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How To Lace On Cloud Shoes

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Comfortable And Simple Shoelace Accessories

Shorten Laces on Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud & Venture

We like to listen to our customers, and we take your suggestions to heart. Below are a few of the most popular benefits of Lace Anchors:

1. Lace Anchors are always 100% comfortable!

2. Lace Anchors works with all shoelace products.

3. Lace Anchors allow customers to create lace patterns and designs.

4. Thereâs never a need for a floppy bow to ruin the look of a pair of sneakers.

5. All shoes with Lace Anchors maintain a solid fit.

6. Shoelaces that are extra-long no longer have to be âstuffedâ back into the shoes.

7. Lace Anchors provide a cure for âheel slippage.â

8. Tendonitis is kept at bay with the correct consistent tension when using Lace Anchors.

How To Lace Vans Authentic

The Vans Authentic was the first shoe to be produced and sold by the legendary skate brand back in 1966. On its first day, it sold just 12 pairs, but today its one of the most popular trainers on the planet, and with good reason its a style classic and can be dressed up or down with ease.

The Authentic has a basic canvas construction with a low profile and a signature waffle-tread sole. It also only features five eyelet pairs, which are fairly close together, meaning short laces are all that are required here. The lacing system is also closed at the bottom like an Oxford shoe, meaning that when you tie them up, youll get a neat, tight fit.

Use a flat lace in either black or white depending on the colour of the shoe, and thread it through so that it crisscrosses, over and under the eyelets, all the way up to the top where you can then tie it off into a neat bow.

Heres how to lace Vans Authentic sneakers in the classic way:

My Shoes Always Feel Like They Are Too Tight

If you feel like your shoes are too tight on the top of your foot, a parallel or straight bar style of lacing that evenly distributes the laces for better comfort may help. If a change in lacing style doesnt alleviate the tightness, make sure that your shoes are the right fit for your foot size, width and foot type. We recommend visiting a Running Expert Store for help with this.

1- Lace the shoes in a parallel fashion, by skipping alternate eyelets for each lace and running the lace up the side of the eyelets to reduce pressure.

2- Tie up the shoe as usual.

If a change in lacing style doesnt alleviate the tightness, make sure that your shoes are the right fit for your foot size, width and pronation style.

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On Reviews: What Do Customers Think

If you search for On cloud shoes reviews online as we did, the results will show many fervent and loyal customers to the brand.

Customers are choosing On sneakers over more well-known brands and applaud the company for the:

  • Level of comfort
  • Customer service
  • Fast shipping

Firstly, Running World, a site dedicated to providing advice on buying high-quality sportswear, reviewed the brand for its practices, products, and sustainability and was overall impressed with the brand.

What was especially noted in this review was how the shoes were constructed thoughtfully and with many redeeming features.

In each individual product from the brand, the review spoke favorably about how the shoes work and how they are meant to be worn. Most notably, the review loved the Cloudflyer and their in-house tester even stated:

The ride in this shoe is up there with the best tempo shoes Ive wornyou get a quick turnover and springy liftoff.

Another review from The Sports Edit, a site dedicated to promoting high-quality sportswear, agreed with the sentiments from Runners World.

In their review of the brand, after evaluating a few of the brands best sellers there is applause for the shoes construction, the versatility of use, and reliability. At the end of the review, the brand made their conclusion:

The most common complaint among customers is regardingOn customer service. Many have noted that theyve reached out to the customer service team only to beignored for weeks.

Issue: Black Toe Nails And Toe Pain

On Cloud

This pattern of lacing can help lift the toe cap of your running shoe to give your toes more space.


  • Lace the shoelace from the big toe to the top eyelet on the opposite side.
  • Thread the other side of the shoelace at each bottom diagonally and at the top parallel to each hole.
  • Tie up the shoe as usual.

Effect: The toe cap will be lifted meaning the toes have more space. NOTE: this one can be tricky to setup. The lace is not evenly centered when you start, and you dont know if youve pulled it too far to one wide or the other until its fully laced.

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About On Running Shoes

Running reminds you that even in your weakest moments, you are strong. On Running is dedicated solely to the run, offering shoes, gear, and accessories.

On has been featured in The Wall Street Journal where it was acclaimed that, On combines the best of a traditional and minimalist running shoe while staying exceptionally light.

The brands products have won international design and technology awards such as the ISPO Gold Award for the Best Performance Shoe. The brands impressive Instagram has over 500k followers.

This On cloud shoes review will explore everything about the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth a run.

On Cloud Running Shoes

SLOAN! Magazine appreciates that runners are looking for the best running shoes available to help them train and compete. The Cloud from On Running with Zero-Gravity foam and Ons patented Swiss CloudTec® technology is the lightest running shoe in the world, with outstanding cushioning and impact protection. These running shoes will allow you to experience the combination of a soft landing with an explosive takeo for an unbelievably light running sensation.

