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What Shoes To Wear White Water Rafting

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No : Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe

What to Wear On Your Whitewater Rafting Trip | Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep Tours

Aleader is a good quality brand when it comes to purchasing a reliable water shoe.

Particularly, Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe is best among all of their water footwear models.The shoe is very similar to Zhuanglin shoes in terms of its features and benefits.I liked its outsole which has lots of water draining pores.

In wet and slippery environments, you really need such shoes having good traction and water draining capable soles.Another good thing is its air mesh upper.

It is highly breathable and durable in nature.Its mesh design keeps your feet properly ventilated and free from any infections.

Then there is ComfortDry sockliner that offers higher cushioning and comfort for your feet.In white water rafting, your feet require good comfort and protection.

Shoes such as this, offer good protection for your toes, heels and ankles as well.Its Solyte midsole is extremely lightweight and gives your feet lightness and comfort while walking on trails and in the running water.Plus this is a vegan friendly footwear which looks really stylish and fashionable as well.The thing that I really dont like about this shoe is its flimsiness.

They are extremely soft and flexible which is the reason you can not use them harshly.You can not wear them for long distance trailing tours or through solid rocks and debris.

a. Lightweight and durable in nature

b. Vegan friendly and highly comfortable to use

c. Quick drying capability and offers good cushioning as well

e. Good arch support

Some White Water Rafting Faqs

It can be tricky to know what youll need for a trip until youre already in the thick of it. Or better yet, you may bring too much stuff. Here are some additional questions we see potential rafters asking that we thought were helpful in avoiding those situations.

Q: Should you wear something under a wetsuit? If so, what?

A: Yes. Wear multiple layers of quick-drying clothing. Fleece and synthetic thermals are suitable for this.

Q: How many top layers should I wear?

A: It depends on how easily you get cold, but generally, 2 or 3 will do the trick. Just make sure they have fast-drying properties and retain heat.

Q: Is there a weight limit for items to bring white water rafting?

A: Try to keep it under 20 pounds.

Q: Should I leave my valuables at home?

A: Definitely. If you must take something with you, leave it in your vehicle or somewhere safe and dry.

Q: How do you pack for a multi-day rafting trip?

A: Same as for the shorter trips, just bring more of it. Additional items to bring for longer, multi-day trips are:

  • Brush or comb in casewind and sleep mess with your hair
  • Medication Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or other medication or prescription you need
  • Extra snacks going on rafting trips can really increase the appetite
  • Biodegradable soap in case you get a little too much dirt on ya
  • Tissue being outside can sometimes make noses run quicker than the rapids

Additional Things To Bring White Water Rafting

Dry Bag with a Carabiner If you arent familiar with dry bags, these are essentially durable plastic bags that, when buckled shut, are completely waterproof. Most of them have an attachment for a carabiner, so you can secure the dry bag to a boat. If youre going out for a full day of rafting, you might want to bring a few items . A dry bag is perfect for keeping these items dry and secure in the raft.

Before you go and purchase a dry bag though, ask the rafting company if they provide dry bags or if there is a way for you to bring one with you in the raft . Also, dry sacks come in a variety of sizes, but for this purpose, you only need a 5L dry sack .

Water Bottle with a Carabiner Similar to the above, bring a water bottle with a carabiner so you can attach it to the raft.

Sunscreen Sunlight reflects off of water, so youre more likely to get sunburned on the water than on land. Apply sunscreen before you start rafting and bring some in your dry bag if youll be out for a long day.

GoPro with an Attachment White water footage looks amazing, so I bring a GoPro on all of my trips now . Since I do a lot of white water trips, I always bring my own helmet with a GoPro attachment. If youll be using a helmet from the rafting company, you can GoPro attachments that attach to a life jacket or are worn around your chest.

Towel Although some rafting companies will provide you with one, bring a towel just in case.

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So What Is The Best Footwear Choice For River Rafting Tours

The best option for you is of course wearing good quality and supportive water shoes.

Water shoes usually come in closed toe format.

This is why they provide good support and protection for your toes.

These shoes also provide secure and comfortable fitting for your feet.

They do not get loose and come off easily when exposed to high current water in the river.

They are also highly breathable which keeps your feet warm and adequately ventilated in the water.

Plus they provide really good protection for your feet.

In the river, your feet could get injuries due to the exposure to debris, dirt and rocks.

The water shoes with closed toes offer excellent protection and support in these conditions.

