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Where To Buy Baby’s First Walking Shoes

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Robeez Girls Soft Soles Traditional Silhouette

Best Baby First Walking Shoes – 2018 | Baby’s First Shoes | Infant First Walking Shoes Review

If you have a baby girl, you can consider these shoes from Robeez. The advantage of these shoes is that the bottom sole is made of soft leather, which protects the feet, but at the same time, it also helps the baby is gaining a sensory understanding of the material she is walking upon. There are four colors available in these shoes, and they are all adorable.

The shoes are also quite roomy, ensuring enough space for the feet, and it doesnt feel restrictive for your baby girl. In addition, the ankles have elastic, so you do not worry about tying the laces. So, overall, these are something that you can opt for if you are worried about the natural growth of the babys feet.

Pros Of The Robeez Walking Shoes

  • It comes with a slip-resistant leather sole.
  • Approved by American Podiatric Medical Association
  • The sole is soft, which helps the baby in gaining sensory information.

Cons Of The Robeez Walking Shoes

  • Not available for boys

How To Choose The Best Baby Walking Shoes

When you’re buying baby walking shoes, keep on the lookout for a few more criteria recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics :

  • Flexible, nonslip soles. The AAP also recommends that babys first shoes should be closed-toe and comfortable for her to wear.

  • Make sure the shoe fits. Baby shoes shouldnt need to be broken in they should fit your baby and be comfortable immediately with a bit of wiggle room.

  • No special features needed. The AAP says that sneakers are a great choice and recommends that parents stay away from shoes with wedges, inserts or special arches, as they are not needed and can actually make it harder for baby to walk.

When Should I Get Shoes For My Baby

Before she’s walking, you really only need socks or booties to keep your babys feet warm. But once she starts to walk outside, shell need suitable shoes to prevent injuries to her tiny toes.

When searching for a pair of baby shoes, Brittany Ferri, Ph.D., licensed occupational therapist, says to choose nonskid or rubber soles that will help with stability as your child begins to walk.

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How We Chose The Best Baby Shoes

When looking at the best baby shoes, we took into account the above guidelines and made sure that all of our picks were flexible and supportive, while offering plenty of traction. From there, we focused in on the styles that members of the What to Expect community, as well as our editors, have tested and recommend.

Ready to start shopping? Check out our top picks for the best baby walking shoes below.

See registry advice and a custom baby gear checklist

Get Your Baby Started Off On The Right Foot : Buy Mother Kids Baby Shoes First walkers Unisex Winter ...

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Verywell / Sabrina Jiang

While the best thing for a baby who is learning to walk is to be barefoot, thats not always the safest option. Because of potential dangers like broken glass, sharp rocks, and unfriendly insects, Miguel Cunha, DPM, Podiatrist and Founder of Gotham Footcare, recommends the use of baby walking shoes when walking outdoors for most, if not all, of the time.

It may be tempting to grab the cutest pair of shoes you can find on the shelves, but not all baby walking shoes are created equal, and you want to ensure youre getting a pair that will fit and protect those tiny toes while still supporting development and flexibility. Thankfully there are many wonderful options out there that are both adorable and safe for your baby.

Here are the best baby walking shoes on the market.

Not only are these shoes adorable, but theyre also designed to support a baby’s foot without inhibiting muscle and balance development. The shoes feature a wide toe box that allows for the natural splaying of toes and a rubber outsole that’s lightweight, shock-absorbing, and slip-resistant, ensuring your child’s safety and comfort.

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Choosing The Right Fit

So now that you know theyre ready to move on, how do you choose the right walking shoe? It can be daunting. The easiest thing is to break down exactly what you need. And once youve got your list clear, it all becomes a little more fun, as you choose the style and design that you most prefer.

The single most important thing to watch out for is choosing the right fit. We all know fit is important for a shoe. Many of us know the discomfort of a tight fighting shoe the digging into your foot, the distracting and painful rubbing and the cramped toes.

But when it comes to your babys feet, a bad fit can be less obvious. At this stage your toddlers nerve ending may not be completely developed. This means that if the shoes are uncomfortable they may not feel it.

And even if your toddler can feel it, theyre also just developing their communication skills and can find it difficult to let you know whats wrong.

Make sure you have your babys feet measured before you start shopping. You need to know the width as well as the length. And, if you can, try and measure your babys feet in the afternoon.

Most babies feet will swell during the day, so if you measure them first thing in the morning, you may get a slightly smaller measurement than they need. The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatristsrecommend that a new shoe should be approximately 12-16mm longer than the longest toe.

