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What Nike Shoes Are Best For Nurses

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Nike Shoe Buying Guide For Nurses: What To Look For

BEST 2020 Registered Nurse Shoe Review! (NIKE, DANSKO, CROCS, REEBOK, BROOKS)

Going into a shoe store with a purpose is important. Otherwise, you might end up buying a pair of shoes that dont even meet your needs!

Plus, those in the nursing profession need to take careful considerations before purchasing any old sneaker.

There tends to be a lot of talk around what kind of footwear nurses should have, so heres a shopping guide to make the process a bit easier.

Nike Air Max Motion 2

Retail Price: $85

The Nike Air Max Motion makes the list for Nike nurse shoes to wear this year for its great value. At $85 this sneaker boosts an Air Max visible heel unit with EVA foam in the front while the upper is made of seamless mesh upper with added heel support. The modern design is inspired from classic sneakers from the past and they look stylish enough to pass for more expensive shoes. The triple black version of this shoe is surely a great option for a shoe to wear at work, one that provides comfort and support for hours.

Points To Consider When Choosing The Best Nike Shoes For Nurses

There are several things you should consider before you make your shoe purchase. You should consider things like how many hours you spend on your feet, any work hazards you deal with daily, and any existing foot, back, or leg problems.

For example, if you spend most of your hours on your feet, you need a shoe that has extra support, or if you work in a place where there is a hazardous material, the shoes you wear should offer better ankle support, waterproof design, and have a thicker rubber outsole. However, if your shifts are shorter and you spend a fair amount of your time seated, then you may prefer to wear shoes with a low profile and a thinner outsole, which is lighter and more flexible.

When you understand your needs in advance, your decision-making process becomes more comfortable and smarter, and youre able to choose the right shoe to suit your work situation. Here are some points to think about when selecting your nursing shoes.

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Make Sure You Know The Return Policy

Another consideration is checking out the shoe stores return policy. Are you going to be able to return the shoes in a month if youre dissatisfied?

You should also check to see if the shoe brand offers half sizes. If youre a size 6.5, but the shoes only come in a 6 or a 7, youre stuck.

Also, refer to the dress code policy of your hospital or doctors office.

  • Do nurses shoes need to be in neutral colors?
  • Are designs or patterns allowed?
  • Do shoes need to be all black or all white?
  • Can they have laces?
  • Do they need to be non-slip?

If youre unsure, check with your manager because it would not be good if you shelled out $100 on a pair of shoes only to find out that you cant wear them at work.

Just in case you missed our Nike nurse shoes table, here it is again

The Best Nike Shoes For Nurses Of 2021

The Best Nike Shoes For Nurses of 2020

Foot pain is the number one complaint of full-time nurses. There is a lot one can do after hours to try to mitigate that pain, such as soaking your feet in Epsom salts or having a comfortable pair of slippers to slide into at home.

But what can be done during working hours to lessen that pain and even prevent it? Well, a good shoe will do the job. The make, the material, the style, and what kind of cushioning included are all important to consider.

Do you go with a mesh, nylon, or Nike Air Zoom shoe option? What is the difference between TPU Coated shoes, Lunarlon cushioning, and Flynit? What shoes come with orthopedic support? Weve researched the facts for you, and have some answers. No need for hassle or stress, read on for our best Nike shoes for nurses list and save those feet for time off and leisure activities.

Top 5 Nike Shoes for Nurses Why It’s Best

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Nike Womens Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe

The Nike Womens Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe is the second of many running shoes youll find on our list of best shoes for nurses list. Theres a reason for that.

Running and training shoes are built for durability, support, and to have a high MVTR . As it so happens, these same qualities are what nurses and on the go professionals need to survive their long days at work.

Toward that end, this shoe is made of Nikes Flyknit fabric for the upper shoe with a rubber outsole with a molded heel.

