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What Is The Best Walking Shoe For Diabetics

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What are diabetic shoes and why do people with diabetes need them?

These slip-on shoes have a hook-and-loop based strap that is extremely easy to adjust, letting you slip them on and have them tightened in no time. The EVA insole adds a huge amount of durability and physical protection to the shoe, keeping the bottom of your feet safe from all kinds of harm without being too bulky or heavy to use for long periods of time.

Even better, the insole is removable, so you can replace it with your own if you have a medically-prescribed orthotic insert. The synthetic outsole of these walking shoes for diabetics is made with lightweight and shock-absorbing materials, reducing the amount of pressure on your feet and making it far easier to move quickly, regardless of the situation.

Slip-on shoes are perfect for dozens of different situations, but the amount of protection and shock absorption on offer here makes these some of the best walking shoes for diabetics with foot issues.

  • Removable EVA layer.

The 10 Best Shoes For Diabetics According To A Podiatrist

Extremities far from the heart are first to be affected by poor circulation. When it comes to diabetes, that can mean trouble for the feet.

According to podiatrist Dr. Mike Rushton, co-founder and medical director of Forward Motion Orthotics in St. George, Utah, there are two primary ways that diabetes affects feet. One is neuropathy, in which people experience anything from odd sensations in the feet, all the way to no sensation in the feet. Burning, stinging, or even cold sensations can occur with neuropathy as well.

The second biggest issue is losing protective threshold, Rushton says. Someone with reduced circulation and sensation could step on an object, causing injury, and not feel a thing. You wont start to notice it until youve already started to have issues, he explains. What would be a small annoyance say a rock in a shoe left for a long amount of time can lead to severe injury.

Rushton has seen this occur with items as minor as a feather or apple seed stuck in a shoe, or objects as severe as a nail that a patient didnt feel. You have to watch feet carefully, Rushton says of diabetics. Wounds are harder to heal, he adds, especially as many diabetics suffer from vascular disease or abnormal condition of the blood vessels in the feet. In worst case scenarios, injuries could lead to amputation.

Make Sure Your Diabetic Shoe Brand And Supplier Are Medicare Approved

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying diabetic shoes is purchasing shoes that, while marketed as therapeutic, arent actually covered by Medicare. Medicare only approves specific brands and suppliers for coverage, so double-checking is a good idea.

There are a few ways to ensure you are purchasing Medicare or insurance approved diabetic shoes.

  • Buy your shoes from a store, shoe fitter or online supplier that offers direct billing to Medicare and insurance.
  • Contact Medicare to confirm that the shoes will be covered.
  • Check with your doctor or podiatrist to understand what specific kinds of shoes are covered under their prescription. The often have a good understanding of insurance coverage related to these items.

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Best Walking Shoes For Diabetics

HomeShoes for foot problemsDiabetic ShoesBest walking Shoes for Diabetics

People with diabetes need to walk to control their blood sugar level and looking for an ideal pair of best walking shoes for diabetics does not have to be overwhelming. If you do not have any foot complications from diabetes, you can wear any comfortable walking shoes. However many diabetics with the poorly controlled blood sugar of long duration may lose sensations in their feet a condition is known as peripheral neuropathy. They are much more likely to get ulcers from wearing inappropriate shoes. Some people with diabetes can no longer feel even the mildest pain in their feet that lead to further injury, infection, swollen feet, gangrene requiring amputation. Injuries like this are hard to take care of when your blood sugar is not within the normal range. For all these reasons, it is important that people with diabetes keep their blood sugar within normal range and have walking shoes designed for diabetes that fit well, feel comfortable and protect their feet.

As a person with diabetes, it is important to stay in constant contact with your doctor. Talk to him if you can get reimbursement for your diabetic shoes and do everything in your power to purchase the appropriate shoes with Medicare approval code.

If you are diabetic and love to hike, there is a solution to your need for reliable diabetic walking shoes. Below is a look at two of the best hiking boots for diabetics by Propet.

Best Shoes For Diabetics Men & Women From 2021

The 10 Best Diabetic Shoes for Women

Best Shoes For Diabetics Men & Women

Here is the list of the top 10 Best Sneakers For Diabetics:

  • Propét Mens LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe
  • Orthofeet Walking Shoes Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Mens Sneakers
  • Mei MACLEOD Womens Wide Width Walking Shoes
  • RYLHL Mens Diabetic Walking Shoes
  • Orthofeet Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions Womens Sneakers
  • Women Air Cushion Breathable Adjustable Plantar Fasciitis Shoes
  • New Balance Mens Casual Comfort Cross Trainer
  • Skechers Mens Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker
  • Skechers Womens Go Walk Diabetic Sneakers
  • Dr. Scholls Mens Brisk Light Weight Dual Strap Sneaker

Editors Note:We will update this list as more Best Sneakers For Diabetics hits the market.

  • Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Mens Sneakers
  • PROS

  • Plantar Fasciitis? Heel Pain? Foot Pain? NeuroPathy? Low-Weight Sole with Ergonomic design & Superior Cushioning along with premium Orthotic In-Soles that feature Anatomical Arch-Support & multiple Cushioning layers give soft, Pillow-Lile Support that works wonders to enhance Comfort & Ease Pain on the Foot & Heel, all the way up to your Knees, Hips & Lower Back caused by Flat-Feet, overpronation & arthritis.
  • Extended Widths: These Super Comfortable mens casual shoes with soft, Non-Binding uppers are available in Medium, Wide & Extra-Wide widths, offering a Perfect Fit. The Unique Therapeutic Design helps Alleviate Stress on the joints, Enhances-Stability & substantially increases the ease of walking.
  • CONS

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    Dr Comfort Mens Stallion

    For a firm heel counter

    These shoes come in a moccasin style and are available in two colors. There is also a choice of 17 sizes and three widths.

    The company lists several features, including:

    • protective toe box
    • supportive and removable insoles
    • firm heel to provide stability and support

    These shoes may be helpful for people with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or multiple foot and leg injuries. They are also eligible for Medicare reimbursement.

    They cost $150.

    For a slip-on style

    These slip-on sneakers reportedly feature high-rebound support technology and responsive cushioning to help people walk in comfort.

    The company claims that the patented insole system is certified by podiatrists, and the insole is removable.

    The shoes are available in two sizes and also feature a leather upper.

    The price is $90.

    Orthofeet Orthopedic Diabetic High Top Boots

    Well, this pair of work boots is exactly that, stylish, durable, tough and most importantly, they are super comfortable.

    Ranked among the highest-rated diabetic work boots, the Orthofeet high-top work boots are quite imposing to look at and even more so to work and walk-in.

    The boots are perfect for people with stiffness, knee problems, and a host of other conditions.

    They are designed to assuage any pain and symptoms associated with diabetes and associated conditions.

    Comfort is another area the boots particularly excel at.

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    What Are The Best Boots For Diabetics

    Boots are resourceful footwear that can add an extra style to your whole outfit. Whether you’re up in the mountain for a hike or going to a festival, a great boot goes a long way. Finding the perfect pair of boots for yourself seems like a challenge, but once you’ve discovered them correctly, you’ll never want to replace them.

    No matter what the occasion, the weather, or the outfit might be, boots always go along with them. Below you can find a list of the best diabetic boots that will be perfect according to your needs.

    • Not suited for people with very narrow feet

    Orthofeet Womens Ortho Diabetic Athletic

    Walking Shoes for Diabetics: Propet Tour Walker from the Diabetic Shoes HuB

    Another shoe that would be good for those that are a little bit more active, this athletic sneaker is a good choice for those that want something that is little bit more all-around coverage. While the Propet would be more for light duty, this shoe could stand up to more than that. And you dont have to sacrifice too much, either. These also look very good in a few different colors as well, much like the above choice.

    These shoes are designed to help you be as comfortable as possible and have a number of solutions to problems that you might be facing in addition to diabetes. These shoes have been shown to work well for those with Arthritis as well, so that is a big plus to have in your corner. In addition to looking nice, these shoes have extra room both in the toe box and they also have more depth, like you would expect and need them to have. A plus as well for these is that they will allow you to bring in your own inserts, so that is a major positive to look at.

    Some of the potential pit falls for you include the fact that they do have laces. You would have to maintain that should you buy them, and that is just a no for some people. Another issue is price. These are a little expensive, but you are getting something that will do well for you, so if it helps fix the issues it is well worth the money laid down for them.

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    New Balance 928v3 Hook And Loop Leather Motion Control For Flat Feet And Overpronation

    Like many other New Balance shoes, the 928v3 is available for both men and women. There also are lace-up and hook-and-loop versions. In here were going to address the one with the hook and loop closure.

    To begin with, the upper of the New Balance 928v3 Hook is mostly made of leather however, it also has several synthetic mesh elements, especially around the collar, to provide the required breathability. Since its a walking sneaker, the leather in its construction is soft but durable, so the shoe doesnt require breaking-in. From the first wear, your feet will feel right at home in them.

    The collar and tongue integrate extra thick foam cushioning for a comfortable fit. The interior of the shoe features Phantom LinerÆ technology, providing a breathable in-shoe environment which is odor resistant, keeping your feet fresh all day long. The phantom lining is also seamless, reducing the chance of irritation if you dont wear socks. The insole is made of polyurethane material it provides extra cushioning, a deep heel cup for stability and is also removable, which makes this shoe orthotic-friendly.

    ABZORBÆ technology is present in the construction of the New Balance 928v3 Hook and Loop. However, the ABZORBÆ element is placed in the midfoot section of the sole, delivering an ideal blend of cushioning and weight dispersion during walking.