Although jogging and running have always been popular forms of exercise, our bodies are not in fact designed to run on hard surfaces. To tackle this dilemma for dedicated runners out there, On reinvented the running shoe to put you one step ahead of evolution. These Swiss running shoes use clever rubber pieces called Clouds cushion your landing and then disappear completely for a natural run and a powerful pusho. With On Cloud running shoes you are guaranteed a unique combination of comfort and speed.

Having recently reviewed On Cloudrunner, when SLOAN! Magazine was asked to review the On Cloud we immediately said yes as we were more than familiar with just how good these Swiss running shoes can be and we were certainly not disappointed. On Cloud running shoes are recommended for runners who want a minimal shoe that is light and flexible with maximum cushioning making it ideal for both training and competition.

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High Midfoot Lacing Technique

Over pronators will benefit from the lacing technique for high mid-foot in order to improve stability on the track or trail.

Finish the lacing off by securing the top holes to ensure that your mid-foot is held in place on the midsole.

Yet another common problem is having flat feet. Some people assert that stability shoes are what you need to look for, the other claim that barefoot shoes or neutral shoes are a better option. A whole industry is aimed at relieving you from this pain-problem with special types of shoes and orthopedic soles.

Lacing Techniques For Various Sizes

Running Shoe Preview: On Cloud

Choosing the right shoe type and sizing will basically provide you with better performance and comfort however, if you want to maximize them for the long haul, mastering the right shoelace tying techniques will keep you in your top shape on the trail or track.

Not all shoes are created to accommodate every foot size. The Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 are very different. In fact, there are instances when there are areas wider or tighter than the other. This can be quite tricky, especially if your foot does not have the standard size.

Weve got solutions for two opposing issues:

  • those with wider forefoot or wide feet in general will be able to adjust their shoes to accommodate better toe splaying and flexing
  • narrow-footed runners will not dwell on wide measurement problems anymore.

With the lacing techniques shown in this article, you can secure a compact fit and ensure a well- supported ride on the track and trail.

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How To Lace Vans Sk8

The very first high-top skate shoe, the Vans Sk8-Hi brought a completely fresh look to the park when it was first launched in 1978. But it wasnt all about aesthetics this revolutionary new shoe offered skaters increased comfort, ankle support, and shielded their ankles from rogue boards.

With its high-top styling and eight pair of eyelets, the Vans Sk8-Hi needs a long lace in order to reach the top. Youll need something more the length of a bootlace than a shoelace.

In terms of colour and style, flat white laces look best with this particular model and will work with pretty much any colour of shoe other than all black. Due to the height of this model, bar laces will work best as it gives a more simple, pared-back finish cross lacing is a little fussy in this instance.

Heres how to lace high top Vans with bar lacing:

Fun And Creative Ways To Tie Your Shoes

Are your cool pair of sneakers missing a personal touch? Or do they seem a bit boring overtime? We hear you! Just simply tie your laces completely different than everyone else and your shoes will look way more personal and unique. Huh, you might say? Well, there are actually quite a few ways to tie your shoes, from which we hand-picked the 5 most fun ones right here.

– Sant to see the shoe lacing tutorials in full action? Check out the video below! –

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Straight Bar Lacing Style

The straight bar lacing style works perfectly for shoes with an even number of eyelet pairs. This is because the shoelace must cross the shoe an even number of times so the ends meet in the middle and can be tied together.

The pattern itself provides a very clean appearance and easy tightening ability.

  • Insert the shoelace into the first eyelets with the ends down
  • Pull both ends to make sure the shoelace ends are even
  • Run the left end straight up on the inside, then straight across the outside
  • Run both ends straight up the inside, each skipping one eyelet and emerging two eyelets higher up
  • Repeat the last two steps until you reach the last eyelets
  • Is On Worth It

    On Running CLOUD

    Are On running sneakers worth it? This On cloud shoes review believes that their products are worth buying. Do not let the negative reviews about customer service, shipping, and refunds, deter you from making a purchase.

    The brand is incredibly innovative and creative and for every negative review, there are hundreds of positives that prove these reviews wrong.

    Ons new releases are always stepping up the game and innovating the way we exercise. The shoes are also reported to be the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear, with many swearing off other brands altogether.

    Also, the brand has On backpacks that could pair nicely with your runners, plus a selection of other lightweight bags and accessories that you can run off with.

    The brand also offers a Home Try-On, which essentially is the brand letting you try on the shoes for 30 days, commitment-free!

    On truly believes in creating shoes that will only enhance your performance, whether youre an elite athlete or enjoy taking casual evening strolls.

    No matter your level, this On cloud shoes review believes you can rest easy knowing their products are top-notch quality.

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    Still Not Sure Which On Running Shoes To Buy

    I hope you enjoyed this On Shoes review, if youre still not sure which On Running shoes to buy, visit our Best On Running Shoes Buyers Guide for an ordered list of the top ON Clouds for road and trail running. It has been designed to make your buying decisions easier.

    Thanks for reading! For more authentic independent adventure journalism direct to your inbox, including gear guides, reviews, training tips, plant-based lifestyle advice, and how to become more self-sustainable in your day-to-day, join thousands of others in subscribing to our Newsletter today. .

