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What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

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What To Consider When Choosing Shoes To Wear With Different Styles Of Pants

WIDE LEG JEANS – Bye to skinny jeans, styling & what shoes to wear

Now that youre thinking about different shoe and boot styles, and which ones you are drawn to, what should you consider when putting these shoes together into a stylish outfit with your pants?

Are there right and wrong options when you choose shoes to wear with different styles of pants?

above looks fabulous by making her shoes the statement piece of her outfit.

Get her look with this similar top, blazer, pants and loafers.

Ways To Wear Wide Leg Pants

The wide-leg pants trend hasnt gone anywhere. These bottoms are great for various occasions and seasons, plus you can wear them just about everywhere you want. This is a powerful piece of clothing that every woman should own in their wardrobe. Wide trousers are ideal for office hours, as well as for teaming with sneakers and T-shirts. Just remember about the balance, its very important to keep your shape ladylike while pulling off the new silhouette. I picked out my favorite styles to try this year, check them and let me know your thoughts.

If you dream of a vibrant outfit, then you definitely should buy these floral print wide leg trousers in blue color. They can be easily teamed with a classic white shirt.

Belted wide leg pants in brown with a black blazer

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Looking for a classy and elegant outfit? Why dont you try on these belted brown wide leg trousers with a classic slim-fit black top and black blazer? A classic approach to wide-leg trousers trend. Love the quilted black leather clutch with a chain strap and rounded black sunglasses.

Wide-leg pants for work

Yes, its possible to wear wide-leg pants to work, try these vertically striped version with a classic white shirt and black blazer. Complete the look by adding a miniature black leather handbag and platform booties.

Wide leg cropped pants and sneakers

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Wide leg pants and boots

Denim jacket and white wide-sleeve trousers

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Pink wide leg pants and white shirt

Tucked In Tops Are Slimming

A roomy top over a roomy bottom can make you look heavy and frumpy. The key is to highlight your middle by tucking in or semi-tucking in a top. This looks especially stylish when you roll or push up the sleeves.

This navy tee with these chic striped pants is an excellent example of a top you would tuck in. Wearing it tucked out would shorten your legs and cover up the fab waist tie belt.

Trend Alert: Striped Wide-Leg Crops are all the rage this spring! If you prefer a print, feminine florals are also popular.

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With A Printed Statement Top

If you like to turn heads, then a printed statement top will help you do exactly this. The top could either be in the form of a ruffled one, one with flared sleeves, a single-shoulder top just to name a few.

A great way to make an even bigger statement is to go for a pair of wide-leg pants when styling these printed tops. The key to looking great is to get the proportions and the colors right, otherwise you might end up turning heads but for the wrong reasons.

Choosing a neutral color for the pants is an excellent way to go about this combination as its safer. You should also make sure your printed statement top is slightly cropped, well fitted, or just tucked in so that you have a good balance.

Wide Leg Pants Are Fashionable

what kind of shoes to wear with wide leg pants

Victoria Beckham is among the many celebrities embracing the wide legged pants trend. I cant remember the last time I saw a photo of her wearing skinnies.

Here is a similar pair of wide leg pants and collared shirt.

Below, you can see wide-legged pants on the fall 2021 runways.

Jason Wu Victoria Beckham Etro

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With A Matching Jacket

You can get a suit that includes some wide-leg pants and a matching blazer.

When you pick a jacket that matches your bottoms, you get a suit, which generally is something that you should have in your closet. This is because suits are not only classy, but are suitable for the office, events and more formal environments and regardless of where you are, you can never go wrong in them.

Its a great combination especially if you like a more structured look. It can take you from a date with the girls to the office, from a high profile event to a party elsewhere.

Blacks and grays are great colors to go for with such a suit considering just how demure they are. However, if youre a bold girl who prefers something that stands out, you can go for a brighter suit with this kind of pairing and it will still work just as well.

Tembuso wore her black wide-leg pants with a matching blazer and a white top. She completed her look with a pair of red shoes and a matching red bag.

Flare Jeans With Flat Sandals

Shop Flat Sandals with Flare Jeans:

Want to keep it casual & heel-less but dont want your feet cooped up in a pair of sneakers? Although flats may not come to mind when thinking of how to wear flare jeans, theyre definitely an option.

Why not try on a single-soled strappy flat or gladiator sandal with your flare jeans, for a relaxed bohemian feel? Im currently crushing on those white flare jeans with beige sandals above, myself! These are definitely a better option with flare to barely boot cut jeans.

I would definitely not recommend a flat shoe with extra wide bell bottoms, for both comfort and styling reasons, such at the image of the model wearing bell bottoms with her sandals on the right. Although it definitely is a particular look, if not worn well, if can make you look messy.

Flare Hemline tip: hemlines are even more important here, as the longer the jean, the more of a laissez-faire vibe youre going to emit. Translation: youll look sloppy. See image above, right. But if thats what youre going for, then who am I to stop you!? My two cents?