Baby Deer High Top Leather First Walker

On number 7, we have a pair of leather baby walking shoes from Baby Deer. These are high-quality shoes made of a crepe sole, and the shaft of the shoe measures 3 inches from the arch. The boots are highly fashionable, but they are available only in white. These shoes can be worn by boys as well as by girls. The girl offered by the sole is quite impressive, and it ensures that the baby doesnt slip even when he is walking on the slope.

The laces secure the closure system, and this again has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the shoes are reliable and available in the mid-range when we consider the shoes price.

Pros Of The Baby Deer Leather Walking Shoes

  • Has high top to support ankles
  • Made of 100% leather
  • The rubber sole provides an impressive grip to the child while learning to walk.

Cons Of The Baby Deer Leather Walking Shoes

  • No color options are available

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Thee Bron Infant Toddler Baby Soft Sole Leather Shoes

If you are looking for bellies for your daughter, then this could be the end of the search for you. These are not walking shoes, but bellies made of super soft material. The closure system depends on the design you choose, and you may get a buckle or a Velcro system. The guts look amazing with a dress, and they are perfect for when you are taking your child to a social gathering.

The rubber sole ensures a proper grip that doesnt slip at all, and at the same time, the shoes are made of a breathable insole, which offers optimal comfort to the baby. These bellies are not just for the children who can walk but also for the pre-walkers and the children who are still learning to walk.

Pros Of The THEE BRON Leather Walking Shoes

  • Available in 11 designs and colors
  • Quite an affordable option
  • It has a breathable insole with a Velcro/buckle closure system.

Cons Of The THEE BRON Leather Walking Shoes

  • Only for girls

Our buying guide is designed to help you select the type of baby walking shoes that you need.

Baby’s First Walking Shoes

Tips For Baby First Walking Shoes

Promoting healthy habits begins in infancy. One of the most vital ways to support your little ones journey is to protect their feet. Investing in the best-fitting walking shoes can make all the difference as your baby discovers the world and embarks on early adventures that set the stage for a happy and productive childhood.

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Our Boys First Walking Shoes Are Designed To Not Only Give Protection And Support To Your Little Ones As They Start To Explore But To Also Give Them All Day Comfort And Healthy Feet

We keep spirited feet moving in comfort by ensuring our shoes are designed specifically for childrens unique foot shapes, which is why our boys first walking shoes are available in up to four width fittings and in whole and half sizes.Practising those first steps is made easy with ultra lightweight flexible soles with just the right amount of grip for natural movement. And to protect little feet our shoes are crafted from premium soft leathers and padding around the ankle to prevent rubbing.

Hard Bottom Baby Walking Shoes

Todays baby hard bottom walking shoes are different from those of the past. Forget the inflexible hard soles that created difficulties for little ones learning to walk. Harder rubber soles on modern baby walking shoes create traction for your little walker, which helps with their balance and assists them in taking confident, supported steps.

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Best Sneakers: Nike Flex Contact 4

If you have a little runner on your hands, these Nikes will help keep them safe while also looking cute. Theyre made with breathable mesh upper materials and a rubber sole for good traction. Theyre available in standard kids sizes, 2 to 10 , but youll want to be sure they fit correctly if you think your baby will be running in them.

To ensure the right fit, Whitney Casares, M.D., M.P.H., Pediatrician, Author of The New Baby Blueprint: Caring for You and Your Little One and Founder of, says parents should make sure the babys toes are not crammed against the front edge of the shoes so theres room for movement as they walk.” If your baby trips and falls more when wearing the shoes than they do when barefoot, that can indicate the shoes are too large and you need to size down.

Additionally, Dr. Cunha says that children’s shoes should have shoelaces, velcro, or some other fastening system in order to be safe and secure. With a velcro strap, these sneakers will stay put but are still easy to take on and off.

Best Splurge: Stride Rite Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby And Toddler Boy’s Frankie Athletic Sneaker

High Quality Baby Boy Shoes Baby Sneakers Prewalker First Walking Baby ...

If you’re willing to splurge for top-of-the-line baby walking shoes, go for the Stride Rite Soft Motion Frankie Sneaker. The shoes have a memory foam footbed, sit higher up on the ankle , and have the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval. They’re made of classic white leather and feature a cushioned collar for added comfort and support.

Basically, these are baby luxury shoes. Like other Stride Rite shoes, they’re available in sizes 3 to 6 , including half-sizes, and have two different width options.

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Our Favorite Shoes For New Walkers

Pull out your tissues your baby or toddlers first steps pack a wallop. Another huge milestone that pulls on your heartstrings until you realize, Heyhe looks just like a drunken sailor.

Thus, its our duty to make sure that we find the smartest baby shoes to safely anchor our precious new walkers.

