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Where Do Drag Queens Buy Shoes

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Where To Find Large Crossdresser Shoes


Male-to-female crossdressers tend to have larger feet than our female counterparts. For example, average male feet range from 9 Mens to 12 Mens , yet very few Womens shoes are available in sizes above 9 Mens . Where can you find gorgeous crossdresser shoes in larger sizes?

DressTech offers the largest selection of feminine crossdresser shoes, crossdresser high heels, and boots. We also have an enormous selection of platform dance shoes, and glamorous drag queen heels. Choose from thousands of incredible crossdresser heels, in sizes up to Mens 15.5 !

How To Walk In Heels

  • Baby Steps: Shorter steps will boost your balance and control. You can lengthen your stride later, when you become more comfortable in heels.
  • Heel-First: When beginners feel unbalanced or insecure, they sometimes resort to a flat-footed stride. However, you should strive to land on the heel and roll off the toe, just like you do with normal shoes. Youre gait will instantly look more natural!
  • Posture: High heels shift your center of gravity and posture. Focus on being tall and correct posture will follow.
  • Walk On A Line: Plant each step directly in front of the previous, as if walking on a narrow line. For practice, find a seem in your flooring or put down some masking tape, then practice walking on that line.
  • Rhythm Find a comfortable rhythm and try to move with it. Keep your hips loose and allow them to sway in a figure eight pattern. After you become comfortable with this movement, you can exaggerate it for a super model stride!
  • Practice: Like any worthwhile skill, practice makes perfect. Wear your crossdresser heels around the house until you feel more confident in them. Visit for more tips on how to walk in high heels.

Where Do Drag Queens Shop

So you’ve decided that you want to become a drag artist. Perhaps you’ve chosen your drag name and started to think about your drag aesthetic. These early steps can be tough when starting from scratch but can also be some of the most fun.

To get started as a drag artist you’re going to need some basic drag supplies. We’re talking about wigs, heels, lashes, makeup, corsets and everything else that goes into a successful drag transformation. You won’t find most of this in a high street store so you have to know where to look. This is where it can get difficult if you don’t have a drag family or drag parent to guide you.

There are several different types of places that drag queens shop:

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Must Have Drag Queen Heels


This comfortable classic features a broad toe box, low heel, and single strap. Mary Janes are traditionally worn with socks or pantyhose, and a dress or skirt with blouse. Mary Jane crossdresser heels may be just the ticket for vintage looks.


Believe it or not, but women dont always wear 4 high heels! You might consider leaving your crossdresser high heels at home for casual lunches or daytime shopping.


Boots are practically a necessity for fall fashion and also work well for evening looks. From ankle boots to thigh-highs, boots can make a bold fashion statement.

Large Size Woman’s Shoes

1018  Drag Queen Shoes for Drag Queens

Pleasers Pink Label Range is a Collection of Sexy High Heel Large Heels Specially Designed and manufactured for transgender women, t girls, cross-dressers, drag queens, female impersonators, drag show performers or anybody with a foot size up to Ladies Large Size UK 13, The pink label collection features approximately 150 enticing styles. Demure or bold, Sexy Shoes or Kinky Boots. From comfortable flats and Low Heeled classic Pumps to Flirty wedges and Glitzy Sky-High Platform Boots. This diverse collection is sure to deliver the wearer a boost in confidence when showing off their alluring beauty, living out their true self or fulfilling their inner Fantasy. If your looking for Cross Dressing Shoes with a High Heel and Platform and enjoy wearing heels then we have many for you to choose from!

You can search for your Shoe Size on the following link: Search by Size

From Open Toe Shoes and Boots in Large Sizes to Kinky Thigh High, Knee Length Boots and Fetish Ankle Boot. We have Them All. Large Shoes with Heels for Men are our speciality, Black Patent Court Shoes are amongst our Best Sellers of Mens Sissy Clothing UK.

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Kinky Boots: Where Do Drag Queens Shop

Posted by Ali Lehman

In these dark times of peak governmental incompetence, Tiger King and a deadly virus , I distract myself by contemplating lifes difficult questions: Where do my favorite local drag queens shop? And how does one obtain a mens size 13 stiletto boot?

I love drag because the art of female illusion will forever intrigue me. How do men of all shapes and sizes transform into such elegant, beautiful women? I decided to see how the sausage was made err, tucked.

I asked Play Nashvilles own Miss Genesis 2019, Ivy St. James.

She has a pro-level brand of cheeky, yet glamorous drag that I find particularly uplifting.

Here are her recommendations:

Some stores like Shoe Show and Performance Studios have up to a size 13.

Larger sizes have to shop online, but even then, theyre hard to find.

Brands like Pleaser carry up to at least a size 15.

On Clothes:

We like to hit up thrift stores from time to time to find more of those classic pieces, and honestly there are so many in and around Nashville that are great.

