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Where Can I Get Basketball Shoes

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Have A Look At The Three Sections Of A Basketball Shoe

How to get basketball shoes for free

The very first decision to make is which height you want to go with. They are available in high mid or low elevations with each appealing to a different style of player.

  • HIGH

The upper is the part of the shoe which wraps around the base of your ankle and in the run provides an added layer of support. However due to this additional layer more weight is added to the shoe making them perfect for aggressive players such as centers and forwards who require more support.

Mid-top footwear for basketball offers a satisfactory medium for sportsmen regarding ankle support. The upper material fits correctly at the ankle to give some coverage. They allow for increased flexibility and are great for all-around players or athletes who are hesitant about their desired basketball position.

  • LOW

Can be an excellent fit for guards looking to race up and down the court but they usually offer very less support for your ankle owing to their low location.

Once you’ve made your choice you can then decide on the type of material from which your upper will be made.

Your uppers need to be protected by some device if you want them to stay on your feet. They are light straightforward and can secure your footwear.

You’d also find with zippers straps closure materials for added support and protection.


Top Tips For Basketball Practice

Like any sport the more you practice the better you will become. It is best to work on the parts of your game that are the weakest first and then keep working on your skills in that order, so grab a ball and a portable basketball hoop and follow our tips. If you dont already have a basketball, see which one is right for you in our roundup here.


For jump shots make sure youre practicing from all angles on the court. You never know what situation you will be in where you need to make an important shot. Pick a spot on the court that is your weakest and dont leave until you make 5 shots in a row. If you make 4 and miss the fifth then start all over again.


Playing basketball is all about stamina. Whoever has the most energy in the 4th quarter will usually come out on top. To play your best basketball its crucial to work on your cardio. Start each practice with some laps around the court. Once you are warmed up you can do some stop and start drills to make sure youre getting to your top speed as quickly as possible. If you are really dedicated, hit the treadmill for 30-60 mins after practice when you are at your most tired. This will ensure you have the energy to play for a full 48 minutes.


Dont underestimate the layup. It might not look as cool as dunks but it is more useful and you will score more points if you are proficient at laying up.

Take A Quiz To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Basketball Shoes

If you are a little overwhelmed by all the things you need to consider, then you might be interested in a simple quiz I developed. You answer a set of simple questions about which type of player you are, whether you plan to play outdoors etc. and the quiz will automatically recommend the best-rated shoe that fits all your criteria. This way you can find a good basketball shoe within minutes instead of browsing the web for hours!

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Are Air Max Shoes Good For Basketball

Sefoloshas rotation between the Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 has been a statement. A statement that has advanced his standing in the sneaker world. The lack of traditional basketball sneaker supportnot to mention ankle protectionmakes any Nike Air Max model a unique choice for the toughest basketball league on earth.

Basketball Shoes Are They Practical Off The Court

Nike Mens Zoom Witness Basketball Shoes 105

With good basketball shoes, you can definitely wear them off the court. But do you want to? The outer sole will become worn down a lot quicker the more you wear them on concrete and asphalt. Try to keep your court shoes separate from your street shoes. This will extend the life of your court shoes and give them time to get broken in before getting worn out. One thing is for sure, any of these shoes will look great with a lot of different outfits so its understandable that you would want to wear them as much as possible. If you can save them for special occasions or impress that certain someone then go for it.

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Trademark Nike Air Zoom Features

The design isnt the only thing we love about this Nike Cosmic Unity basketball shoe. Equipped with a full-length Air Zoom strobel throughout the bottom, they provide you with insane comfort so you can play for hours with an excellent response to your movements. The strobel might be the best part about this shoe not just because of the comfort but also for its performance. With this advanced layer, you can easily pivot in any direction making your crossovers unstoppable and giving you extra speed that other players simply dont have. It is supported by a thin rubber outsole that is there to protect your foot and the shoe, making it durable and providing good traction.

Big Names In The Game

The biggest names in game both types have options galore for you. Whether its Nike, Jordan, adidas, Under Armour, or another, has your feet covered.

The Nike LeBron line of signature footwear has all the support and cushioning for any bigger-size baller like LeBron James. A Max Air heel cushions every landing, while a Zoom Air forefoot keeps your foot a little lower to the ground for a low-profile angle that propels you forward.

Paul Georges signature line, the Nike PG series, features low-cut options built for breathability as well as more open, natural ankle flexion. A forefoot Zoom Air unit adds low-profile cushioning.

Kyrie Irving is represented here, too, with the Nike Kyrie lineup. A common thread through his first half-dozen releases is the way the lateral edge of the outsole wraps up the side to contain his and your foot during hard cuts and slashes. And many of his signature models also feature a bold midfoot strap that helps lock you in.