Secure Attachment Strap Or Laces

Best Shoes For White Water Rafting In 2021

Certain shoes fall off too easily particularly water socks and flip-flops. Both seem to get sucked off as soon as a person falls in the river. They also want to be clean with minimal loose pieces that can get caught on gear. Chacos with the toe loop and the best sandal in this area. River shoes with laces that can be synched down or sandals with good heal straps like Chacos or Bedrocks are the best option if you happen to take a swim on your rafting trip.

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Teva Womens Omnium Shoes

The Teva Womens Omnium Shoes are among the best shoes for whitewater rafting that offer comfort and quality to water rafting lovers. The first thing that we love about these shoes is that they come with closed-toe protection. Plus, they have a quick-dry mesh lining that keeps your feet dry and moisture-free when you go out of the water.

Available for both men and women, these best shoes for whitewater rafting also come with a Shoc Pad technology in the heel that gives you reliable shock absorption. Furthermore, these shoes boast a bungee lacing system that offers a more comfortable fitting.


Kodi Rafting Gift Shop

Of course, you can grab additional items at our gift shop. KODIs gift shop has a great selection of fun t-shirts, hats, souvenirs, and most importantly sunglass retainer straps. Having the security of a sunglass retainer strap eliminates the likelihood of losing your sunglasses right off your head and into the water, never to be seen again. We cant recommend grabbing one of these for your rafting trip strongly enough!

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River Shoes: Chaco Sandals

Another guide favorite are Chaco Sandals. These classic outdoor sandals have a sturdy footbed that is great for walking over rocky ground, getting your feet wet in the raft, and works well for short hikes from the raft. Its also my favorite shoe for summer dips in the river or for soaking in natural hot springs, when you dont want to wear a bulky shoe but you need to protect your bare feet from sharp rocks.

  • Keeps feet cool on hot days

  • On long days outside, wet straps can cause blisters
  • Small rocks and sand can wash in under your foot
  • No toe protection

More Items For You To Consider

What to Wear & Bring on a 1-Day Rafting Trip with OARS

Here are more tag-a-longs for your bag that you cant get unless you make a second trip to the store. Dont forget to put these goodies on your rafting trip packing list!

  • Sunglasses with a safety strap
  • Hand lotion areas youll be rafting through are significantly dry
  • Travel towel on the river you will get wet
  • Insect repellent the bugs can sometimes be aggressive

Some optional items that could spice up your trip:

  • River map if youd like to know where you are
  • Fishing gear make sure its compact and well protected, i.e., rods in a case
  • Waterproof camera at your own risk
  • Binoculars again, at your own risk
  • Ground cloth for having picnics, relaxing or taking a nap
  • Hydration or fanny pack to help you carry some stuff

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Do You Really Need Special Shoes For White Water Rafting

Now there are lots of folks out there who ask about what types of shoes to wear for whitewater rafting excursions.

There is nothing awkward asking about this query.

In fact, you should better know what kind of shoes you have to wear for these types of adventure tours.

But the main question is do you really need to wear any special footwear for these rafting activities.

The answer is surely Yes. You definitely require good quality, waterproof and quick drying water shoes for such tours.

If you are thinking of wearing your regular house sandals or flip-flops then just stop there.

Dont even think about bringing them with you when you visit these amazing rafting locations.

Although, you can bring them with you and just put them in your car while you perform river rafting. Later on, you will need them to wear.

Recap: What To Wear Rafting

Dressing appropriately for your white water rafting trip will make it so much more enjoyable. You dont want to get soaking wet and be uncomfortable for the rest of the day. And you will get wet!

Hopefully, this post has helped you figure out exactly what to wear white water rafting and youll be prepared for your next trip.

What did you learn after your first white water rafting trip? Tell me in the comments below!

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Additional Gear To Rent

River Booties Neoprene Booties are always a great piece of gear to wear while rafting. The self-bailing rafts most commonly used allows water to freely move around the bottom of the boat. This means your feet will be in the water most of your rafting trip. Neoprene booties are designed to keep your feet warm, are closed toed, and have grip on the bottom to help walk on the slippery rocks.

Splash Jacket The splash jacket is an extra layer of warmth and protection for your upper body. The neoprene wet suits included in your trip are sleeveless. Renting a splash jacket is recommended for early season conditions or if inclement weather is in the forecast.

Gloves Neoprene gloves are a good idea if your hands get cold easily. Gloves will help keep your hands warm and help with gripping your paddle.

Do you have more questions about what to wear white water rafting? Call 877-ZIP-RAFT and a member of our reservation team will recommend the proper attire for your rafting adventure.

