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Who Makes Extra Wide Shoes

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Heat Molding Customizes Your Fit

If your 6E shoe width hurts then try our 9E extra wide width

The option to heat mold the shoes also allows you to get a little extra space in the forefoot. I used the handle of a screwdriver to gently push out the sides of both shoes, and this helped even more. Plus, its tough to beat the exact fit of arch and heel support that this shaping method provides. Seriously perfect.

Of course, you may need to repeat the heat molding process once or twice to get them to feel spot-on. On my second round with the oven, these Riots became some of the most comfortable cycling shoes Id ever tried on.

The Dtf Wide Shoe Advantage

State of the art footwear technology and advanced foot biomechanics have been employed in crafting these worlds most comfortable wide shoes, available in r extra wide shoes for men and extra wide shoes for women.

The innovative wide shoe construction along with the anatomical orthotic insoles have proven to help millions of users improve mobility, enhance comfort from heel to toe, and get relief of heel, foot, knee, and lower back pain.

on the Ortho-Cushion TM System.

Are Wide Feet A Common Issue

Some people have wide feet due to genetics. Sometimes flat feet or low arches cause the feet to be unusually wide. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes can also make your feet wide. Pregnancy can cause feet to enlarge. If youre pregnant, you may want to stay off the Harley for a while. Men on average have wider feet than women do. However, women tend to be more susceptible to bunions as womens shoe styles are typically tighter and narrower.

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New Balance 4040 V5 Metal Baseball Shoe

The New Balance Mens 4040 V5 Metal Baseball Shoe is ideal for players who need more room in their cleats. Other than being a great cleat for flat and wide feet, its durability is also highly sought after by players of all levels, so if youre looking for something durable and comfortable, this baseball cleat is perfect.

Outfitted with a wide width option like most of New Balances models, these shoes give your feet the comfort they deserve and prevent foot pain by providing a lot of space on the sides that players with wide feet badly need.

This model also offers a Kinetic Stitch TPU-coated upper for one-of-a-kind durability that helps provide zonal support where you need it. Aside from that, this upper also delivers the ultimate flexibility for increased pivotal control so you can run, slide, catch, and pitch the ball without worrying about ruining your cleats.

It has a full-length REVlite midsole to enhance comfort and responsiveness, as well as a super clean sidewall for better cleaning. Great for players with flat or wide feet, this midsole is incredibly lightweight, absorbs shock efficiently, and has strategically placed cushioning to help prevent overpronation and other foot-related pain.

These baseball cleats offer the ultimate traction and stability for all infield and outfield positions. With baseball-specific metal cleat configurations for maximum traction, these will give you consistent contact with the ground no matter where you step.

Wide Feet And Skinny Heels

Who Makes 4e Wide Hiking Boots Waterproof Womens Extra ...

Why am I mentioning heels? Because I believe that a lot of women like me, with wide feet, also have narrow heels. Many of us need a shoe with a wide-enough toe boxI test the toe box by crossing my toes inside the shoe. If I cant do that, back they go.

Despite this wide toe box, our heels are narrow or skinny or whatever you want to call them. What that means is we get a lot of heel slippage. This is often why women with wide feet cannot wear ballet flats. Before I learned this important distinction, there was many a time when Id run up a flight of stairs, only to leave my flats on the first step!

So its important to find brands that offer a wide front and skinny back, if you will. You can find this in brands that might not offer extra wides sizes in their footwear, but they fit extra wide feet with skinny heels. These brands include:

These are some of the brands that offer the best womens shoes for wide feet or best womens wide shoes. Again, even though their shoes arent technically extra wide, if you need that.

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Best Motorcycle Boots For Wide Feet: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

Helmet? Check! Goggles? Check! Attitude? Double-check! Boots? You got the boots, right? Theyre just as important as your helmet and riding jacket. You cant wear just any boots riding your steel horse over the great asphalt plains. Before you go racin with the wind you gotta be hell-bent for leather just in case you dont see that sudden curve until its way too late. You ride to live and live to ride but the right boots will keep that fire inside.

Wide Sneakers For Women And Wide Width Shoes

Another brand that tends to fit my wide width feet, even though their shoes only come single wide, is Saucony. Many of my everyday sneakers are from SauconyI like to wear retro looking sneakers.

Fun fact: you can often buy mens shoes, two sizes smaller than what you normally wear, and get away with that for your sneakers. Why? Because mens shoes are cut wider overall than womens shoessometimes even womens shoes for wide feet. In fact, nearly all of my fun Saucony shoes in my closet are actually made for men.