Aim for a hemline where the back edge barely scrapes the pavement: youll drag less dirt around, prevent edges from fraying & your jeans will be far easier to walk around in. Example: pant/sandal combo in the image above on the left & centre.

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Black Leather Jacket Nude Pants & Black Converse

Black leather jacket is a like the best friend of black wide leg pants. Putting them together often gives you that cool, dark look. For this outfit idea, the slightly oversized black leather jacket, the nude wide leg pants and the black converse just match perfectly. This is such a stylish street look.

What Shoes To Wear With Wide

Shoes You Can Wear With Wide Leg Cropped Pants

Thinking of how to wear wide-leg pants with chic shoes? Dip your toes into an array of trending options before stepping out in your new wide-leg pants and denim. Sneakers, sandals, boots and heels pair harmoniously with these pants. The key to your most polished look is a spot-on inseam. Cropped versions should stop between the bottom of your knee and mid calf. Full-length pants and jeans should barely touch the floor with shoes on. Keep this handy tip top of mind when deciding what shoes to wear with wide-leg pants.

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Selecting Shoes To Wear With Wide

  • What to Wear With Jeggings If You Are Curvy
  • From the dashing gangsters of the 1920s to Katherine Hepburn’s iconic baggy slacks to the flares of the 1970s, wide-legged pants have always thrived in the fashion world, even if they shimmer silently in the face of skinny-legged trends. Among a sea of leggings and tapered cuffs, rocking a pair of loose-legged bottoms lends your ensemble a touch of elegant breeziness or devil-may-care attitude. This type of pant expresses an easygoing demeanor, so you can play fast and loose with your choice of shoes.

    How To Wear Wide Leg Pants If You Are Plus Size

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    Curvy women should look for length, its a very important factor when wearing wide legs. The trousers should hit past your ankle-grazing the toe of your shoe. Find the ones that fit the largest part of your body. Go for thick fabric and try to avoid lightweight materials. But if you still want to wear a relaxed design, then combine them with a fitted top or a sleek jacket.

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    A Few Tips For Wearing Shoes With Wide Leg Pants:

    • If youre wearing a cropped pair , it should hit at or right above your ankle bone. So you should have a gap between your shoe and the end of your pant leg.
    • If youre wearing higher top sneakers or boots, they should be fitted against your ankle to give that a nice narrow shape, and then tuck right inside the leg of your pant. Or there should be only a small gap.
    • Try to avoid a large ankle gap if your boots are tallif theres too much a gap, your pants are too short. You dont want a leg gap in the middle of your calf.

    Add A Jacket To White Wide Leg Cropped Pants

    What to Wear with Wide

    A short, fitted leather moto jacket or cropped jean jacket is a great piece to wear with a pair of wide-leg pants. Not only does a jacket give you instant authority, but it balances out your hips by making your shoulders look wider.

    The result? More of an hourglass shape? Women are wearing jackets with cropped dress pants to work. Its a combo that has been dubbed, the modern work uniform.

    Style Tip: Wide cropped jeans are an easy way to ease into this trend because they are slimmer through the legs and thighs and only wide at the bottom.

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    Are Wide Leg Pants Slimming

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    You gonna be shocked, but there is nothing more slimming than a pair of well-fitted wide black pants that hit at your waist or higher. This silhouette will make your waist look much narrower. Thats why stop fearing this look and go and get ones. You can create a structured look by adding a tailored jacket. Yes, you can accentuate the waist thanks to a slim jacket that will complement the loose fluidity of wide-leg trousers.

    How To Wear Wide Legged Pants Outerwear For Wide Leg Pants

    Its easier to work out how to style tops when you are wearing wide-legged pants as the most flattering way to style them is to tuck your top into your pants so that your look is balanced and your legs look long.

    Sweaters can be harder to tuck in, although there is a trend currently for tucking the front of your sweater into your jeans or pants.

    This can, however, add unwanted bulk at your tummy area.

    You could also look at fitted sweaters which will give balance and will be possible to tuck in, at belted sweaters so you dont loose your waistline and at cropped sweaters.

    Just make sure you opt for a pair of high-waisted wide-legged pants if you opt for a cropped option and you dont want to flash your tummy.

    above wears her moto jacket with wide-legged pants.

    Karen Millen leather biker jacketKaren Millen military knit jacketKaren Millen knit belted jacketDe La Creme cashmere coat

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    Chunky Heels With Flares

    Shop Chunky Heels to Wear with Flare Jeans:

    As mentioned in the ankle boots section, block heels are a great choice! From higher heeled slides to lower sandals, chunky heels are the perfect heel type for flare jeans.

    Theyll literally keep you more grounded & are a great shoe to have in 2021 to update pretty much any outfit. Also, it helps that theyre much easier to walk in than stiletto heels.

    Flare Hemline tip: anything goes with a chunky heel. Just avoid flared hemlines above the lower ankle as theyre not very flattering!

