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What Shoes To Wear With Peloton Bike

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What Kind Of Pedals Does Peloton Use

PELOTON BIKE: What Shoes Should You Get?

Peloton bikes use a type of pedal known as a Clipless pedal. These are part of a Clipless system which comprises cycling shoes, a pair of bike cleats, and the clipless pedals. There are a number of different clipless systems available, with the two most common being Shimano SPD and Look Delta .

Clipless pedals are actually a bit of a strange name for these bits of bike kit in that they use clips to connect your shoes to the pedal. The odd term for these comes from the time when they replaced the previous system the toe cages that were referred to as clips, hence our Peloton pedals are now called clipless. Its weird, I know.

That aside, the pedals that Peloton domestic bikes use are compatible with Look Delta systems. These use a cleat, which is just the bit that connects shoe to pedal. Look Delta compatible cleats are triangular with a 3-bolt fixing see the picture below.

Clipping in and out of clipless pedals is a simple process, once you get a little practice. Outdoors this can be a little unnerving, but indoors on a Peloton its easy to get right. Heres a video explaining how its done.

An Absorbent Towel To Sop Up Sweat

If youre biking for a while, youre going to sweat beyond what a fan can help. So you dont drip all over your bike , its a good idea to have a towel close by to blot your face when drops start to form.

Any old towel can work for this, but if you want an exercise-specific option, go for a soft, quick-drying microfiber, like the PackTowl Luxe face towel. We tested the full-size PackTowl for a review of beach towels, and found the fabric effective at wicking away moisture and drying out quicklytwo vital components when youre perspiring during your workout.

Get the PackTowl Luxe Face Towel from REI for $12.95

Connect Your Shoes To Your Bikes Pedals

Peloton shoes come with a small metal plate that youll need to put inside each shoe. This metal plate has two connection points on either side, so youll want to line it up with your pedals metal prongs before sliding your foot in through the back of the shoe.

If youre using Peloton Cycling Shoe, youll connect to the bottom set of prongs. If youre using Peloton Cycling Sneakers, youll want to attach to the top holders.

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No3 Venzo Bicycle Mens Road Cycling Riding Shoes


  • 3 Straps- Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta
  • Perfect for road Racing Bikes White


  • Versatile And Compatibility: By blending comfort & performance, we have created amazingly versatile footwear that is perfect for road riding, Commuting, Touring, & Spin class. The cleat area is compatible with every cleat kind on the market, including Look Delta & the Peloton Bike, giving the perfect platform no matter what pedals you ride. THE GOOD NEWS: This is a combination set that comes with one pair of shoes, pair of Delta cleats.
  • Shoes: Features the Award-Winning technology for performance. Quick-Drying, highly breathable mesh & synthetic upper. Textile lining with removable sockliner. Low-Cut building for a light, fast fit & feel. Flexible forefoot & a running shoe bevelled heel.
  • Cleats: High-Quality set of Look-Delta method widely used for Spin-Bikes such as Peloton. The cleats with a 9 degree floating assure a comfortable journey compared with Fixed-Cleats. The adjustable floating resistance is a bonus.
  • Compatibility: Great shoes & Delta-Cleats value package for indoor Spin-Bikes such as Peloton bike pedals.
  • CONS

    Best Shoes For Peloton Bike

    12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair
    Reasons to avoid

    The Peloton shoes can be bought via the Peloton website, either as part of your bike purchase or on their own.

    Independent customer reviews are hard to find for the Peloton shoes. However, users on Reddit have mixed opinions. “I have over 1500 rides in mine and they are still very comfortable,” says one user. However, another says “personally, I think the Peloton shoes are a bit expensive for what they are.”

    Only available in black wed love to see more variety when it comes to design and color, especially as there are so many other more vibrant brands. When you receive the shoes the Delta cleats arent already attached – although they are easy to screw into place.

    Designed like classic bike shoes, the black shoes have two velcro straps and a third top ratchet clip, which means you can adjust the tightness of the shoe. The design also includes a breathable upper mesh design, while the tongue is attached to the last clip – which should help it stay in place while youre riding. However, some may find the soles and the material used to be quite stiff, which some users may find noticeable when youre riding.

    Reasons to avoid

    This is a basic three velcro strap bike shoe that does come complete with cleats that are compatible with SPD and Delta pedals.

    Reasons to avoid

    Perfect for road cycling and for use on the Peloton, these shoes are designed to be light, breathable, and comfortable.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

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    To set a goal for yourself, put together an action plan: pick one thing that will help move you closer towards

    Tommaso Strada 100 Best Peloton Shoes For Man

    • A very high-quality material choice.
    • There is a low profile hook.
    • It helps to increase power.
    • The cleat area is very compatible.
    • Fiberglass reinforced sole
    • 2 years of warranty

    This one is specially made for the peloton users by providing the best performance and value for money. With a high level of quality, durability, and precision fit, this peloton shoe for man is great as a choice for peloton bike wearing.