Usually we will hit up Buffalo Exchange because its right up the street from Play, so its easy to go there after a brunch shift.

On Beauty:

We get our lashes online from BatMe! Cosmetics. Fun Fact: the creator is someone I know and is the first trans woman of color in the country to start her own beauty brand. They have great lashes and a sickening eye shadow pallet!

On Accessories:

How To Get The Right Size

When shopping for drag shoes online you will find that the majority of platform heels and boots are sold in women sizes. As a male trying to buy platform shoes you simply need to do a size conversion, like if you were shopping for pumps in another country.

If you are male simply go up two sizes to find your female size. If the boots or shoes have a closed toe its generally advised that you go up three sizes to find your female size.

For example, if you are a size 9, you want to order a female size 11 if open toe or a size 12 if it is a closed toe.

It can also be a very good idea to measure the length and width of the feet so that you can double-check what size you need on the website you are buying from.

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What Would You Say Is The Most Important Thing For Shoes That You Perform In

During long nights- you want heels that will hold you up. Paige, Gina and Gloria agree that sturdiness and stability is key! Paige Turner explains Heel height and sturdiness of the heel is important. Also, so is finding a balance between a heel that isnt big and unsightly, or a heel that isnt too pointy. Gina Tonic adds I look for heels that wont wobble or break! If Im spending a lot of money on shoes, its important they last. So far, it seems stability and style is key for what drag queens look for in shoes. But, what about comfort?

Crossdresser Shoes And Fabulous Drag Queen Heels

Drag Queen Shoes! Nova’s Collection (Part 1)

Everything you need to know about crossdresser shoes, including how to walk in crossddresser heels, size charts, and must have drag queen heels. Plus, Diana shares her favorite crossdresser high heels and provides tips on how to break in new crossdresser heels.

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How To Be A Drag Queen

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Whether you masquerade at midnight as a woman in your wife’s clothes, you have a secret, burning desire to sing Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” on stage, or you want to really strut your stuff around town as a full time woman, you’ll need to transform your masculine figure into a beautiful, feminine diva. Once you get the look, you can start developing your persona, get integrated into your local drag community, and maybe even start getting paid.

What Problems Do You Encounter With Sizing

Before, we mentioned the difficulties drag queens face with standard size womens heels. How do they get around it? Theres a lot of vanity sizing out there. Sometimes Im a womans size 9, sometimes Im an 11, Gloria notes that indeed, drag queens have relatable problems. My left foot is a quarter size larger, my favourite vintage shoes rarely come in larger sizes, which is a shame,

For Gina, theres often a compromise with sizes. Im a 10.5 in mens, which should translate to a 12.5 in womens, but that shoe size doesnt exist. I usually end up buying size 13s, which is fine because feet swell when youre in heels for too long. So theyre usually a little loose at the start of the show but they fit better by the middle and end of a show.

So, thats what drag queens look for in shoes, and just like drag queens, women struggle with standard sizing everywhere. Our PrecisonFit service takes away the annoying struggle, with shoes that are handmade for your foot measurements. Find out more on our website. Plus, you can use our online 3D designer to create your own shoes. Your favourite designs arent available in your size? Design your own today!

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How To Break In New Crossdresser Heels

New crossdresser heels may be stiff and uncomfortable, but theyll feel better after you break them in. Fortunately, heels generally break-in quickly due to their light-duty construction. Often, it is sufficient to wear your new pair of crossdresser heels around the house for a few days until you are satisfied with the fit and comfort. During the break-in period, feel free to wear socks they may look strange, but socks will reduce blisters and discomfort.

For a faster break-in, try gently heating problem areas with a blow dryer, and then immediately walk around while they cool. Most shoes stretch more easily when warmed, but too much heat may damage them. The key is to warm the shoes until they are warm to the touch, but not too hot.

What Is Your Ideal Heel Height

1051  Drag Queen Shoes for Drag Queens

Drag queens are known for strutting in super high platforms, being as extra as possible. But is it true? It really varies by the person, Says Gina I usually wear 5-6 Glorias personal taste is At least 4 inches, with a thick heel, Usually, Paige opts for a slightly smaller heel, I like to wear 3 to 3.5 inches, otherwise, it needs a platform in it.

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Key West Starts 2021 With Drag Queens Shoe Drop

Monroe County Key West

KEY WEST, Fla. Gary Marion, better known as Drag Queen Sushi, stepped into Key Wests giant red high-heel shoe on Thursday.

Instead of midnight, Marion took the courageous step before 10 p.m. to abide by the curfew. Attendance was limited to encourage social distancing.

Instead of Duval Street, Marion dropped from a second-story area that faced the courtyard of the Bourbon Street Pub area.

Aside from the New Years Eve Shoe Drop, Key West also celebrates with the drops of a super-sized conch shell and a pirate wench, but the events were canceled.