The best part about having two kids is a second chance not to screw it up again. Heres a few things that Ive learned along the way:

Best Water Shoes: Stride Rite Unisex

Little walkers are at the perfect age for splashing around in the kiddie pool or at a water table, but that poses a problem for their little feet, especially when the pool is surrounded by potentially hot asphalt.

According to podiatrist Dr. Cunha, shoes should be lightweight, supportive, and durable. It is important to pick a shoe that offers as much durability and protection as possible without sacrificing comfort or flexibility. So, as tempting as it may be to put your baby’s little toes into some flip flops, thats not going to be the best thing for their feet.

Instead, pick up a pair of these Stride Rite water shoes. Theyre designed to get wet and keep your babys feet from sliding around and causing falls. Theyre available in sizes 3 to 6 , including half sizes, and in medium or wide widths.

If you live in a colder climate, your tot may need some really warm boots for the cold winter months. Ugg has a lot of great kids boots , but the Bixbee Ankle Boot is great for babies and new walkers because it features a velcro strap that will keep the shoe firmly in place.

The booties have a super soft terry upper and interior to promote foot development but still feature a rough sole with small textured stars to provide some tractionthough you may not want your tot to test their walking skills on the ice just yet. These little booties are available in sizes 1 to 5 and are suitable for kids up to 24 months old.

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Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

These Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are the ultimate babys first walking shoes for any parents eager to relive their high-school basketball days. Not only is this style ultra-cool, but they also have outstanding durability for wear, a wide base thatll promote balance, lightweight cushioning and high-top leather design for comfort and support. If youre a huge fan of the classic Nike brand, youll be more than satisfied with how these shoes for babies live up to the name.

Buy it: $38,

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2022 First Shoes For Your Baby

What are the Best First Walking Shoes for Babies – Crawlers & Walkers?

Watching babies make their first attempts to walk is undoubtedly one of the most delightful moments in life and one in which we are most proud as parents. Its a huge milestone where your little munchkin leaves the age of crawling socks behind to owning a pair of cute baby walking shoes. In addition, many of them will begin to do it being barefoot and resting their little fingers on the ground, which will give them more security.

But over time, our little creatures will need the best baby walking shoes for babies that begin to walk their first steps and with which, little by little, they will feel very comfortable. Unfortunately, fashionable childrens shoes, with superhero and princess prints, bright colors, or bright applications, are not entirely a guarantee to help your child have a firm foot suitable for walking, jumping, and life, generally.

When babies start to take their first steps, the ideal footwear provides balance and stability while ensuring flexibility. Therefore, it is essential to take care of childrens feet during the first year of life to prevent later problems. It is crucial to choose a shoe and size appropriate to their feet length to do this.

Many people question whether baby walking shoes really have benefits or if the baby should walk barefoot. So we have answered that question below.

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Choosing The Right Materials

Avoid cheap materials. Its so important that your childs feet can breathe. For the best first walking shoes, look for breathable linings and upper shoes made from the softest, high quality leather, which will mould to their feet contours.

Without proper breathable materials, your childs feet will sweat in the shoe and they wont dry out properly. This can lead to foot health issues like athletes foot.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker is one of the most beautiful baby walking shoes with yummy white and pink leather upper and butterfly details so your little girl will love them.

These sneakers have rounded soles to reduce stumbles and deep flex grooves for maximum flexibility.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker are made of very soft and supple leather with elasticized lace-up panel and hook-and-loop closure so the shoe will fit perfectly and not fall off.

The inside has natural leather lining and soft memory foam for comfort.

Cons: The shoes have little ventilation so the feet get hot.

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And Dont Forget Most Importantly Of All To Have Fun

Once you know all the things to watch out for, buying your babys first pair of walking shoes is fun and marks an exciting new stage in them growing up.

Go to stores that specialise in high quality baby shoes for boys or girls and have fun selecting the colour, style and finish you want. Think about the time of year and any special occasions you might have coming up and choose a shoe that works for you.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy this very special time with your active little toddler.

How To Buy Babys First Walking Shoes

First Walker Canvas Toddler Walking Shoes

Your babys first walking shoes arearticles of joy and happiness for every member of the family. These denote thatyour baby has just started walking. Baby walking shoes are different from babybooties, which are used to cover a babys feet only. Picking the first babyshoes can be confusing and tricky. When you go to the market, you might find aplethora of adorable and cute baby walking shoes and it gets difficult tochoose the best ones.

You need to understand that yourbabys first walking shoes should not be selected only as per the design orcolor preference. The bones in theirlegs are still soft and fragile. You should be careful not to buy shoes thatare too-tight or ill-fitting, as this may spoil the bone development forever.Here is a guide for buying your babys first walking shoes.

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