Nikes Flyknit material has a high MVTR, which makes for an extremely breathable shoe. Theyre designed to be worn without socks, although if you wear a cushioned athletic sock, itll help your feet to feel even better during a long day. The collar sits low on the ankle for a comfortable fit.

The outsole being rubber is standard across the shoe industry. These Nikes have extra clear rubber at the toe and on the heel. The heel has an extended platform and a molded shape, which is part of the Nike React design. The responsive shoe will help lessen impacts and add some pep to your step.

The unique traction pattern on the bottom will help the shoes to grip solid surfaces easily. That means no slips or skidding as you run around out on the floor.

As for style, there are lots of colors and patterns to choose from, so you can match any pair of scrubs easily. For a mid-priced running shoe, this is a very lightweight, comfortable, and solid option.

Nike React Phantom Run

Retail Price: $140

The Nike React Phantom easily makes this list with its laceless upper, maximum flexibility and comfort. The shoe features the latest technology from Nike, including the Flyknit mesh upper and the React midsole. These materials make it an excellent running shoe but also a casual shoe that in this case can be used by nurses and doctors. Its easy to take it on and off, super flexible and the cushion in the midsole is also very responsive, helping the feet to stay rated for long periods of time. The shoe is available in numerous colors for both men and women

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Why Do Nurses Need Good Shoes

The right shoe can make a huge difference in the daily life of any nurse. Good shoes take the pressure off the feet, which means that your feet will not be fatigued and aching at the end of the day.

A proper shoe will also help a nurse maintain a good posture, which prevents back problems. Good arch support will evenly distribute pressure and weight to prevent foot fatigue and pain, and a slip-resistant sole can help prevent slips and falls.

A nurses shoes will affect their entire day, so you must choose them wisely. They need to keep cool, stay comfortable and ideally fit properly.

Nike athletic shoes can provide outstanding comfort, breathability, and slip resistance features.

Asics Novablast Sneaker $130 At Asics

Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoe for nurses review | Are these the best shoes for nurses? – Atlas Daily 639

Another ASICS sneaker that is a favorite among nurses, the comes in eight color combinations, is durable, and easy to clean. A lightweight foam insole provides a bounce-like cushioning, making you feel like you are walking on a trampoline. These sneakers also feature a mesh upper, which is great for keeping your feet cool during a long shift, but not very fluid-resistant. Verified healthcare professionals can get 40% off all full-priced items online.

Price Disclaimer

Thanks to EVA foam midsoles, these New Balance 520running shoes provide tons of lightweight support to get you through a long shift, and underfoot flex grooves on the rubber outsole offer an impressive grip on those slippery hospital floors. Also available in mens sizes, the 520 v5 is constructed with a breathable mesh upper that will help keep your feet dry.

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Nike Mens Free Rn Flyknit 30

The Free RN Flyknit 3.0 are the classic Nike running shoes that are perfect for nurses. Why are they great for nurses? Because, they have excellent support, stride structure and cushioning.

They are lace-free and designed to be slip-on. This helps to reduce pressure on your instep. In addition, they have a heel-to-toe flex that bends as your foot is in-stride. There is also an anatomical outsole that allows for perfect cushioning.

If you have never worn the Free RN line from Nike, then wed highly suggest you should try it out. It is an extremely comfortable shoe that we personally used throughout nursing school.

Why Is Nike Such A Great Brand Of Shoes For Nurses

Nike is a good and trusted brand when it comes to shoes, not only for nurses but for everyone! They have excellently designed athletic and non-athletic shoes for a wide range of activities and foot types. Nike is a brand that not only excels in design but also in providing optimal comfort and durability. Nurses need lightweight and cushioned athletic shoes for hospital duties, and Nike has it covered for you.

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Nike Womens Revolution 5 Running Shoe

The Nike Womens Revolution 5 Running Shoe was made with safety and comfort in mind. The rubber outsole provides maximum traction on hard or slippery surfaces, while the unique tread layout allows the shoe to move with you while you walk or run.

