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Men’s Dress Sneakers For Work

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Johnston & Murphy Xc4 ‘prentiss’ Plain Toe Shoe

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While these shoes are sure to provide a sense of style to any ensemble, their real draw is the fact that they can withstand any type of weather. The upper is constructed with soft, waterproof leather and the sole is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane, while memory foam cushioning in the footbed offers arch support.

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When Did Sneakers Get Their Start

The sneaker dates back to the late 18th century, when a crude, rubber-soled shoe became popular.

Then, around a century later , a US-based rubber company created Keds a rubber sneaker with canvas tops.

These became the grandfather of the modern-day sneaker which gets its name from making peoples footsteps so quiet that they could literally sneak up on someone.

More than 23 billion sneakers were produced in 2020, and in the past decade, sneaker technology has paved the way for luxury sneaker brands.

Couple that with changing fashion and businesses relaxing dress codes has led to more self-expression in the workplace.

The Best Business Casual Shoes For Men Are Ready

For anyone who’s ever struggled to parse the meaning of an especially Byzantine dress code, “business casual” can be a cursed phrase. Thankfully, the best business casual shoes for men are nothing less than a blessing in disguise, a happy medium between the full-on dress shoes gathering dust in the back of your closet and the tattered sneakers piled precariously by your front door. Finding the idea of lacing up a pair of office-friendly shoes a little, uh, daunting? That’s where these shoes come in. They’ll help make your transition back to office life that much more bearable, all without invoking traumatizing memories of rigid dress codes from years past.

No matter what type of corporate environment you’re returning tofrom the type of law firm that’d fire you on the spot for wearing Converse to the sort of start-up that’s constantly touting it’s “relaxed work culture”there’s a shoe style here for you. All of ’em will sync up seamlessly with the dress shirts you’ve been wearing with boxers and not much else on Zoom, and help spruce up your more casual outfits in the process. Pair them with a soft, gently-structured blazer and a silk knit tie come your next big presentation or an Oxford-cloth button-down and chinos on a regular old weekday.

All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Death Of The Dress Shoe

So, its safe to say that the dress sneaker has become a major player in the menswear scene. And, although weve previously addressed the decline of the classic dress shoe, does this mean that theyre on their way out? Absolutely not.

The important thing to remember is that style evolves over time. I mean, after all, if it didnt, wed all be wearing loincloths. A perfect example of how classic style has evolved is looking at the classic, black, cap-toe Oxford. This is perhaps best known as the classic dress shoe.

Around the 1800s, the footwear choice for men was a pair of boots. So, whether you were doing hard manual labor or walking the streets of London, the menswear choice was a boot. And, as you might be able to tell from this picture, these things must take an eternity to lace up, so thats when the Oxonian shoe hit universities. It became really popular because it was a lot less fussy.

So, effectively, a similar look was achieved with less overall effort and more comfort. I used this example to show you the interesting parallel between dress sneakers and dress shoes. Just as the Oxford shoe provided men a new way to dress smart in the 1800s, the dress sneaker is doing the same today.

Plus, dont forget that the Oxford shoe was originally seen as the casual way to dress, much like the dress sneaker today. And its weird to consider that, at some point in time, a shoe like that was considered casual.

Do They Fit Into A Classic Wardrobe

Wholesale COSIDRAM Men Casual Shoes Sneakers Loafers Breathable Comfort ...

So, since youre a viewer of the Gentlemans Gazette, Im going to take a guess that youre a lover of classic style just like us. And, as we all know, Raphael hes on a wholea nother level. Honestly, for many years, sneakers and classic style havent mixed well. So, I get that it can be difficult to consider a dress sneaker for your wardrobe, especially if you like blazers over Balenciagas.

The overall trick with a dress sneaker is just to keep things casual. Without a doubt, the dress sneaker can be considered in the same footwear category as boat shoes or a casual loafer. So, clothing items that would be a perfect pairing would be things like denim, chinos, sweaters, and polo shirts maybe an OCBD. All these things are things that you would consider in smart casual. Also, keep in mind that you can wear the classic dress sneaker with a pair of shorts and a polo shirt easily as well.

There might be a debate about whether or not dress sneakers are appropriate for business casual or office settings. And, if you want to know more about business casual and dress codes, we got you covered.

Business Casual Mens Attire & Dress Code Explained

A Case of Formality Clash

Dress sneakers are more of a casual shoe and are not appropriate for tailored clothes meant for more formal wear.

Keep it Casual

Go for laidback outfits when wearing dress sneakers to keep the overall relaxed vibe.

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Standing All Day In Dress Shoes

Whilst many of us spend our eight hours sat firmly behind a desk, which isnt particularly healthy either, there are other professions that require being on your feet all day.

Catering, retail, security and education are but a few where you can find yourself standing for hours on end. Although standing and walking are indeed healthy activities, there gets to a point where it becomes too much.