Camp Shoes: Blundstone Boots

Best White Water Rafting Shoes, River Shoes and Kayak Footwear for ...

Blundstones are our office staffs favorite daily shoe. They are great for the cool and rainy spring, fall, and winters that we have here in the Pacific Northwest. They work as a great all-around shoe, from spontaneous hikes after work, to slipping on after a day of skiing, to wearing with nice pants and going to dinner. Theyre also cozy and have a great, solid sole for wearing around rocky camps.

  • Warm and comfortable for chilly nights
  • Ankle support for walking over uneven terrain
  • Waterproof leather
  • Too warm for summer camping and not quite warm enough for winter camps
  • Bulky to keep in your dry bag

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River Or Camp Shoes: Bedrock Sandals

Bedrock Sandals are new to our guides and so far were enjoying their durability and lightweight footbed. Theyre a good shoe for the person who does everything in flip flops but wants a little bit of extra foot security and a non-slipping sole. These have become my everyday summer sandal around town or wearing while kayaking on hot days.

  • Great for swimming holes, rafting, and hanging around the campfire

  • Not as great for hiking. Although the Vibram soles are fine on slippery rocks, the thinner sole has you feeling more rocks under your feet
  • Less protection for your toes

Waterproof Sandals Or Shoes

When youre white water rafting, you need to wear the right footwear. If you wear sandals with open toes, your feet will be soaking wet for the duration of the trip, and youll end up with blisters and sunburn by the time its over. Sandals with closed toes are a better option.

If youd rather wear tennis shoes or something similar, go for it! Just make sure theyre waterproof if possible. Closed-toed shoes are recommended since they prevent damage to your feet from rocks and other hazards in the river.

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Best Shoes And Sandals For River Rafting Trips

By Emily Singletary

Im often asked by guests about what type of footwear they should bring on their river trip. Its a good idea to have river shoes that stay on your feet and separate camp shoes that are comfortable for hiking or wearing around camp.

While technically any shoe that will stay strapped to your foot will work, here are my top picks.

Pick The Right Footwear For Rafting

What Should You Wear Rafting? What Should You Not Wear Rafting?

Choosing what shoes to wear rafting is incredibly important.

Make sure what youre wearing will stay secured to your feet and that you wont mind them getting your footwear wet. Sandals that strap onto your feet or tennis shoes are good. Flip-flops arent great for sports like rafting especially in white water.

If you use old tennis shoes, double check that they still have good traction. Avoid wearing Crocs or loose sandals, as well as shoes with heels or anything made of leather. Dont wear cowboy boots or dress shoes .

Just as important in colder weather are a good pair of socks. Wool socks are great for staying warm and will stay warm even when wet. Alternatively, wetsuit booties will help you stay dry and warm when its cooler.

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Things To Leave At Home

Jewelry: Other than a water-resistant watch, jewelry is the least useful thing to wear while white water rafting. Rings, anklets, chains and bracelets can snag or slip off and disappear into the water. Check fitness trackers for water resistance.

Anything you couldnt bear to lose: Before packing backpacks or luggage, lay out everything chosen to take on the adventure. Leave anything dear lucky socks, favorite ball cap at home. Those lucky socks cant be replaced, and you can buy an inexpensive ball cap along the way.

If You Dont Already Own Some Of These Items Then Make Sure Theyre On Your Shopping List Before Heading Out On Any Trip

To help you with that final step, though, of some great items to look for when shopping for your next trip:

  • Quick drying clothing
  • Strappy sandals and shoes that can get wet
  • Sunglasses strap or retainer string to keep them from being lost in the rapids
  • Waterproof sunscreen and insect repellent if youll be out in the sun or on the water for extended periods of time

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Are You Inside The Raft At All Times

While its not common for rafts to tip, though it is common for people to swim alongside the raft. This happens in two ways. First, you may go through a huge wave and fall out of the raft. That sounds scary, but its actually a ton of fun. Your rafting guide will usually ask everyone what their comfort level is and choose a route down the rapid that matches the groups preferences.

If there are lots of daredevils in the group who want to experience the biggest waves, the guide can aim the raft at the biggest part of the wave. Here youll have a greater chance of falling out because the ride will be so bumpy and there will be so much water around you. Youll always be safe though!

If the group wants a smoother ride, that can usually be accommodated too. There is never a guarantee that someone wont fall out, but its not very common if the guide is choosing tamer routes down the river.

Finally, there is often an opportunity to swim alongside the raft in between rapids. This is a great way to cool down and relax while feeling the current of the river.

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