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Where Can I Buy Teva Shoes

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What Makes The Best Water Sandals

Teva Sirra Sandals Review and Test (compare to Teva Tirra)

As you have seen, Teva makes a wide range of water shoes and sandals. They come in several styles that offer different attributes, some of which are more important than others, depending on the activity. Overall, the following are important features for a good water shoe.


A good water sandal has a thick outsole with a tread pattern with deep lugs so it can grip and provide traction on wet and slick surfaces. If you are going to be standing or walking on wet slippery rocks, you need to make sure the soles are thick and the tread has plenty of traction.


Water shoes should be made from lightweight and quick-drying synthetic materials, like nylon and rubber. You should avoid leather if you expect that your feet will be regularly submerged in water, rather than being splashed.


Your feet should be secured in a good water shoe. Ideally, you should have straps around your heel, over your ankle, and forefoot, hopefully with the ability to adjust them to the unique shape of your feet.

As you walk on rough surfaces or slippery terrain or even swim, your feet will move in unpredictable ways. If your water sandals are not secured to your foot, you run the risk of twisting your ankle, falling, or even losing a shoe, depending on the activity.


Shop The Teva Hurricane Xlt 2 Sandals Here:

Midsole And Arch Design

Depending on the shape of your feet and the level of support you want, you’ll like one brand more than the other.

Tevashave a lower arch and make you feel like you’re walking closer to the ground. I have fairly flat feet and found Tevas to be more comfortable than Chacos. The midsole is made from lightweight and flexible EVA foam, which feels cushioned and bouncy.

Chacoshave a high arch, with a thicker midsole at the heel than Tevas. If your feet have high arches, they’ll be more comfortable in Chacos. The midsole is made from PU foam, which is a little heavier than EVA foam, but has a longer-lasting bounce.

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Can I Buy Teva Or Keens Sandals In Ho Chin Minh City

Hello Everyone,

The subject pretty much says it all! I’m hoping to be able to buy a pair of ladies Teva or Keens sandals when I arrive in HCMC. We are cruising up the Mekong and I’ll need something that can be easily washed and these sandals sound ideal. Suggestions of other brands which may be available are also welcome.

Many thanks,

Ben Thanh Market is the Paradise for shopping. Most of things need buying can be found there. I’m pretty sure that you can find what you want and even will buy a lot more.

Have great shopping time in HCMC.

I recently bought Helly Hansen The Bekk 3 Sandals specifically for the purpose of wearing when it is wet and muddy in Vietnam. I got them after extensive internet research. They have yet to stand the live test, but I have worn them over the summer at home and tested how well they endure being wet. So far, I am very satisfied.

I have serious doubt that I could have bought them in Vietnam.

You should be aware that if you are able to find what you need in Vietnam, it will be either fake or stolen or genuine. If the latter, the prices will approach the price you would pay in Australia. If you can get them, it will most likely be in a department store in HCMC.

If you need extra large sizes the likelihood that you will find anything at all is slim.

also in Siagon square across the street.

But shoes are tough. and not great. There are a few with a little selection in siagon square. I suggest buying before if you can.

Edited: 10 years ago

Are Teva Boots Comfortable

Teva Womens W Sugarpine Ii Wp Ripstop Hiking Shoe Footwear ...

This pair specifically, the Mack Daddy of Tevas performance sandals, is one of the most comfortable shoes I own. The sole is ultra-cushioned and has extreme traction both against my foot and against the ground. The cupped heel also keeps me from sliding around, which I appreciate when my feet get sweaty.

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Are Chaco Sandals Worth The Money

Chacos are very affordable considering the wear and tear most wearers put them through and the reliable way the sandals respond. Born with a Colorado spirit, these sandals are great for river life, mountain life, beach life, or just the simple life. And if they get worn out, you can use ReChaco Repair to give them new life and keep them for years to come. Truly, Chacos are worth the investment.

Plus, you can build a custom pair with more than 10 ways to adjust the look at feel of the sandals to fit your style and preferences. A pair of Chacos weigh a little over a pound, compared to the Tevas which are lighter than a pound, but the extra weight is well worth the extra support and durability, and the extra weight is barely noticeable for most people.

For many people, particularly those with an outdoor spirit, a new pair of Chacos will replace their favorite pair of shoes. They are versatile, durable, and comfortable.


  • check All-purpose sandals, ready for any terrain
  • close Adjusting straps takes practice
  • check Variations include toe loop and additional midfoot support
  • check Customizable color options
  • check ReChaco Repair program

Chaco And Teva Alternatives

The sports sandals sold by Chaco and Teva are not only original, but we think they are the best options on the market. That said, there are a few other outdoor footwear brands to consider, such as Merrell and Keen.

