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Where Can I Buy Cardboard Shoe Boxes

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Greenco Clear Foldable Plastic Shoe Box In Bulk Reviewed

Where to get cheap shoe shipping boxes! (Only $1)

Let us start by saying that its tough to stack more than 3 of these. Nonetheless, we still like the product. They are excellent to put on shelves or to use to organize your shoe rack. They secure the content from wetness, dust and dirt. The small holes makes the collapsible container wel aerated. The best feature is the size. Mens shoe sizes up to 13 will easily fit. Most likely even 14, but you will have to test that yourself. The plastic is see-through. Identify the right pair without opening the boxes. You quickly folds it to location when you put together the box. Unfold it and put it away when you dont need the box anymore. A real space-saver. Like with the shoe box from Whitmor, this one from Greenco is a very inexpensive storage solution. The product weight is 4.1 pounds. The measurements: 13 3/8 L x 8 3/8 W x 5 1/8 D.

The Right Way To Store Your Shoes

When you need to organize your shoes, there is a right and wrong way to get it done. You could pick up a shoe shelf, but these can get pretty disorganized over time. Plus, shoes that you dont use every week can start to build up dust sitting on a shelf.

The best way to store your shoes is in shoe containers since it keeps them protected from any dirt, dust and moisture. Picking up a high-quality plastic product will allow you to easily organize your shoes without letting them build up any grime or debris.

Why You Should Go For Plastic Shoe Boxes

Keep in mind that if you use tupperware containers as shoe box alternatives, they wont be as easily accessed as most modern plastic shoe cases. Since plastic shoe boxes slide open like a drawer, or at least open with a drop front functionality, you can quickly take your shoes in and out. Tupperware containers will add a few seconds to your morning routine since they often come with lids. Then you will have to unstack your pile of shoes, pull the lid off and then back on. So youre probably better off getting a traditional shoe box.

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Key Features Of Custom Shoe Boxes

  • Custom Sizes: Available in all custom sizes and shapes
  • Stocks: 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt, White SBS, C1S, C2S
  • Finishing options: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV Coating
  • Add-on choices: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing
  • Shipment: Assembled and shipped flat
  • Structure: Easy to assemble boxes
  • 100% Price and Quality Guaranteed.

Order Your Custom Box In 5 Easy Steps

White Cheap Plain Cardboard Shoe Boxes Bulk

Let’s break it down and go over each step:

  • Enter your box DIMENSIONS
  • Check the PRINT OPTION you require
  • Enter your QUANTITY – your PRICE will show once step 1 to 4 have been completed!
  • To purchase, simply Add To Cart and follow the checkout process
  • If you do not have artwork for your order, you can use our free editor tool, Art Studio, to create your design online by clicking on DESIGN ONLINE and then follow the checkout process from there!

    By clicking on Add-to-Cart from the product page, you will receive your unique PDF dieline by email within 10 minutes after your order is placed. Apply artwork on this dieline offline by opening it in a program like Adobe Illustrator and create your artwork in CMYK layers. When you’re done, upload it to your order in your Fantastapack Admin panel and you are off to the races!

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    Building A Custom Shoe Storage Solution Is Hard

    When you realize you need to get your shoes organized in shoe boxes, the next thing to figure out is where to buy a container. You could potentially reuse your empty cardboard boxes that your shoes originally came in when you bought them.However, most people dont keep the original box that came with the shoes, so that might not help you out at all. You could start keeping the cardboard boxes from now on whenever you buy a pair of shoes to help you organize your collection. Or, if you have the time and the resources, let someone build a custom shoe storage cabinet. But a wooden storage facility isnt as flexible and durable as plastic boxes, thats for sure.

    Corrugated Cardboard Shoe Boxes With Lids

    From £0.83Ex Vat

    Cardboard Shoe Boxes with attached lid. Supplied flat packed. Easy to assemble and cost effective. The perfect solution for protecting and ensuring safe delivery and storage of shoes or other items.

    • Suitable for ladies and gents shoes up to size 10.5 , high heels, trainers and small boots
    • Supplied with integral lid, flat packed and easy to assemble
    • High quality single wall board
    • Supplied brown in colour
    • Used by charities to send items to poverty stricken locations
    • Internal size is 330mm length x 180mm breadth x 130mm height

    Product in stock, add to your basket today!

    28 Day money back guarantee

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    Where Do I Buy Storage Containers In Bulk

    At this point you may be wondering where can I get shoe boxes? As mentioned above, shoe boxes can be found from a variety of sellers on Amazon. You may be able to find shoe boxes at K-Mart, WalMart, The Container Store, Target, or IKEA, though they may not be technically called shoe boxes. These are general plastic organizers, and they may be much bigger.

    If you want to find another shoe box alternative, you could also go to your local home appliance store and check out the kitchen department. Head to the tupperware section and see what they have. Some kitchen departments will have tupperware containers that are much bigger and could fit in most pairs of shoes.

    They probably wouldnt be the best option for bigger shoes like boots, though flats and heels could surely fit.