    Black High Waisted Trousers

    Styling Tips For Wearing Wide Legs Jeans With Boots

    Black pants will never go out of style. Black, wide legged pants are particularly good for the pear shape, as you can use a darker shade on your bottom half to draw attention away from your hips and thighs. Adding a vertical stripe to your black pants can also elongate and make your legs look longer.

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    Fave Shoes & Boots To Wear With Flare Jeans

    How to wear flare jeans or bell bottoms with the right shoes? Well, both shoe type & hemline is important: one compliments or ruins the look of the other.

    The tricky thing about either flare jeans or bell bottoms is that not every pair will go with every shoe height or heel heigh. But cuffing at the ends, you ask?

    Due to flare shape itself & surplus fabric, rolling up or even slightly cuffing isnt an option. I mean, you can try it, but theyll just unfold before your very eyes!

    So if youd like to keep your shoes & flare jean pairing options open, youll likely need 2 pairs with 2 different hemlines: 1 for heels & one for flats. I personally love wearing flares with high heels, but thats not your only choice, as youll soon find out, below!

    What To Wear With Cropped Wide Leg Pants

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    Now we see another trend whichs name is culottes or cropped wide-leg pants. They might look ugly at first glance, but once you see the overall look, then you change your mind. I name them as calf-length pant skirts. They do look awesome with mules, clogs during summertime and with ankle and OTK boots during fall season days. You can find gorgeous styles made of linen, silk, and velvet. Once you find your favorite style, you should put the focus on your waist , and update the look with feminine accessories.

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    What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants In Winter

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    You are free to wear wide-leg pants from day to night, from summer to winter. Speaking of cold season days, you can still wear these trousers, just make sure you are fully covered. You will need to add functional and warm shoes and layer yourself with a cozy outerwear piece.

    As I mentioned hundreds of time before, you should always keep attention to your waist. Go for a fitted top and keep things relaxed at the bottom. I do love to see women who complete their wide-leg look with a pair of heels. Why? First of all, they make you look taller, they prevent you from stepping on the pants and they do make a wow-effect on your persona. Speaking of colors, I recommend to try to experiment with different hues, so you find the one that makes you look creative and original. Once you find your true color, then I recommend to style them with a neutral colored top, so you accentuate the attention on your pants, but you can go contrary, by choosing a neutral colored bottom piece and keep attention to your top. For instance, a classic pair of black wide-leg pants can be styled with a blush light sweater and sexy black pumps. While white trousers can be teamed with a burgundy bodysuit or a go for a monochrome look by adding a lightweight white blouse tucked in.

    More Inspiring Ideas To Follow:

    More Ideas for Real Fashionistas

    10 Simple Yet Sleek Look


    They say less is more, and we could not agree more! Zigzag palazzo pants with a plain white vest and chunky ankle strap heels make for a great look. Black and white are perfect for everyday look, and this combo can be worn to any kind of family gathering or when going out on a girls night out. Dont forget to add a matching hat and some quirky eyewear to the outfit to complete the whole look. Wearing heels is not everyones cup of tea. If you wobble in them and dont think you can pull them off, worry not. Block heels are to the rescue. The chunky heels can help you balance, without adding too much pressure to the feet. You will be able to rock them all night long while looking super glamorous.

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    Mules Or Wedge Slides

    With a medium height that creates an illusion of a longer silhouette, wedges and mules also provide comfort and add a casual vibe. They are best for professional looks with suits that have wide-leg pants.

    A very popular fashion choice for celebrities is to pair mules or wedges with wide-leg suit pants. Wedges are also suitable for attending places where you need to be on your feet for a long time.

    & The Shoes I Wanted To Like With Cropped Wide Leg Pants

    I got a little adventurous and ordered two pairs of random shoes, ones that I kind of knew were an odd choice, but I was hopelessly optimistic about them. Well, yeah. They didnt quite hit that quirky, but still super-stylin mark. In my opinion, at least.

    Heeled Loafers

    shoes: Great shoes! I really liked them, but not with this jumpsuit. The denim, more casual look of it needs something less professional on bottom, if you know what I mean. Id totally wear these shoes with cropped denim or pants, though! Really classy and cool.

    Big-Ass Athletic Sneakers

    shoes: Adidas Questar BYD W Ohso big. They kinda reminded me of marshmallows stuck on my feet, which is very comfortablebut looks a bit clownish. Not a huge fan of the look. Ha. Ill stick with my Golden Goose, thank you very much.

    My conclusion: All a cropped, wide-leg pant needs is a mule or an espadrille, and sometimes a really good pair of sneakers . It shines best that way, Ive found. I think its also important to consider your height when it comes to what shoe to wear with this trend! If youre tall, like me, you may find that what I tried on works for you as well. Now, if youre shorter, you may prefer sticking with mules or anything that doesnt crowd your bare leg with anything extra.

    What say you? I may be totally missing something. Have you found an even better Cropped Wide-Leg Jumpsuit + Shoe Formula?! Im all earsor all feet. Well, all two feet. Any more would be a bit weird




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