FLASHBACK: A very crowded NYE in 2019

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Where To Buy Drag Queen Shoes

A really good place to look for boots and shoes for drag queens is at Pleaser shoes. Specifically, their pink label range as these have been designed especially for anyone needing larger womens shoe sizes.

Pleaser says that the Pink Label range openly embraces modern values of acceptance and accommodation.

The range of diverse footwear in the collection features many classics as well as extreme styles. They come in extended sizes and foot width, meaning that they allow the wearer to be true to themselves and their spirit. Classics and extreme styles can be worn with comfort by anyone with larger and wider feet.

Whether you need a women size 11 or a 16 , Pleaser will have a pair that will fit you like a dream.

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Dianas Favorite Crossdresser High Heels

What are my favorite crossdresser shoes? I love these cocktail shoes so much that I bought a second pair! I usually wear the nude color because it seems to match more of my outfits, and because they make my legs look longer. However, sometimes I wear my red crossdresser high heels for a bold splash of color. I dont know why, but I found these to be super comfortable. Plus, who doesnt love the bow detail?

How To Find Comfortable Drag Queen Heels

Let’s talk Drag Queen Heels with Faith Michaels: Irregular Choice Dark Empire and Flamingo Heels

Drag queen heels shouldnt kill your feet! Its important to start with a proper fit. Just remember that the most gorgeous pair of heels wont look so great if youre limping home at 1am. The most sexy heels are definitely the ones that allow you to dance all night and stride with confidence.

Stick to a height that you can handle. One study found that a 3 heel puts 76% of your weight on the balls of your feet, compared to only 22% for a 2 heel. If youre new to crossdressing or planning a long night out, then choose crossdresser shoes with a shorter heel length.

When trying on shoes, pay close attention to pressure points and rubbing. A little bit of rubbing can easily turn into a painful blister! Try to avoid pointy toed shoes because they tend to smoosh toes together. Also watch out for uncomfortable straps.

Follow the instructions below to break in new heels

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Online Clothing Stores / Platforms

If you’re looking for the widest possible range of products from a number of different brands, with different looks and feels, undoubtedly online clothing platforms are the best way to go. By ‘platforms’ we mean aggregators such as ASOS, Zalando. You will have to dig through options a lot more than on a specialist drag store, but it can be worth it. For best results, we recommend searching for keywords such as ‘drag’, ‘glitter’, ‘rainbow’, ‘sequins’ and so on.

Your Online Drag Queen Clothing Store

It doesnt matter whether you dress as a drag queen frequently or on the rare occasion either way, youll still want to feel empowered, beautiful and confident. Our range of drag queen clothing and accessories are perfect for you to take on the world, one act at a time.

No two drag queens are the same, which is why you can embrace your unique style with our wide range of clothes and accessories. We stock everything from fitted skirts and dresses, to colorful blouses to give your outfit the wow factor. No two days have to be the same for you either, as you can adapt your look with different wigs, artificial nails, and make-up.

Youll also want to explore our range of shoes and hosiery, which can give your outfit the final flourish. All of our stockings whether fishnet or sheer are designed to fit the male form, making them much more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Our high heels and boots are also likely to attract many compliments when you wear them as part of your drag act.

For a show-stopping drag queen outfit, dont forget that we also have a range of corsets in stock. You can try our corsets on in our boutique store in New Jersey, where we have qualified fitters on hand to help you with your shopping, so you can see how they fit before you buy them. Online customers are always welcome to contact us for help with orders, for corsets and all our other products.

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What Drag Queens Look For In Shoes To Be Comfortable

Standard size heels are rarely an option for drag queens. For men with wider, larger feet, a size 4 womens stiletto just isnt viable. However, Gloria Swansong has found the dream combo. What makes a shoe comfortable? I think arch support, a wide enough toebox. Also, I think leather is the only way to go. Plastic shoes hurt!

Heels For Men Large Size Heels For The Crossdresser And Trans

1052  Drag Queen Shoes for Drag Queens

We specialize in Heels for men, Large Sized Women’s Shoes to size 17, Drag Queen Shoes, High Heel Shoes, Boots, Slippers, Wide Width Women’s Shoes and Plus Size Hosiery. All Heels For Men is your source for heels for men, cross dressing heels, boots and sexy slippers in sizes 9-17 including shoes made in mens sizes! We also carry a large selection of hosiery for men including pantyhose, fishnet stockings, opaque tights, body-stockings, thigh-high stockings, gaffs and panties in large sizes for men. If you are a cross-dressing man who has a hard time finding the feminine shoes and stockings you love in large sizes, your search is over! We have been serving the trans-woman and cross-dressing community for over 20 years, and we look forward to serving you. Remember, refer to our size chart, or add two sizes to your male shoe size in order to find your female shoe size.

  • 10145 NW 46th StreetSunrise,FL,33351
  • 954-748-5855

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