Merrell has options similar to Teva, such as velcro strap sports sandals and a hybrid shoe/sandal. Merrell sometimes uses Vibram on their outsoles, which is worth noting for exceptional performance in wet conditions. Still, their sports sandals arent as highly regarded as their hiking boots. Merrells hiking boots are second to none. Keens might be more worthy of your consideration if your primary goal is finding a do-it-all sport sandal. The Keen Newport, for instance, has a rubber sole that wraps over the toes for a little extra protection.

If you decide you want the full protection of a hiking boot over the simplicity of an active sandal, by all means, consider Merrell, Keen, or even Danner. However, if you are looking for a lightweight sandal that is as comfortable at the beach as it is on the mountain, we recommend sticking with Chaco and Teva.

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How To Style Teva Sandals

For a no-brainer casual look, pair your Teva Original Universal Sport sandals with jeans or neutral tone trousers for a bright and breezy outfit. For the guys, sandals and oversized shirts left unbuttoned are a flawless summer combo, doubling down on minimalist vibes. For the ladies, you really cant go wrong with your favourite slouchy denim and cotton t-shirt with sandals, three wardrobe staples paired to perfection.

Who said you cant wear Teva sandals for a formal occasion?! Practice some high low sports-luxe dressing by pairing the functional Teva Hurricane sandals with a softer formal dress like a silk slip dress. Paired with simple gold accessories and a bag, youve got yourself a perfect formal outfit for people that dont like to be too feminine, adding a little edge into the mix.

Socks and sandals? We say yes.

Pair a cute smock dress with Teva flatform sandals and ankle socks for super cute vibes with a little twist. Adding in the utilitarian minimalist platforms will stop your prettiest dresses being too sickly sweet, especially with added heavy layered jewellery. It may be controversial, but we love it.

If you were thinking that Teva only provides sandals for the summer months you were wrong. Their latest collection of sustainable shoes offer that versatility for indoor, outdoor footwear. Made from recycled rip-stop fabric that has a Teva RAPIDresist protective coating they are water-resistant making them ideal for misty mornings.

Which Teva Sandals Are Best For Walking

Teva Verge Sandal Unbox & Review

If youre looking for walking sandals to see you through long treks or hikes, look towards the Teva Hurricane sandals. With the same levels of comfort and support, the Teva Hurricane sandals have an extra level of grip via their Rugged Durabrasion Rubber outsole. This specially designed sole gives you extra grip as well as a bit more spring in your step, making them the perfect walking sandals for your summer adventures.

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When Should You Avoid Teva Water Sandals

It would be best to avoid long-distance hiking of any kind, but in particular in very challenging terrain or with the possibility of severe weather changes, with Teva water sandals.

Although many Teva water shoes offer excellent traction and good support, they are not enough for the type of conditions that you could face on a long or difficult hike.

In addition, both the open-toed Teva water sandals or Teva water shoes do not have sufficient toe protection for the potential hazards on the trail. Teva water sandals have none, and Teva water shoes may cover most of the toes, but often there are still gaps and lack the extra protection found in proper hiking shoes or boots.

What Is The Chaco

Chaco is a well known footwear brand which provides an assortment of first-rate accessories and footwear for outdoor-minded people. Its highlight product is adjustable Z-strap sandals also called as Chacos.

The Iconic Z sandal was produced in 1989, through nearly 30 years of appearance in the market, it gradually wins customers heart and possesses a solid position in adventure lovers minds.

Currently, Chaco sandals are available in 3 distinct editions: Classic Z, Cloud Z, and Volv Z.

Unlike other sandal brands which have manufacturers in Africa and Asia countries in the purpose of declining production cost, Chacos are only manufactured in the US so you could set your mind at peace as the quality is 100% guaranteed.

In general, Chaco is a great sandal brand as they allow customers to customize the straps color and deliver premium quality. However, the price is fairly high .

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Footwear For New Zealand

The first Teva sandals emerged from the banks of the Grand Canyon, and since then Teva has been at the forefront of practical footwear. From outdoor adventures, musical festivals to road trips, Teva has left footprints all over the globe.

Discover your next adventure in New Zealand with Tevas collection of versatile shoes. Explore our wide range of womens footwear, mens casual footwear and footwear for kids. Express yourself in our signature Original Universal sandals that offer a timeless utilitarian style. For shoes that embrace your individuality, Tevas Flatforms give you the freedom to express yourself. Tevas boots are made for the modern hiker and deliver all-day comfort no matter the distance.

Get lost in the moment and explore the outdoors with Tevas earth-friendly hiking boots and Original Universal sandals.

Are Naot And Birkenstocks The Same


The Naot sandal used to be synonymous with Birkenstocks two straps holding corks at the sole of each shoe. Yet this brand is no longer about selling shoes. In recent years, it has evolved into offering footwear fashionistas a place to express themselves and offer support. They wear fashionable outsides and orthopedic insides on this shoe brand.

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Are Tevas Or Chacos More Comfortable

Tevas have a lower arch and make you feel like youre walking closer to the ground. I have fairly flat feet and found Tevas to be more comfortable than Chacos. Chacos have a high arch, with a thicker midsole at the heel than Tevas. If your feet have high arches, theyll be more comfortable in Chacos.