And let your Freak flag fly with Giannis Antetokounmpos inaugural signature shoe, the Nike Zoom Freak 1. Easily recognizable with its rare reverse Swoosh at the heel midsole, its also built with a forefoot lockdown cage among a mesh upper designed to breathe.

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Tell Your Story Your Way With Mens Basketball Shoes

Guys may value a strong sneaker game because of what it brings to the court or to the street. But theres a common thread through both: mens basketball shoes are your go-to.

A quick scroll through your options will tell you why. You want to represent a player you love to watch, or maybe you respect his off-court presence. Or maybe he just has the dopest shoes in the game. Whatever matters most to you, youll find something to help you tell your own story.

Nike has typically found itself on the feet of stars, from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant to LeBron James and beyond. adidas has its 3-Stripes logo on the feet of MVP-caliber stars James Harden and Damian Lillard. If long-distance sniping and overall toughness is your thing, Under Armours got you with its Stephen Curry signature line.

The Jordan brand has hung out at the corner of luxury and performance since 1985. And while PUMA got its first endorsement in 1973 and has remained a street staple ever since, the German athletic legend has returned to the hardwood with the PUMA Clyde Court collection.

Best Basketball Shoes To Wear Casually In 2022

How To Clean Basketball Shoes Get More Grip

May 9, 2021 By Ian Daniel

How many of you have gazed at your basketball shoes and wondered, Wouldnt they look good like lifestyle shoes? My friend, the right basketball shoes can enhance your casual attire and give you a unique appearance, but hang on, rewind a little, basketbaland reflect on the four words you just read, The right basketball shoes. Not every basketball shoe can give you the crisp, bracing, and nippy look you can look like an absolute chump with the wrong choice. So let me give you a helping hand in choosing the best basketball shoes to wear casually in 2022.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Basketball Shoe For Playing Volleyball

Breathability Matters

No matter if you are playing basketball or volleyball or any other sport, you simply cant ignore the breathability feature in whatever you are wearing.

Breathable shoes make it easier for you to focus on the game as they keep your feet away from excessive sweat.

Being a professional sportsman, I know how difficult it is to cope up with the moisture while playing the game especially when you are wearing the socks.

So, brotherly advice in this regard is to never ignore the breathability feature. Consider getting the shoes that have got a mesh or a textile upper.

These two materials offer proper air circulation ways, which fades out the moisture inside the shoes effectively. That must be a PRIORITY for you.

Shock Absorption Properties

Sports such as basketball volleyball and badminton etc. demands extra aggression. You have to make quick movements and jump higher to make an impact on the game.

In all this scenario, your feet are prone to get cramps or a long-lasting injury especially if you are not wearing the right footwear.

What Im trying to imply is that you must choose the shoes that come with a shock absorptive midsole.

Believe me, youd be flying higher than other players when you are sure that the shoes Im wearing are going to save me no matter what happens.

Although such shoes would cost you a little much more, you can spend a few bucks more when it involves your benefit.

Low/Mid/High Top Design and What Should You Choose?

Of course!

New Technology Has Eliminated Rubber Altogether

A huge benefit to this shoe is that it does not contain any rubber whatsoever. Rubber is notoriously heavy and by building a shoe without rubber you can be sure that your speed and hops will improve immensely. Overall, Under Armour has designed a great court shoe that will make you a better basketball player. If you have never owned a pair of Under Armours before then make these your first. It will most likely not be your last as the technology, care and materials that go into this are very noticeable.

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Take Advantage Of This High Top Design

Because these are a high-top design shoe the upper part is made with mesh details to reduce the weight and keep these shoes nimble. The mesh wraps around your foot tightly making this a very comfortable shoe. The laces on this shoe are laced through molded fins that are pulled down when tightened, providing a unique way of working with the material to prevent any pressure points, keeping your foot centered and giving you great lateral stability. You can play basketball on outdoor courts with these since the rubber sole will hold up nicely. The 360 degrees, computer-generated circular traction pattern works wonders, helping you stay in control and easily come in and out of cuts.

How We Pick Basketball Shoes That Provide The Best Ankle Support


To ensure the validity of our claims and eventual assessments, no review was written without us playing in the shoe first. Our experience on the court served as the major determinant of the basketball shoe’s fate in our rankings. In addition to this, we include the following:

  • We say no to freebies.

Don’t get us wrong, free shoes are nice and we will always be grateful for them. However, the sponsorship arrangement may cloud our judgment. As reviewers, we feel it’s the best if we keep sponsors at bay.

  • The experience of other testers are valid, too!

Before we finalize our reviews and our picks, we make it a point to refer to the experiences of other basketball shoe experts/testers. We don’t see them as competitors instead, we consider them our partners in giving you a more comprehensive appreciation of what a basketball shoe can offer.