    It comes with a very budget-friendly price tag and provides a stress-free experience. Also, there is no unnecessary cost included, which is so much relief.

    Its a very versatile choice that helps with you a number of purposes. You can try commuting, touring, and also road riding wearing these.

    The precision fit allows you to wear this pair of peloton shoes for a long time. Theres no discomfort or pain felt after wearing these for long hours.

    With the fiberglass-reinforced sole, you can feel the power of stroke and ride with your complete capability. At the same time, it does not feel like a burden with your feet to pull.

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    Shoes For Yoga Classes

    Yoga is another one of Pelotons workout classes that you can access on its app or in its fitness studio. Like strength training, yoga is a bit different from cycling in that youre going to be standing on your own for most of the session. Therefore, its a good idea to have a pair of shoes that wont compromise your balance or foot placement.

    One option is these Yoga Slides by 2IST. They are very lightweight, allowing you to move your feet quickly if needed. The slip-resistant sole will also come in handy during class.

    Another option is these Mens Yoga Clogs by Earth Treks. They have a soft molded rubber sole that will provide traction while protecting your feet from the unforgiving floor of the studio. These shoes are available in several bold colors, giving you a little bit of extra flair during your workout.

    As with cycling classes, most would agree that comfort is key when it comes to footwear for Pelotons yoga classes. The best way to ensure the highest level of comfort is to choose a pair of shoes that you already own and love. If you need a new pair of yoga shoes, consider going with something basic in design but that is made from a high-quality material.

    Tommaso Pista Womens Peloton Shoes For Spd And Look Delta Cleats

    Peloton Shoes Sizing Guide | Peloton Spin Shoe Review | Size Chart
    • No knee, leg or foot pain after rides
    • No need to deal with cleat install and adjustments, delta cleats clip in perfectly with the pedals.
    • Comfortable, stylish, lightweight and high cycling shoes ever For peloton
    • made of quality material, budget-friendly and smart-looking spinning shoes ever

    Tommaso Pista cycling shoe is the latest creation, especially for women who love indoor cycling, road biking, or even spinning. Its dual cleat compatibility helps to spin all day around with maximum potential.

    It has a durable synthetic leather upper, and just the right amount of padding, that help the Pista to hug your foot for all-day with comfort. Ventilated mesh portions help to cool down your feet.

    Its low profile Velcro straps offer precision ergonomic fit, adding comfort and security to all of your rides. It has the fiberglass-reinforced sole, which provides optimal stiffness and maximizes power transfer. This breakthrough technology allows you to ride longer and faster, using less energy.

    They are available in four attractive colors- black, blue, pink, and white. Also available with a wide range of sizes. This Pista cycling shoes offer a stiff power transfer for your best ride ever. By buying these shoes, you are going to get 100% Fit Guarantee, 100% Free Fit Returns, 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Again cleats come pre-installed!

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    It Works For Literally Any Schedule

    Do you work from home? Leave for the office at 5:00 a.m.? Have too much to do after work to make it to a spin class? This bike is perfect for all of that. With the purchase of a Peloton bike and the monthly membership, riders have access to up to 14 live classes daily. Classes are scheduled throughout the day and are 45 minutes long. If you can’t fit one of these live sessions into your schedule, there are over 11,000 on-demand workouts to choose from at literally any time of the day. If that doesn’t sell you, think of this: You never have to worry about wasting money on a class you couldn’t it make it to, or any expensive cancellation fees.

    Half Sizes In Peloton Bike Shoes

    However, if he had been a size 12.5 in regular shoes, I would have advised him to size up. Thats because there really arent half sizes in Peloton bike shoessave for size 10.5 and 13.5 for men.

    In womens sizes, which youll see when you scroll down, there are no half sizes at all. As someone with hard to fit, wide feet, I find that sizing up is always better than sizing down.

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    Close Or Buckle Up The Shoes

    Once you are confident that your feet are comfortable and all settled, you can start tightening the shoe enclosure. To do this, pull the string through the loop of the buckle, then secure it by lifting the buckle button and release.

    If you feel that the straps are too loose, you can pull the strap gradually until you are comfortable with its tightness. Repeat the process with your other foot. By this point, you have successfully put on your Peloton shoes, you can now start riding your Peloton bike.

    Special Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Reasons To Buy

    Peloton Shoes

    Peloton riders are well acquainted with the fact that there are special Peloton bike shoes widely available in the market. However, new users worry, Would I Need Special Peloton Shoes? when using or buying a Peloton cycle.