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    On Cloudstratus Ride And Performance

    The Cloudstratus is inherently stable, thanks to Ons engineering.

    On built a wide base beneath the Cloudstratus that gives the shoe its substantial stability. Testers never felt their feet roll off the side of the footbed, even around tight corners. And unlike other On running shoes, the Cloudstratus fuses the forefoot Clouds together to form a single forefoot platform, which makes for a confident toe-off.

    The clouds are chiseled from Helion foam, the same cushion used in the new On Cloudswift. Helionpronounced hee-lee-onis firm underfoot, giving the shoe a stable landing.

    On even added a second helping of cloud cushions to increase the shoes stamina. The two layers of Clouds work in sync, On says: the first layer collapses when your foot hits the ground and then waits to release its energy the second layer absorbs even more impact and adds extra propulsion to the system when it springs back into shape.

    Like other On running shoes, the Cloudstratus employs the companys patented Speedboard. Designers sandwiched the plastic insert between the midsole and upper to give the shoe an extra spring. The Speedboard makes the shoe stiffer than other running shoes on the market, but it gives it a snappy step.

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    Black Toe Nails And Toe Pain

    This pattern of lacing can help lift the toe cap of your running shoe to give your toes more space.


    • Lace the shoelace from the big toe to the top eyelet on the opposite side.
    • Thread the other side of the shoelace at each bottom diagonally and at the top parallel to each hole.
    • Tie up the shoe as usual.

    About Me My Running & My Feet

    Clarks Cloud Stepper Lace-up Sneakers – Sillian Glory on QVC

    Depending on what time of year it is and what event Im training for, my weekly running mileage varies anywhere from 20-50 miles per week. At the time of this report my training is focused on the upcoming road marathon known as CIM .

    Physically, I stand at 56 and weigh anywhere between 120-125. I have teeny-tiny feet for my height like freakishly tiny. I wear a 6 or 6 ½ in street shoes so a 7 in running shoes typically keeps my toenails from turning black. I have very high arches, a narrow heel and an average, if not wide forefoot/toe region.

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    Find The Right Lacing Technique To Improve Comfort And Fit

    Lacing plays an important role in your running toolkit. It not only affects your running performance and overall comfort but simple changes in lacing styles can often correct common issues like heel slippage and blisters.

    As foot types and running styles vary, there are a variety of lacing techniques that are tailored for runners. Whether youre lacing up a brand new pair of shoes, or want to fix heel slippage, find the right fit with our helpful lacing technique guide.

    Remember, while some of these tips can help address minor issues, we always recommend seeking advice from a medical professional if your problems persist.

    Toe Pains Lacing Technique

    Painful cramping can be battled with shoes lacing adjusted for better toe splaying. With more space available in the forefoot there is lesser risk of toe pains and no numbness to deal with.

    This technique is a great tool for battling black nails and forefoot discomfort. Try it out.

    Any habitual runner will agree that at some point his feet were still feeling sore after the previous run when he or she was about to hit the road as usual. Foot fatigue is a natural issue, and everyone becomes its victim sooner or later.

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    Shoe Review: On Cloudstratus

    On engineered the Cloudstratus to help you run farther.

    A few things stand out on the new support shoe and set it apart from other On running shoes:

    • Extra cushioning. On packed another layer of its unique Clouds into the midsole for extra protection
    • Wide base. The wide platform gives the Cloudstratus inherent stability
    • Star lacing system. A unique lacing system gives you more options to customize your fit

    Fully loaded, the shoe weighs 10.7 ounces for a mens size 8.5, and it clocks 9.5 ounces for a womens size 7. The heel-to-toe drop measures 8 mm.

    We got our feet on a few pairs of the Cloudstratus to see how they fit and how they feel while running. Heres what you need to know about the new running shoe from On.

    Tech specs

    Weight: 9.5 oz, womens size 7 10.7 oz, mens size 8.5

    Drop: 8 mm

    The Straight Pattern: Continue The Pattern You’re Almost There

    On Cloud

    Simply continue the pattern until you reach the top of the eyelets. Since a good portion of the lacework is hidden along the sides of the eyelet panels instead of going across the shoes, you won’t be able to tighten the shoes very well by pulling on the laces.

    With that said, the straight pattern is good for shoes that you’ll only wear casually. If you plan on tightening your shoes for secure lockdown while playing sports or working out, you’ll want to lace your sneakers normally.

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    How To Lace Vans Era

    Designed by legendary skateboarding pioneers Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta, the Era is basically a more padded update of the Authentic, but with subtle design tweaks.

    The model retains the same canvas build and a very similar silhouette, but also features a padded collar and jazzier colour combinations, making it the shoe of choice for a new generation of skaters in the late 1970s.

    Given its similarity to the Authentic, the Vans Era should be laced in much the same way. Although, due to the signature colour combinations, you have a little more scope to get creative with your laces.

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