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The Tongue Helps A Lot

There are lots of features here that the older versions of this basketball shoe do not have, starting with the tongue which is made from air mesh. This wraps around your foot easily, lets your foot breathe more and lets more air in to dry sweat and keep your foot from sliding. With this special material, the tongue can provide support and further assists in keeping your foot in place when laced up. It also utilizes synthetic overlays to add durability and strength for use on or off the court

Special Cushioning For Fast Breaks

Continuing with the impressive lower half is the cushioning system, featuring an improved ProFoam+ which is softer and provides more compression. This keeps your foot active and light which is why you can get a great response out of it a very supportive shoe without feeling too soft. The upper half of this great shoe is made from very lightweight material to counteract the sole and cushion system and is very minimalistic so you only have exactly what is needed to keep your foot in place. Stick to ordering your true size as this shoe will break in very nicely. The minimal material and ProFoam+ cushion completely engulf your foot and will be a very comfortable shoe.

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Picking Your Next Pair Of Basketball Shoes

Picking your next pair of basketball shoes can be difficult. Finding out about the latest releases, reading reviews, checking prices, and getting the right size it often takes me days or even weeks to settle on a new pair.

Now, maybe I am just really picky when it comes to basketball sneakers, but there is a reason why!

  • They grip the floor and allow quick cuts and crossovers
  • They provide impact protection and reduce the stress on your knees and feet
  • They fit comfortably and lock down your feet tightly
  • They provide support and protect your ankles from rolling

In short: Good basketball shoes will help you to get the most out of your game!

Final Top Tips For Choosing Your Basketball Shoes

Top Nike Basketball Shoes You Can Get RIGHT NOW! 2021

How to ensure you are getting the very best shoes possible for you.

Sizing Consideration

This can be tough as there is no clear-cut answer to know what the perfect size will be for you. Each company is slightly different and finding the right basketball shoes can be frustrating. If the basketball shoe youre looking at has a lot of padding around the upper ankle and Achilles then you may want to order a half size up. Conversely, if you prefer a sleek profile with minimal materials then you can be pretty sure that your true size will be fine.


The majority of these shoes are very lightweight. With light shoes, you can run faster and make quick breaks. The grip and stability of your basketball shoe are not based on weight. Some players may prefer a heavier shoe for better feel and control and in that case, we recommend going with the Puma Rs-Dreamer J. Cole Black Mens 193990.


When choosing a design it really comes down to your own personal style. Each shoe has its own characteristics that will appeal to different people. Once you find a basketball shoe that you like, make sure it has all the features youre looking for, and then go for it. If a shoe has all the necessary requirements but you dont think it looks amazing then its not the best basketball shoe for you.


Take note of how they fit around the ankle and if you can notice any rubbing. If that occurs in the store then chances are it will happen on the court.

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Practice More Without Getting Too Hot

This shoe is made for the serious baller who wants to get those long practice hours in without your feet being too hot or sweaty. The upper part of the shoe is made with a special open-hole mesh that allows for incredible breathability its like air conditioning for your shoes and the special mesh is great for providing comfort. Its soft texture prevents unwanted rubbing and it securely wraps around every inch of your foot. It has a die-cut EVA sock liner to keep your foot in place and add a bit of cushioning under your foot. This cushioning is the perfect consistency to not only absorb landings but also get you off the ground again quickly. If you ever wondered how Joel Embiid gets all those rebounds then look no further. You just need these shoes and perhaps to be 7 feet tall.

Stay Mobile With This Special Design Feature

Although a mid-rise basketball shoe, it provides a lot of support, keeping your feet contained nicely without feeling too tight. This allows for amazing lateral movement so you can work around picks and screens easily. The designers kept the shoe light by incorporating mesh in the upper portion, making it nice and cool whilst giving your foot a snug fit. These shoes are so comfortable, requiring little to no break-in time and will feel like they were custom-made for you.

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Basketball Shoes: Put Your Best Foot Forward

From the classic black and white plimsolls to the cool, trendy styles available today, basketball shoes have come a long way. What started as a simple canvas and rubber sole athletic shoe, has evolved over the ages to the present day variants that come in leather and other engineered material. These shoes started off as outfits for the feet of basketball players, helping them with their high jumps and other game stunts. But over time, they became a style statement and found their way into every home around the world. The plain white, black Chuck Taylors or Chucks from the shoemaking company Converse dominated the playing court for years. Their canvas and rubber soles gave more form and functionality to the players feet.

Today we can find these shoes in a wide range of materials like nylon, leather, cloth, and canvas. There is more emphasis on how the shoe looks and how comfortable it is for wearing. Although branding and design elements have become paramount for shoemaking companies, their basics remain rooted in technological advances. From shoes that have airbags fitted into the soles to having your shoe tightened to fit your foot by the use of a pump, basketball shoes for men& women are being made to support your everyday sporting need.

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