    To maximize energy and durability while riding, your shoes would have to snugly fit around your foots edges and the heel region. The shoes, in particular, must be perfectly fastened to the pedal.

    When it comes to the Peloton cycle, the pedals are delta-compatible cleats connected to the base of the shoes using a three-screw hole configuration.

    As a result, after youve clipped the delta cleats into the pedals toe cage, theres no way youll fall off or have your feet slide off. In reality, clipping your shoes to the Pelotons pedals provides the safest and most enjoyable exercise experience.

    So, in terms of security, convenience, and an efficient ride, we believe Peloton bike shoes are the best option for you. Peloton shoes can also assist you in having the most rigorous training sessions.

    The power gradually moves from your legs and up with these shoes rather than buffering the stress and pushing it back down to your ankles and knees. You will experience less pain and will avoid injuring yourself in this manner.

    Peloton shoes will assist you in maintaining proper posture, allowing you to reap the full benefits of biking. They also shield your toes from shocks produced by toe cages while riding.

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    Best Budget Spin Shoes With Velcro

    The Shimano RP1 is outstandingly comfortable with an upper that’s plusher than many other cycling shoes, but with only two Velcro straps, the fit isn’t quite as adjustable as other pairs.

    • Size range: 36 – 48
    • Closure: 2 Velcro straps
    • Cleat compatibility: Look Delta, SPD

    Pros: Excellent padding makes for a comfortable ride, fits true to size, good grip when walking around off the bike

    Cons: Only two Velcro straps, no specialized women’s fit

    Many cycling shoes are incredibly streamlined for increased aerodynamics and therefore aren’t always the cushiest. A few of the shoes I tried had so little padding that it affected my ride in a negative way, but the Shimano RP1 shoe has plenty of padding probably more than a road racer would want. But their loss is the spinner’s gain. The RP1 really cradles the foot for a comfortable ride.

    It’s also the most budget-friendly shoe I tested, but it’s still constructed from excellent materials including nylon mesh panels for breathability and a ventilated glass-fiber-infused sole. Shimano is also one of the most trusted players in the cycling market, producing cycling gear for a century and cycling shoes in particular since the ’80s.

    The RP1 also only comes in a men’s fit. I didn’t notice any major differences in how the RP1 fit me when compared to a women’s engineered shoe, but it does have a bit of a wider toe box than a women’s fit. Regardless of your gender, this is going to be a great option for those with wider feet.

    Can You Get Regular Pedals For Peloton

    In general, you can get regular pedals for the peloton. The bike comes with the delta pedals, however, you can always detach them and screw your favorite pedals that are suitable for your shoes. Some pedals have a mix of features and can accommodate delta cleats, SPD cleats, and regular shoes.

    Peloton pedals allow only to attach one type of cleats. However, if you look around on the market, you can actually get a universal pedal that has all three features.

    • Delta clip
    • SPD clip
    • Toe Cage

    Those types of pedals are extremely handy because they save you a lot of problems. Not only you can plug in any cycling shoes you want but also you can use any regular non-peloton shoes.

    What are SPD cleats? SPD cleats, just like the delta cleats, are the connection between the shoe and the pedal. SPD cleats are smaller and usually used for mountain bikes. Because theyre small, they can fit into the shoes that allow for walking and hiking.

    Can you use peloton shoes on road bike? Peloton shoes do fit into a road bike, as long as you have delta cleats . They have a triangular shape and wider surface area than SPD clips. A larger attachment surface results in more stability when pedaling and b better power output.

    In the picture below you can see two types of cleats. On your left side is the SPD cleat, and on the right side is the Delta cleat. As you can see, the shoe plastic sole also has an option for both of the cleats.

    SPD cleats and Delta cleats

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    The Classes Are Perfect For Competitive People

    Even though you’re riding at home alone, it feels like you’re part of a group. Much like Flywheel classes, Peloton offers a leaderboard, so you can see who else is riding with you, and see how your pace matches up to the rest of the class. If you’re not into competing with others, you can race yourself. The bike will show you how you’re pacing against your personal best ride. How’s that for motivation?

    Disadvantages Of Being Clipped In On Your Peloton Bike Or Bike+

    Nike SuperRep Cycle Shoes – Best for Peloton?

    Some people dont like the feeling of clip-in shoes, as they want to have more freedom to move their feet while riding, so being restricted by clipped in shoes may be seen as a disadvantage.

    It is also possible that you like to do exercise sessions during which you switch from riding your Peloton Bike to doing other workout exercises, such as weight training or plyometrics.

    In this case, having to take off your clip-in shoes and switch to trainers during a session might be an inconvenience.

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