Ive had good luck lately getting extra extra wide sneakers or wide width running shoes from Brooks. I buy the mens version, where a D wide is the same as a womans extra wide. Brooks also sells wide sneakers for women but mens tend to fit me better. Nonetheless, you can shop Brooks at Zappos, and get free shipping and returns! In fact, I recently bought a second pair of Brooks sneakers this way.

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Why You Need Baseball Cleats In Wide Width

To pickthe perfect size cleats to play in is an important part of the game. A shoethat is too narrow can cause several problems to your feet and it is not justuncomfortable but also not recommended. All the great features of the shoe willnot do any good if it does not fit well.

Durability,design, ankle support, all these features are definitely important but if thepair of cleats are not wide width, these features will be useless to a playerwith wide feet. Wearing wide width cleats can provide a few benefits.

Widewidth cleats for your wide feet can provide great comfort while playing,whereas donning a pair of narrow cleats can make your feet sore and can hamperyour performance. On top of that, cleats that are not wide width and are narrowfor your size can cause blisters and shoe cut.

Image Taken By Esther Max

A pair of wide cleats when fit well can help prevent accidents and injuries which other cleats without such fittings would only cause more harm. The perfect cleats would also help you move swiftly and without the fear of twisting your ankle or just tripping. It also helps you to stay on your feet longer.

Other cleats without such fittings would only cause more harm. The perfect cleats would also help you move swiftly and without the fear of twisting your ankle or just tripping. It also helps you to stay on your feet longer.

Bont Riot+ And Vaypor Shoes

Extra Extra Wide Shoes | Extra Extra Wide Women Shoes | Extra Extra Wide Men Shoes

Bont Cycling has always been at the forefront of the market, and their perfect fit via heat-molding shoes are a staple for the wide width crowd. With a range that starts at a pretty budget friendly price of $179 MSRP and goes up to $399 for the Vaypor S.

Model Tested: Riot+ in Crimson

Price: $179 MSRP

Sizes Available: EU 36-50

Models Recommended: Riot+, Vaypor+ , Vaypor S

Where To Buy: Bont shoes tend to be a little more difficult to find, but you should try your LBS first. Online, check out Wiggle or for good deals on the widest selection.

Always remember, however, if you buy through Amazon, make sure youre buying from a reputable sellercounterfeits are out there. Weve had success with sellers like Bike Bug or 365 Cycles.

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No8tommaso Montagna 200 Mens Mountain Bike Mtb Spin Cycling Shoe With Buckle Compatible With Spd Cleats Black


  • Factory Direct Value: By offering our Tommaso products company direct, we can offer a level of class & value that the opposition cannot reach. Please Note: these shoes dont include cleats & are only fit with two-bolt cleats.
  • Comfortable: Strong synthetic leather upper touches your feet for all-day comfort, while cooled mesh parts help to cool your foot with comfort
  • Versatile: The Montagna 200-blends luxury & performance together, producing an amazingly talented shoe that is excellent for mtb, rotating, changing, & touring.
  • Quality and Precision Fit:100% Fit warranty, 100% Free Fit Returns, two Year Manufacturers Guarantee. Please use Size Chart to ensure the right fit. Accuracy buckle top works in complete unison with the Velcro-straps to offer accuracy ergonomic fit, include luxury & security to all of your drives.
  • CONS

    Why Do Motorcycle Boots Have A Harness

    They do if theyre the kind called harness boots. Pretty obvious where they get the name. The purpose of the harness is to keep your foot away from the engine block and exhaust pipes. The metal ring further protects the ankle. Theyre usually a good ten to eighteen inches tall so theyre very protective.

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    New Balance Mens 442 Pro Fg V1 Classic Soccer Shoes

    This is another sturdy fit for wide feet made by New Balance that specifically suits midfielders and defenders.

    The heels are a bit elevated from the front soul for which it has been lauded by flatfooters.

    Naturally, it also gives you a sprint speed faster than other heavyweight cleats.

    Product Highlights

    Owing to elevated heels, this pair of wide soccer cleats relieves extra pressure on the legs and feet during complex footwork.

    The ortholite sock liner and kangaroo leather make the cleats hardy enough for firm ground.

    The Good

    This pair of wide soccer cleats are very flexible, thereby specialized for wide feet.

    The soles bend exactly where they should, and leaves minimum pressure on the toes.

    As the heels are elevated, the Achilles tendons do not get overworked during continuous practice sessions.

    The removable Ortholite sockliner adds an extra layer of comfort, and the width of the cleats makes space for better ball control and speed.

    The conical studs provide a full rotational traction and is extremely agile.

    Its vintage look is quite appealing and the upper layer of the wide soccer cleats is made of kangaroo leather.

    The foldover tongue is removable and has been made with care, adding to the overall durability and functionality of the cleats.