    Propt Mens Lifewalker Strap Walking Shoe

    These strap-based walking shoes use an all-leather design that is both comfortable and stylish, giving you the best of both worlds while still fitting into most normal outfits. The brushed nylon used as lining adds some subtle protection and extra visual appeal, while the contoured stabilizers used on the heels make it really easy to keep your balance.

    Alongside that is the very easy-to-use straps, which allow for much faster loosening and tightening than laces this is perfect for shoes that you will want to be able to put on at a moments notice. Bolstering this is the memory foam used as the insoles top layer, which allows these walking shoes for diabetics to mold to your foot shape even if you are suffering from issues that make normal shoes uncomfortable.

    These shoes are very simple and very effective: you can put them on or take them off in seconds, and they are extremely comfortable once the memory foam adjusts properly.

    • Very stable.

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    Can Diabetics Wear Steel

    The clear answer is yes. People with diabetes should always consider wearing protective equipment like steel toe work boots. Steel toes are a great way to protect your feet from work hazards.

    A steel toe work boot is a shoe or boot that provides protection against the impact of falling objects, electric shock, and abrasion with its hardened toes and soles. A steel-toe workboot’s sole has metal reinforcement for extra durability in high wear areas such as around the heel, pant leg opening, or rand .

    Steel-toed boots are often required by certain industries like construction work because they offer more safety than regular shoes do when it comes to avoiding injuries on site which could be dangerous for those who have diabetes. Steel-toe footwear can also help reduce chronic foot problems caused by prolonged standing on hard surfaces without support.

    And lastly, work boots should never be too tight around your feet and calves.

    Are Boots Bad For Diabetics

    The 6 Best Walking Shoes for Diabetics in 2020

    Boots are not bad for diabetics. It all comes down to the boots themselves. If boots are tight and not breathable, they can cause problems for diabetics who have circulation issues or foot pain from diabetes-related nerve damage.

    A better bet is a pair of boots that fit well so there’s room to wiggle your toes in them and give you some extra space around the front, too. A good boot will also be waterproof if it’s worn outdoors in wet weather or snowy winter conditions.

    It all comes down to wearing comfortable shoes as mentioned above that breathes and have enough room inside for those big toe callouses to form properly without rubbing against anything else like the shoe itself.

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    How To Try On Diabetic Shoes

    As a rule of thumb, I never suggest people buy shoes online without trying them on first. Even in the age of Amazon and Google, where there are tens of thousands of reviews about any given number of shoes, you never can tell 100% sure that you are going to fit well into a shoe. That is my general rule for all shoes, so for diabetic shoes Im going to double down and tell you that you should never, ever, ever buy a pair without trying them on.

    If you have gone down this path, it is for a very good reason, and if you ignore that fact and buy a pair without consulting someone or at least trying them on yourself, then you are asking for a headache or a foot ache at worst.

    Please Dont Try on in the Morning

    This tip goes out to the early risers. Im right with you on that one, but there are just some things you shouldnt do first thing in the morning. Trying on shoes is one of them. The reason why is because you have just woken up from your slumber, and your feet are the least swollen that they will be all day long. If you do measure them in the morning, what happens is you could very well end up with a poor fit.

    The Best Work Shoes For Diabetics For 202:

    The best work shoes for diabeticswalking are one of the most current ways to support your bodys health, particularly if you have diabetes. Walking helps to encourage circulation, mainly in the lower boundaries, like the feet.

    Since diabetes often distresses the feet, it is important to choose the right couple of diabetic walking shoes and diabetic socks so your feet are comfortable, safe, and properly maintained.

    Diabetes can be quite the challenge to the average hardworking construction site worker, handyman, factory worker, or operator, and you know it as youre perhaps one of them and thats why youre here, right?

    In good health, Ive put composed a shortlist of some of the best work boots for diabetics in our view.

    In this blog post, you can find:

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    Verona Womens Walking Sandals

    Verona womens sandals by Orthofeet are engineered with the most advanced footwear technology to enhance comfort and alleviate pain, in an upper that promotes air circulation and is perfect for warmer climates.

    Lightweight, mild rocker soles absorb impact and cushion every step, improving the ease of walking and reducing pain.

    The closed toe design offers increased protection to the forefoot or anyone who is not keen on showing their toes. Verona offers adjustable fit with both a hook & loop strap across the heel, and a toggle at the forefoot to help prevent slippage. It is also one of few sandals where the orthotic can be removed to accommodate a custom device.

    Superior arch support and 5 layers of hi-tech cushioning improve leg & ankle alignment, enhancing comfort and easing stress and pain on the heel, ball of foot, knees, hips and back.

    Verona is available in staple black and pewter that pairs well with any outfit color scheme.

    *If you are looking for these walking sandals in a version designed for men, shop for Alpine Mens Walking Sandal

    What Is The Walking Sneakers For Diabetics

    Propet Shoes Stability Walker | Diabetic Shoes HuB

    Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of walking sneakers for diabetics is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the walking sneakers for diabetics listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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