Which Sandals Should You Buy Chaco Or Teva

Two strapping sandals go toe to toe.

If you’re in the market for a pair of summer-ready shoes, your go-to options are likely a pair of flip flops, classic white sneakers, loafers, or even a pair of mules. For many, the top of that list is a pair of sandals. The sandal kingdom has many subjects, but perhaps the most versatile is a pair of hiking sandals.

Sometimes called adventure sandals, these trail-ready summer shoes usually feature some kind of open-toe design with adjustable straps for the upper and barely anything else, save for a chunky sole that can take on the elements. They’re lightweight but durable, breathable and waterproof. Basically, they’re the perfect summer shoe.

Two of the most popular styles to date are Chaco’s Z/1 sandals and Teva’s Hurricane XLT2. They’re both weird, but, like, in a stylish way. And they’re often the two worth considering in the space that’s increasingly gotten more attention from the fashion world. More and more, people are flocking to Chaco and Teva, not for their trail prowess, but for their style. Socks and sandals makes no sense for a sandal that’s made to anticipate rivers and streams. They’re popular with the gorpcore aesthetic, hippie types and, of course, Japanese trendsetters, which has elicited a number of collaborations for both brands.

So now you’re here, pondering a potential purchase. But which one should you get? We compare the two, side by side.

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Are Teva Sandals Worth The Money

Tevas are very affordable, even compared to Chacos, but perhaps not as rugged. Still, if you want a comfortable sandal that is great for leisure and good enough for light hiking, then Teva sandals are worth the money. If your first focus is adventuring, and you prefer Tevas velcro closures to the buckles straps, the Hurricane is a solidly built outdoor sandal.

While Teva doesnt have the custom options that you can add to a pair Chaco Z, they did put together a collaboration with Polaroid. It was unexpected, but the mismatch collaboration seems to work. Another small difference in approach is that the brand now offers a way to recycle your faded and worn out teva sandals. They dont have a repair program like you might use for your Chaco, but they do offer the recycling program at no cost to you.


  • check Velcro straps easier to adjust
  • check Thinner sole for leisure activity
  • check Sustainable company focus

What Is A Teva

My first Teva sandal review

Teva is a well known footwear brand that provides a variety of products such as casual shoes, flip flops, fashionable sandals for women, men and kids. It is a beloved brand for outdoor lovers, travelers, and adventures all around the world.

Currently, they have several sandal collections named Hurricane, Terra, Kayenta, ALP, Sirra, Verra and Kayenta. In general, they provide a bunch of models with various colors and designs so the customers could easily choose the one fit their taste. Also, the price of Teva sandals is ranging from 70$ to 110$ which could fit everyones pocket.

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What Is The Best Active Sandal

While each brand is a little different, Chacos are a bit more rugged, while Tevas are a bit more casual and affordable. Neither brand is costly, but if you are looking for a sandal to mostly chill in, with the occasional hike thrown in for good measure, Tevas might be your best bet at a slightly lower price point. Still, our favorite sandals are Chaco sandals because they are built with superior durability.

Chacos overall design and better durability also increase their sandals overall versatility. Chaco sandals will work in whitewater or off-the-grid excursions.

We are also fans of the ReChaco Repair program that allows you to send your worn-out footwear in for the webbing or soles to be repaired. Honestly, Chacos are built well, so if you need to do this, it is a sign you are enjoying life, so you might wear them like a badge of honor.

The buckle is sturdy, and the adjustable straps fit perfectly to your foot. The contoured Luvseat shape of the sole has been certified by podiatrists for comfort and support, and the dual-density polyurethane sole used on the cloud sandals provides excellent cushioning. The Luvseat design creates an incredibly comfortable footbed that stands above the competitors.

Like anything, the decision partially comes down to personal preference and intended use, but we recommend Chacos as the best adventure sandal. Pick up a pair of Chacos and enjoy the great outdoors.


Which One Should You Buy

If you’re looking for a sandal with some chunk and upgraded materials, step into the Chacos. The Z/1 Classics are a touch heftier and a step up in price compared to the Hurricane XLT2. The PU foam feels more substantial and if your feet have higher arches, you’ll like the support of the Chacos more. Though the strap adjustment is a little fiddly, the single, continuous webbing and wrap-around design feels more ergonomic. Plus, there are no annoying velcro straps.

The Z/1s also come in a wider range of color options, including customizable versions, over the Hurricanes. And it’s very worth mentioning that they come in wide widths, too. So if you’re looking for a pair to match your ‘fit and the fit of your feet more precisely, you might be better off with Chaco.

Chacos are also built for the long haul. The jump in price also means you get access to Chaco’s resole program. Yes, you can have your Chaco sandals resoled. Bet you thought it was just Goodyear-welted boots.

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