shoes are comfortable to wear. Their unique design allows for a soft feel around the ankles. It is also made of synthetic sole and an anti-slip rubber bottom, which helps you maintain the grip while walking on different terrains.

    This golf shoe features a unique combination of the non-marking spikeless outsole with X-Traxion primary lugs for grip and balance. And the shaft of this golf shoe stretches from arch to toe, approximately.

    These golf shoes are great for those that want to play in comfort. Theyre durable and great for their price.

    Golf Shoes Care And Maintenance


    Proper care and maintenance of your golf shoes will prolong their life while maintaining their feel, comfort, and performance. Since you will encounter various elements on the golf course, its advisable to clean your shoes regularly and store them properly. Clean the upper part using soap and water. Use a soft towel to wipe off dirt. Avoid soaking your shoes in water for long periods, since you might damage the materials used to make them. Its also advisable to rotate your shoes frequently. If they are spiked, check the cleats to make sure they are secured properly and intact. Replace any missing cleats. Ensure you store them in a golf bag with ample ventilation and ensure you leave cedar trees inside the shoes anytime you are not using them.

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    New Balance Mens Linkssl Golf Shoe

    The New Balance LinksSL boasts cutting-edge technology that makes this golf shoe stand out. The microfiber leather or performance mesh upper is waterproof and comes equipped with a TPU eyestay and welded forefoot to protect you from muddy and wet conditions.

    To ensure maximum comfort, the New Balance designers made the midsole from their proprietary FreshFoam with a 10 mm drop. Together with the companys molded CUSH+ insole, it delivers an ultra-cush feel. But, the midsole design offers more than just comfort. It maps the compression and resistance zones and has enhanced cushioning and lateral stability.

    The spikeless outsole comes with smart lugs in various colors that point to the key performance zones. It is grip and traction ensuring, even in wet conditions.

    The classy, sporty looks come in five color varieties, so choose your perfect match and conquer the course!

    Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour Golf Shoes


    Youll be king of the course in these Nike golf shoes. Using premium materials might make these shoes a bit pricier, but it also means you can have premium performance blending leather, lightweight knit, and a hybrid grip outsole, says Dr. Petkov. The spikes are removable, so they might makebut dont let them breakyour decision. Durable, responsive foam and the companys Zoom Air technology make these shoes comfy enough to wear for hours.

    This running brand is dipping its toe into the golf shoe game! Asics is well-known for making great running shoes and these golf shoes resemble a lot of their characteristicsgreat arch support and midsole stability, says Dr. Petkov. And they know a lot about lightweight cushioning and support, implementing foam technology into the midsole. The Boa lacing allows you to achieve a unique fit in seconds.

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    Q: Can I Use Other Shoes Other Than Spikeless Golf Shoes

    A: You can use spiked golf shoes if you want, but thats about it. Golf shoes are designed specifically to provide you the necessary traction and support in your golf swing. You also need them for cushioning, breathability, and sufficient energy return.

    Knowing this, we do not recommend wearing anything other than golf shoes when playing golf. When playing a course, you are also expected to hold up the traditions of the game, and that includes wearing suitable footwear.

    Smaller, cheaper courses may allow it, but rarely, and you should stick with proper golf shoes at all times. If youre reading this article, were sure you play golf often enough to justify the purpose, so just go for it.

    What To Consider When Buying Wide Golf Shoes

    Best Orthotics for Golf | Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

    Chances are you know whether or not you wear wide shoes. But some people may have feet that are wide but not quite wide enough for the need for wide shoes.

    The last thing you want is to order a pair of shoes off the Internet and not realize that they run narrow. So there are a few things you need to consider when buying wide golf shoes.

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    Footjoy Mens Superlites Xp Golf Shoes

    FootJoy is the leader when it comes to comfortable golf shoes. Somehow Footjoy continues to anticipate what a golfer will need in a shoe. That is certainly the case with the Mens Superlites XP Golf Shoe.

    The FootJoy Superlite is available in three different colors. It is one of our favorite choices for a comfortable golf shoe with traction. If you look at the Superlites XPs bottom, you will see the turf gripping traction that Footjoy has placed on this shoe. If you are a golfer that likes to take a big swing at the ball, the traction on these Superlites will keep you from slipping.

    The outside of this shoe is waterproof, and it has some moveability in it as well. The fact that it is a flexible outer shell will help to keep your foot more comfortable. Inside, Footjoy has provided plenty of cushioning to help each step feel lighter.

    Potentially the most important thing about the Superlites is their weight. As golfers know, shoes can get quite clunky. With all that golf shoes do to help us perform, it is no wonder they weigh quite a bit. However, walking five miles with heavy shoes on is a bit of a burden. The lighter Superlites make your walk an easier one, therefore increasing overall comfort and lowering fatigue.

    Wrapping It Up And Heading To The Clubhouse

    If youre out to get the most out of your money, walking a golf course adds to the enjoyment of the game. Being able to walk comfortably is of the utmost importance. Youll want a shoe that has excellent cushioning, is lightweight, and potentially is waterproof.

    Choosing a spikeless or spiked design is up to personal preference, as there are comfortable options for both styles. Finding a long-lasting pair so that you can wear them throughout the year is a top priority. Having comfortable shoes for you to walk in makes golf that much more fun.

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    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V4

    New Balance is a brand of running shoes thats well-known for comfortable footwear that offer great support. The company was actually once named the New Balance Arch Support Company. They probably dropped the longer name for brevity and impact, but they definitely didnt drop the mission. Even after more than a century in the business, this American multinational shoemaker still produces high-performance shoes with features that provide optimal arch support.

    New Balance enters this list of the best shoes with good arch supports with the Fresh Foam Vongo V4. This is a running shoe with superior midsole support thats attained with the use New Balances proprietary Fresh Foam material. The Fresh Foam Vongo v4 is designed to keep your feet supported and cushioned for protection and comfort. Feel the stability with each stride with a pair of Fresh Foam Vongo v4 on.

    You may also be interested in these reliable waterproof running shoes. Take a moment to check them out.

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