    Well-suited for firm grounds, as users have commented that a pair has lasted them for seasons.

    The Bad

    The only design being classic black was off putting for some.


    Women’s Shoes In Wide Widths

    4e Wide Hiking Boots Waterproof Womens Who Makes Extra ...
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    Knowing Your Correct Foot Size

    Most people with wide feet have difficulty in choosing the right pair for they do not know their exact foot size.

    In order to find a pair that is comfortable for your feet without being very loose, you have to calculate the length from your toe to the longest finger of your feet.

    Use a pencil to draw around your foot on a piece of paper and take the measurement That is your foot size, buy cleats accordingly.

    Tights For Wide Feet And Wide Calves And Even Baby Bumps

    Ive written many blog posts on my favorite subscription boxes. In one of my boxes from online stylist MM LaFleur, I received a pair of Commando semi opaque tights. Ive since determined that these are the best tights ever. Yes, theyre pricey but they have lasted through dozens of wearings and washings. Best of all, they dont leave me feeling like a sausage!

    You dont have to order an MM LaFleur box to get these Commando tights. Ive bought them from Bare Necessities. You can also . In fact, when I looked on Amazon, I saw a maternity version of the Commando tights, too. Pair them with black booties to be totally on trend!

    I paired these Born Bessie booties with tights and a dress. I love this look!

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    Wide & Extra Wide Shoes For Women

    Do you require shoes in a wider size? This might limit your options at traditional shoe retailers, but not at Healthy Feet Store. We want to make sure to accommodate all our customers with the comfortable, supportive shoes they require. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of wide, extra-wide and extra-extra-wide women’s shoes. It’s not every day that you’re able to find shoes with both orthopedic support and a wide size, but at Healthy Feet Store, you’ll find dozens of options that fit those requirements. If you’re looking for wide shoes, extra-wide women’s shoes or extra-extra-wide shoes, we have something for everyone. You don’t have to settle for second best or compromise when you shop the huge selection of extra-wide shoes for women at the Healthy Feet Store.

    Puma Mens Evopower 2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

    No foot problems Our extra wide shoes are still an advantage

    This time, we have an affordable option thats sure to appeal to your pocket.

    The evoPower 2 soccer shoe is a stable performer from PUMA and is as appealing in performance as it is in pricing and design.

    Product Highlights

    A 100% synthetic construction makes these durable yet lightweight cleats.

    Add to that the asymmetric lacing, Pebax outsole, and powerCELL precision design, and youve got a pair of best wide cleats worth fighting for.

    The Good

    These soccer cleats for wide feet are available in three colors that boast of bright designs and science-inspired graphics, this soccer shoe is made from 100% imported synthetics.

    This lends it an enhanced durability thats sure to catch the eye of any discerning player.

    Next, we were delighted by the synthetic soles and thoughtful mixture of conical as well as bladed studs.

    These serve to provide stable traction and enable the cleats to grip the field as players sprint after the ball.

    Whats more, the forefoot incorporates a gradual stability frame design and powerCELL precision kicking ability.

    This means you can handle the ball smoothly and go for the goal without facing any hurdles.

    Add to that a Pebax outsole, formstrip, cat logos, and multi-size availability, and youve got stellar cleats that are meant for top performance.

    The Bad

    The only trouble with these soccer cleats is that they are a bit narrow, and might not fit all wide footed players with extra-wide feet.


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    What Brands Are Good For Wide Feet

    As far as brands go, here are the ones that Ive felt work best for my feet. They offer a truly double-wide width. That is important if you have double wide width feet like I do, since it isnt always represented in a shoe that say WW or EE or XW.

    Also, I believe they offer what I would call fashionable wide width shoes and wide shoes for women that also happen to be comfortable:

    From each of these brands Ive bought cute wide width shoes in heels. Ive also purchased on-trend extra extra wide boots and fashionable extra wide dress sandals.

    In addition, these brands carry womens wide width dress shoes, wide dress shoes for women with wide feet, womens wide shoes and more. Im confident that this information will help even those looking for womens wide width shoes for problem feet.

    The Widest Selection Of Wide Shoes In Raleigh Nc

    The Wide Shoe Company is a family-owned shoe business located in Raleigh, NC that specializes in quality supportive shoes that fit wide feet, hard-to-fit feet and also custom orthotics. The Mobley family started Mobleys Shoes in downtown Raleigh in 1950 and have become experts in the shoe industry. Over the last 65 years, we have developed a passion for selling shoes that not only look good, but shoes that feel good at the same time. We discovered that many of our customers were desperately seeking wide shoes, comfortable shoes and supportive shoes that look as good as they feel, and shoes that actually fit them properly. None of the local department stores have been able to meet their needs and we wanted to fix that.

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