The upper is made from breathable knit fabric that keeps heat and moisture out and allows cool, dry air to flow in. It also feels lightweight and non-restricting for even more comfort while youre working.

The upper comes in nearly a dozen colors, all of which feature the famous Nike swoosh symbol on the side. A soft, foam midsole offers plenty of support and cushioning for those long, 12-hour shifts.

They tend to run a bit small, so sizing up a half or full size is a good idea. The upper is flexible enough to be broken in over time for comfort, even if they feel a little tight at first.

While the rubber outsole is excellent for traction, it may cause a loud squeaking noise when you walk on hard surfaces. This noise should decrease over time as you wear them and break them in.

The heel technology is what sets this Nike Womens Reax Run 5 Running Shoe apart from the rest. It has special features that keep the heel in place while walking, so each stride is smooth and comfortable. The platform heel is also open, so you can see the technology working for yourself.

The shoes run on the small side, so sizing up a half or full size is smart, especially if you have wide feet.

Review Of The Nike Zoom Pulse For Healthcare Workers

Unboxing the Nike Air Zoom Pulse. Is this the best shoe ...

If you work at a hospital, rehab, or SNF, youll notice that most PTs, OTs, nursing staff, and other health care workers wear Nikes.

Nikes have been around forever, so why do healthcare workers wear Nikes?

Nike has never stopped trending as a shoe brand, and most healthcare workers wear Nikes, because theyre comfortable, they look good, and everyone else in healthcare is wearing them.

They also go well with scrubs and the typical business casual clothing worn in outpatient settings.

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Types Of Shoes For Nurses

Although we are concentrating specifically on Nike athletic shoes for nurses in this article, I also want to share with you a few of the shoe types that essentially work best for nurses

  • Clogs Clogs are the cliché shoe for nurses, but they are also very comfortable and ideal if you get the right design. They are easy to slip on and off, waterproof, and very slip-resistant. Most clogs today also come with some superb cushioning and support features.
  • Slip Ons and Slippers These are less daily shoes and more a slip-on and off shoe when you need to go into theatre and maintain sterile. They are a practical choice for this reason and do not need many comfort features. However, keep in mind you may be on your feet for a few hours in the theatre.
  • Sneakers and Tennis Shoes Sneakers and most tennis shoes have become a more favored choice by nurses because of their exceptional comfort and support features, as well as their slip-resistant soles. Tennis shoes offer grip and support for hard surfaces, which nurses experience daily on hard hospital floors. Most sneakers have breathable mesh or synthetic uppers, so they are not always fluid and water-resistant. However, some leather models do offer exceptional water resistance and fluid protection.

Gold Toe Mens Ultra Tec Performance Quarter Socks

  • Fits shoe sizes: 6-12.5
  • Made with, soft, comfortable combed cotton and Decron Hydrotec fibers for moisture control, keeping your feet cool, dry and comfortable.
  • Comfort cushion foot bottom
  • Leather and synthetic upper. Memory foam sock liner. DLC foam midsole improves comfort.
  • Solid rubber non-slip outsole adds more grip. Perforated for breathability. Variable lacing system.
  • Meets ASTM F2913-11 standards. Imported. .

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Nike Womens Air Max Invigor Low Top Lace

This shoe has breathable mesh on the upper part paired with synthetic overlays for added support. A reinforced toe box will keep the toes protected. Of course, the distinctive Air Max unit is visible in the heel and adds greater shock absorption.

The interior padding keeps the foot in place while adding some snugness. The outsole is super flexible and durable, with grooved rubber for additional traction.

The Nike Womens Air Max Invigor sneakers come in neutral colors, so theyre easy to incorporate into a nursing job. There are four style options:

  • Grey,
  • Grey/emerald/white
  • Black/Metallic Silver/Pink

It is a stylish option that pairs well with a nurses scrubs or a pair of joggers.