    Challenges In Finding The Right Bulk Buy

    5 Best Shoe Storage Boxes 2021 | Storage Boxes Review

    Well, the problem is finding those products. Thats why we thing its such an amazing idea buying plastic shoe boxes in bulk. Imagine that you could save $5 or even $10 per unit. And if you havent organized your shoes with shoe storage containers yet, you might need up to 50 containers for the whole family.

    You could end up saving $250 to $500 when purchasing the plastic storage bins in bulk through one of the links presented for you on this page. If thats not great value, Im not sure what is!

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    What Do The Terms Uncovered And Covered Up Mean

    At LESER, we use the terms uncovered and covered up to describe how the shoeboxes leave our production facility and are brought to you on their way. The lidded situation describes shoe boxes whose lid is delivered under the bottom part. In our case, covered up means shoe boxes with the lid on the bottom part – which are thus virtually closed. The background is in the logistics in your warehouses: Lidded boxes do not have to be opened first before they are fitted with the shoes and therefore save you an unnecessary work step.

    Get Your Preprinted Shoeboxes Today

    We praise God that each year we are able to reach millions of children in some of the most remote areas of the world with an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift and the message of the Gospel. Our colorful preprinted shoeboxesavailable in both corrugated cardboard and plasticare sturdy options to ensure that your prayerfully packed gift is delivered safe and sound into the hands of a precious child.

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    Premium Quality Wholesale Shoe Boxes

    Many wholesale shoe boxes suppliers supply boxes that are spacious. We at The custom packaging boxes provide spacious boxes along with illustrious printing and packaging with premium quality. The commitment to deliver premium quality shoe boxes wholesale has earned us a commendation from thousands of satisfied clients. We use high tech printing equipment to ensure that we could provide high quality shoe containers wholesale at the most affordable prices.

    Colors & Coating Papers

    Foldable Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes Case Stackable Tidy ...

    Especially in the area of shoes, our liftoff boxes have proven to be the most pragmatic form of packaging for us. They are practical and can be produced inexpensively. After the body has been erected and glued, it is covered with a coating paper in the next production step . This creates a particularly classy look for your shoe boxes! According to your taste, you can choose between an almost infinite number of structures and colors – and design your individual shoebox according to your corporate design.

    You can find out more about our options in relation to cover papers here: Materials

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    The Right Boxes To Use

    You should make sure your plastic shoe boxes are clear so you can quickly identify your shoe. Also, you should get boxes that stack on top of each other easily. That way youll reach a whole other level of organization. At the same time you free up a lot of space at home. By picking up a stackable set of shoe boxes, it will allow you to put your favorites up high. Then theyre easy to reach and your less-popular ones can stay below to act as a support.

    Go for a container with front opening. That way you dont need to unstack your whole collection. Front access should mean an easy all access.

    Why Bulk Buy Means Great Value

    The principle of purchasing in bulk is getting more appreciated than ever before. Most people have always understood you will cut your costs when you buy the best products in bulk. But the new thing is that today its super easy doing so. Theres endless possibilities to search for the best deal, for the lowest unit cost, for your favourite products for sale in a value pack.

    Excellent prospects for a bulk buy are normally any product youll run through in a brief duration of time. But beware of buying some products, like cereals, in a to big bulk pack. Its no fun eating the same day after day. That is, if you dont like that specific brand of cereals.

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    Review Of Iris Bulk Option

    Iris shoe boxes come in a lot of different shapes and colors. They do all have great features. When picking a plastic shoe box to buy in bulk, its important that the boxes are stackable, with a clear front and a pull down drop front opening. If you can find a bulk alternative that has got a drawer like feature, thats great. But its not a must have. But we do recommend you search for a clear shoe boxes bulk alternative, since youd want your storage bins to be transparent.

    This specific product, Iris USA NSSB-W Front Entry, almost has it all. But with heavy loading, you should not stack more than 5 or 6 boxes high. This isnt the best buy if youre a sneakerhead and want to build a sneaker box wall.

    If you would rather put them under the bed, they are truly good. You can even stack them into a nice custom rack in your bedroom or in your hallway. Or put them on shelves in your closet.

    The within measurements of the boxes are 12.25L x 10.0W x 6.25H and the container weighs 14.2 ounces. Fits most womens shoes, and mens shoe sizes up to 12.

    What Our Clients Say

    The Container Store Drop Front Shoe Boxes Review!!!
    • Delighted! The boxes arrived this morning. Delighted with them, and also the courier – he rang and checked we were home before delivery and was very pleasant. Thank you again!Jackie
    • Thank you! I’d like to thank you for your extremely prompt processing of my recent order – just delivered. Such efficiency is impressive! Alex
    • Perfect Just wanted to say how delighted we were with the boxes. In perfect condition and great quality!Amanda
    • Thanks so much! Thanks a lot for that outstanding service! The lady on the phone was great, and very helpful and friendly and the boxes I ordered yesterday were just delivered an hour ago. Great boxes for an unbelievable price! Highly recommended.Paul
    • Wow! My order just arrived – thanks for the speedy service! Much appreciated.Aisling

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    How Many Shoe Boxes Fit On A Euro Pallet

    As you can see, our recommended standard formats of shoeboxes in particular are so different in terms of their dimensions and volumes that this question cannot be answered across the board. A formula to calculate how many boxes of a certain size can fit on one layer of a Euro pallet is as follows:

    x = intermediate result number of cartons

    Based on the height of the packaging and the knowledge that a common Euro pallet is loaded to a height of 1.80 metres, the number of layers can be determined and multiplied by the intermediate result. The final result is the number of specific packages that fit on a europallet.