In fact, prolonged standing is a major cause of disorders such as Plantar Fasciitis, which can become a chronic condition. Otherwise, you may suffer from sore and tired feet, which puts you out of action by the time you clock out.

Additionally, many of the professions where youd be required to stay on your feet may also have relatively strict dress codes. As such, youll be obliged to remain rather formal, which rules out footwear such as sneakers.

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers


While pricey, Common Projects sneakers sell out quickly. Its a sleekly designed sneaker that quietly exudes luxury. Designed for guys who eschew labels, this is their dress sneaker. For a while, this brand was like a secret only certain fashionistas shared. Via gushing articles in various magazines, the secrets out. Which probably explains why they keep selling out!

Enthusiasts tend to collect them in every color. The Original Achilles comes in 11 different colors. This dark olive is a neutral dress sneaker that goes with any color. Theyll look great with dress pants and shorts.

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Tip #: Muted Colors Are Your Friend

Muted colors and subtle patterns lend a more formal, refined vibe to your overall look.

If its spring or summer when youre reading this, you cant go wrong with your mid grey and pale pastels in combination with your menswear neutrals. For these looks, I typically go with an all-white or cognac leather dress sneaker.

If its fall or winter, you have many more shades and tones to work with. See my article about mens winter fashion we break down the color and types of clothes you should have in your closet for this time of year.

So in addition to the menswear neutrals, you can wear more rich, vibrant tones like deep purple, forest green, burgundy, burnt orange, mustard, and so on.

And as far as the dress sneakers, you can go with any of the three colors I mentioned: all white, cognac, or black.

Dress Shoe Features For Standing All Day

5 Shoes Every Man Should Have | Classic Essentials for Work & Play

Shoe brands have learned to change with the times and are now catering more towards ergonomics. Once a shoe that was associated with rigidity, many now feature characteristics reminiscent of athletic shoes.

From PU footbeds to EVA midsoles, were beginning to see a revolution in modern footwear where the traditional dress shoe is easier to wear.

However, whilst cheap dress shoes tend to skimp on quality, which can make them quite uncomfortable, the traditional construction of premium footwear can actually be quite soothing too. Nevertheless, here are a few modern features that the best dress shoes for standing tend to feature:

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How To Wear Dress Sneakers With Effortless Style

With workplaces becoming more casual, you have likely noticed a new style of relaxed footwear cropping up in the office – shoes that have sleek leather uppers and appear to be dress shoes until you notice their thick, casual sole. Known as dress sneakers, this new category of mens footwear is exploding in popularity. This article will explain what dress sneakers are and, most importantly, how and when to wear them.

Questions We’ll Answer
What socks can I wear with dress sneakers?

Can You Wear Dress Sneakers With A Suit

The short answer is yes, yes you can definitely wear sneakers with a suit!

But you need to have the right sneakers paired with the right suit. Otherwise, it will look odd and be a distraction from your style.

The color of your dress sneakers will need to complement the color of the suit youre wearing. If your suit is light or pastel, then you can get away with wearing non-neutral color sneakers.

The general rule of thumb for pairing your suits with dress sneakers is that the darker the suit, the darker your dress sneakers should be.

So, for example, if you have a black or charcoal gray-colored suit, you should stick to black-colored sneakers. This is because they are more balancing than lighter color sneakers and arent quite so jarring.

If you wear navy or medium gray suits, you can wear black, burgundy, or brown dress sneakers. Again, this is about balance and ensuring that your sneakers dont distract from the overall look.

If youre wearing light-colored suits, such as light gray or stone, you’ve got two options. Stand out with a contrasting color or wear lighter-colored dress sneakers for a more subtle look.

The cut of your suit also determines the style of your sneakers. For example, wearing a slim-cut suit tailored to cut off the pant leg just above the sneakers tongue will sharpen your image and make your dress sneakers appear more executive.

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Which Dress Sneakers Are Right For You

  • White is, of course, the most sneakerythats a word, right?but would be fine for casual-leaning work environments.
  • Black would be the most formal looking, because it is black, after all.
  • Brown would be somewhere in the middle, and Id argue, the most versatile out of the three.

I own all 3 so I got my bases covered , but if you can only get one, Id suggest the brown.

If you can afford two and you dont yet have a pair of clean white leather sneaks, Id go for brown and white.

Perf! So now that you have the right pair of dress sneakers, lets move onto tip #2.

High Top Dress Sneakers In Warm Natural Tones

mygolfcoursedesign: White Mens Dress Sneakers

Continuing with the high tops, these eye-catching warm-colored dress sneakers can be paired with most outfit choices, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off your taste and style.

Wearing these high tops on evenings and weekends will push your casual wardrobe to just the right side of business casual. Complete this with Chinos, a navy blue shirt, and a neutral jacket you can wear these for a brunch date with your friends.