Even though theyre a low-top sneaker, they have enough cushioning to provide the support your feet need.

The vast majority of customers have found that these sneakers fit just as they had expected. These are fashionable, lightweight Nikes at a relatively affordable price.

One of the downsides to this shoe or any Nike sneaker in general is that they tend to be narrower than other athletic shoes.

Nurses with wide feet or who need some extra padding on the sides might want to invest in another pair of sneakers.

Check out the Nike Air Max Invigor Running Shoes available on Amazon.

Merrell Encore Gust Slip

Unboxing the Nike Air Zoom Pulse. Is this the best shoe for nurses?! – Atlas Daily 389

The Merrell Encore Gusts slip-on is almost like wearing a house shoe. Its got a great stride, roomy toe box yet secure feeling.

The air-cushion heel is super shock-absorbent and the compression-molded EVA foot frame provides good stability and comfort. A full leather upper, itll keep your feet safe from spill while being easy to clean.

  • Full leather upper

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Best Shoes For Male Nurses: What To Look For

You probably saw quite a few similar descriptions in the shoes above thats because they all share many of the same features that all great mens nursing shoes share. These are the features that you look for in a good nursing shoe for men.

These are 5 things that most work shoes for people who spend a lot of time on their feet share. A non-slip sole, good arch support, shock-absorbing cushioning and heels, a stable platform and good ventilation.

Here are those 5 things in more detail:

Nike Womens Court Vision Low

To the nurses and nursing students who love white leather or black leather or black and white colour low-top sneaker, Nike Womens Court Vision Low-top Sneaker is one of the best to fall on. Its regarded as one of the best white Nike shoes for nurses.

This Nike sneaker is mainly designed for people who spend much time on their feet like nurses, sportsmen, etc.

This Nike shoe comes in an old fashion design form. Its made of high-quality leather, midsole and outsole that are fused by autoclave construction including a formidable rubber outsole with circle-shaped slip resistance design beneath the underlining.

Nike Womens Court Vision Low Sneaker also featured eye-catching clean lines, amazing all-white or all-black lacing for a lockdown fitness, an outer rubber materials and inner mesh materials that give the shoe a very lightweight and provide users with stability and comfort.

The shoe has a board based with a spacious inside, hence, is one of the best shoes for nurses with wide feet. The leather in the upper construction of this shoe provides durability, while the soft inner mesh fabrics with the perforations provide your feet with enough airflow. Its also one of the best shoes for nursing students.


  • Provide comfort and stability for you during movement or long-standing


  • Not good for people with narrow foot

If you are looking a very durable, breathable, white Nike nursing shoes that are best fit for wide feet, then this is for you.

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Pegasus 37 Nike Air Zoom Running Shoes

The Pegasus 37 is designed and streamlined to be among Nike’s best running shoes. Yet, we also think that these Nike shoes can fit well as a reliable shoe for nurses too.

The entire running shoe is wrapped in an engineered breathable mesh with more perforations at the upper high-heat areas to make it more breathable. This feature makes it ideal for nurses who work long hours. This ventilated running shoe is a top choice for breathability.

The single-mesh design of this Nike running shoe also gives it that clean look that is ideal for use even with your hospital scrubs or uniform. The mesh material of this footwear allows ventilation to avoid creating a damp environment and prevent foot odor and problems.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 makes a comfortable snug feel around your midsole with the tongue sewed into a mesh bootie. Nike slimmed down the shoe’s tongue to trim-off weight from the shoe. These features are great for nurses who are always moving from place to place.

Pegasus 37 uses straps instead of Nike’s Flywire technology to secure the feet in place. These straps are also helpful in relieving pressure in the feet and is a common problem among nurses. A unique feature of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is the heel collar which is shaped to flare away from your Achilles tendon to avoid rubbing on your heels. This running shoe is perfect for nurses who are continually standing or moving around.

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