    Shoe Box Racks And Shoe Walls

    Many modern products can be built into a shoe box rack. If you pick the right products, this can be a beautiful hallway organizer unit.

    If youre a sneakerhead and bought a set of really cool sneaker cases, you could stack them against the wall and build a shoe wall. That makes for an awesome sneaker display unit. Some sneaker containers are drawer like, hi top, with a side opening. The variations are almost endless. They often come in many cool colors. The most common are white, acrylic clear, red, pink or black.

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    Plastic Shoe Box Bulk Buy Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is the Best Plastic Shoe Box to Buy in Bulk?

    1. Iris USA NSSB-W Front Entry is the best plastic shoe container to buy in bulk2. IRONLAND 12 pack makes a nice shoe rack.3. Iris 6 Qt Modular 18 pack is the best clear shoe boxes bulk buy when on a budget.4. Greenco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes, 5 pack. Great product for mens shoes.5. Kurtzy Shoe Storage Box, 10 pack, is the best option for traveling.6. Sterilite 6 Quart, 24 pack. The best bulk buy for storing kids shoes.7. BOX USA corrugated boxes, 25 pack, are not plastic. But the best bulk cardboard boxes deal you can find.

    What to Consider When Buying Plastic Shoe Boxes in Bulk?

    Purchase Quantities For Recommended Formats

    Foldable Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes Case Stackable Tidy ...

    We produce all of our recommended shoeboxes in the sizes mentioned according to your requirements from a purchase quantity of 1,000 pieces. The production in our cardboard box production in Lahr in the Black Forest is completely automated to these dimensions. In the pictures shown above you only see suggestions. There are many options available to you when it comes to the design of the cover paper, the colors and any finishing in the form of embossing or digital printing.

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    Stick To Reputable Brands

    And the brands you stick to, are perfect candidates to bulk buy. You will never change your preferences when it comes to the product, so you might as well keep a stock at home. We at Footweardrobe believe you should try to find products at a higher price point. If you would be able to buy them wholesale, you could save a lot of money. Right?

    Cheap Plain Cardboard Shoe Boxes

    We have an excellent team composed of 100 professionals and more than 100 skilled workers. 2. The lead time for mass production based on your orders quantity, finishing, etc. Your Logo can show on the products by Printing, UV Varnishing, Hot Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Silk-screen Printing or Sticker.

    OEM Products Details Cheap Flat Pack Plain Brown Color Corrugated Packaging Boxes For Products Mailing Commodity types: Brown Corrugated Paper Boxes for Packaging, Mailer Box for Apparel,Eletronic, Toy, Personal Car, Tool Size: Various Sizes According to Customers& apos Specific Requirements Material: Corrugated Board, Kraft Paper, Matt Art Paper, Glossy Art Paper According to Customers Requirements Color: Brown, White, CMYK or Pantone Color As Per Customers demands Logo: Custom Printing or Stamping Logo Surface finishing: No Lamination, Matt Lamination, Glossy Lamination As Per Customers demands Handles: Paper Handles, Ribbon Handles, Rope Handles, Die Cut Handle Decorated Accessories: Flowers, Ribbon Bowknot, PVC, ect. MOQ: 1000pcs Quotation: Based on Quantity, Size, Printing Color and Finish Lead time: 3~5 work days for sampling after layout approved More Printed Paper Boxes for choosing:

    Related Searches:

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    Use Shoe Storage Boxes To Get Organized

    We would suggest using shoe storage boxes, for the flexibility and simplicity to it. And nowadays theres a lot of different options to answer every specific need.

    Trying to sort your shoes neatly in your closet is hopeful if you dont have a proper shoe closet organizer like shoe boxes to store them in. If you want to make sure you can quickly find a pair you like and get to your meetings on time, then youll need to pick up the right shoe boxes.

    In this article, well go over where to buy a shoe box, the best way to store shoes in boxes, how to store shoe boxes, and where you can get shoe boxes in bulk. Before you know it, youll have your entire shoe collection organized so you can breeze through your routine before work and at night. That is the mission of Footweardrobe.

    Embossing & Printing Process

    SHOEBOX CAKE – How to Bake a Cake in a CARDBOARD BOX

    After choosing the format and the materials from which your shoe boxes are ultimately made, you still have the choice of finishing: embossing, offset printing or digital printing.

    If you want to refine your boxes with a high-quality, yet simple touch, different variants of foil embossing or blind embossing have established themselves for shoe brands or manufacturers in particular.

    Depending on your requirements, the packaging can also be printed with modern, full-surface digital or offset printing.

    You can find inspiration and all the necessary information at: Finishing & Printing

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