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Tip #: Use The High / Low Method

Heres the idea: You want to balance casual with dressy to give you a smart sharp casual look that skews juuust a bit more on the formal side.

The Duke dress sneaker is a good example of high / low. Its a sneaker but the materials and classic silhouette lend it a more formal vibe.

How do you pull off the High / Low Method with the rest of your outfit?


If your base outfit is a shirt and pants, make one of them more casual and the other, more formal .

So in addition to the Duke dress sneakers in this example, lets say you want to wear dark denim , go with a crisp dress shirt

We can flip it here by going with gray wool dress trousers , a long sleeve polo and a waxed jacket .

Need it to be slightly more formal?

Swap the waxed jacket with a sportcoat , or if its cold and rainy, you can wear the waxed jacket over your sportcoat to keep you dry.

See how easy the High / Low method is? When you mix casual and dressy elements in one outfit, you create a smart sharp look that leans a bit more formal, making the outfit office appropriate.

The 10 Best Dress Sneakers For Men In 2022

Published: December 15, 2020Updated: May 28, 2022Next Level Gents may earn a commission on purchases made from affiliate links on this page.

Dress sneakers are shoes that dont have raised heels and are made with a rubber sole. Theyre typically made of leather or suede.

We receive a commission when you buy through affiliate links on this page.

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Generally, theyre made of leather. However, suede shoes are an option, if youre going for more of a casual look.

The purpose of these sneakers is to wear them with a more casual suit, or with smart-casual attire. They look great with chinos, casual trousers, and twill pants.

When youre picking out a pair of dress sneakers, look for one thats sleek, low-top, minimal, comfortable, and a neutral color.

Its also best to pair them with no-show socks, which provide cushioning without being bulky. They also help keep your feet dry. For the best no-show socks that dont slip off, Boardroom Socks is an excellent brand.

Regarding branding, keep it as minimal as possible. You want the shoe to work seamlessly with your outfit, instead of drawing attention directly to a logo.

One of the best parts of having a solid pair of simple sneakers is that you can wear them in any season. As long as it isnt snowing or pouring down rain, theyre an excellent choice.

The following are the 10 best dress sneakers for your wardrobe:

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Brown Dress Sneaker With Gum Sole

Youll want to wear warm and natural colors with vibrant brown dress sneakers. They will also pair nicely with white, gray, and blue suits to bring a sense of balance to your outfit.

Gum is a natural rubber that is harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Its a natural alternative to polyurethane soles that most modern sneakers have, and the neutral tan color compliments pretty much every other color. The gum is durable, easy to clean, and lasts for a very long time.

If you go with a monochrome suit , add a brown leather belt, brown watchband, and other small accents to your outfit. Brown is a versatile and earthy color that will give any outfit balance.

Mens Clothing And Shoes

Best Mens Sneakers for 2022 l Mens Fashion

Walmart has everything you need to refresh your wardrobe. Dive into our latest collection of men’s clothes and shoes from the brands you know and love: Champion, U.S. Polo Assn., Reebok, Wrangler, George, No Boundaries, Levis®. Free Assembly, Dickies, Izod, Sketchers, Lugz, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and more! Whether youre looking for clothes for work, play or everything in between, the right clothes are right here!

Top Essentials Every Guy Should Own

These pieces will keep your style on point whether you’re reworking your entire closet for the season, or just filling in the gaps. Lets go shopping.

Mens T-Shirts

Stock up and save on your favorite T-Shirts today! At Walmart, you can find tons of mens T-shirts. Whether youre jogging, lounging, walking, or riding, weve got you covered with tees & tops from top brands. Enjoy the comfort and look of pre-washed and acid washed tees. Go old-school with baseball tees and the ever-popular muscle tee. Complete your collection with classic pocket tees from Hanes and Eddie Bauer plus, new

Free Assemblysustainable tees, and be sure to stock up with handy multipacks.

Mens Graphic T-Shirts

Mens shorts

The Perfect Jeans

5 Types of Jean Fits:

  • Slim jeansNot too tight, not to lose. Straight through the hip, slim through the thigh with a narrower leg opening.
  • Skinny jeansThe latest addition to the jeans family, this style is a tighter fit with a tapered leg opening.
  • Around-the-Clock Pants & Trousers

    Mood-Shifting Sweatpants & Joggers

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    Which Dress Sneakers Do You Like Best

    All white? All black? Brown leather?

    If youre still unsure about dressy sneakers and wondering if it makes sense for your work environment, first observe what everyone else around you is wearing and that includes the people above you on the ladder.

    From there, assess how dressed up you need to be. If its imperative you wear brogues and a suit every day, dress sneakers may not fare so well in your workplace .

    If your boss consistently shows up in a hoodie and jeans Id say youre clear to sport some nice dress sneakers with your smart sharp outfit to the office.

    Hopefully this article helps you put together awesome smart, sharp, casual outfits for work, especially in those business-casual-but-more-casual-than-business environments.

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